- Trolling players: Diamond tool hammer! (No upgrade challenge)


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  • Cacti Fin
    Cacti Fin  Год назад +10

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  • tham pham
    tham pham 7 месяцев назад


  • panico brasilero
    panico brasilero 9 месяцев назад


  • Samantha Kaluuya
    Samantha Kaluuya 10 месяцев назад

    Nope I will sub he's wrong.I sub and like cacti😎

  • Apul :D
    Apul :D 11 месяцев назад

    I like the name Cacti Fin, however I won't steal the name....

    I will call myself Cacti Rea, my rl name is Reagan.

  • Андрей Мартыненко


  • mustafa karagoz
    mustafa karagoz Год назад

    I made the real bender

  • Cookie God
    Cookie God Год назад

    Its a tool axe not tool hammer idiot
    Not accually an idiot

  • ༺「Leͥgeͣnͫd」༻
    ༺「Leͥgeͣnͫd」༻ Год назад

    wow,i had ''only'' Diamond bow!

  • Valer marcel
    Valer marcel Год назад

    i get 132 kills with this chellenge

  • KawaiiKittens1st
    KawaiiKittens1st Год назад

    0:27 RockGamin "DONT SUB TO CACTI ;)" Potato "Agreed" *Unsubs to cacti* Jk i never did dat

  • Town
    Town Год назад +1

    MerpyBoy banned me I might as well terminate his account, thanks for letting them ban me again(sarcasm)

  • Town
    Town Год назад

    Not joking

  • Town
    Town Год назад

    Cacti if you don't stop letting some stupid discord 8 year old kids ban me, I'm Fricken unsubbing

  • OFFICIAL AznBoiSamuel
    OFFICIAL AznBoiSamuel Год назад

    Hey this is going to be one of my last comments of my life I can't take it I'm killing my self saying to to all my favorite RUclipr's

    • Town
      Town Год назад

      DiamondIO gaming stfu don't kill yourseld idiot live your Fricken life whole

    • Sir Devil
      Sir Devil Год назад

      DiamondIO gaming Shut up

  • Santy Squared
    Santy Squared Год назад

    Dang u a beast

  • Soviet Union
    Soviet Union Год назад

    Like this Penny Amazing vdeo!

  • Desterro Barros
    Desterro Barros Год назад

    Now try with out help, in 16 minutes and not death

  • Kara Nedim
    Kara Nedim Год назад


  • AudiGamer [King Of Thieves]
    AudiGamer [King Of Thieves] Год назад

    name first song?

    PUBG PRO Год назад

    Gold gun and dm gun?

    • STOP
      STOP Год назад

      The musquet got removed u_u

  • TrueScream TV
    TrueScream TV Год назад

    aaaaa lol

  • Tragic
    Tragic Год назад

    thumbs up!

  • PowerFlameX
    PowerFlameX Год назад

    I remember killing 2 pro players with my alt.xD

  • PlayMaster Free Fire y mas
    PlayMaster Free Fire y mas Год назад

    Trolling with took hammer diamond lol

  • Hey Hey Hey THIS IS LIBRARY!
    Hey Hey Hey THIS IS LIBRARY! Год назад +3

    Potato sais at 2:58 666 stone :o lol

  • CopTopGamer YT
    CopTopGamer YT Год назад

    cacti for president

  • Pharma Syst
    Pharma Syst Год назад

    Im sooo ready to play mooomoo w Cacti, gg to all.

  • ItzTacoTheCat
    ItzTacoTheCat Год назад +1

    30 second add with no skip button ._.

    • BananaLife Passing by
      BananaLife Passing by 6 месяцев назад

      1 freakin hour long ad

      I was lucky there was a skip button

  • Год назад

    *tips hat*

  • Potato
    Potato Год назад +4

    Whooo hooo, I’m in a video

    • STOP
      STOP Год назад

      ;-; I almost did but that time it happened, I kept getting Disconnected..

    • Town
      Town Год назад +1

      ᑭᑌTᗩTᑌ Potatos

  • Town
    Town Год назад

    I'm early wow lol

  • ClickBait LORD
    ClickBait LORD Год назад

    Never tapped a vid faster I’m serious

  • GasterBlasterGD
    GasterBlasterGD Год назад

    i missed t

  • Luiz Felipe
    Luiz Felipe Год назад

    I love you

  • Luiz Felipe
    Luiz Felipe Год назад

    I am br

  • John Taxmi
    John Taxmi Год назад +4