Types of Area 51 Invaders

  • Published on Jul 29, 2019
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    Types of Area 51 Invaders
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  • the Brent r us
    the Brent r us 19 minutes ago

    FBI agent:oh Billy see you at area 51 and it well be the last time I see you

  • Ran Owens
    Ran Owens Hour ago

    why in the hell would you make this shit

  • IDo Voices
    IDo Voices 2 hours ago

    Who’s watching on the raid happening

  • Reviews weekly and stuff

    Who else is here after they weren’t doing anything

  • Famingo Fan UwU
    Famingo Fan UwU 3 hours ago +1

    Ok the first one was about 1.25M of the people that signed up

  • mr.1n5an_e
    mr.1n5an_e 8 hours ago +1

    1 sub to LLS means 1 prayer for rhino's dick

  • le epic man
    le epic man 14 hours ago

    the t-shirt guy is the funniest one for me

  • Andrew Chen
    Andrew Chen 14 hours ago

    Today was supposed to be the Area 51 Raid, what happened

  • SMK Shifty
    SMK Shifty 14 hours ago

    2:17 on god

  • frank garcia
    frank garcia 14 hours ago

    Just for a fact, sometimes they use your foreskin for your eyelids.

  • Wakil Hamidi
    Wakil Hamidi 14 hours ago

    I dont know how but im all of these people

  • Rage Moderyan
    Rage Moderyan 14 hours ago

    Anyone here 9/20/19 lmao ?? It's the raid today

  • Amen Gaming
    Amen Gaming 14 hours ago +1

    Video starts at 1:23
    Thank me later

  • Anthony Pazarena
    Anthony Pazarena 15 hours ago

    I’m 3:24

  • Alden Wiseman
    Alden Wiseman 15 hours ago

    Lets gooo its today

    daughter:Mom where is daddy
    mom: under the revive symbol

  • Yo Mully
    Yo Mully 16 hours ago

    Search "area 51 visitation communication meditation"

  • DRSReaper275
    DRSReaper275 17 hours ago

    I like how the jokes were even less funny because they were from Brody Foxx

  • Richard Ramos
    Richard Ramos 17 hours ago

    Today is the day Area 51

  • Dennis Guevara
    Dennis Guevara 18 hours ago

    Lady and gentleman...We got him!

  • MysticOverlord
    MysticOverlord 18 hours ago

    who came back to this video on Sept. 20th 2019?

  • Back up Terry!
    Back up Terry! 18 hours ago


  • Archy E
    Archy E 18 hours ago

    Spoiler alert: only 75 people showed up the whole thing was a fail

  • Miguel _Skits13
    Miguel _Skits13 18 hours ago

    1:44 everyone

  • Dylan Minecraft Gamer
    Dylan Minecraft Gamer 18 hours ago +1

    Little do they know we are doing it right now

  • Gimit Squad
    Gimit Squad 18 hours ago

    🙂 :)

  • Felipe Isidoro
    Felipe Isidoro 19 hours ago

    Auto bots rollout yall ready boys?

  • Kayla Bayla
    Kayla Bayla 19 hours ago

    You got this from that YO MAMMA joke video

  • Erjie’s Views
    Erjie’s Views 20 hours ago

    I’m definitely guy watching from afar

  • Erjie’s Views
    Erjie’s Views 20 hours ago

    I’m white but exact opposite of “the white guy”

  • its me ok
    its me ok 20 hours ago +1

    What if we are the aliens 🤔

  • ItzPhantom
    ItzPhantom 21 hour ago

    whos here on the day of the event

  • Please say sike Right now

    Watch the raid

    NOW. Oh after this video

  • Mia Anderson
    Mia Anderson 22 hours ago

    The raid is so dumb people are gonna die there will be lives lost so don’t do it

  • Anthony Carlton
    Anthony Carlton Day ago

    2 is so me lol

  • H7PER_ T3NSE
    H7PER_ T3NSE Day ago

    When you have no ideas for a RUclip video

  • Dr Nambread
    Dr Nambread Day ago

    The raids a shitshow

  • Noah Stewart
    Noah Stewart Day ago

    He put the crocs into tactical mode not sports mode

  • Sunday Sunshine
    Sunday Sunshine Day ago

    I know a channel who has 1mil or 556,678k

  • Gamer X2X
    Gamer X2X Day ago

    The part the t-shirt guy i laughed so hard.

  • Josie Estenson
    Josie Estenson Day ago

    My friend took a ride with some others and they are just watching from afar.

  • Dayux
    Dayux Day ago

    Can't wait to watch the news tommorow ;)

  • Anaya& Everett
    Anaya& Everett Day ago +1

    You should do if lil Tecca was is in your class room


    4:44 damn they pulled the classic

  • unknownwatcher 89

    Tomorrow is September 20th the area 51 one raid


    I love this video CLASSIIIIIIIIIC

  • Jaden Mendoza
    Jaden Mendoza Day ago +1

    Dude there's a kid in my gym class named Noa and everybody calls him Noah boat

  • Jaden Mendoza
    Jaden Mendoza Day ago +1

    The Merrell twins are hot af

  • 020thYoun
    020thYoun Day ago

    3:19 the guy that’s gets team killed because he didn’t naruto run

  • Sparkle Smart
    Sparkle Smart Day ago

    Maybe they have Sasuke...

    JERSHWAA Day ago

    IS EVERYONE READY FOR THE AREA 51 RAID TMRW? Like this message and sub to my channel!

  • drag0n fire33
    drag0n fire33 Day ago

    The threed eye

  • Sam Sivas
    Sam Sivas Day ago

    4:28 when bae is home alone

  • Jeremiah Kinloch

    Where my naruto runners at

  • Chomping Shark105

    This is a event that created a new species!
    The raider
    I made the genus called 51osalienas

  • hellwave 1410
    hellwave 1410 Day ago

    When only 9 people show up
    Gaurds: :D
    It's the hashiras
    Gaurds: D:

  • Sky Drop
    Sky Drop Day ago

    Lest go riad area 51

  • Haikal Jebon
    Haikal Jebon Day ago

    Today will be like 5:26

  • O.D.S.T_LORD
    O.D.S.T_LORD Day ago

    i hope your eye get better

  • coolduxe playz
    coolduxe playz 2 days ago +5

    Only three people show up
    US government: :D
    Its Trevor, Franklin and Michael
    Us government: D: