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  • Musca Merch
    Musca Merch 7 месяцев назад

    Love your accent and ur gorgeous as always!

  • Mar Diras
    Mar Diras 9 месяцев назад

    So 🔥

  • Kelby whitehead
    Kelby whitehead 9 месяцев назад

    Your so pretty!!!😍😍

  • BaeBae Beautiful
    BaeBae Beautiful 10 месяцев назад

    Omg you're pink leopard print leggings...where did you get those???!!! Your style is to die for!

  • Brook - Mycola
    Brook - Mycola 11 месяцев назад

    your actually proper goals omg x

  • Sarah Heric
    Sarah Heric 11 месяцев назад

    You are just the sweetest! :)

  • Angie baby
    Angie baby 11 месяцев назад

    how can you take trips with tarte???

  • Alyx AF
    Alyx AF Год назад

    how do you get this?!??! I want to travel for a living

  • MissHannah2036
    MissHannah2036 Год назад

    It annoys me that Australia gets next to none of this stock at stockists that you can't even try it to see if you would like to order online. The stuff looks great it's all over the internet and when you go to seek it out and try it you can't, it's not available at Sephora etc....that's part of the enjoyment of buying cosmetics, well for me anyway.

  • Random Edits
    Random Edits Год назад

    Omg, you’re like my favorite youtube right now. 😍😍😍

  • chelsea grace
    chelsea grace Год назад

    Your So Lucky You Deserves It xx

  • Mia Moore
    Mia Moore Год назад

    What's the title of the background music?

  • ECanadianBeauty
    ECanadianBeauty Год назад

    This is truly the dream vacation. Your hair looks super good I have crazy frizzy hair. Sucks for the drone, but you did capture a lot of great shots.

  • Travel News Asia (Elvie Lins)
    Travel News Asia (Elvie Lins) Год назад

    wow. I love to there. thanks for sharing. you have so huge channel. OMG!! Awesome!!!

  • Paul Garrod
    Paul Garrod Год назад

    Great location, great girls but the musak? - so unnecessary. The resort itself is 'music' enough; nature doesn't need electronic embellishments

  • Elieana G
    Elieana G Год назад

    I wish I had the money😍😍 (I know all of this was free but still)

  • Josie B
    Josie B Год назад

    Beauty at its best! Such paradise!

  • Antonio jose Garganian
    Antonio jose Garganian Год назад

    so beautiful Danielle :)

  • Nevena N
    Nevena N Год назад

    I followed you few years ago and you where so cool and down to earth and now your personality is so fake

  • Sarah Shockley
    Sarah Shockley Год назад

    what hotel/resort is this??!!

  • Portia Naylor
    Portia Naylor Год назад

    Did dani just foreshadow herself at 20:03 😵

  • VelocityVibes
    VelocityVibes Год назад

    What is the song used in this?

  • Girlz Gaming
    Girlz Gaming Год назад

    name of song used in this clip pls?

  • M S
    M S Год назад

    Beautiful tattoo ❤️ what does it mean ? 😘

  • k dis
    k dis Год назад

    Haha love how you put your camera on the rock to capture you running..

  • Summer Schley
    Summer Schley Год назад

    I just loveee your tattoo!!! It fits you so well! Kinda badass looking haha

  • May Harvey
    May Harvey Год назад

    Aw I would had hung out with brittney 😍 she's so amazing

  • Hannah Besford
    Hannah Besford Год назад

    What drone do you use? Xxx

  • Lee Penrose
    Lee Penrose Год назад

    You are all beautiful. With or without the layers of products.

  • Lee Penrose
    Lee Penrose Год назад

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You were born hot!!!

  • MissHannah2036
    MissHannah2036 Год назад

    First of all great Vlog, well done! I think Ashy Bines comes across as the most down to earth and relatable, just going by these videos, I'm sure they're all lovely though. I wonder will the skin care and active wear range be available in Australia or do you have to order online? such pretty colours love the blue/purple/pink combination. I find we do not have a good range of Tarte here, they pick and choose what products they import, was not able to get the matt eye shadow palette at Sephora would have to order it online.

  • Gurl-19
    Gurl-19 Год назад

    Hayman island is amazing and the haul from this video is honesty goals 😍😭😍

  • Amelia R
    Amelia R Год назад

    does anyone know what the place is called where they stayed? like the resort name?

  • Your View
    Your View Год назад

    Beautiful! sweet video :)

  • David Lundh
    David Lundh Год назад

    Name of the intro music?

  • Isabella Pinebrooke
    Isabella Pinebrooke Год назад

    its weird to see people visit hayman island as that where i live :)

  • BeautyBBee
    BeautyBBee Год назад

    I watch this and think about what it would've looked like before it got hit by Cyclone Debbie :(

  • jetaime
    jetaime Год назад

    can you name the songs on ur vid

  • Cyntia
    Cyntia Год назад

    Tammyyyyyy *--*

  • Holly Obee
    Holly Obee Год назад

    Tarte products and a vacation!??! Literally a dream!!

  • Arielle Mendieta
    Arielle Mendieta Год назад

    What hotel is this??

  • Katey Wilkinson
    Katey Wilkinson Год назад

    how do you get on these tarte trips

  • JenessaIRL
    JenessaIRL Год назад

    Ooooh I love travel vlogs! I want to go travel so much. My husband said if I reach 1000 subscribers, he will take me to Europe! I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me out :)

  • Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose Год назад

    I need to know where that suitcase came from! I need it in my life!

  • Savanna Vickers
    Savanna Vickers Год назад

    Dani, do you think you'd ever come to South Africa? We have beautiful hotels and game reserves. 💓

  • Chelsea Best
    Chelsea Best Год назад

    I adore you, Danielle. You're so so so beautiful inside and out. You're seriously an inspiration and I wish more people were like you because you seem to be genuinely nice and sweet. You deserve every wonderful thing that happens in your life. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I admire you and your videos! 💕✨

  • Cyntia
    Cyntia Год назад

    Tammy (Hembrow) was there too *---* ♥

  • The Dystopian Princess
    The Dystopian Princess Год назад

    Does anyone know the name of the song she is using at 2.20 ??

  • Jayden Dinmore
    Jayden Dinmore Год назад

    How you are single, I'll never know!

  • JungShook
    JungShook Год назад

    She looks so pretty with her hair in a bun!

  • haffiz ismail
    haffiz ismail Год назад

    november baby

  • Adam Kadmon
    Adam Kadmon Год назад


  • Aspen Sasso
    Aspen Sasso Год назад

    I love this❤☺️ Which lens do you use one your camera btw?

  • Lee Penrose
    Lee Penrose Год назад

    Lets all have surgery and wear so much make up that we all look identical.

  • LindseyRainn
    LindseyRainn Год назад

    Can you please tell me the brand of the solar panel backpack tarte gave you?!? I'm trying so hard to find one!! 😘

  • J Lewis
    J Lewis Год назад

    Hey Dani! I love the drone footage you got, amazing!! What kind of drone do you use? Thanks heaps :)

  • Monique Thomas
    Monique Thomas Год назад

    what is the name of the place you stayed at. It looks AMAZING xx

  • tanya green
    tanya green Год назад

    How do I find that white swimsuit with the low V cut in front?! I've been looking for one ever since Britney wore one in her music video!! I think you said something about a boutique but I'm not sure.

  • Di Luna
    Di Luna Год назад


  • Emma Lynn
    Emma Lynn Год назад

    Do you know where I can get the suitcase?!

  • Alicia Schrock
    Alicia Schrock Год назад


  • Beata Collazo
    Beata Collazo Год назад

    I love this small group!!!! ❤ great job tarte! These girls are setting a great a positive example of making time and effort to get to know everyone... No one on one clicks💜

  • A-martinez
    A-martinez Год назад

    Are dani and Brittney still friends?? I noticed they don't follow eachother on instagram anymore

  • Alexa Barr
    Alexa Barr Год назад

    What camera do you use to vlog ? 💕

  • Azrin Fairul
    Azrin Fairul Год назад

    new sub here

  • Kelly Diaz
    Kelly Diaz Год назад

    Where are your baiting suits from beautiful ?!

  • babykatiex
    babykatiex Год назад

    This looks amazing! Definitely a well deserved trip!

  • Lana.bby -
    Lana.bby - Год назад

    she's so genuine

  • Mira DeHoça
    Mira DeHoça Год назад

    why is TARTE so mean to me!? 😢
    take me with you ,RUcliprs !

  • cupina
    cupina Год назад

    You are so stunning, Dani!!

  • Nabea Conte
    Nabea Conte Год назад

    love your intro Dannielle💕

  • Laura Weidner
    Laura Weidner Год назад +1

    NEED to know the song you used in the background Dani! xoxo someone helpppp

  • Farris Fathallah
    Farris Fathallah Год назад

    Marry me

  • Konstantina Spaniotis
    Konstantina Spaniotis Год назад

    The best vlog. So happy and positive. Does anyone know the song that's played on it?

  • Sue Stewart
    Sue Stewart Год назад +1

    "....the only single girl on the trip..." ENJOY!!!!!! Just means you'll have the best time xxxxxxxx

  • Katrina Doerr
    Katrina Doerr Год назад

    isn't brittney single too?

  • Mikel Shang
    Mikel Shang Год назад +1

    Why wouldn't think you are beautiful all by yourself.... Don't compare yourself to others.. just do what you do.l.. it is enough.

  • Laura Person
    Laura Person Год назад +2

    She was the ONLY single girl? BRITNEYS NOT SINGLE OMG WHAT

  • chloe crawley
    chloe crawley Год назад

    Didn't Dani go to Bora Bora with Tarte as well? Im pretty sure Bora Bora was exclusively for North American and UK/ EU Beauty Influencers only.

  • Grace Power
    Grace Power Год назад

    Wow danilelle I have seen a few of these tarte videos and the drone really makes it! amazing

  • Taylor Y
    Taylor Y Год назад

    dani, i swear you are the sweetest person on earth. i love how you don't tear other women down and instead compliment them and bring them up. such an amazing role model, xoxo

  • marniehere
    marniehere Год назад +1

    I literally rely on my hot water bottle and heat pads the whole time that I have my period 😂 major thumbs up, the world needs more people like you in it Melanie! 💖🌟

  • Alžbeta Jasovská
    Alžbeta Jasovská Год назад +1

    Hello, what is this song please in the beginning ? I cant find it :(

  • Kendra Pressley
    Kendra Pressley Год назад

    I wonder if you and Brittany Lee Get along?

  • Skylar Ball
    Skylar Ball Год назад

    Where is the choker from that you are wearing at the end?

  • Kylie Fox
    Kylie Fox Год назад

    Your videos are incredible! It's my dream to travel and vlog like you do! How did you get to be apart of TRIPPIN WITH TARTE???????????

  • Taylor Cervenka
    Taylor Cervenka Год назад +1

    Anybody know the song that is played throughout? Btw, so jelly of this trip!! You girls totally deserve to be spoiled!!! Xoxox

  • Aleksandra Augustyniak
    Aleksandra Augustyniak Год назад +1

    What's the name of song which is at the begining of video?

  • Taylor Tay
    Taylor Tay Год назад

    How does one get an opportunity get do these trips? I am genuinely wondering haha

  • Daylenis Valdivia
    Daylenis Valdivia Год назад

    Omg you're so lucky, I wish I could receive all that makeup & have a trip like that 😭😭😭👌🏼❤

  • Shannon Cullen
    Shannon Cullen Год назад

    when you were talking about hitting the drone against the wall do you have makeup tutorial on how you did your makeup?

  • YOUnique
    YOUnique Год назад

    i need a drone in my life but trust me ill probably drop it or crash it above something and it'll prob land in water or something knowing my luck haha

  • Shane Elizabeth
    Shane Elizabeth Год назад +14

    I like how you're the most impressed by the iPad the rest of the girls on the trip are just like "oh ok an iPad" like wtf be happy and grateful!!!

  • JuneSweetJune
    JuneSweetJune Год назад +1

    hey dani, what is the name of the background song?

  • Kendall Pasley
    Kendall Pasley Год назад

    can i just travel the world with you?! this is amazing!

  • Niki Borges Silva
    Niki Borges Silva Год назад

    watching this video for the second time, i love it so much!

  • Styles40
    Styles40 Год назад

    can i ask about your tatoo? it is awesome just curious to what it is!

  • lauren
    lauren Год назад

    Watching all the girls videos from this trip make me so happy knowing that I call this amazing place home!

  • Caroline Wood
    Caroline Wood Год назад

    Beautiful footage! How did you get to do this! My dream!!

  • Hayley Alexis
    Hayley Alexis Год назад +1

    Chloe is so cute with the paying part