TEAM Driver's Battle - Team McFarland vs. Team Boostedboiz! (Stick Shift Challenge)

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
  • Just some good old competition with the Boostedboiz!
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Comments • 3 033

  • Cleetus McFarland
    Cleetus McFarland  Month ago +163

    Here’s the new shirts!

    • Cedric Terrell
      Cedric Terrell 25 days ago

      Keep that leroy pice of shit off public streets

    • CarGuyMike
      CarGuyMike Month ago

      that mustang needs some clutch packs, take it from an owner it shouldn't be doing 1 wheel peels. good excuse to put some gears in her!

    • Cedric Terrell
      Cedric Terrell Month ago +1

      Keep that LEROY pice of shit off the track i hate that junk turd pos shit car

    • Skeeter McSwagger
      Skeeter McSwagger Month ago

      My 06 Crown Vic was wondering if you'd take the challenge to tandem at the burnout CONTEST at LS FEST WEST(since it'll be two modulars up against a sea of LS's)......not that you need backup but think about it......🚓💨🚓💨

      I'll be there with my car(s) early Friday.....

    • Timothy Reid
      Timothy Reid Month ago

      Damn leroy is the true savage, you pull her out and first pass she runs a 8.3 i would be happy with 12.3😆 and I swear on my life that is damn fast for a motorhome 😆🇺🇸😆 do it for Ed and DALE!

  • Vlad Impaler
    Vlad Impaler 3 days ago

    Cooper is a complete pussy, stay at home

  • DREPR0787
    DREPR0787 9 days ago

    Dope video!!!!!!! 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 Should do more like this. Really enjoyed it and had a good laugh.

  • Jaleel Johnson
    Jaleel Johnson 9 days ago


  • Pretty princess lover
    Pretty princess lover 10 days ago

    Coopers face😂

  • J A
    J A 12 days ago

    The worlds fastest Go-cart.

  • J A
    J A 12 days ago

    You guys need to teach cooper how to drive

  • CanadianMatt 440
    CanadianMatt 440 14 days ago

    I've never seen a Subaru with a Civic engine .... I'm speechless kind of cool tho

  • FaZe Christian
    FaZe Christian 15 days ago


  • Gustavo Velazquez
    Gustavo Velazquez 16 days ago

    I feel like every sn95 owner understands that it’s a 50/50 chance of finding 3rd at wot

  • Chase Shoots
    Chase Shoots 21 day ago

    damn i just realized hes hitting faster drag times than i can on forza

  • Edward Williams
    Edward Williams 22 days ago

    Can we take a minute to capture the faces cleetus makes when he's driving

  • AC
    AC 25 days ago

    I feel attacked @ 33:38 when he says it’s hard to get 3rd from this side of the car, My RHD Supra & Skyline feel attacked as well...

  • bob bobo
    bob bobo 25 days ago

    Everyone was bogging the crustang on the dig, prolly got 331 in it which makes a good launch mission impossible lol.

    BOOSTEDH2 26 days ago

    absolutely loved the drive off haha

    HERBSMAN441 27 days ago

    The world needs more wagons.

  • #8GOD 33
    #8GOD 33 28 days ago

    Leroy's Sound thooooooooooooooooooo

  • Anthony Neufeld
    Anthony Neufeld 29 days ago

    This is hilarious! Lol y’all should do some more of these for giggles and shits

  • juststraightupcrazy
    juststraightupcrazy 29 days ago

    Cooper said "Dang, he's treatin' that thing like it owes him money" and i had to pause the video to recollect myself 😂😂

  • Gardjinn
    Gardjinn Month ago

    finally a car my volvo could beat on the strip :-)

  • ZigZagKill
    ZigZagKill Month ago

    Did jaime even use the clutch ? It sounded like he slammed them into gear without the clutch ....LOL

  • Jimmy Tweedale
    Jimmy Tweedale Month ago

    Camt findem, grindem

  • Canuck
    Canuck Month ago

    that face spaghetti makes as he is banging gears is awesome, he was smashing them gears!!

  • 2guitarme
    2guitarme Month ago

    James voice is about an octave below mine! :)

  • Alan Czarnecki
    Alan Czarnecki Month ago +1

    LMAO. Cooper’s facial expression while racing is hilarious. Looked like he was pooping his undies. HaHa!

  • Hunter NA
    Hunter NA Month ago

    27:50 Kyle #boostedboiz sounds 100% like Jesse in Fast & Furious. Wife and I both were like wow!

  • randall jr Benoit
    randall jr Benoit Month ago

    My 02 TUNDRA 4.7L v8 2UZFE 48v 291ci long block bone stock is 248hp 315ft'/lbs & is SUPOSTA do a 15.98 with a normal 160lbs driver
    Im 310lbs 5'9" of solid corn fed big boi! & pulled a 15.89 1/4 in Arizona back when it was pir/phx international raceway now its wild horse's ass i ment wild horse pass!
    The moral is this truck is faster than this POS turd of a mustang they called "factory race car" & as a TOYOTA fan, & as some1 who kinda likes mustangs just with coyote horse power & i hate bow ties- so buy a TOYOTA TUNDRA and uf you wanna go fast tgey make a TRD supercharger & the regular cab 00- 06 only came in long bed v6 or 4.7L 2UZFE V8 that ran mid 14's
    This 2UZFE V8 comes factory fordged INTERNALS cast iron block aluminium heads 4cam 00- 03 NON vvti interference motors are superchargable with ease ,04- 06 are vvti non interference
    The TUNNING market is this trucks ONLY downfall no1 seems to know hiw to properly tune these beasts & yes those who know 1uzfe have stronger connecting rods and you can direct fit them on going from the stock 950hp breaking point to 1800hp or spend $3k for aftermarket fordged chromolly 1's! & it will be even more reliable!
    This truck is faster than the mustang was the moral of this story lol!

  • Trent Cowell
    Trent Cowell Month ago

    the faces they make shifting tho :')

    JASON GODFREY Month ago


  • Evil Intentions GTO

    Coopers face when he’s forced to drive a Ford 😂

  • CaveMan
    CaveMan Month ago

    My phone was off for 2 weeks but now I'm back y'all. Great video and I missed y'all. Ruby looking sexy as ever and Leroy sounds beefy. The shirts the boosted crew had on has me confused. " It'll be fine" is the slogan for cars and cameras channel....

  • Jessica Parkin
    Jessica Parkin Month ago

    Sketty wagon on the scene

  • arkhsm ford
    arkhsm ford Month ago

    If you had grabbed third on your 2 up run, that was going close to Jeremy's quick run...2 up !!

  • Charles Corbett
    Charles Corbett Month ago +4

    James' drag racing face:

  • Garrod Allen
    Garrod Allen Month ago +1

    coops face shifting haahahahah!!! good show fellas!

  • MechowTube
    MechowTube Month ago

    17:06 he went scissors and faked it into paper!

  • Cameron Alford
    Cameron Alford Month ago

    Add a turbo and cams to the mustang 🥶

  • Aurelio Gomez
    Aurelio Gomez Month ago

    Keep the mustang and LS swap it

  • Chris Go
    Chris Go Month ago

    That J dude can shift like a boss. Perfect!

  • Kris Dial
    Kris Dial Month ago

    Cleestus reminds me of gomer pile goooooly

  • nolatray922 SNS
    nolatray922 SNS Month ago +2

    I died when James launched ruby and his visor fell😂😂

  • The MedicFireman9
    The MedicFireman9 Month ago

    Cleetus I believe the added weight of the goldfish in the granny was slowing it down 🤣

  • Kyle Molina
    Kyle Molina Month ago +1

    Man Everytime you shifted your face did a funny look lol . It had me rolling 😂

  • Jason Terry
    Jason Terry Month ago

    That mustang shifter got abused more than John Bobbits piece...

  • Mr. Rat
    Mr. Rat Month ago

    Liroj pojebance in de haus LIROJ IS IN DE HAUS!
    you guys are nuts - cheers!

  • nathan kup
    nathan kup Month ago +1

    coopers facial expressions should be good for the win LOL

  • Colby Langley
    Colby Langley Month ago

    Should put a vortech on a newer 4v 4.6 and make like 500hp in that thing

  • HistoryHunter
    HistoryHunter Month ago

    A mustang....
    Fast speed........
    A group of people...
    People scared for life.....


  • Keelin Shook
    Keelin Shook Month ago

    Cleetus needs to start driving ruby again

  • Joel Segura
    Joel Segura Month ago

    Why do i feel like i coulda done better in my friends 4.6 mustang vs that

  • Vice Grip Garage
    Vice Grip Garage Month ago

    SWEEEEEET!! 🇺🇲🏆✔... Great vid as always

    I NINJAS DIE I Month ago

    Cleetus's face when shifting the stang was funny af XD

  • Bobby Stalder
    Bobby Stalder Month ago

    Good job!!!!! Great videos!!!!!

  • Fastlane Video
    Fastlane Video Month ago

    Treating that thing like it owes him money... lmao. good stuff.

  • Bayer-Z28
    Bayer-Z28 Month ago +1

    Omg this was the BEST idea!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😎😎😎😎

  • Randizle Peregoy
    Randizle Peregoy Month ago

    Jamie and Emilio function on another level 💪🤜🔥

  • Calvin Santiago
    Calvin Santiago Month ago +2

    I love how James's visor popped down as he took off

  • Rich Medina
    Rich Medina Month ago

    Can we all check out cleetus on the 2-3 shift and notice how he resembled bevis

  • Steven Gil
    Steven Gil Month ago

    Why does Cletus make that face when he shifts it’s like he has to take a mean shit lol

  • SirSloop
    SirSloop Month ago


  • Rich Gonzalez
    Rich Gonzalez Month ago

    "Is he getting in the back"
    "Don't worry about it" 😂😂😂😂

  • MengeR
    MengeR Month ago

    Lol.... see how dead the tracks is... not even how it was back in the 90's- 2000. It's proven that racing is dead. I don't care if the track is only open for you and your outlaw friends just to do a video clip but from video of other channels it's not even that much people there to watch. I'm not an sub to any of you or your group but I'm speaking the true that it's dead and it's not going to pick back up like what I started above. don't you cry haa tonight...!!! This is what He said ^^^^

    • PoeBoys
      PoeBoys Month ago

      MengeR Boi wat?

    • MengeR
      MengeR Month ago

      @PoeBoys true this is one way they want to cut cost of the green house co2. Cars trucks and suvs is one of the big problems in this earth. But what really needs to be done is cut Humanity by 30% and it's good. But oh well Will see how long these drag track will last compared to other tracks.

    • PoeBoys
      PoeBoys Month ago

      MengeR its probably the chemtrails the govt dumps on us!

  • David Williams
    David Williams Month ago

    Love the sound of Leroy

  • Josh  Graves
    Josh Graves Month ago

    Coopers face while driving is funny

  • LAZ4023
    LAZ4023 Month ago

    You have to build that mustang

  • Riely Cutler
    Riely Cutler Month ago

    32.01 cleetus face tho

  • alex39082
    alex39082 Month ago

    Dude coop needs to put that wagon away! Those babies will be collectors someday for sure assuming it is a V.

  • Run4Guns
    Run4Guns Month ago

    I gotta say, for how tired I was this night, seeing Cleetus's face made me laugh so hard. 31:50 to 32:05. Thanks Cleetus!

  • Turrnaroud
    Turrnaroud Month ago

    Please yell at James for not wearing his seat belt during the team battle. Cant have any risk on our new dad!

  • Ivana Notyers
    Ivana Notyers Month ago

    That look on Emilio's face.

  • RodWasOnU
    RodWasOnU Month ago

    I love how awkward Coop is my kinda guy he's like Shy Ronnie

  • Jessey Jacobs
    Jessey Jacobs Month ago

    The facial reaction on those mustang shifts........ love your vids man! Keep on keepin on, do it for dale

  • lukeglavan
    lukeglavan Month ago

    22:02 you know he has done that before by the looks of that face lol.

  • Ivana Notyers
    Ivana Notyers Month ago

    Man, Leroy makes a brick look downright slippery.....

  • AcidDon't Trip
    AcidDon't Trip Month ago

    Cletus always talks down on James, exaggerated about the burnout but you would of done a crazy one.

  • AcidDon't Trip
    AcidDon't Trip Month ago

    You should stop calling it junkyard, most parts are reliable from their, just like any use parts place. It would be different if you bought it with damage since it was JUNK and restored it or beating the hell out of the rest of the life it has

  • BryDuhBikeGuy
    BryDuhBikeGuy Month ago

    Doin DEW,shoulda been Winners...

  • sik59rt
    sik59rt Month ago

    *quickest Chevy

  • Jack Radzelovage
    Jack Radzelovage Month ago

    leroy still has a windshield washer fluid button... good to know safety is paramount with the guys!

  • G Crauwels
    G Crauwels Month ago

    that was fun to watch.

  • ReeseMuny504
    ReeseMuny504 Month ago

    James doesnt understand how the Vs launch. They launch best by just mashing the gas and not holding a higher idle when launching.

  • carshatter
    carshatter Month ago

    mustang jamie in the back seat litterally had me dying omg hahahhaah

  • justin gagnon
    justin gagnon Month ago

    Hey I have a car I would like to donate to McFarland Motorsports hit my dms please I really want to see something done with this mustang I have

  • Skeeter McSwagger
    Skeeter McSwagger Month ago

    Coop!!!!!!! save the burn out for the burnout Box you don't do 60' burn out that's where you supposed to be getting some E t's!😂🤯😬🇺🇸💨
    I gotta hand it to you that was pretty badd ass though!!!! can't can't ignore the fact that that car lays down some rubber even when there's prep all over the place!!!!!
    Is it just me or did Cooper look kinda like a younger pissed off Al Bundy during his run in the Mustang.....?😆😅🤣

  • Skeeter McSwagger
    Skeeter McSwagger Month ago

    James at the line bumping up into the lights..... 'auto visor' ENGAGED!!!!

    I hope 'The Party Car' gets to meet 'Neighbor' out there at LS FEST WEST and hope I get to shake hands with you guys out there! You're the team that made the 1st subscription(and Joined) I've ever done on RUclip and the best TV show I've seen since!!! 🇺🇸🦅HELL YEAH BROTHER!!!🦅🇺🇸
    congratulations again on your golden play button🍾 and see you there! 🚓💨

  • ballinvsxx
    ballinvsxx Month ago

    Lmao cleetus’ shift face

  • AxXxCiDEnT 0
    AxXxCiDEnT 0 Month ago

    He CAN break anything. Just ask kyle lol

  • RL Racing Garage
    RL Racing Garage Month ago +1

    15:57 Damn bro's I can't even get my Mustang up and going I miss mine :(

  • Donny Willis
    Donny Willis Month ago

    Buy the way, I enjoy the vids. Been a subscriber for a long time. You and Kyle (That 1320 Kyle fella with the slow Uni-borin Vette) provide my kind of content. Keep it up!

  • Donny Willis
    Donny Willis Month ago

    U guys realize that when you do these burnout contests, you are polluting the air and killing the ozone for future generations? LMAO ++I don't give a [email protected]! This is our time. We should have a National Merican burnout day and time..say 4:25 pm and APril 25th every year...Every Meat eatin' Merican, with bald eagles in their blood, stops wherever they are.... do a Nasty, concrete digging' 42.5 second, 3rd gear burnout! so much confusion, cops wouldn't know where to stop or who to site! How cool would that be? Cloud the sky coast to coast...I mean for real...How much smoke could we create and how crazy would it be in a big city viewed from 10,000 feet!

  • Drew TheSkunk
    Drew TheSkunk Month ago

    my dream car. that mustang is

  • Austin Y
    Austin Y Month ago

    Totally should have hidden a nitrous button for when James went 😂😂😂

  • RyanAmos
    RyanAmos Month ago

    Love this concept for videos. Buy a middle of the road sports car and have a driver challenge. Same mediocre equipment and it’s all up to the drivers.

  • RyanAmos
    RyanAmos Month ago

    Mustang Jamie rules!

  • Moestaqeem Ahmed
    Moestaqeem Ahmed Month ago

    Cleetus is ruby still you's

  • Bumm Garage
    Bumm Garage Month ago

    Why does Coop look like he has a bad stomach ache lol

  • Jon Persinger
    Jon Persinger Month ago

    Great event! I was rooting for the Boosted Boiz, but I watch you both :-P MOUNTAIN DEW!

  • Skyler
    Skyler Month ago +3

    DAAAAMN Emilio and “Mustang Jamie” look so in sync during the shifts.

  • Skyler
    Skyler Month ago

    Idk why but Cooper looked like a straight dad in his pass in the mustang. You knock your girl up Coop? I see that Dad intensity in your eyes all of a sudden.

  • Alex Bravo
    Alex Bravo Month ago

    You should buy a whole pallet of Baja blast from Walmart cause the other day I seen Walmart with pallets of Baja blast