Game of Thrones Cast Reacts to Series Finale

  • Published on May 28, 2019
  • And now our watch has ended. We all loved Game of Thrones' last season right? Right? If you are wondering how the cast of Game of Thrones reacted to the series finale, we have everything you'd need to know! Between Isaac Hempstead Wright thinking the script was a joke to Emilia Clarke walking around London for 5 hours after reading it, we got all the drama from the cast of Game of Thrones regarding the last season of this beloved cult television show. What do you think of the final season now? Let us know in the comments!
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Comments • 1 526

  • Jeff Meade
    Jeff Meade 6 days ago

    It was shite 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • TheNorthWolf
    TheNorthWolf 9 days ago

    Best ending to GOT after the dragon flies off with dead Danny, grey worm comes in and realises what's happened. Grey worm and John fight and grey worm wins and kills John. Then grey worm kills himself. The council is held and Sansa and aria go back to Winterfell and Westeros begins its first democracy.

  • Microphone Hell
    Microphone Hell 11 days ago

    I liked Game Thrones because it gave me the sense that any character could get killed at any time, and the "good people" will not always win.
    Consequently, for me the show started going downhill when they brought back Jon Snow from the dead, and when that knight was cured from that stoning/scaling disease that had no cure.
    Whenever I watch a TV Show and I see characters being brought back from dead, I know the writers are running out of ideas and/or are being to sacrifice the artistic integrity of the show in favor of fan demands.
    Jon Snow's resurrection ruined the show for me. If you needed him alive, then you shouldn't have killed him in the first place. LOL

  • Mace Windu
    Mace Windu 11 days ago

    Really though...with everything King Snow went through with the White Walkers, it should've been him vs the Nightking(it made perfect sense-even if he dies in that fight)

  • TheFolkes1
    TheFolkes1 13 days ago

    GoT is not about happy or just endings, it's about compromise and how life isn't what it should be and some things don't work out in a fair way, hence all of the deaths of the main characters who died in shocking and unjust ways, it was an ending of compromise as was the entire show

  • P1NKY SW34R
    P1NKY SW34R 15 days ago

    The real question is - who is the one who crowned Sansa? I mean, literally, whose hands were the hands that put the crown on her head

  • Shaun Campbell
    Shaun Campbell 16 days ago

    GOT had the worst final season of any show EVER!!!

  • Shaun Campbell
    Shaun Campbell 16 days ago

    The Peter Dinklage quote was like a hostage video.

  • Manzoor Hussain
    Manzoor Hussain 19 days ago

    Treshest show ever lolx

  • kassafrass
    kassafrass 20 days ago

    Literally sounds like they gave their honest feelings, HBO said STFU and they changed their tone

  • Connor Dries
    Connor Dries 20 days ago

    Bad ending is the perfect money maker. People crave closure and haven't got it yet

  • Yosemite -
    Yosemite - 25 days ago

    The most disappointing thing, for me, was Jon killing Daenerys. Like for fuck sake, yes the ending shouldn't be ''and they lived happily ever after'', but come on, that was just plain and rushed. What a let down

  • TheWinterShadow
    TheWinterShadow 28 days ago

    Funny that none of the earlier characters(Joffrey, the other Starrks, littlefinger ...) were asked anything.....they help carry the show too.

  • Neil O Connor
    Neil O Connor 29 days ago

    Half the show was good half was crap

  • Faustina Thomas
    Faustina Thomas 29 days ago

    I was hoping Cersei was going to have a bloody and brutal death. I’m still here slightly disappointed by the GOT ending lol.

  • Calum Millar
    Calum Millar Month ago

    You can just tell they were all we forced to change their mind

  • legendofzelda 0204
    legendofzelda 0204 Month ago

    Very sorry for the cast until now. Ye talk shit about people who called out the series for what it is

  • Iban Rivas
    Iban Rivas Month ago +1

    Nope, the ending sucked and no amount of time is going to change that

  • luibros
    luibros Month ago

    You say with time us GoT fans are going to change our minds and see this season differently??? RIGHT!! Have Lost fans and critics changed their minds with time??? noooo

  • kristof privat
    kristof privat Month ago

    watchmojo congrats! u made ur first bullshit video ever!

  • kristof privat
    kristof privat Month ago

    the only reaction to the ending i really care about is George R.R. Martin , and i havent seen that yet. 99% of the fanbase didnt like the final season. imagine how George R.R. Martin feels?! if he now says. thats how i wanted to end it. i can except it, if that never happens i c'ant.

  • Stephen Lang
    Stephen Lang Month ago

    Targaryens ending was not out of left field she was becoming the Mad Queen the whole time and if you didn't notice that you weren't paying attention how many times do I have to say it she's been mad from the get-go and after every betrayal she's ever had of course she did that she is the Mad Queen the gods flip a coin remember

  • Nik Ruhl
    Nik Ruhl Month ago

    Everybody expected a sweet ending and got a bitter one. This show was never afraid of showing uncomfortable twists, it delivered the unpredictable ending it deserved

  • Nic P
    Nic P Month ago

    Kit did not even watch the season 8 😂

  • Top 10 Everything
    Top 10 Everything Month ago

    The last 2 seasons killed GoT's replayability for me

  • Anders Hass
    Anders Hass Month ago

    I wonder what Kit's wife think about the ending :P

  • Petrol-Dollar
    Petrol-Dollar Month ago

    No matter what the cast has to say remember they made millions due to GRRMs hard work! Writers are good adapters, but horrible creators!

  • Petrol-Dollar
    Petrol-Dollar Month ago

    Perfect example of the difference in someone's inner character, Emelia Clarke responded to the fan backlash with class and understanding, kit Harrington told the fans that were let down to "fuck off" and Sophie Turner also gave the fans shit because her immaturity took the backlash personally so fuck kit Harrington and Sophie Turner! They need to learn class from Emelia Clarke!

    DAVID FERNANDEZ 2 months ago

    I could have wrote a better ending and I do not nothing about making a movie

  • Night king
    Night king 2 months ago

    3:56 what is dead may never die!

  • Whovians On Skaro
    Whovians On Skaro 2 months ago

    Seriously was I the only one who was happy when Daenerys died?
    She was a good character in the first seasons, then started losing her stability after season 4. But when she straight up became evil... well the death of a villain is always satisfying

    • Whovians On Skaro
      Whovians On Skaro Month ago

      @Samantha R exactly. Basically they made her descent appear since Mereen but very slowly, from a kind hero to an unstable good person, but in a few seconds it went straight to complete Targaryen Madness

    • Samantha R
      Samantha R 2 months ago +1

      The problem was that her descent happened way too quickly.

  • Michael Porter
    Michael Porter 2 months ago

    If you think this story has a happy ending, then you haven’t been paying attention.

  • Not Alex Baker
    Not Alex Baker 2 months ago +2

    Yeah they were definitely all told to say their endings were “kind of a perfect ending for _____ character”

  • Julia
    Julia 2 months ago

    2:20 Peter, blink twice if you need help

  • Magdaléna Vrbová
    Magdaléna Vrbová 2 months ago

    I didn't like the last season overall as well but it was writing that ruined it. I think all this backlash is really a big disrespect to the actors and crew and everyone who worked their asses off. When it comes to acting and visuals, it was a masterpiece, so along with crying about how bad the season was, people could at least mention and appreciate that

  • Tord Stang alden
    Tord Stang alden 2 months ago

    you talk to much in the video

  • SammyBoyy300
    SammyBoyy300 2 months ago

    Episode 1 and 2 were very meh

  • Joker
    Joker 2 months ago

    What does it matter now if they say the last season sucked ? .
    Its the LAST season its not like your puting any future jobs at risk for HBO atleast .

  • Justsome Honeybear
    Justsome Honeybear 2 months ago

    I saw the table read, when Varys died Conlieth threw his script on the table and facepalmed

  • Patriot
    Patriot 2 months ago +1

    In the GAME OF SHOWBIZ as an actor - you either 'go along with the producers, or your career dies!'

  • Patriot
    Patriot 2 months ago +1

    Sorry D&D fucked up and like The North We Remember!

  • Shah Hurrem
    Shah Hurrem 2 months ago

    What abt Drogo? What did he think?

  • Lost Soul
    Lost Soul 2 months ago

    I can’t believe Ron Jeremy did not play a role in game of thrones

  • KaHLoSSuS
    KaHLoSSuS 2 months ago

    GOT S8= Lazy Writing & Alot Drugs

  • 246kisses
    246kisses 2 months ago

    I’m glad jon killed her, she’s bern spinning out of control for awhile

  • Ken
    Ken 2 months ago

    D&D: Dumb and Dumber

  • Quinn Smithh
    Quinn Smithh 2 months ago

    Just what the hell. They literally had an almost perfect show for like 3/4 of the show, and then somehow it exponentially got worse like every 3 episodes

  • Dan R Goodnight
    Dan R Goodnight 3 months ago +1

    we know how the *public* reacted
    it SUCKED.

  • Unsung Hero
    Unsung Hero 3 months ago

    I think there should have been more 1v1 fights and the long night should have been the last episode of the season after beating cersi and all the drama in kings landing... and it should have ended with jon beating the night king but suffering damages from the fight he ends up dying in dany's arms in an epic/beautiful way.

  • Jimmy Samwell
    Jimmy Samwell 3 months ago

    The last three season sucked

  • 54markl
    54markl 3 months ago +7

    Dinklage sounded like he had a terrorist’s gun pressed to his temple when he praised Benioff and Weiss. It was an HBO gun, so yeah, Entertainic State.

  • 54markl
    54markl 3 months ago

    HBO threatened the actors with career death if they didn’t sound enthusiastic, that’s why they all suddenly started praising this shitty garbage! It’s all phony, it’s all a lie. Don’t you believe it!

  • Nick Karsten
    Nick Karsten 3 months ago

    The biggest problem with the ending is that they asked grrm how it ended

  • Roger England
    Roger England 3 months ago

    If I get incredibly well paid to change my mind I might, or if I was threatened within an inch of my continue career I might. 🤔

  • edbro Aotearoa
    edbro Aotearoa 3 months ago

    The politics between George, D n D and HBO's bean counters ultimately lead GOT to a final season, fizzled out, rushed flop. Only time will prove this when they start speaking out. First the actors will come out then D n D closely by George but HBO will never admit any freudulent involvment. ( Modern business plan )

  • Connor Shackleford
    Connor Shackleford 3 months ago

    Who actually buys those shirts??

  • Tammy Brown
    Tammy Brown 3 months ago

    I liked the final season

  • Sax3r28
    Sax3r28 3 months ago

    Yeah there's logic to it :D Jon being king in the north but it's actually sansa, prisoner tyrion deciding who becomes king, unsullied magically reproducing and dothraki coming back to life. LOTS OF LOGIC.

  • pheejeypi
    pheejeypi 3 months ago

    The only thing I'm happy about the final season was mah boi Tyrion survived.

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones 3 months ago

    They changed there opinion after the fact to do damage control. Probably had to contractually