The Famine Games Puzzle - Lump of Coal


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  • FLEB
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    -[centilitre, for short] -[universal donor blood type]

  • bespacito daily-Raf Pacheco Reacts
    bespacito daily-Raf Pacheco Reacts 7 месяцев назад

    I guess this is what you had for christmas?

  • Lucian Andries
    Lucian Andries 10 месяцев назад

    What is/are The Famine Games?
    My guess is that, when famine hit, people built puzzles to keep themselves occupied and forget about their growling stomachs... How close am I? :)))

  • James Munn
    James Munn 11 месяцев назад


  • Finn Baartse
    Finn Baartse Год назад

    Or just thread strings through

  • Kasper Abigail
    Kasper Abigail Год назад

    THATS NOT THE SOLUTION. its a encription key and a clue. hence why blocklung is spelled without an A and why both words are spelled equal letters. here is a hint, if you add all the DIFFERENT letters, not total amount, you have 15 different letters, this is your next key. i wont spoil the rest with a bunch of bits and peices LMAO. im so close to solving it. if you need help just message me. ill write a thing about it soon, its very complex, whoever thought of it is very smart. oh and by the way, notice it is "decrypt us', and not decrypt me. and also its by sircumstance of design that the puzzle has the the names it does, it was just easyer to encrypt

    • Jennifer Peters
      Jennifer Peters 7 месяцев назад

      Kasper Abigail RIP

    • Francis Ge
      Francis Ge Год назад

      Actually it is the solution, as seen on the Famine Game website:

  • Numb Tee
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  • Ankith Sr
    Ankith Sr Год назад

    Please show your face in any one of your videos

  • AceMcBubblesIII
    AceMcBubblesIII Год назад

    you are my champion of puzzles. if you were a knight you'd win a princess heart of love by solving your puzzles. it's so awesome to see. I wish I could play with puzzles. this solve wasn't interesting but the water through the holes is unique.

  • Penny Salisbury
    Penny Salisbury Год назад

    When all of your work to solve a puzzle ends up with a bad joke.

  • Lasky
    Lasky Год назад

    Where i get puzzle?

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      This one is not for sale. It was made for a one-off puzzle competition.

  • Foozil
    Foozil Год назад

    Is this 3D printed? If so can you get templates for this particular one or similar ones?

    • Foozil
      Foozil Год назад

      Thank you!

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +1

      There is a 3D model! It used to be here:
      But it looks like the site is down for me. If it comes back up, you should be able to find the .stl file there!

  • Blue Moon
    Blue Moon Год назад +1

    It's BlackLung. Not BlockLung

    • Francis Ge
      Francis Ge Год назад

      Actually it is the solution, as seen on the Famine Game website:

    AMG HEAVEN Год назад

    Damn my nigga I bet you get mad pussy eh ? My nigga on that puzzle game What up hoe, figure out how to that titty out this trap biiiaaatch!!!

  • Jack Newton
    Jack Newton Год назад

    That 3D print has a pretty bad bed adhesion warp.

  • Brad AmeerBeg
    Brad AmeerBeg Год назад


  • Andrew Krill
    Andrew Krill Год назад

    do you design puzzles professionally? or is it just a hobby?
    I think I want to start designing them as a hobby, it sounds very fun!

  • CodedGoat ;3
    CodedGoat ;3 Год назад

    That was actually pretty easy.

  • The_Iscariot
    The_Iscariot Год назад

    well now I want to find such events in the Houston area.

  • KP Nation
    KP Nation Год назад

    Fleb, why would you think to use water?

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +1

      You have the idea that you want to connect top holes to bottom holes somehow. Putting something down the holes quickly becomes difficult because the passages inside really twist around.

      In this competition, we were driving from place to place around Washington DC. So we didn't have a whole lot of tools. At the beginning of the competition, they gave us a bag of stuff that we might have to use (magnets, a syringe, etc.). After thinking about what tools we had, using water seemed to make sense.

      We actually found a nearby stream and used it, as we were in a forested area!

  • Dozzer
    Dozzer Год назад

    I wanna see the inside of this block! Especially if it's made of wood, how do they make the chambers?

    • Dozzer
      Dozzer Год назад

      Oh well that makes sense then!

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +1

      It's actually 3D printed plastic!

  • mypupismup
    mypupismup Год назад

    An awesome puzzle AND the answer is a PUN??? What more could you ask for? Hahaha

  • PerfectlyUseless
    PerfectlyUseless Год назад

    fleb da pleb?

  • Chelsea Peterson
    Chelsea Peterson Год назад

    the hungar games ?

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      The Famine Games! Loosely inspired by the Hunger Games, but not actually that since that would be a violation of copyright!

  • nikolakosg4
    nikolakosg4 Год назад


  • ZatriX
    ZatriX Год назад

    I needs plans for the puzzles you show here! My DnD players would love/hate me even moar )

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +1

      If you're interested, most of the public information for this event is available at
      There were a lot of paper-based puzzles in this competition, which might be easier to adapt/make for a DnD session!

  • CheesecakeLasagna
    CheesecakeLasagna Год назад +5

    So once the word is deciphered, the puzzle ends there? What does blocklung mean? Why is it that word? Do I need to block my lungs and kill myself? I NEED ANSWERS

    • Samantha Moguel
      Samantha Moguel Год назад

      CheesecakeLasagna basically you input the answer into a system which then gives you the next clue for the puzzle

  • MrTingles
    MrTingles Год назад +1

    this blew my fuckin mind! imma use this in my dnd game!

    INT3RACTIVE Год назад +1

    Would've preferred Krampus' Head on this specific run, but fine

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous Год назад

    Have you ever tried the Brainstring? I'm really quick at it but it drives my friends crazy!

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      I haven't! It's in the backlog of puzzles! I thought it looked rather unique!

  • MamonRe Tiel
    MamonRe Tiel Год назад +4

    take a shot every time he says "puzzle"

    • ZatriX
      ZatriX Год назад

      U just got me drunk, u! ))))

    • Alexi McGee
      Alexi McGee Год назад +3

      Regina Alajar talk about alcohol poisoning lol.

  • Matthew Joseph Harrington
    Matthew Joseph Harrington Год назад +2

    At 2:11: D E C R Y P T U S comes out to B L O C K L U N G, according to the chart.... ha! (But shouldn't 3 come out at 1?)

  • Da Hai Zhu
    Da Hai Zhu Год назад

    lump of coal should be BLACKLUNG

  • Zach
    Zach Год назад

    do you think the puzzle might continue if you blocked the letters for "lung"?

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      In this puzzle competition, they wrote custom software to check answers while we were at the various locations. The answer checker accepted the answer BLOCKLUNG, so that's the end of the puzzle.
      You could add more steps, like along the lines you're thinking, but it would have been a very long puzzle!

  • Central Intelligence Agency C.I.A.

    I would have just stuck a paper clip or a bent Bobby pin through the holes. The water seems too hard to see which hole it comes out of to me

    • Jadae16t
      Jadae16t Год назад

      hawt :o

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      It's hard to see on the camera, but it's surprisingly clear in person. If nothing else, if you dry off the bottom of the puzzle, you can see which hole is wet.

  • Stuart R.W
    Stuart R.W Год назад +1

    please get a top down lamp

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M Год назад

    The spoiler break is a great idea and it also means that if someone starts stealing your videos and puts them on Facebook, the original creator will still be obvious.

  • Ethan Ler
    Ethan Ler Год назад

    where did you get this song

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      The song is Mycoplasma by Tekvision!

  • UnleashTheBlob
    UnleashTheBlob Год назад

    To solve it you just smash it with a hammer.

  • TheOfficialCzex
    TheOfficialCzex Год назад +3

    The Famine Games - Africa

  • Supertrain12
    Supertrain12 Год назад

    I'ma use this for a fireplace. XD

    Even though that I don't have it.

  • CaptainCraft1213
    CaptainCraft1213 Год назад +1

    This channel's subject is fascinating. Subbed!

  • free lunch
    free lunch Год назад

    "Today I want to tunk to you..."

  • BubelmoVerified
    BubelmoVerified Год назад

    A shiny piece of coal! Like if you know the reference.

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    • Pi
      Pi Год назад

      Skywalker1138 lost

  • Evan Gilchrest-Smith
    Evan Gilchrest-Smith Год назад +1

    Just another liberal puzzle trying to defeat good ol AMERICAN energy. CLEAN COAL! Fuck this communist puzzle.

  • Samuel Smeltzer
    Samuel Smeltzer Год назад

    all that work for a pun XD mad props

  • David's Favorite Videos
    David's Favorite Videos Год назад

    Very clever, I gotta go lie down now.

  • Felix T-Rex
    Felix T-Rex Год назад

    this video needed some nudity to make it more interesting

  • FuturePants
    FuturePants Год назад

    It would be alot easier and less messy to just blow through the holes and use your fingers to tell which hole the air-flow is coming through. If you needed to you could use a straw to isolate each hole.

    • FuturePants
      FuturePants Год назад

      Or a can of compressed air, the holes look about the size of the straw on the duster cans.
      A coffee stirrer that was hollow would also work.

  • Anna
    Anna Год назад +9

    couldn't you of just shoved pipe cleaners through and made it easier

    • Fester Blats
      Fester Blats 11 месяцев назад

      Learn English and stop with that "of" garbage.

    • The Flying Chicken
      The Flying Chicken Год назад +6

      Alexander Lane stick*

    • Shiina Ringo
      Shiina Ringo Год назад +15

      couldn't you have just learned the difference between "of" and "have" and made it easier

  • Dr Cakes
    Dr Cakes Год назад

    what's up with the fleb like 1 minute into the video?

    • cloudglider
      cloudglider Год назад

      I think the current format is perfect. It lets the watcher get right into the action without having to sit through branding.

    • Dr Cakes
      Dr Cakes Год назад

      FLEB I mean.. people come here to see puzzles, the back story and how to solve them. which you do perfectly. its not really a spoiler. just a solution. maybe the fleb animation can be your intro?

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +2

      The idea is to separate the parts of the video that have spoilers from the part that doesn't. I need to find a better way to do this.

  • bighoov1
    bighoov1 Год назад

    shouldn't that be blacklung?

    • bighoov1
      bighoov1 Год назад

      Maxx Kroes yes, but diseases are funnier.

    • Maxx Kroes
      Maxx Kroes Год назад

      It's a play on words, it is a block, black and air can go through it.

  • Curtis Newton
    Curtis Newton Год назад

    yeah well so it's a decryption table, but where is the puzzle ???

  • PugsnotDrugs
    PugsnotDrugs Год назад +3

    they way he annouced and played his intro in the middle of the video was fucking weird

    • Zachary Morin
      Zachary Morin Год назад +22

      PugsnotDrugs000 It's not an intro dude, it's a spoiler alert of sorts

  • SebastianJohnn
    SebastianJohnn Год назад

    This guy talks like the Eye-hole man from Rick and Morty

  • Tyrone M.
    Tyrone M. Год назад +25

    do you have any rare pepe's?

  • Super Cock
    Super Cock Год назад

    Couldn't you use light too?

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад

      We originally tried using light! The internals twist around though, which makes it impossible to see.

    • Clinton Leonard
      Clinton Leonard Год назад

      depends how complex the internals are, but maybe!

  • N Gabino
    N Gabino Год назад +9

    I love how he speaks as if reading from a long list of bullet points

  • Deez NuGz
    Deez NuGz Год назад

    Why dont you just start the video with your intro vid? its cool regardless

  • Isaac Stevens
    Isaac Stevens Год назад

    So, any idea where this puzzle could be purchased or a 3d printer file obtained? I really like this design.

  • Dvdcd Gaming
    Dvdcd Gaming Год назад

    Can you 3d print this? Its super cool!

  • Stomplebane
    Stomplebane 2 года назад

    hey, thanks for playing that short video mate

  • Steamy Pancakes
    Steamy Pancakes 2 года назад

    Just a tip, don't say your gonna play your intro, try to make it flow better

    • zack snack
      zack snack 2 года назад

      Steamy Pancakes it's not an intro, it's a spoiler break

  • Carlos Guerrera
    Carlos Guerrera 2 года назад

    Did you say "ekcetera"?

  • Jesse Wilburn
    Jesse Wilburn 2 года назад

    cool puzzle and really cool intro video

  • Dirk James
    Dirk James 2 года назад

    this is really fucking stupid ur vids suck btw

  • ecksdee
    ecksdee 2 года назад

    hi puzzlers

  • raphirau
    raphirau 2 года назад

    Found your channel on reddit and cant stop watching the videos! Great content!

  • Joe Fieldsend
    Joe Fieldsend 2 года назад +1

    Where can I buy puzzles of this sort?

  • Russell Geyer
    Russell Geyer 2 года назад

    Dude I love all your videos, you seem super passionate about this and it's honestly infectious, please keep making awesome videos!

  • soonerschooner
    soonerschooner 2 года назад +1

    This is amazing. Keep making videos! I'm assuming there's nowhere to buy this, and that you don't know anyone selling one?

  • Matt Teiken
    Matt Teiken 2 года назад +116

    Maybe it says BlockLung because they were expecting the solver to use the air from their lungs to blow through the holes instead of using water like you did. Blow on one hole, maybe with a straw, and feel where it comes out on the other side with your finger?

    • Dat Boi
      Dat Boi Год назад

      I thought maybe they made a mistake, and the solution should have been "BlackLung" given the disease caused by coal.

    • D Walsh
      D Walsh Год назад +9

      @Matt Teiken , Its a joke , since there is a disease (Or cancer, more accurately) called black lung that miners get, from mining coal.

    • soldierswriter
      soldierswriter Год назад +3

      Even with the syringe you could blow air inside the holes.

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Год назад +48

      We actually tried blowing in the holes! They're just a little too small to blow into just one.

    • Midnight Ahri
      Midnight Ahri Год назад +1

      i think you can use a syringe to push air too, first 2 things i was thinking when you said "different depths" was 1: blow in them, and 2 put water in them and measure how much is in each, but if the water would drip out the other side, it would be pretty obv what to do since there are 26 holes.
      this puzzle could also been made where it had different depths, and you had to match depths in order to make the letters match the answer like a is 12 and a is 12, and then 3 is 15 ml deep, and other side o is 15 deep, you get what i mean. but yea, pretty easily solved tbh :s

  • Michael Matter
    Michael Matter 2 года назад +24

    Did you put the 'intro video' together yourself? It's pretty sweet

    • FLEB
      FLEB  2 года назад +69

      The intro video was made from a template from RUclip user SDJGRedstoneDJ. He deserves all the credit for it!

  • Ian Gregoire
    Ian Gregoire 2 года назад +1

    Awesome vids! but yeah put the intro at the intro pls

    • bountY
      bountY Год назад +7

      Ian Gregoire its a way to say spoiler alert for the solution

  • Tchukiyo1
    Tchukiyo1 2 года назад

    I really love the "out of the box" thinking that is required on this one
    Thanks for the great videos ;)

    • Robert Lozyniak
      Robert Lozyniak Год назад

      @Tchukiyo1 ...although for this puzzle, you have to go *into* the box first!

  • Necacal
    Necacal 2 года назад +1

    Spoiler - What a way to deliver a pun.. sjeez

  • ben winwood
    ben winwood 2 года назад +69

    Great videos, but that whole " after I play you a short video" is just strange man, we don't need an intro right in the middle.

    • Roy
      Roy Год назад +4

      good point, the spoiler idea makes sense now

    • see the world
      see the world 2 года назад +25

      ben winwood it's so people who don't want to see the answer know when to stop playing the video. Duh

    • xp3ll3d
      xp3ll3d 2 года назад +9

      Nothing wrong with the break, just the wording. "Right after the intro" would be smoother

    • KingZora13
      KingZora13 2 года назад +8

      i like it.

    • will h
      will h 2 года назад +70

      Its not an intro video, its a spoiler marker. Everything before the break is spoiler free, everything after the break is spoilers. This is standard procedure for this type of video; you'll see breaks like this in all sorts of videos and podcasts.

  • John Peña
    John Peña 2 года назад

    Dude, I love your intro video! fantastically done!

  • Jesse Brydle
    Jesse Brydle 2 года назад +140

    It looks like the lump of coal is 3D printed - do you have a link to the model? A collection of high quality 3D printable puzzles would be great to have!

    • Noah Cristino
      Noah Cristino Год назад +7

      And here is all of their puzzles:

    • Noah Cristino
      Noah Cristino Год назад +7

      I found the model! Here's a link:

    • Jonathan Cain
      Jonathan Cain Год назад +2

      Jesse Brydle I doubt that FLEB would have such a thing, but with a little bit of observation of this video, and some clever thinking, one could probaby create a model for 3D printing this puzzle without too much trouble.

  • Asher Woods
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  • Nicole Fowler
    Nicole Fowler 2 года назад +15

    Wow, this one was super hard, I wouldn't have been able to solve that in a million years! But I still really appreciate the style of thinking that is involved with these types of puzzles.

    • Nicole Fowler
      Nicole Fowler 2 года назад

      Thanks for the advice, I'll check out some of the places you mentioned. I'd really love to be able to develop some good puzzle solving skills.

    • FLEB
      FLEB  2 года назад +19

      I think a lot of the ability to solve these puzzles comes from experience dealing with them. They have their own standard ways of solving and a common patterns. There are a number of events where you can find these puzzles: Puzzled Pint, BAPHL, DASH, Panda Magazine, Mystery Hunt, and many more! Those events deal mostly with these types of puzzles on paper (not elaborate constructions like this puzzle), but they're the same type of thinking.
      If you're interested, check them out! Puzzled Pint is probably the place to start if you're new to this style.

  • Daniel 325
    Daniel 325 2 года назад

    This was a good one, very tricky.
    Keep it up Fleb, i'm always awaiting your videos :)

    • FLEB
      FLEB  2 года назад

      Thank you!

  • electricmaster23
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    Very clever!

  • werty1432k
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    This channel is going to blow up really soon

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    • Ugandan Knuckles died so stop using it
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      i really hope it happens :)
      quality content needs to be known!

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      werty1432k RUN!!

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      Yea I agree