Economics of Education: Crash Course Economics #23

  • Опубликовано: 11 фев 2016
  • How does education work? Where does the money come from? Who pays for it? Is going to college a good investment? Adriene and Jacob are talking today about the economics of education. Most countries require that their citizens get some education, and most countries pay for basic education, but the quality of education can vary widely. And in the US, post-secondary education can come with a lot of costs.
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Комментарии • 813

  • Henry Jones
    Henry Jones Месяц назад

    love you crash course . you guys just saved my life ...

  • Sir. Boaz Mutatay
    Sir. Boaz Mutatay Месяц назад

    I asked a question in a previous Video on why my country was not productive even though thy were meeting the criteria of productivity. I guess I just got my answer now, Education. The more people are educated the more productive they get.

  • Anjani Tripathi
    Anjani Tripathi 2 месяца назад

    can u make videos on economics of education

  • rendy pulungan
    rendy pulungan 3 месяца назад

    I wanna ask why asian that is minority but have better score and more likely to succed than other minority?

  • Harriet1822
    Harriet1822 3 месяца назад

    "If you go to college, the cost is not just tuition and books, it's also the income you could have earned by going straight into the workforce."
    The opportunity costs of compulsory pre-college schooling include the opportunity cost to students of the time that they spend in school and the opportunity cost to society of the lost innovation in curricula and methods that a competitive market in education services would generate.
    "Why do governments spend billions funding universal public education?(1) Why not let profit-seeking businesses handle it? Many argue that if education was entirely privatized, it's likely that some children would be excluded (2) and that would make society as a whole worse off.
    Education is a positive externality(3)".
    1. This "why" question has three interpretations: the historical "why?"(a), the welfare-economic "why?"(b), and the political science "why?"(c).
    a) The US "public" (i.e., government-operated) school system originated in response to theocratic imperatives in the religious colonies of British North America [search "that old deluder, Satan] and later in anti-Catholic bigotry [search "bible riots].
    b) The "public goods" argument implies subsidy and regulation, at most, not State operation of an industry. See Steuerle, et. al., _Vouchers and the Provision of Public Services_. Furthermore, the conclusion, that taxpayers or "society" benefit from tax subsidization of public goods does not follow from the definition and standard economic reasoning. Corporate oversight is a public good and the State is a corporation. Therefore, oversight of State functions is a public good which the State itself cannot provide [search "regulatory capture"]. State assumption of responsibility for the provision of public goods transforms the free rider argument at the root of public goods analysis but does not eliminate it.
    c) The US K-12 school system has become an employment program for dues-paying members of the NEA/AFT/AFSCME cartel, a source of padded construction, consulting, and supply contracts for politically-connected insiders, and a venue for State-worshipful indoctrination. The current system survives on strident lobbying by current recipients of the taxpayers' $640 billion+ per year K-12 school subsidy.
    2. Some children will fall through the cracks in any system.
    3. I suspect you mean "public good". Often asserted but seldom even given an attempted demonstration. Whether education is a positive externality (or, public good) will depend on what you call "education".

  • Jié Dèng Yué Wó
    Jié Dèng Yué Wó 3 месяца назад

    The reason White families and Asian families have a lower drop out rate is because the parents of those famiies expect more. Alot of black families dont care about education or are too busy too care.

  • Brian Hammond
    Brian Hammond 4 месяца назад

    Why is there a bust of a communist scum bag on table in the back?

  • Hamzah Patel
    Hamzah Patel 4 месяца назад

    Uni in the UK is now more expensive than US smh

  • Saosaq Ii
    Saosaq Ii 5 месяцев назад

    No college sucks unless you have to have a degree for specific jobs suck as doctors, lawyers, engineers etc

  • Faruq Hunter
    Faruq Hunter 5 месяцев назад

    Great videos you guys do but when you leave stating the facts and the various thought positions and start sharing your personal conclusions, I lose interest.

  • John Vandivier
    John Vandivier 6 месяцев назад

    do yall like ever cite ur research

  • Pathfinder767
    Pathfinder767 7 месяцев назад

    Well done. Most journalists are uninformed about tuition discounting. Their failure to do their homework misleads people into believing higher education is more expensive than it actually is.

  • AmenoKoyane
    AmenoKoyane 7 месяцев назад

    The video did include that if you get good enough grades collage might be free or really really really cheap

  • That Developer Guy
    That Developer Guy 7 месяцев назад

    I don't think that inequality is an issue that should be "fixed". It will cause more damage than good.

    • robert presley
      robert presley 18 дней назад

      So we shouldn't have gotten rid of slavery? Or segregation? Or jim crow laws? Or made antidiscrimination laws? All of those things were for the purpose of making sure people had equal opportunity in this country. Did they do more harm than good?

  • syksafi
    syksafi 7 месяцев назад

    Thanks, Adriene and Jacob to broaden our perspective. There was a post on LinkedIn, "who should we hire a person with certificate or a long exp". Guess What might I have commented there. Thanks again

  • b zz
    b zz 7 месяцев назад

    Education is not free in Europe( depends on country ) , it is payed for by the tax payer.

  • weallbfree
    weallbfree 9 месяцев назад

    I disagree about the greater desire for Ivy League graduates. Ivy League degrees aren't worth what they used to be, since they've seen so much grade inflation and affirmative action. It's getting to the point where degrees from the "elite" universities are actually worth less because the colleges are capitulating to the desires of self-entitled millennials (who are being taught that they they can just label anything that makes them uncomfortable as "hate speech") in the name of "equity" If I know a person is a self-starter and willing to learn, that's worth more than 3 Harvard degrees.

  • Tantrix Spa and Wellness
    Tantrix Spa and Wellness 9 месяцев назад

    Why would you say people has more chances to succeed if they own a college degree based on bank loans?
    ... once again. If you're going to talk about something like that, take another minute to explain most probably they will end up working for a burger company earning the minimum wage.

  • Habib ullah Nawab
    Habib ullah Nawab 10 месяцев назад

    great explanation..

  • Saad Ansari
    Saad Ansari 10 месяцев назад

    12,500 $ PER YEAR...
    On my 12th standard education (Including school tuition fee, conveyance fee and private tuition fee) it is around 525 USD/year...

    • Saad Ansari
      Saad Ansari 10 месяцев назад

      But! Actually, it's actually a lot higher as compared in proportion to the average income of an middle class american...

  • Patrick King
    Patrick King 11 месяцев назад

    More citations! As in any, and then more.

  • Kudo GrandMasterSniegz
    Kudo GrandMasterSniegz 11 месяцев назад +1

    How did literrally every parent in my $47,000 per year private school come up from public schools. Huh? Every One is currently multi-millionaires. Yeah.They're parents didn't support them, much less buy them education. THey worked their asses off in scholarships. School is not to blame, its your work ethic. Nor are your parents.

  • kkplx
    kkplx 11 месяцев назад

    The longer this series goes on, the less it is about economics and the more it is about subsidies and undermining the free market it seems

  • Thezebraherd
    Thezebraherd 11 месяцев назад +1

    african americans,Latinos, and native americans are more likely to drop out than whites or asians because whites and asians generally have a better culture (not trying to be racist just saying)

  • RayJ-HT
    RayJ-HT Год назад

    OMG they take so long getting started and are not funny. Where is the other guy?

  • Dianna Kearns
    Dianna Kearns Год назад +1

    Im in Australia where we have free education for primary and high school and subsides heavily for higher education, once a upon a time university was free in the 70's to mid 80's then they stop it but was very affordable; although now days (2017) its becoming expensive as the government keeps dropping spending at this level . In Australia you dont generally need to get a uni degree to get a decent job, you can leave high school get a job work your way up without a degree. Many successful people have done this. You can go to TAFE (similar to what american call community college) which is highly regarded education here in Australia. The current government Liberal party (which are not liberal at all they are conservative government) are into pay for yourself government (they dont like our universal health care much but they know it kill their votes to touch it). To fund your university education you apply for Fee help - a government scheme to help you study. once you earn a specific income you have to pay a % of that income back to your education. its a very very cheap loan thats been around along time. The current government has just increase the % you pay back and the minimum when you should. Its also drop their subsidies to universities meaning a degree will cost more money than before. But not like USA and once again we dont need a university degree to get a high paying job in Australia. TAFE has increase massively which has cause a large issue with people wanting to improve their skills - also the government allowed private business to offer "tafe" like courses and give them subsides as well - issues is now many are going broke and there a large number of students lost their money and no qualification. The previous government (Labor Party) introduce a education scheme known as Gonski which was to send fund to school they really needed it. So poor public school that actually needed it not the rich private school that were making a million dollar a year profit. Still see the results of this scheme hopefully it will be beneficial.

  • eva t
    eva t Год назад

    America is a disgusting and pathetic country. Stop lying to yourselves. You were never the best, and you have never been. Do not blame Trump for embarrassing you, you never had any dignity to begin with.

  • Israel Solis
    Israel Solis Год назад

    I would add that college horror stories also involve those individuals who finished college and can't find the career they want because of the academic red tape surrounding their field. For example, I spent nearly 14 years immediately following high school to achieve a Bachelors, Masters, and a Ph.D. degree in music academics. I was top of my class in undergrad, wrote an evocative masters thesis which captivated the the attention of the top minds in my field, and published a dissertation on a topic which opened for me avenues of communication with important Hollywood film compsers. Yet, after graduating with my Ph.D. in 2013, and over 70 applications later, I can't find a suitable teaching position with a college or a university that will provide for me and my family. All of the available teaching positions I have applied to and have seen advertised want veteran academic professionals; or, want you to teach a wide array of subjects outside of your expertise, in addition to your area of expertise, for under a $40K annual salary. So what do I do? I work for a company that provides just enough to get by, I'm not teaching, and I have over $90K in student loan debt. And I know people who are in the same boat as I am, within and outside the area of music.

  • Shrikant Shinde
    Shrikant Shinde Год назад +1

    MOOC will change everything

  • WeirdWorld
    WeirdWorld Год назад +1

    I went to vocational school during high school and got a certified technician certificate and hadn't had a job in that field since I graduated. Oh yea and most of us students played minecraft or browsed the web during the majority of that class, while the teacher was at his desk doing whatever.

  • Damien Gitton
    Damien Gitton Год назад

    The best , proven changes which will improved education for all is to ban private school and stop school picking
    So rich and poor kid will end up i the same school and when rich people kid are sharing the same school than everybody else you could be sure than everything will be done to have the best performing school
    Take a look in Finland that what they did back in the 90's and not only it work well but they have risen from ranking mid 20's to ranking 1st in student level in literacy numeracy etc ...

  • Gerry Michael
    Gerry Michael Год назад

    This is need to be changed. How can people able to compete in the Free Market and Capitilistic System where they have no so much knowledge? I propose a better system.
    Let's make Hybrid System by creating Online Course like this Crash Course and the learners should votes which teachers are the best in teaching. The best teacher would be paid, either by the tax money or RUclip or other Donation, in every courses that they win the most votes from the students. Other teacher will learn from the best teacher and they will changes their teachings in order to become better one. It is a way more effective than subsidized the college. I think giving a subsidized only bring a high price as the amount of colleges will be the same but the demand are high. It is nonsense for me. In this system, the teacher will compete each other to create a better system to gain some money and the students will got a cheaper course and interesting ones too. Not boring ones. The students do not have to follow the schedule. They do not have to affraid losing their young time. They do not have to affraid being late. They do not have to follow all nonsense rules. They study because they need and because of curiousity. And then create a National Exam with rigorous standarts for achieving the degree. They could also applying to colleges by offering a well discoveries to the professors. The university will so happy giving some scholarship for high potential Students. However, in this system colleges are only for supplementary.
    This system will works justly and Capitalism will running more effectively. The Human Population, which are raising every year, will bring a good things in this world rather the bad effects. I mean, who does not like a new innovation? Let's maximize all these brains to get a new things. Moreover, the standart of Education will be higher and you'll be avoided from some Teachers in the college which are have no capability in teaching but you have already wasted your money for that. You could also talk and discussed with other that might have same problems in the course in the comment section, you might find a new Ideas from others.

    I think this is undoubtly works. The thing is "Why don't people have not think about this before?"

  • John 316 & 145
    John 316 & 145 Год назад

    When it come to managerial job position, lots of companies are hiring uneducated employees because they don't want to pay the educated one,

  • Mei
    Mei Год назад

    a doctoral student earns the same as high school graduate.

    • Mei
      Mei Год назад

      Jamie Sanders I mean the basic fellowship...the year that graduate student is still in school while the high school graduate is in target.

    • Jamie Sanders
      Jamie Sanders Год назад

      Miki Yu Untrue, have a google.

  • Zaddy
    Zaddy Год назад +1

    We should have free College.

  • ALADDIN22091978
    ALADDIN22091978 Год назад

    The cost of tuition fees is variable in the European Union. I think it maybe that the current tuition fees in the UK - England are as high as the USA, It is currently around £9000/year (around $11000/year). I think the cap has been lifted. It has been rising at a faster pace than any other country in the Western World. I think the returns on the US degrees are higher than in England. In England, most of the good jobs are in London, a very expensive city, outside London there is much less. In the USA, there is San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City etc. I have reservations about the USA, I think it is a very tough country. I think lots of graduates struggle to great jobs, to pay off their debts !!!

  • FirstRisingSouI
    FirstRisingSouI Год назад

    Don't you know that equality of outcome is not true equality? The people who do better should get better grades. Maybe there is a case to be made for unfair grading, but an unequal outcome is not a sufficient case.

  • Feynstein 100
    Feynstein 100 Год назад +1

    So why does Europe have free education? And why don't lots of Americans go there for higher studies?

    • Feynstein 100
      Feynstein 100 Год назад

      +Jamie Sanders Thanks. I'll do my best. :)

    • Jamie Sanders
      Jamie Sanders Год назад

      Feynstein 100 Go for it! They have some great Universities.

    • Feynstein 100
      Feynstein 100 Год назад

      +Jamie Sanders Okay. I'm still going to Germany though.

    • Jamie Sanders
      Jamie Sanders Год назад

      Feynstein 100 Yes, it's very country dependant. They divide students into three groups: citizens, EU citizens and international. Then each get a given tuition fee. It's very country (and institution) dependant.

    • Feynstein 100
      Feynstein 100 Год назад

      +Jamie Sanders Wow, really? I heard Germany, Norway, Finland and in some cases France do actually provide free tuition to international students. I'm planning on moving to Germany for the very same reason.

  • Sparsh Agrawal
    Sparsh Agrawal Год назад

    College is really expensive for many reasons, but also because of government funded college loans, which encourage universities to raise tuition

    • Jamie Sanders
      Jamie Sanders Год назад

      Sparsh Agrawal Then how does that explain the UK and rest of Europe?

  • Дархан Ермекбай
    Дархан Ермекбай Год назад

    Thanks a lot!!! it's cool.

  • vestererer
    vestererer Год назад +1

    Thank you for distracting me from my college homework...

  • Zane
    Zane Год назад +1

    Thank you crash course for this amazing program. Without you guys It would've been more harder for me to understand and more expensive. I've really learned a lot from you guys and really enjoyed your videos.

  • abraham5361
    abraham5361 Год назад +126

    We Could build taller schools to promote higher education

    • Luis Sierra
      Luis Sierra 2 месяца назад

      oh god

    • Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious Год назад +10

      Or legalize weed in all schools...

    • Alex Ye
      Alex Ye Год назад +4

      abraham5361, Well, universities and colleges are usually taller than primary and secondary schools.

    • PaperRainForest
      PaperRainForest Год назад +3

      Bum bum tsh

  • Poliphodiles UniteI
    Poliphodiles UniteI Год назад

    Haven't watched the video yet, but I'm going to take a guess:
    Everyone should have college education
    Without the government "investing" in education nobody would receive any schooling
    Cost in the US are so expensive because our government doesn't completely control it, like in other countries where it's "free", therefore, the government should take control of education....

    Yup I was pretty much right

  • James Adams
    James Adams Год назад +2

    If education were private, it would be much cheaper and much more effective. The notion that poor people would be left out is not only non-sequitur but also a double standard: the government leaves out poor people now by forcing them into public schools with poor standards. This was also acknowledged in the video, though. However, the problem is NOT funding. We pay WAY too much for education as it is.

  • andydidyouhear
    andydidyouhear Год назад

    Here in Poland the tuition is $0.

  • starbury64
    starbury64 Год назад

    Great video. I wish others could see the economic, social and psychological benefits of education. Despite the recession, I still believe that it is a sound investment for an individual's future.

  • Mai
    Mai 2 года назад

    Sitting here in Finland being grateful of my country giving me all education free, even the university

  • Isaac Boates
    Isaac Boates 2 года назад

    i can't believe i just saw a workaholics reference in a crash course video

  • Alden Rodzik
    Alden Rodzik 2 года назад +1

    Say that there is a population that is 100% college graduates. We would still need someone to work at McDonald's. Say the government paid for all of this with tax dollars from the people living state/country. They would have to increase the tax rates to pay for this or go into dangerous debt(like the students are now). Why should I have to pay the person who gives me a Mcflurry to have a liberal arts degree?

    • Jamie Sanders
      Jamie Sanders Год назад

      Alden Rodzik Because the general level of productivity would increase, increasing income growth. Also, the aim isn't 100% attendance. Only those who want to, should not face a barrier.

  • Ben Needleman
    Ben Needleman 2 года назад

    I'm just wondering as to why two things weren't mentioned. The first being that the Federal Government chips in money to public colleges which does account for the rise in college costs. The second thing I'm surprised was not mentioned was the Military option to pay for college.

  • Jamar-Jabar Jamarison-Labar
    Jamar-Jabar Jamarison-Labar 2 года назад +1

    There should be a crash course music

  • TheRapper10000
    TheRapper10000 2 года назад

    We have lowered our educational standards just to get those low income students from different backgrounds to enroll at those schools all in the name of diversity. What is the price of lowering our education just for a select few to succeed. As a matter of fact half of the student population at high schools and colleges are there for entirely different reasons: You got students who are serious enough to pursue with their education, whereas others are just there partying and wanting to slide by with life. Why should we the majority of the student body suffer because of a few of our classmates are not dedicated enough with their studies let alone to do any reading. Maybe for the educational budget should be cut back on recreational activities and other problems that shows little progress with values and educational ones. Like Frats, Sororities, and other programs that are a waste of time.

  • Jason Waite
    Jason Waite 2 года назад

    An educated population outside of working class institutions benefit everyone, as they are less likely to vote for Bernie Sanders.

    • Alex Durso
      Alex Durso 2 года назад

      I can't tell you how many Bernie signs I've seen around my college campus...

  • Jason Waite
    Jason Waite 2 года назад +1

    "Education" system in the United States is a working class serf funnel. If you want a REAL education w/ROI in the school system, go where the money goes. Stay away from where the 99.99%rs go. If you "can't." Education your kids like the .001% would. #Invest

  • Tala Mare
    Tala Mare 2 года назад

    College is CHEAP, but they charge you a shit ton so they can make money.

  • Aaron Brooks
    Aaron Brooks 2 года назад

    Can you please expand on the benefits of government investment in education. Should governments spend more? Do we get a good return on investment?

    • James Adams
      James Adams Год назад

      No, it does not increase productivity. You cannot make an economy more productive by taking money out of it and only putting some of it back to productive use.

    • Jamie Sanders
      Jamie Sanders Год назад

      Aaron Brooks Yes, it increases productivity. It increases the MPN for any level of production. Hence, it can increase GDP and incomes.

    • James Adams
      James Adams Год назад

      There are none (net). No. No.

  • Birgilios Marmaroglou
    Birgilios Marmaroglou 2 года назад

    So much money means that education is expesive. However, the nature of education as good is such that will always be expensive.

  • Juan
    Juan 2 года назад +2

    I don”t like the word “education”, is sounds like “indoctrination”, which is a means of limit people’s thinking, and not opening it. I like better the word LEARNING. How can we improve learning? Does learning need to be expensive? I don’t think so. Projects like Khan Academy and CrashCourse provide a more efficient learning than most schools.
    I think “self-taught” is not a word reserved for “geniuses”, I think everyone can read a book or watch a video like the above and learn. Additionally, you can use forums, chats and now video chats like Blab and what not... it is instantaneous way of asking questions to real people.
    If we have videos that start in very very baby steps so really ANY human being can understand, and provide a path anyone can follow, and have online active communities when students help one another, that is much cheaper, it only requires an internet connection.
    So, I think internet is the definitive alternative for the educational system, and it educates not only the US, but the whole world. There is a language gap, but look at how khan academy is translating their videos!
    So, I think we don’t need to pay for teachers to be present before classes!! We don't need to pay for those buildings!! A lecture is basically a guy or woman reading a text book!! Even MIT or Harvard, it’s the same stupid format. But people's problem with learning is not about that, it is about encouragement. I very often see how successful people had fathers, uncles or someone close who turned them into something and they ended up falling in love with it, learning by themselves with books, getting wealthy and adding value to society. Today we have much more than books, which makes it much easier. The educational system is trash in my opinion, it's a joke. We have an encouragement gap, that is our real problem.

  • GregTom2
    GregTom2 2 года назад

    From an individual perspective, is higher education worth it working with this hypothesis:
    - The student may get university education (H1) or go straight to school (H0).
    - If he goes to university, his course choice is unknown. He may pass university, and have the average salary for someone who passed university, or he may try university, and fail, resulting in the average salary of those who have 7 semesters of university credits, but no diploma.
    - He can also decide to start working straight after school. Working on the hypothesis that the student is smart enough to be capable of going to university, he/she will work at the same salary as those who have university credits, but no diploma. (basically, we work on the assumption that this is one student making the choice, and that the human capital will not change. He can self-teach using wikipedia and crash course on his free time. The only difference will be the signaling).
    - The student receives a grant equal to the average grant obtained by a student.
    - The student will work a 35 year carreer if he goes to university, but 40 years if he doesn't.
    - The student will spend y% of his carrer unemployed if he goes to university, and yy% of his carrer unemployed if he doesn't, corresponding to the unemployment rates for each category.
    - The probability that the student eventually finishes his studies is average. "Only a little over half % chance he finishes it within 6 years, and X% chance he never actually finishes".
    - The student is estimated to never get raises other than ajustement for inflation, but to start working at the average salary in the first place.
    - Factor in predictable interest rates on the loan, as well as inflation, and say that the stuent worsk a frugal lifestyle and puts all his extra revenue to pay back his debt or put money on the side in a portfolio that improves at a normal rate (morgage payment?).
    At the end of his carreer, considering the probability for university failure, does H1>H0?
    And you mentionned that wether or not university is profitable depends on the area you study in. Which ones are the top 10 most profitable, and which ones are the top 10 least profitable?
    And! Hm. What's the gender ratio in this winning / losing classes.
    And for the losing classes, is it even fair for universities to offer them? That's literally a cash grab, no?

    • GregTom2
      GregTom2 2 года назад

      +GregTom2 And why do I need to ask for this on a youtube comment.
      This should be published on every university's website for the public to see.

  • Naudious
    Naudious 2 года назад

    They explain that college prices are going up due to expansion of the college system. They don't bother to ask why that expansion of the college system has happened. Asking WHY? is a pivotal part of solving a problem, and the answer to 'why?' is quite clear. The implementation of cheap credit for college students has made college more accessible to more people; and this in turn has led to expansion of the college system because it is able to expand (and charge more money) with much fewer people then choosing alternatives. i.e. Cheap Credit Loans have shifted the Demand Curve for college to the right, hence a rise in price,. Cheap Credit Loans create the illusion of massively increased incomes. The problem is, of course, that incomes have not actually increased, and it is actually untenable debt. A terrible trade-off when any knowledge available in Higher Education is available for free on Wikipedia, and you really just need verification of having learned the material; not a constantly expanding Educational Country Club.
    But screw Economic Considerations, make College Free. #FeeltheBern

  • David M.
    David M. 2 года назад

    What is the difference between education and indoctrination? I know a friend who is educated.

  • Jake Morrison
    Jake Morrison 2 года назад

    Children from lower income families tend to score lower on math and science...Could it be that the bearers of low income children are low income because they lack the intellectual skills, for example in math or science, that would facilitate a higher income? And then this lack of intellectual skills is passed hereditarily to the children, therefore, the children have lower scores than peers of high income families?I have no idea. I've done no research on the topic, and I don't know if any has been done. It's just a thought that came to mind.

    • Jake Morrison
      Jake Morrison 2 года назад

      It would definitely be something I would be interested in learning more about if I could find studies on it... It seems like it would at least be due in part to hereditary disadvantages. Intelligence is hereditary I am quite certain. It would stand to reason that the general trend would be low intelligence equals low income.

    • Roxor128
      Roxor128 2 года назад +1

      More likely that being poor costs the parents time that could better be spent giving the kids proper attention.

  • jackgoldman1
    jackgoldman1 2 года назад

    If an educated public benefits everyone, send me the $500,000 my college education cost me. K-12 is $15,000 per year, 12 x $15,000 is $180,000. Should I pay for four Mexican immigrants to have 4 x $180,000 or $720,000? College is just education segregation, and gender bias. College is now 60% women, 40% men, due to ethnic cleansing affirmative action bias. College is $160,000 for four years, subsidized by half or $80,000 for public schools. Colleges are expensive to subsidize affirmative action ethnic cleansing. I was a teacher and quit after four years, building houses. Never used my degree. Never benefited. I want a refund. Education is grossly over priced. Women are taking over college and government, biased by quotas. My native America room mate got a free four year ride. I paid. I was a white male. No scholarships for "whites only" but plenty for Jews only, blacks only, women only to subsidize affirmative action ethnic cleansing of white males in education and government. Education segregation has replaced race segregation. It's a tragedy. Only vouchers can correct the intentional disparity.

  • HiddenAdept
    HiddenAdept 2 года назад

    Find it kind of difficult to stick with a major when it's hard to know what knowledge & skills will be in demand in 10, 20 or 30 years. I would feel like a sack of shit if I studied something and then couldn't make money at it in the long term.

  • Jordan Munroe
    Jordan Munroe 2 года назад

    Improving education? Well, we could actually start following the science rather than ignoring it. ::shrugs::

  • Laihsun Chan
    Laihsun Chan 2 года назад

    I dont get it, so if you didn't finish your free education is your own fault right, how is it related to inequality?

    • Sarah Dangelo
      Sarah Dangelo 2 года назад

      +Laihsun Chan You have to consider opportunity costs and tradeoffs. Going to school might be free, but it also takes up a lot of time--time that students who are old enough could be using to work at a job and bring in a little money. Most well-off students wouldn't do this because they value the free education more than a minimum wage income, but for someone whose family is starving, the picture looks very different.

  • Will Burke
    Will Burke 2 года назад

    KONY FOR PRESIDENT 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Last First
    Last First 2 года назад

    make your parents react to this it would be great

  • Justin Dixon
    Justin Dixon 2 года назад +1

    I hope you will be addressing a couple issues related to this topic in a future episode.
    1. If someone does not have the means to stop working long enough to go to college it does not matter how statistically better it would be for them to do so. They still need to be able to cover their basic needs.
    2. Please go into the opportunity cost of both the loss of higher tax revenue and the potential loss of innovation by limiting the portion of the population that even have college as a viable option.

  • Anison Abba
    Anison Abba 2 года назад

    when they say education they mean liberalism

  • Andrei Gurau
    Andrei Gurau 2 года назад

    says "gourmet dining" shows an omelette being cooked

  • Jordan Russell
    Jordan Russell 2 года назад +1

    small problem with "competition" the schools often blow their funding on dumb things like a new stadium instead of their curriculum, which actually needs work, looking at you Marcus highschool

  • IndyThought
    IndyThought 2 года назад

    If anyone wants to see more about education in America (Although it seems to apply in general) check out John Stossel's old 20/20 Special "Stupid in America." It takes a pretty thorough look at the school privatization/competition idea. It was here on RUclip last time I checked.

  • Mathias Thomsen
    Mathias Thomsen 2 года назад

    And man I'm glad I'm a European now. Getting paid to go to Universities instead of paying to go to Universities makes a BIG difference.

  • ProGamerNot
    ProGamerNot 2 года назад

    And this is where youtube comes into play as channels like crash course, etc; give free education to ppl who cant go to school. :) U rock utube!!!

  • Rejean Rivard
    Rejean Rivard 2 года назад

    Is it just me, or do Americans think college and university are synonyms? Sounds like someone needs more "college".... :P

  • gobighdgames
    gobighdgames 2 года назад

    can i please have a small loan of a million dollars?

  • Chloe Bryan
    Chloe Bryan 2 года назад

    I want to see the source for these statistics pleaseeeee.

  • Andrew Gilmore
    Andrew Gilmore 2 года назад

    tell them how because of affirmative action, democrats are having black students be accepted into colleges and universities they were not academically qualified to attend, so only 42% of blacks nationwide actually graduate college. Talk about that CrashCourse... god fucking dammit it its like sitting in high school all over again. One sided economics, one sided politics, join or die education.

  • why-so-petty-officer
    why-so-petty-officer 2 года назад

    LOVE YOU GUYS . Very excited to see each episode each week, you all have helped convince me to pursue a degree in economics (I am currently serving active duty and half-way through my enlistment). Very interesting stuff and you all present it very well. Thank you very much again and keep up the great work.

  • YsoSerious
    YsoSerious 2 года назад +2

    Trump: "I love the poorly educated"
    All the more reason to be well-educated.

  • Talha Bedir
    Talha Bedir 2 года назад

    u should also make "education of economics"

  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson 2 года назад

    Can you guys please redo 'Capitalism'? It's dated. 2.0? 4.0? Lost track:p (Anotole Koletzky's book)

  • UnashamedlyHentai
    UnashamedlyHentai 2 года назад

    I went to college for comp sci. I have ~100K in debt, but make ~80K annually. My parents were not educated, but I received some encouragement (but no financial assistance). It was totally worth it.

  • Anon ymous
    Anon ymous 2 года назад

    kind of modest?
    i expect numbers in an economics video

  • Martin Bittencourt
    Martin Bittencourt 2 года назад +1

    I didn't get that Human Capital vs. SIgnaling theories trying to explain why high graduated people earn more; isn't that just supposed to be the old offer vs. demand? I mean, someone could have a ton of education (human capital) a a ton of degree certificates but if he is specialized in something that the market doesn't want, "boom" for this salary (like nuclear physicists expert in the middle of australians aboriginals)

  • FirePikachu 123
    FirePikachu 123 2 года назад

    Just saying what do you need education for I mean like sure you get more knowledge ,but how about survival skills.Teaching survival skills to middle schoolers is better than a learning how clouds form.Here's a situation maybe you went on a cruise and the ship crashed into a rock causing a Titanic like situation.Now would it be better to know about convection currents or is it better to know how to swim and survive.Another situation is that World War III happens and the war dies because no country has the money or materials to fight or provide support.Now that a new start has happened [meaning that no technology is left only nature] would it be better to know how to treat cancer or know what fruits or plants can be used as medicine. And if you still disagree with me ,perhaps your in a zombie apocalypse would it be better to know HOW TO FIGHT or be able to know how to cure the zombies.And the answer is KNOWING HOW TO FIGHT because you would be dead if you didn't.
    Tell me your opinion I want to know

  • DataCab1e
    DataCab1e 2 года назад

    "Every year in the US, 60% of high-school graduates enroll in college, but only a little over half actually graduate within 6 years."
    Half of high-school graduates, or half of the 60% who enroll in college?

  • A K
    A K 2 года назад +1

    Here’s a story of personal experience. My little sister took the hardest public education courses possible. She finished high school with an average of 104% and graduated third out of over 350 people (top 1%). With that performance, on top of many hours of volunteering, she gets less than 5 grand a semester in scholarships (she applied to dozens).
    I know an african american, who didn’t volunteer or participate in sports, who graduated outside the top 10% and got a full academic scholarship to the same university, from the same graduation class, for the same degree in biomedical engineering.

  • Tony Torres
    Tony Torres 2 года назад

    what happen with guy that talks really fast?

  • starrychloe
    starrychloe 2 года назад

    No mention on how non-dischargeable easy government money inflates the price of college as schools chase the easy money. Dislike.

  • Christian Kunert
    Christian Kunert 2 года назад

    Interestingly Education does not help the Republican Party. If you look at the red states they have worse Universities and less graduates than the hard core liberal states like MA and CA. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

    • Andrew Gilmore
      Andrew Gilmore 2 года назад

      +Christian Kunert oooo i found a correlation, must be right, dur hur.

  • Mole Downunder
    Mole Downunder 2 года назад +1

    How does that show human capital theory is valid? Even you had said that it takes a certain amount of intelligence and hard work to even get into college. The reason they earn more is because they are smarter.

  • mantrasx123
    mantrasx123 2 года назад

    I believe that this is incomplete, you should see the graphics in Latin America in where College is not a guaranty of a good salary or a job.

  • Dante Cammz
    Dante Cammz 2 года назад

    isnt it funny how steve job drop out if college but builded apple company I wonder if he had ever asked people for people college degree during an interview

  • Jacob Feldman
    Jacob Feldman 2 года назад

    marx on the tale behind? ((((

  • AJEC 1930
    AJEC 1930 2 года назад

    more education = more productivity is a terrible assumption to make. in the UK we have record levels of people going to university along with record highs in the grades achieved at a level and gcse. This means jack shit since we have record levels of graduates who are either unemployed or working in crap jobs (nice padding for unemployment statistics). More education means nothing for productivity unless the things that you learned are actually useful skills within the workplace which again thanks to shite public education they arent. Also any moron can get good grades or a degree if you lower the bar. Also college isnt free in Europe it is also funded through subsidies which come from ridiculous taxes. Teachers and their ridiculous special interest unions only hold the taxpayer hostage and have zero incentive to cut costs and improve the standard of teaching. In Europe they lobby to reduce the harshness of standards in tests. They also lobby against any potential inroads to reform the education system to make it more competitive and make teachers face competition over their jobs.
    The signalling theory only became prominent recently. Before people didnt need to go to university to learn these skills. They could go straight into the workforce and gain much more valuable experiences from apprenticeship when the economy was deregulated these opportunities were available. Now government has created another barrier to entry for people by setting an even higher (not higher at all and pretty unjustified) benchmark for labour being you need a terrible degree and other useless qualifications to even be considered and even then it means nothing since the bar is so low. However this trend is changing as public education continues to sink, companies are increasingly setting their own tests, attempting to expand their own apprenticeship schemes and are even funding courses in universities to make up for the huge skill shortages in stem fields, dyson is a perfect example of a company doing this.
    The reason public education is so expensive is because of government guaranteed student loans. Its quite simple supply and demand, if you guarantee demand why do universities have to cut costs, and provide better services. The answer it that it isnt, costs will go through the roof.

  • Shay Neal
    Shay Neal 2 года назад

    2:17....such lies where did you get your stats from??