St. Louis Blues Hoist First Stanley Cup In Franchise History

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
  • Watch as the St. Louis Blues celebrate their first Stanley Cup victory.
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Comments • 966

  • Teguh Yarmanto
    Teguh Yarmanto Day ago

    I almost forget how to be a winner this champ.

  • Grouse The Ghoul
    Grouse The Ghoul 9 days ago

    Binnington evoked images of Jacques Plante. I could see it. I guess when you get to be my age, you can see a lot. To see Bob lift the Cup after all these years is simply wonderful.

  • Teddy Robinson
    Teddy Robinson 18 days ago

    2-1/2 months later and watching this celebration still brings happy tears to my eyes-i still remember the first Blues game i saw as a kid back in 1968 and i waited 52 years to see the Blues hoist the Cup-i will cherish this feat the rest of my days-thank you Blues for making an old man smile inside and out-what an accomplishment

  • David Grekin
    David Grekin Month ago

    Glorious !

  • Jason Finn
    Jason Finn Month ago

    Unfortunately no Bobby Orr airborne plays.

  • Ben Graefser
    Ben Graefser Month ago

    My favorite part is @ 9:40. Being a native St. Louisan and talking to and listening to Bobby over the years, it is a great sight to finally see him hoist that cup over his head.

  • Julian Ortega
    Julian Ortega Month ago

    Maybe it's just me but Binnington should have got the cup second. He is the reason they won.

  • Coach Trini
    Coach Trini Month ago

    Just saw the news report of all the snowflakes filing FCC complaints about the celebration. Here's a solution: TURN THE CHANNEL!

  • Adam Rubino
    Adam Rubino Month ago

    I’ve watched this every day since it’s happened, it never gets old

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas Month ago

    I swear every time I watch my boys hoist the cup for the first time in our franchise history it makes me cry every single time....finally I can say MY ST.LOUIS BLUES ARE STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!!!!!!

  • Brian Spellburgio
    Brian Spellburgio Month ago

    So sorry Boston you can't win everything haters I am one because I am a Buffalo sports fan

  • Brian Spellburgio
    Brian Spellburgio Month ago

    When the Stanley Cup is handed off to the captain and he hosts it over his head for the first time gives me goosebumps every time it has to be the best feeling in the world one day Buffalo one day Buffalo Sabres fans I feel it where do we deserve it we Bleed Blue and Gold we bleed red and blue 716 family for life

  • Cooper T
    Cooper T 2 months ago +1

    I’m from St. Louis I’m a die hard blues fan

  • Rob Ser
    Rob Ser 2 months ago

    If I’m a blues player, I’m taking that cup and skating around the rink once or twice then handing it off.

  • Brad Early
    Brad Early 2 months ago

    Since I'm a big fan of every Canadian NHL team (Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver), congrats to St. Louis. That place is singing the blues!

  • Brad Early
    Brad Early 2 months ago

    Congrats to former Toronto Maple Leafs Alex Steen, Tyler Bozak, and Carl Gunnarsson, to former Winnipeg Jet Chris Thorburn, to former Calgary Flame Jay Bouwmeester, to former Edmonton Oilers Patrick Maroon and David Perron, and to former Vancouver Canuck Michael Del Zotto.

  • Ruby
    Ruby 2 months ago

    The way Tarasenko reacts at 0:55 hearing that the Cup is going to the fans in St. Louis (not _back_ to the fans because we never had it in the first place, dumb Bettman) is exactly why we love him so much. He did it for us as much as he did it for himself. I love him and I love this team!!!! 💙💛

  • Metallica Land
    Metallica Land 2 months ago

    Definitely cried during the Schwartz part

  • Nicholas C
    Nicholas C 2 months ago


  • Bricktop44
    Bricktop44 3 months ago

    So, Mike Yeo selling cars in Minnesota yet?

  • Part1
    Part1 3 months ago

    Anything can happen

  • Angry Grizzly
    Angry Grizzly 3 months ago

    Not one minority there to see it.So racist minorities are.

  • Mathew Trujillo
    Mathew Trujillo 3 months ago

    Glad to see O'Reilly get a cup.

  • Tropical Scenery
    Tropical Scenery 3 months ago

    It was so good seeing the St. Louis Blues win the Stanley cup because they well deserved it! It was also sad seeing some of the Boston Bruins fans booing and holding up their middle fingers during the ceremony which was totally unsportsmanship and sore losing attitudes they just displayed!

  • dan matasa
    dan matasa 3 months ago

    *worse to first *

  • dan matasa
    dan matasa 3 months ago

    ain’t a fan but seeing the second person to hold the cup im happy

  • dan matasa
    dan matasa 3 months ago

    good job blues. coming from a bolts fan. im glad

  • mark anthony hooper
    mark anthony hooper 3 months ago

    I'm so glad that your cap the raw audio instead of the edited

  • may day
    may day 3 months ago

    it's like it's the golden calf. kinda sickening

  • Not Now
    Not Now 3 months ago

    The Blues were allowed to slew foot, dive, cross check, punch people in the head, ram the goalie, hold the goalie's arm so he couldn't move, steal the goalies stick, hold players legs with both hands, punch people in the head 7 times, hold players jerseys so they couldn't get off the ice, steal players sticks, embellish fake penalties, tomahawk opposing teams goalies in the back multiple times, concuss opposition with multiple head shots, and ice the puck BLATANTLY resulting in goals, and had "too many men" 3 times, ALL TO NO PENALTIES. Meanwhile, EVERYTHING mentioned was called against the Blues opposition and more. But I'm sure its all a LONG STREAM of "coincidences." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😘😘😘😘 But hey, what a STORY right???

  • Ryan David
    Ryan David 3 months ago

    This sends shivers down my spine. They deserve it, waited a long time.

  • jeff Mueller
    jeff Mueller 3 months ago +2

    Wow this totally blows away the NBC coverage thank you so much for posting this!

  • SeekandDewhiplash
    SeekandDewhiplash 3 months ago

    Did I hear some Remember the Titans theme music in there?

  • Steve Jarvis
    Steve Jarvis 3 months ago

    When the Blues beat the Bruins I was happy 'cause they took out the Maple Leafs. When the Raptors beat the Warriors I was also happy because they deserved to win. I wish when the Blues won they would have drunken some beers out of the cup but I guess that would be "Disrespecting" it. Blues I am really glad you won and it tickles my heart to see how happy you guys are to have won the cup. Cheers from Toronto.

  • ccmgoalie35
    ccmgoalie35 3 months ago

    NBC needs to hire the director or producer whoever it is controls what cameras go on and controls the coverage Cause nbc sucks

  • kbattas0913
    kbattas0913 3 months ago

    Thank you for leaving it unedited

  • Hockeytown/Broad Street Bullies #1 Fan

    Bruins fans, don’t forget to put you’re tissues and tissue boxes in the barrel.

  • Blood In My Eye
    Blood In My Eye 3 months ago +1

    NBA & NFL championship celebrations=Confetti and 1,000,000 people aimlessly running around
    MLB & NHL championship celebrations=Players and staff only...THE WAY IT SHOULD BE!!!! THE BEST

  • Crow woman
    Crow woman 3 months ago +1

    Ryan O'Reilly grew to become great with the Blues.

    GUNS BBQ N BS 3 months ago

    Grats Blues and Blues fans . You played your hearts out and deserve that cup. Maybe next year my bruins will show up if they hit game 7 again. Until , A tip of the hat . Enjoy

  • aaron maxim
    aaron maxim 3 months ago

    half the boston crowd left the building.....looks about right. Bunch of pink hat bandwagon fans. As a hockey fan how do you not want to stay to see the cup. Boston for ya....sorry,sad bunch of pussfaces

  • firestarrox1
    firestarrox1 3 months ago

    It's so fun to just listen to them

  • davin hrechka
    davin hrechka 3 months ago

    was cheering for the blues congrats . what a story
    flames fan here

  • Eric Knight
    Eric Knight 3 months ago

    Hey Canada and I mean this with sincerity be proud of this blues team. Look at all the Canadian players that made this happen for us here in St. Louis.

  • Eliot Rosewater
    Eliot Rosewater 3 months ago

    Berube lifting the cup was EPIC

  • cameron pickard
    cameron pickard 3 months ago

    LAME celebration.unlike when the oilers would win it

  • jherquintiz1
    jherquintiz1 3 months ago

    From a Stars fan
    Congrats Blues

  • rafka30
    rafka30 3 months ago

    Finally finally the first Stanley cup greetings and thanks from the Polish fan

  • василий сасин

    спс тарасенко рад за него

  • Luca Knorr
    Luca Knorr 3 months ago +1

    im so happy i wantid st louis to the cup boo boo boo bruins

  • Freddy Long
    Freddy Long 3 months ago

    So happy for Chief ( Craig Berube) he was booted from Philly because the team wouldnt perform. Guess it wasnt the coach eh guys?

  • J Hib
    J Hib 3 months ago

    I've waited my whole life to see this. It was exciting, fast paced, and I kept my composure until they interviewed Bobby Plager. I saw him play with Barclay in the 70s!! I knew the old Arena better than my own neighborhood!. Blue and gold 'til I'm dead and cold! If only the little Bruins fan wasn''t seen during most of ceremony giving the thumbs down.

  • Chuck Hashman
    Chuck Hashman 3 months ago

    Boston has to be commended.... 3 stanley cup appearances in 8 years is very impressive. And they still have a great team that can win it all like they did in 2011!!!! ( I'm glad the UNDERDOG Blues won) But the Bruins have nothing to hang their heads about-- they were the better team, but the Blues were crafty . Where are the Blackhawks & KIngs ?? --- both in the dumps & NO WHERE NEAR THE STANLEY CUP!! Not even playoff bound ( which still amazes me)........ This was a great final!!

  • wwzach16
    wwzach16 3 months ago

    Captain didnt even kiss the cup first pretty sure they have to forfeit it now

  • alxk78
    alxk78 3 months ago

    Hows the party in Saint Louis guys? Cause its prety fuckn awesome in Toronto right now, we fuckn did it!

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby 3 months ago

    Marchand is a rat...glad he lost. And old brokenjaw was on the ice for most of the Blues goals.

  • Mr Swoop
    Mr Swoop 3 months ago +9

    As a Boston fan, I was very happy to see the Blues and Raptors get their first championship ever! Congrats!!!

  • MetalDetroit
    MetalDetroit 3 months ago

    How is it going back to the fans in St Louis if they’ve never won it ?

  • GAmsta Bri
    GAmsta Bri 3 months ago

    It took us long enough

  • Joe Kowalski
    Joe Kowalski 3 months ago +5

    From Hockey town congratulations well deserved!!