The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition | Nintendo Switch Release Date Trailer

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch will launch digitally and in retail on October 15th, 2019.
    Featuring the base game, both story expansions, Hearts of Stone & Blood and Wine, as well as all 16 free DLCs, the Complete Edition offers over 150 hours of story-driven, open-world adventures set in a dark fantasy universe - soon available to be explored both at home and on the go.
    For more information about The Witcher visit:
    www. thewitcher
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  • مازن طوهري

    Remake for witcher 1&2

  • Dank Meme Society
    Dank Meme Society 5 days ago

    Will keep 30FPS?

  • kyle cooper
    kyle cooper 6 days ago

    CDPR are like the santa claus of videogame developers, they always know justtt what to get us! thank you CDPR

  • NintenLee
    NintenLee 7 days ago

    October 15th can’t get here quick enough.

  • tahna dana
    tahna dana 8 days ago

    what CDPR should do after Cyberpunk 2077? the JODOVERSE! Alejandro Jodorowsky on video games! its too good of an idea to not happen...

  • Hunter M
    Hunter M 9 days ago

    I'm so happy that this is happening. This is litterally my favorite game and the fact I can take it anywhere with me will be so nice.

  • Viriya Chen
    Viriya Chen 11 days ago

    I really hate gargoyle

  • HulkVahkiin
    HulkVahkiin 15 days ago

    Ohhh man, a part of me once to get the game for the Swtich even though I alr played it on Xbox One. I want to experience it again with my new love the Nintendo Switch.
    Either way, I envy the people playing it for the first time, even more so on the switch seeing as they can play it all day.

  • weltybrush 1025
    weltybrush 1025 16 days ago +1

    I know this video has nothing to do with my question but I'd like to ask anyway, I've played the Witcher 3 on ps4 never got my hands on the first 2 will there ever be like a remastered version of the two?

  • CyberGreen
    CyberGreen 18 days ago +1

    You will experience the most intense feeling you can get out of a video game.

  • Vaudy
    Vaudy 19 days ago


  • spooky electric
    spooky electric 19 days ago +1

    I can't wait to buy this game a fourth time, and that isn't even sarcasm. Witcher on the train!

  • Walter Paddick
    Walter Paddick 19 days ago

    The Witcher 3 Wild Pixelmatsch Hunt

  • bratislav btc miner
    bratislav btc miner 21 day ago

    next for android pleaseeeee

  • Алексей Сироткин

    А что с Русской озвучкой???

  • John Hughes
    John Hughes 22 days ago +1

    Day one purchase for me!

  • Fábio C
    Fábio C 22 days ago

    Good to see switch is keeping up! Way to go Nintendo! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • White Walker
    White Walker 23 days ago +4

    Pls witcher 4
    Sometime this has to be happening

  • Ernesto Vargas
    Ernesto Vargas 23 days ago

    Thank you very much guys!!!!

    HELIUM BALLS 23 days ago +2

    The witcher 3: breath of the wild

  • Manu Gne
    Manu Gne 23 days ago +2

    Who will see the netflix the witcher?

  • imfennec1024
    imfennec1024 24 days ago

    Need port this game for Android/ios)))

    • Inspiron
      Inspiron 19 days ago +1

      @imfennec1024 your saying you want this in android and IOS right?

    • imfennec1024
      imfennec1024 19 days ago

      @Inspiron nin/switch based on Nvidia tegra cpu - this is mobile CPU....

    • Inspiron
      Inspiron 23 days ago

      Your joking right??

  • Bigg Boss
    Bigg Boss 24 days ago


  • Hiroshi Jinbo
    Hiroshi Jinbo 25 days ago

    That being said, we need Gwent on Switch

  • Gwyn Bleidd
    Gwyn Bleidd 25 days ago

    i love everything about witcher

  • JuanCarlos Rodriguez Vargas

    Take my money!!!

  • S A M
    S A M 25 days ago +2

    Witcher 3 is the only perfect game in the world..No matter how many time you finish this game every time feels different😍😍😍

  • UthersonL
    UthersonL 25 days ago

    Skyrim and Witcher on the go? Damn, I need to get a Switch

  • Marco Trisorio
    Marco Trisorio 26 days ago +1

    Enjoy Nintendo switch Nation, this is a truly a masterpiece and the only adaption from the novels. I don't even consider Netflix, from what i saw it might potentially be a garbage.

  • Max Krampe
    Max Krampe 26 days ago

    i already pre ordered it.
    For all the graphic whores, try the m classic. It will look better than the ps4 version on tv mode

  • hyper man
    hyper man 26 days ago +2

    Graphic is on level of Mario

  • dave1stfan
    dave1stfan 26 days ago +1


  • teehundeart
    teehundeart 26 days ago

    That's cool and all. But why aren't we getting Thronebreaker on Switch?
    Been holding off buying because i'd rather play it on switch

  • Tindreal
    Tindreal 26 days ago

    I hope after this CDR Will ask Saber to port Witcher 2 and maybe a remastered Witcher 1 to Switch. I have not played any of them but surely would play them on Switch!

  • Tindreal
    Tindreal 26 days ago +1

    Panic Button: The only Way to port a modern day AAA game to Switch is to downgrade textures to the lowest, reduce the resolution with dynamic scaling to 480p and make the graphics horribly blurry so the player could barely see anything and there is no other way.
    Saber Interactive: Hold my Redanian Lager !

  • Assinine Syndrome
    Assinine Syndrome 26 days ago +1

    It's like when they ported Borderlands 2 to the PSVITA, people said it couldn't have been possible and yet it happened.

  • Gwynbleidd of Rivia
    Gwynbleidd of Rivia 26 days ago +4

    Still doesn't believe this is real, prepare yourself switchers!

    • MindPaulPain
      MindPaulPain 26 days ago +1

      One joy con for humans, another one for monsters xD. Dock mode is swallow potion (battery life) 😄😄😄

  • someguy89
    someguy89 27 days ago +1

    Cd Project Red are gods of their craft

  • Orin Sorinson
    Orin Sorinson 27 days ago +1

    This is impressive. A game like this running on a glorified tablet... I know that must have took some pretty good optimization, or maybe REDengine is just that versatile and capable. Either way, hats off to CD Projekt Red!

  • DJ forGuv'nor
    DJ forGuv'nor 27 days ago +2

    The dislikes to this vid is EA.

  • DJ forGuv'nor
    DJ forGuv'nor 27 days ago +12

    CDPR: We're making....
    Gamers: Take my money!

  • GamingAJ
    GamingAJ 27 days ago +1

    Haha, they still havent fixed the missing Roach tail. Look at the last scene 😂

  • Tlot Pwist
    Tlot Pwist 27 days ago

    On a side note @witcher could you add a ng + merchant for dyes in Velen?
    Like in the southern Nilfgaardian camp (makes sense it's the closer to Toussaint part of the map)

  • Marmer
    Marmer 27 days ago

    Friekin Madlads

  • facepwnagewtf
    facepwnagewtf 27 days ago

    Cant wait to play me some Switcher on the go.

  • Marco Olivier
    Marco Olivier 27 days ago +1

    CD Project you f*cking Gods ❤️❤️

  • Mugdug
    Mugdug 27 days ago +1

    Witcher 3 GOTCentury.
    Still playing it @ 280hrs+.
    Dont mind the downgrade in graphics. Witcher plays best on pc anyway. No console will come close, but the switch offers you the best of both worlds and something us pc players will envy. The ability to play it anywhere.
    10/10 - might get it on switch too.

  • Mugdug
    Mugdug 27 days ago +1

    Is Roach missing their tail in the last scene? Lol

  • DuendeofDOOM
    DuendeofDOOM 27 days ago

    Nice thank you geralt and cd project

  • Neeraj kumar
    Neeraj kumar 27 days ago

    Looks like a mobile game

  • Aa Ba
    Aa Ba 27 days ago +7

    This will be the biggest game on handheld ever created!

  • Robert Kreiling
    Robert Kreiling 27 days ago

    In the future, when gaming historians recount how portability became a requirement for any gaming platform, they will cite this as one of the turning points.

  • Ivan Domitrović
    Ivan Domitrović 27 days ago +1

    Now I regret that I sold my switch -.-

    • Ivan Domitrović
      Ivan Domitrović 20 days ago +2

      Inspiron I agree, I was really rush by buying a switch. my primary choice is ps4 and its best in my opinion.

    • Inspiron
      Inspiron 23 days ago +1

      You lr making smart desicions. Buy a ps4 or xbox and experience a better gaming experience my guy

  • Greg Dundee
    Greg Dundee 27 days ago

    Switch lite plus witcher 3, sorted

  • Mr Robot
    Mr Robot 27 days ago

    800 x 600 LOL

  • Anton Pasymishyn
    Anton Pasymishyn 27 days ago

    On Nintendo we don't need such pointless games like the Witcher, 'cause we've already got Zelda.

    • Anton Pasymishyn
      Anton Pasymishyn 26 days ago +1

      @Slimy_the _horrible_Guitarist unlocking the question marks on Skelige was painful too.

    • Slimy_the _horrible_Guitarist
      Slimy_the _horrible_Guitarist 26 days ago

      Witcher is better than BOTW. Unlocking the map was a unfun pain.

  • Sup Bro
    Sup Bro 27 days ago

    You know what's funny?

    But not all Pokemon in Pokemon: Sword and Pokemon: Shield.

  • FantasyNero
    FantasyNero 27 days ago +20

    0:42 CD Projekt You are Breathtaking!

  • Mohan Grewal
    Mohan Grewal 27 days ago

    The Legend of Ciri: Breath of the Witcher

    • Mohan Grewal
      Mohan Grewal 27 days ago

      Though Witcher 3 did come before BOTW 😬

  • Brian Solow
    Brian Solow 27 days ago

    The fact that this is coming to the Switch still blows my mind