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    It's only a few miles away but if you cross over the border into Ireland, you'll find iPlayer is no longer accessible in Ireland. There was some hope that the new EU rules on the digital economy would change this - however Brexit looks like this will be shelved.
    So here's the simplest way to change your digital location to the UK and get BBC iPlayer to work in Ireland. It works by hiding your real location and instead presenting another IP address.
    The software demonstrated also has a range of other servers in different countries which can be used to unlock loads of other sites. Try out US Netflix for example, it's much better than the European ones.
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    Change My IP  11 months ago

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    Rylan clarkes. It. Good. To see. On. Tv been. Time to. See. A year ok. Hope doing. Ok. Evertyone. See. Him

  • Marian Caulfield
    Marian Caulfield Year ago +6

    Hey please stop dissing this site, someone is trying to help you and some of us need step-by-step. So I want say thank you to this person for this video.

  • Carol Cronin
    Carol Cronin Year ago +6

    This could have been done in under a minute. So much waffle

  • P Mac
    P Mac Year ago +8

    Its not free!!

  • eamonn oshea
    eamonn oshea 2 years ago +11

    2:20 starts actually showing how to do it