GAME OF THRONES 8x01 Breakdown! Night King Symbol Explained!

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
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    What subtle details and secret symbolism did you miss in Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1, titled "Winterfell"? Erik Voss breaks down all the hidden meaning of the disturbing death of Ned Umber and the cryptic message from the Night King, Jon Snow learning about his real parents, and Cersei's mysterious plans. In what ways does this episode connect to the first episode of the series in 2011? Will Bronn kill Tyrion and Jaime? How much does Bran know about the future? And what does the Night King really want?
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  • KadyLox
    KadyLox Month ago

    0:21 xD the way he said it

  • Maldito Alcaraz
    Maldito Alcaraz Month ago


  • Kyme Jenkins
    Kyme Jenkins 2 months ago

    I'm only on the first episode but I'm positive the dragons don't like the cold. Some where in one of the books it paints the picture of dragons thriving in Valeria due to the volcanic heat

  • Yu-Chin Racle
    Yu-Chin Racle 3 months ago

    I’m a big fan of yours. Just in case you haven’t done so yet, could please explain Bram’s vision to us, such as: can he only see things that have happened in the past, or could he also foresee things that are not happen yet? Thank you very much.

  • Wyrdangus
    Wyrdangus 3 months ago

    Gendry saying “as you wish” seems familiar. Makes me think of princesses, and brides, and older movies. No idea why

  • Top Shelf Fandom
    Top Shelf Fandom 3 months ago

    I dislike this approach of recording this impaired pre Tweens enthusiastic misconceptions backed by money 2 upload a final product that I can only describe as a street rascals handless finger painting in a diamond incrusted pure gold frame .

  • Allen Walker
    Allen Walker 3 months ago

    soundtract base on

    mass effect 3 : leaving earth

  • michael bruun pedersen
    michael bruun pedersen 3 months ago

    the bran inside the dragon won't work the eyes aren't cloudy as they are when bran has control.

  • Epicflows Productions
    Epicflows Productions 3 months ago

    Can someone please wheel Brand back inside, He's not a tree yet 😂😂

  • Survivor SANs
    Survivor SANs 3 months ago

    I wish they were shot in daylight,I tried many sites but it was very dark and I couldn’t see what’s happening 😫

  • AssCracker92
    AssCracker92 3 months ago

    RIP to all of our theories...

  • mikalxs
    mikalxs 3 months ago

    Like how you guys avoided saying the old people we’re looking at Greyworm and Massandei because they probably never seen black people before, I guess race is a touchy subject. Also didn’t even mention it in the second video as well when Greyworm said there’s no place for “us “ here after Dany takes the throne. I like to believe you’re not that dense and just wanted to avoid the subject. It’s my opinion this was HBO way addressing the lack of poc in Westeros.

    • makasete30
      makasete30 3 months ago

      Well it’s based on Europe a few hundred years back. It would be weird to have POC, even in a fantasy, because it jars with our expectations of the setting, clothes, and people. It seems Westeros hasn’t discovered the land with Chinese people yet.
      But the reaction of the old people and children is perfectly natural, although ignorant, to strangers and completely different people you have never seen in your life.
      We even had bigotry in season one when before Syrio was killed he was called a “foreign bastard”.
      Race is a very touchy subject these days-people lose their jobs over silly gaffes and are painted as racists, but it is somewhat understandable in context: when you have a larger population of POC, who are looking for more representation in the media and in circles of power, there is going to be friction from those resistant to change, and those trying to enforce it, and from those overacting or avoiding it(in this case).
      Things will get worse before they get better as people adjust.

  • Wak Cackle
    Wak Cackle 3 months ago

    Ok, I commented with my thoughts.

  • Erin
    Erin 3 months ago

    Come on... the spiral symbolizes the weirwood trees

  • Султанбек Нагашыбай

    Что такое фу грязи 👎👎👎

  • Rito Mukherjee
    Rito Mukherjee 3 months ago

    It could be a sign that depicts how the NK can spread the aberration. He is the first point in the middle. Then the corruption spreads in different (eight) directions.

  • LiveLife Outdoors
    LiveLife Outdoors 3 months ago

    Araya is going to knock the knight king off the dragon with the spearhead

  • Hockey Culture Training & Systems

    Fairly certain that the area in which the Knight King was created was the Isle of Faces, and I believe that they are literally on God's Eye - the island in the middle of that large lank.

    The surrounding area looks very similar to Harrenhal.

    I think the Night King wants to go back to that moment and raise the Hammer of Waters on the whole continent. Eventually at least.

  • Relaxm8
    Relaxm8 3 months ago

    what if white walker Ollie kills dany lol

  • Lynn Perry
    Lynn Perry 3 months ago

    P.S. You can never be thin enough to satisfy everyone, so just be happy with yourself and work out as it pleases you. And remember: those who are trolling you are not at the gyme, that's for sure!

  • Lynn Perry
    Lynn Perry 3 months ago

    This is absolutely fabulous!

  • Erik Haraldsson
    Erik Haraldsson 3 months ago

    I feel like it should be said that "who cares what the kids think." Kids in real life are not Leanna Mormont. Kids are stupid like we all were when we were young. Kids already basically run schools and that's why nobody is learning anything anymore.

  • Au Digz
    Au Digz 3 months ago

    I do not think it is a message from The Night King. It is from his enslaved generals indicating how he can be destroyed. Burn the Weirwoods, "Burn them All."

  • Brody Edwards
    Brody Edwards 3 months ago

    there is no bran to forgive jamie anymore

  • Paola-chan
    Paola-chan 3 months ago

    Will definitely be coming back after each episode waiting for your videos. Love the way you break everything down and shed light on things I would never have thought to look into more. Keep em coming!

  • Julian Marco
    Julian Marco 3 months ago

    Good point about the children. But when they can put themselves in a role of responsability of people and watching them die then they can speak high.

  • Jonathan Calderon
    Jonathan Calderon 3 months ago

    When John and Danny are being watched by the 3 wise men it's interesting that everything left of John is white (light) and everything to the right of danny is black (dark) maybe foreshadowing something

  • Fareed Hashim
    Fareed Hashim 3 months ago

    You’re copying what the after producers said after the episode. Get out of here!

  • Madaale Productions
    Madaale Productions 3 months ago +1

    No explanation was given whatsoever.
    Don't miss title your videos if you want people to watch your channel. :-(

  • Jessica
    Jessica 3 months ago

    “(Castle) is yours, Your Grace” is likely a formal ritual welcoming a higher-ranked individual-in this case, a king or queen and acknowledging their rank. Essentially it’s giving Robert and then Dany full control of everything that goes on and making them the highest power.

  • Khalil Yusef
    Khalil Yusef 3 months ago

    Jaime will kill cersei

  • Chad Tindale
    Chad Tindale 3 months ago +1

    Sandor: You left me to die
    Arya: First I robbed you
    It's a call back to Arya being mad that Sandor robbed the farmer and left them to die.

  • Lea Taliulu
    Lea Taliulu 3 months ago

    CSI MIAMI reference 😍😂 kept rewatching that part so many times 😂

  • Francisco Nunez
    Francisco Nunez 3 months ago

    Alright. So think of it like the Night King is the opposite of the Children
    One Spiral of life, one of death.

  • Jay Arnel Bilocura
    Jay Arnel Bilocura 3 months ago

    27:00 wasn't dany cursed to be unable to bear a child anymore by the sorceress that "healed" Khal Drogo?

  • jj0808 yoo
    jj0808 yoo 3 months ago

    poor little Umber😓

  • AramDD
    AramDD 3 months ago

    Is he saying the german word „Schadenfreude“ at 10:35 ???

  • Kelly Sienicki
    Kelly Sienicki 3 months ago

    Misa, Misa ~ Mother, Mother from the end of season 3
    Sounds like Nisa Nisa, any connection?

  • dopyLovejoy
    dopyLovejoy 3 months ago

    excuse me... you say Schadenfreude in english?? Like the german word Schadenfreude? :D interesting!

  • King Aragorn II
    King Aragorn II 3 months ago +3

    Google search: *Watch Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 for free...*

  • Tom Jeeninga
    Tom Jeeninga 3 months ago

    Did you see the eyes of Jon Snow sword changing. 😱😱😱 Just like the time he was almost drowning in S07 09:30🤭. Bran is watching 🤯

  • wierwulf0
    wierwulf0 3 months ago

    ty capt.obvious

  • Alžbeta Vyšňovská
    Alžbeta Vyšňovská 3 months ago +4

    You guys rock! Greeting from Slovakia where the Ice King was born. 😇

  • Dave Montes
    Dave Montes 3 months ago

    Damn you’re irritating!

  • Tony Burnett
    Tony Burnett 3 months ago

    Ed Sheeran sees fire because he can't blink.

  • Elucidx
    Elucidx 3 months ago

    Arya is the waith.

  • Brent Humm
    Brent Humm 3 months ago

    Azor Ahai, the prince who was promised. Promised to whom? Could it be to the night king as a successor?

  • Rob Illustrates
    Rob Illustrates 3 months ago

    AotD have got through the wall...Cersei "good"...(NK avoids Winterfell and goes straight to KL...Cersei "Oh Sh*t"

  • Lina Langemark
    Lina Langemark 3 months ago

    I think Jaime will play an important role. Bran didn't tell anyone about Jaime, for a reason. He mentioned that it was because that would prevent him from fighting for the living. Maybe Jaime will kill the Night King? I expect it will be Jon, but Jaime; the "Kingslayer" wouldn't that be interesting, they did conveniently give him back a Valerian Steel sword. Also, you mentioned the three houses; Stark, Targaryen, and Lannister being the important, main ones. Jon (poetically so) representing Stark, Daenerys representing Targaryen and Jaime; Lannister. As much as I like Tyrion, he has become more of a sidekick.

  • Lina Langemark
    Lina Langemark 3 months ago

    I don't think anyone is whaging into Rhaegal, he would've had white eyes, like the rest of the animals.

  • vVxiliVv
    vVxiliVv 3 months ago

    1:20 that is not about the red wedding, more like the night king holding a wolfs head, and the wolf hanging there at winterfell means the starks will die. Sad, but true.

  • James Fleet
    James Fleet 3 months ago

    During the scene with jon and arya in the godswood. Longclaw blinks again. Did anyone else see that ?

  • Andrea Heward
    Andrea Heward 3 months ago

    I often wonder how Bran gets left sitting alone in different places, how does he get someone to bring him around the castle....does he ring a bell, does he worg into a raven and peck on someones head....just sayin lol

  • justmemy1banana
    justmemy1banana 3 months ago

    I accidentally watched episode 2 before episode 1 and I wanted to die! Like actually die.

  • George Jacob
    George Jacob 3 months ago +1

    I've always had blue eyes!

  • Megan King
    Megan King 3 months ago

    So.... are the children of the forest dead?

  • Roz Wynn
    Roz Wynn 3 months ago


  • Musta Krackish
    Musta Krackish 3 months ago

    break down, it was terrible late season vikings bad almost unwatchable

  • Fussy Puss
    Fussy Puss 3 months ago +9

    Yes.. Bran already chose to forgive Jaime. We do not question Bran!

  • Sebastian Londoño
    Sebastian Londoño 3 months ago

    AAA review

  • Keabetswe Madumo
    Keabetswe Madumo 3 months ago

    When you said detail you really meant DETAIL. I appreciate this XD

  • Chris Randall
    Chris Randall 3 months ago

    You talk too damn much

  • gritsnsand
    gritsnsand 3 months ago +3

    13:16 "Hopefully there are still some warm hands out there for a never-blinking Ed Sheeran."

  • idrobinhood
    idrobinhood 3 months ago

    You said Dickon at 22:12 lol, lol

  • Weaver Oznerol
    Weaver Oznerol 3 months ago

    That’s something I was thinking about watching episode 2... where are the knights of the Vale anyway? Will we see them again before the end? And if so, who are they fighting with?

  • Ole Kletthagen
    Ole Kletthagen 3 months ago

    Well, since bran aint even bran anymore, but the three eyed raven, he has no need to forgive anything.

  • Bec de Corbin
    Bec de Corbin 3 months ago

    "I guess the Night King's got this kid's ... Umber"

  • TheNoviceTrekker
    TheNoviceTrekker 3 months ago

    I don't know what the symbol means, but I don't like it.

  • Pramienjager
    Pramienjager 3 months ago

    @ 17:20 or, you know, that dragons are reptiles and cold blooded and so do not like the cold and become lethargic.

    THE GOOD STUFF 3 months ago

    I made a reaction and meme Video for this episode! Could U guys Check it OUT and give FEEDBACK and ADVICE to IMPROVE my videosXD

  • Sutairn
    Sutairn 3 months ago

    Skip to 25 min 10 seconds into video to see what the video title hints at.

  • Zuxiasunicorn
    Zuxiasunicorn 3 months ago

    I thought Cercie lost the baby?

  • Fyre Mage
    Fyre Mage 3 months ago

    The Blackfyres are the true Kings of Westeros!

  • your mom
    your mom 3 months ago

    Who gets to kill Cersi?

  • Hope Zhang
    Hope Zhang 3 months ago +4

    "Ain't no budget nor time for this" Your summary kills me hahahahah