Game of Thrones Cast Reacts to Series Finale

  • Published on May 28, 2019
  • And now our watch has ended. We all loved Game of Thrones' last season right? Right? If you are wondering how the cast of Game of Thrones reacted to the series finale, we have everything you'd need to know! Between Isaac Hempstead Wright thinking the script was a joke to Emilia Clarke walking around London for 5 hours after reading it, we got all the drama from the cast of Game of Thrones regarding the last season of this beloved cult television show. What do you think of the final season now? Let us know in the comments!
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Comments • 1 390

  • bongo gibbans
    bongo gibbans 4 hours ago

    Not the ending anyone ruined it ,you bastards.

  • Azael Contreras
    Azael Contreras 5 hours ago

    The show is good, the ending sucks.. it’s that simple

  • Janie B
    Janie B 11 hours ago

    Your quote indicates that it was Sophie Turner who voiced approval re. Cersei's death, not Lena Headey.

  • Ziolek2000
    Ziolek2000 19 hours ago

    Honestly all they needed to do is make it 9 or 10 Seasons instead of an 8th Season with only 6 episodes sack the guy that made that decision. Frow in some character development of Dyenerys going crazy prior. Take out the unnecessary fake death sence all over "The Long Night" of the main characters. Don't drastically change the outside of Kings landing right at the end. Instead of making Ayra run away and be shown multiple sence in which she clearly should of died. Give me a fight between her trying to Kill Cerci and Jamie defend her. & Make John the king of the 6 kingdoms at the end.

  • Aiden Leon
    Aiden Leon 19 hours ago +1

    I’d rather F myself then watch my favorite show be ruined.

  • Shane Curtis
    Shane Curtis Day ago

    Yeah I don't believe ANY of this. We all know that the actors were NOT happy with this. I want to know what they REALLY think.

  • TH3 J4P
    TH3 J4P Day ago

    Nop, we will not, cause they probably sign something so they cant talk bad about the series. Any fan no the two writers fucked up

  • The Dude
    The Dude 2 days ago +2

    got ending will go down in history as the worst of all time

  • Sergio Ramón Rodríguez Cajiga

    The last season was just crap. It was so obvious. I can't understand why they don't want to see the truth?

  • trip allen
    trip allen 3 days ago

    Honestly i was angry when they ruined Danys theme/character ark

  • Victor Morales
    Victor Morales 4 days ago

    Kit was sorta right , it was epically disappointing .

  • Mr Pickles
    Mr Pickles 7 days ago

    "What do we say to good writing:
    D&D: "Not today"

  • kranthi aryan
    kranthi aryan 8 days ago

    NED,JOHN,TYRION etc: "winter z coming" 😱
    Ni8 KING: Am gonna end everyone's career 😈
    ARYA: Am gonna end thz weather report ⛄⛅❄

  • 1taeok
    1taeok 8 days ago


  • Somnath Bhattacharyya

    Well D&D would be GRR if they could write as well as him😂😂

    JMC RSA 9 days ago

    Jaime's character arch was awesome, he was becoming the person I think all fans wanted but earlier, noble, moral, kind but yeah about that last season in general, eish

  • Octave Chan
    Octave Chan 9 days ago

    Say bad things about the show, no future work with HBO.

  • RoughDuck
    RoughDuck 10 days ago

    i didnt mind it the only thing was it moved to quick and bran should not have been made king and sansa queen in the north they were the only things i didnt like Jon should have after all he went through he deserved that ending in my opinion but over all the ending was okay all the characters are happy or dead and its not a show i was expecting a happy ending so in that respect it surprised me

  • Renae Killiough
    Renae Killiough 10 days ago

    Ban D and D

  • Never Forget
    Never Forget 10 days ago

    I love u Arya for being honest!!!!!!!!!

  • Jinn Mallik
    Jinn Mallik 11 days ago

    I believe just knowing that was it " The End " is the reason why 99.99 % come upset regarding the Best Ever TV Show, Understanding them Characters will No Longer Entertain comes Heart Breaking fuelling the Anger Boiling the Blood twisting the Rage aiming at the Short Quick Ending
    the Only Excuse the Die Hard Fan allowing All to Unleash, Spitting their Venom, having rid of Heart Break will get Comfy Rewinding Season 8 Playing Episode 1 till 6
    Already knowing Deep Down What a Brilliant Ending to a Brilliant Show

  • Harry Baldwin
    Harry Baldwin 11 days ago

    Sounds like hbo said did a Disney on them

  • Grant Pflum
    Grant Pflum 12 days ago

    I very much mind WHERE it ended up AND how it got there.

  • Kavahsiae jordan
    Kavahsiae jordan 12 days ago

    HBO told them to say it was good with threats of murdering their families

  • kate luna
    kate luna 13 days ago

    There’s simply no excuse for ruining character arch’s because you were rushing to work on starwars. I don’t care what the cast says. Over 50% of the public hated it. All of us who have loved game of thrones feels empty and unsatisfied. The least the writers and the cast can do is be honest about it.

  • Shubhankar Biswas
    Shubhankar Biswas 13 days ago +1

    If they love the ending they didn't deserve the love we gave them for years . They did work hard and it is a++ in acting but a shit with glitter sparkles and all the shimmer and glimmer is still shit . So please get you heads examined please show us the real ending of game of thrones, a story so epic and legendary that even after generation it will rule the throne of stories forevermore.

  • Mr Foreman
    Mr Foreman 13 days ago

    Channels like this : exaggerate the negatives because its fashionable
    Reality : 99% of GOT , perfect

  • Ara Dua
    Ara Dua 14 days ago

    I miss this show so much.

  • Joshua Hart
    Joshua Hart 14 days ago

    I was reminder of the fact that Daisy Ridley and John Boyega used to defend Star Wars, but now that they're almost finished they are letting their true feelings out.

  • M Stephens
    M Stephens 15 days ago +1

    No. I think these actors were told by their agents to be more supportive and respectful about how the writers decided to end the series. It isn’t very easy to keep getting roles in the future if one speaks badly about the ending of such an epic series.

  • kasegi Yabu
    kasegi Yabu 15 days ago

    Actors back-pedalling says it all.

  • Kelly W
    Kelly W 17 days ago

    Obviously, the cast was pushed or forced to come back and say something good about the show.

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 19 days ago

    Just the saddest thing to disrespect all these great characters and actors, AND to alienate your audience in one season after 7 of the greatest seasons in TV history. D&D are pure evil selfish fools. AND, it's not about HOW it ended, or where the characters ended up---it's about HOW FAST THEY RUSHED THE FREAKIN' THING. THAT is what is disrespectful to all of us, Ms. Turner.

  • Lars Jensen
    Lars Jensen 19 days ago

    Starting a New trend nevet watch anything that has some Thing to do with david benioff and d.b. weiss

  • margareth bagile
    margareth bagile 19 days ago

    I am cracking up at the reactions. Peter Dinklage spoke mind about the crypt thing. So did Lena Heady with Cersei. It made no sense

  • Kenneth Hald Thygesen
    Kenneth Hald Thygesen 20 days ago

    Boom! heres your King, but whatever, lets talk about something else. Brilliant writting d & d. Im sure this Will age fine like a good wine, idiots

  • Joe Camhi
    Joe Camhi 20 days ago

    The ending will never get respect because it was rushed.

  • Peregrination
    Peregrination 20 days ago

    Peter Dinklage pulling a Tyrion when Tyrion failed (crypt comment).

  • Jesse Warner
    Jesse Warner 21 day ago

    It was awful.

  • [Anonymous]_
    [Anonymous]_ 21 day ago

    i really hope the actor dont think they did anything wrong to contribute to all the outrage. for as long as it was running, GoT was a masterpeice of vfx writing and acting. The final season was nothing short of amazing. the editing and effects/editing were as good as ever as well as the directing and acting. THE WRITERS TOTALLY SPAT ON EVERYTHING THEY BUILT UP AND NOT TO MENTION BOTCHING THE ENDING OF GRRM STROY BC YOU WERE TO SELFISH TO CARE

    • [Anonymous]_
      [Anonymous]_ 21 day ago

      they couldve made this season into 2 easily. it wouldve given the story enough to actually cultivate these outcomes.

  • Bad Binder
    Bad Binder 21 day ago

    holy moly watchmojo^^ diplomatic talking from the cast members to not ruin their careers after briefly let out their frustration doesnt make season 8 any better

  • FelicityGemini
    FelicityGemini 22 days ago

    yall will believe black widow in avengers to be a super hero welding a gun but not Arya the faceless assassin killing the night king? i dont get you people.

  • XxHrallundeadrogueXx
    XxHrallundeadrogueXx 22 days ago

    The lesson is you can’t speak the truth til your contract is over

  • chickadee
    chickadee 22 days ago

    The cast think the ending sucks. They didn't want to be 'Katherine Heigled' so they took their criticisms back.

  • MultiEvil101
    MultiEvil101 23 days ago

    In the end they have to say they like the ending because no one's going to hire them if they complain about the directors script.

  • Reece D
    Reece D 23 days ago

    "Fucking Hell" it must have been a bad script if it made her want to go for a walk around London??!!! I cannot think of anything worse???

  • Jason Baul
    Jason Baul 24 days ago

    Nobody :
    Jon : epicly dissapointing

    LKNANML 24 days ago

    Star Wars built up Snoke. Oh this guy is gonna be Vader times a billion bad. Body falls on the floor................ What the fu what nooo wow. Completely wasted a good character but holy crap did the GOT writers pull of an EPIC hold my beer this is how the pros destroy a hyped up character. I was floored. It was just one step above a show getting cancelled leaving everything unfinished. Farscape did that and came back around with a mini series to close it out.

    LKNANML 24 days ago

    Star Wars built up Snoke. Oh this guy is gonna be Vader times a billion bad. Body falls on the floor................ What the fu what nooo wow. Completely wasted a good character but holy crap did the GOT writers pull of an EPIC hold my beer this is how the pros destroy a hyped up character. I was floored. It was just one step above a show getting cancelled leaving everything unfinished. Farscape did that and came back around with a mini series to close it out.

    LKNANML 24 days ago

    Have to say I like actors who say how they feel about their own show. Everyone always says it was amazing. A joy to work on. These and those guys are the best. Almost all the cast knew what they wanted to say and walked as fine a line as they could without getting in trouble with the studios.

  • King Petty
    King Petty 25 days ago

    Maybe its me ( i binge watched recently and didn't watch the show when it was active), but i too thought the ending was bad but not for the reasons most fans do. I honestly feel the truly satisfying ending for me wouldve been NOBODY gets a happy ending.. nobody ending is wrapped in a bow. Nobody gets the throne or to be king or queen... the truly satisfying ending is the dead win! You cant make it make sense that that many dead, dragons and giants wouldn't take over once the walls fail. All night king needed to do was fall back and keep raising up the dead. Everybody would've died for their treachery

  • lollypop2414
    lollypop2414 25 days ago

    Actors do interviews to promote awful movies or television series they're in all the time. It's extremely rare for an actor to go on a talk show and say "yeah my movie sucks" or "this season of the show I'm on is awful" because they sign contracts saying they won't say anything bad about the movie/show/studio/producers etc. No doubt the cast of GoT know how awful the last season is, but it will be years before they can admit it, and quite frankly it's not their fault, so I'm willing to give them a pass for lying.

  • cryohellinc
    cryohellinc 27 days ago

    I loved the ending. All of you snowflakes always expect happy endings.

  • Red CD
    Red CD 27 days ago

    Worst crisis management EVER #GameofThrones #HBO

  • Mazdy Soraya
    Mazdy Soraya 28 days ago

    No even one soul defending GOT. GOT and GOT directors that you are crying about gave you at least 7 very enjoyable years. I get it that you are disappointed. First actors are humans, they are first that were fed up with the show. Many of them was ill mentally, some actors wanted to quit like Jon Snow after Season 5. They were all under high pressure. Sam actor when he was fighting dead walkers was really crying in that scene for example. R.R. Martin have't finished book for 30 years yet we want from directors to swallow all in 1 season that could easily be wrapped up in 3 or 4 seasons. Half actors would go away, then you will be disappointed again. They had to swallow bitter pill and wrap up everything and they rushed. It is pain when you build up characters for so many season then unwrapped like this. Not big deal that Arya killed NK, but everything was happening fast. It is good that no one at least small percentage of us could predict that. Many spit on directors like the same directors did'nt do a great job, you are all perfect and ya'll know all. But comon guys don't be cunts as Sandor Clegane would like to say and show at least some respect. At vary least how ever bad season 8 was compared to all other seasons it was good

  • Jake Reenstierna
    Jake Reenstierna 28 days ago

    I'm the same rly hated at the start but know think it's a good ending

  • Scott Dragon
    Scott Dragon 28 days ago

    Boo hoo, poor you, it didn't end with a huge Unicorn rainbow fart, the ending was perfect and when you all mature you'll understand why.

  • bruceborges
    bruceborges 28 days ago

    The cast backtrack - I think they were made an offer they could not refuse:

  • Shawn Snyder
    Shawn Snyder 29 days ago

    They screwed you Jon

  • PistenBoy
    PistenBoy 29 days ago

    The last season sucked. Nothing more to say..

  • Neel Waghmare
    Neel Waghmare 29 days ago

    Evangelion got it's ending after the backlash. That was more than 20 years ago. Just need to fix last episode. We need an alternate ending. A movie would clean all the dissatisfaction.

  • LukeDa FatCat
    LukeDa FatCat Month ago


  • Bryan McCleery
    Bryan McCleery Month ago

    I'll be honest, the ending was extremely disappointing. But for fans to demand a redo is just unrealistic. 1st) who's gonna pay the millions of dollars it will cost to reshoot a whole nother season?
    Then getting the whole Cast,crew, back together on top of whatever else they are doing? Then the possibility that some or most don't want to do another season? But as far as most the celebrities who have left bad/mad reviews on the final season, then all the sudden came around. I really feel as though their initial reactions are their true feelings. But for alot of them their careers are taking off from GoT. So it's more of a saving face to not hurt their career by actimg professional and not saying negative things about GoT.

  • Akva X
    Akva X Month ago

    Strange that they suddenly changed their mind😂🤣🤣🤢something isnt right 🤔

  • m3talh3ad123
    m3talh3ad123 Month ago

    It was rushed, that’s it. I don’t even mind the way it ended, there was just so many character’s that could’ve been developed more or led into a much more convincing story arch.

  • Shipmate
    Shipmate Month ago +1

    Season 8 sucked

  • cynthiamichelelowe
    cynthiamichelelowe Month ago

    I feel the series finale was great and I believe GOT fans do as well what I am having an issue with is t how we got there. I feel cheated in the rushed way we we're draged there without the opportunity to enjoy the journey.

  • SuperMich66
    SuperMich66 Month ago

    whatever, it sucked...everyone knows it.....the actors have every right to be disappointed about it....their performances were great...the initial story was epic...DICKHEAD AND DUMBASS RUINED THE WHOLE THING WITH ONE SHORT STROKE.....

  • Isac Costa
    Isac Costa Month ago


  • Jeff Potts
    Jeff Potts Month ago

    No amount of actors finally "realizing" that it was a good ending will make seasons 7 and 8 any less of a turd.

  • Rachel Gaspar
    Rachel Gaspar Month ago

    This was a great video to watch for anyone who thinks that the GoT last season was "disappointing". I have revised my view to "not what I would have thought of but was there any ending possible that would have been good enough?" But those first reactions from the cast show the exact feelings I had - like Peter Dinklage, Emily Clarke, even 'Bran' saying it was a joke. Just a TV show.

  • tokyworld
    tokyworld Month ago

    I can understand why the actors changed their mind (via pressure from producers and even HBO itself) , but unless this vid was "sponsored" by HBO it's really a heavy handed rationalization. The writing sucked, every script writer with 2 cells on their brain eviscerated the writing on many many videos on youtube. for fucks sake, there's no sugar coating that. D&D show never write, I feel for star wars fans. Their lore is about to be buttfucked with their pants on.

  • Gina Villacampa
    Gina Villacampa Month ago

    The last season was just as bad as the rest of the show. 🤷

  • Mor Rari
    Mor Rari Month ago

    lol its entertainment, so we can dislike it and its not disrespect, go cry please... many people worked hard? i think you have never worked hard that is why you say ignorant things like that ;)

  • Lesha Easley
    Lesha Easley Month ago +2

    It broke my heart how the show ended. I doubt I will ever watch the whole series again. Waiting on book reviews as to whether I will buy them or not. 😖

  • F RS
    F RS Month ago

    Me and many others are so disappointed with the end. It can
    not be true how this masterpiece ends. Everyone knew that it would be
    impossible to end the series in 6 episodes. But not like this. 8 long years and
    then that? We ask for an answer !!!! Take 20 seconds to sign and share it with
    all fans. Valar Morghulis!!!

  • Satya Graha
    Satya Graha Month ago

    if martin says his books are gonna be similar to the show he'd better be sure nobody is gonna read those either

  • Satya Graha
    Satya Graha Month ago

    logic?!there's no logic to Dumb and Dumber's writing!they don't even remember what they wrote in previous seasons!

  • Satya Graha
    Satya Graha Month ago

    it's good to know they all lack a backbone

  • reuben federer
    reuben federer Month ago

    Episode 3 we see the ending of the Dothraki. Episode 6, they’re dothBACKI

  • reuben federer
    reuben federer Month ago

    They got paid off

  • A. Martinez
    A. Martinez Month ago

    I feel like the phrase, “WE MAD YOU FAMOUS...” was uttered more than once.

  • TheTechlabPhoto
    TheTechlabPhoto Month ago

    They grew to love their careers and had more time to reflect on their agents' and HBOs advice of getting with the program.

  • Daario Nahaaris
    Daario Nahaaris Month ago

    They only expressed "hapyness" with the endings because they want to keep working with hollywood. An actor is so used to living in the moment, that the first reaction is the truth. Anyone who has acted knows this.

  • Glen Lanoza
    Glen Lanoza Month ago

    "It does makes sense even though you don't want it to"

  • tdamtoft
    tdamtoft Month ago

    I try to avoid this channel at all costs - this video only proves me right. Was a few months since I last happened to go on this channel, hope it will be many years until the next time.

  • Shyann Obregon
    Shyann Obregon Month ago

    Saying the critics can go f**k themselves is basically telling the majority of your audience and fans to go f***k themselves. Do the actors realise just how many people are unhappy?

  • jeanette NETTIE bandell

    Had D&D spoke about the backlash of season 8? Anyone have a link?

  • Katherine Brown
    Katherine Brown Month ago


  • Rosebud
    Rosebud Month ago +1

    Actions speak louder then words. It’s okay cast we all know gave it your all and did great it’s d&d’s fault. We know how you all felt before hbo all slapped you on the wrists and said defend us and say it’s “art” or you all aren’t getting your Emmy. The story doesn’t seem finished in my eyes, there just doesn’t seem to be a point for characters like Jon and dany to have gone through so much just for them to end with nothing but heartbreak in the end while characters that did nothing to deserve the positions they got did.

  • Sharon Bendtsen
    Sharon Bendtsen Month ago

    No dumbass it’s not the show and definitely not the actors. It’s that d and d just rushed thru the ending to move on to another project

  • Sharon Bendtsen
    Sharon Bendtsen Month ago

    Calling bullsht. Did you not read the books. Jaime never went back to his sister. WTF

  • Toon™
    Toon™ Month ago +1

    The show should have ended with theme song played by recorders. That’s pretty accurate

  • Argentina Jacuzzi
    Argentina Jacuzzi Month ago

    I like the ending . It went against everything we knew and expected which was the theme of the show in whole. Tyrion wasn’t as wise as he believed ultimately leaving him confused. Dany proved that she is her fathers daughter and Jon ended where he always felt at home . He never wanted the crown or to break his vows to the watch. Bran becoming the true king will ultimately bring a better world . Jon was too weak and too pure to rule. Bran isn’t even much of a man anymore more of a beacon

  • Edwin Black
    Edwin Black Month ago

    It's not such a bad ending when you think about GoT history. How Kings&Queens came and went some overnight even. The story had a realistic ending within it's own realm I think.

  • Sylvia Wilson
    Sylvia Wilson Month ago

    They covered their asses, they want to continue to cash in on those HBO DVD sales

  • Jessica Hill
    Jessica Hill Month ago

    So many people were unhappy with the final season but I really enjoyed it and thought the actors did a good job.

  • Kroo M7K5
    Kroo M7K5 Month ago +4

    I haven't talked to a single person who liked anything about the finale

  • Scott Fitzpatrick
    Scott Fitzpatrick Month ago

    HBO should redo season 8 with new writers

  • loveischerrypie
    loveischerrypie Month ago

    It's so sad to see how all of them were utterly disgusted by the poorly written season