• Published on Apr 8, 2017
  • Today I tried a bunch of fun Kit Kat flavors with my friend Justine! Let me know what other videos you'd like to see.
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    * Green Tea Kit-Kat:
    * Sake Kit-Kat:
    * Azuki Bean Kit-Kat:
    * Mint Kit-Kat:
    * Apple Kit-Kat:
    * Wasabi Kit-Kat:
    * Melon Kit-Kat:
    * Cheesecake Kit-Kat:
    * Raspberry Kit-Kat:
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  • Maia Lincks
    Maia Lincks 10 hours ago +1

    Don't press it

    You pressed it

  • Maia Lincks
    Maia Lincks 10 hours ago

    Did anyone else get a puffs commercial?

    How come the kid needs tissues if he has no nostrils??? 😂😂👌🏻

  • zero zero
    zero zero Day ago

    I actually tried the cantaloupe KitKat and it’s frosting smelled and tasted like cantaloupe 🍈
    P.S. it actually comes with 3 KitKats so…Rosanna blamed Molly 😳🤫

  • Cielo Zanone
    Cielo Zanone 3 days ago

    Omg! Justine uses like ANY excuse to use a knife!!!! I mean I love you guys, but still... a little scary!

  • Watermelon 394
    Watermelon 394 8 days ago

    Ro’s got that baker’s nose

  • Meme videos
    Meme videos 15 days ago

    They should make a peanut butter and jelly kit Kay cuz a KitKat has 2 pieces one piece can be peanut butter filled with jelly and the other one is jelly and filled with peanut butter if u think they should do this
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  • Abbas Qureshi
    Abbas Qureshi 19 days ago

    I have eaten apple kit kat from japan
    I even had wasabi kit kat

  • Jamz fam
    Jamz fam 24 days ago

    I just do not have time to scroll through all the comments and find out if just ONE person told them it was flan...

  • Andrew Manning
    Andrew Manning Month ago +1

    When you watch Rosanna and Justine’s videos so many times and you notice different things.
    Rosanna and Justine are really different people.
    Rosanna: breaks KitKat in half then eats it.
    Justine: just bites into the KitKat without breaking it.

  • Hari Farkas
    Hari Farkas Month ago

    Do you have for my gourmet dinners dinners for dinner

  • cb ot
    cb ot Month ago

    How do you pronounce "Ezarik"? uh-ZAH-rick or EE-zuh-reeck?

  • cb ot
    cb ot Month ago

    Ro, you have to be 21 years of age to drink alcohol, so that's why.

  • Tahel Hallel RR
    Tahel Hallel RR Month ago

    Ii was eating a kit kat while watching this 😂

  • Abby McDaniel
    Abby McDaniel Month ago

    Me:I think the alcohol is kicking in 😝

  • Alyson Dionne
    Alyson Dionne Month ago

    You should make a youtube channel together and call it the ro and Justine show because it always a show because nothing goes right!!!!!

  • Sweet Tooth Slimes
    Sweet Tooth Slimes Month ago +32

    2019 anyone

    I can’t be the only one....

  • Low Rider
    Low Rider Month ago

    The first one was matcha flavour lol

  • Brynn Johnson
    Brynn Johnson Month ago

    what is sake?

  • marvel fangirl
    marvel fangirl Month ago


  • Kathrine DeBono
    Kathrine DeBono Month ago

    I agree with Justine about the saki. I've never tasted it but when my parents had it I smelled it and it smelled disgusting

  • Sofia Venegas
    Sofia Venegas Month ago

    Even if I'm late ro I LOVE your vids

  • Mikayla Conners
    Mikayla Conners Month ago

    The wasabi ones are the best I don't understand you guys! I live in Tokyo so maybe the ones here taste better.

  • Chelsea Musoni
    Chelsea Musoni Month ago

    Play burger manes please again please please

  • Breannapri Huerta
    Breannapri Huerta Month ago +1

    7:30 gave me anxiety (sorry justine)

  • Ls yta
    Ls yta Month ago

    Cough drops are YUM!!

  • A F
    A F Month ago

    Bru they put romantic music in background

  • Dave Cluff
    Dave Cluff Month ago +1

    Was anyone else cringing the way Justine ate her kitkats!?
    Justine: *bites both ate the same time*
    Me: why would you do that?

  • Hannah Avalle
    Hannah Avalle Month ago


  • Reem Haidar
    Reem Haidar Month ago

    6:33 Put Captions

  • Alyssa Rose
    Alyssa Rose Month ago +1

    There are glow in the dark and pumpkin pie Kit Kat’s at Target

  • Emma Pruitt
    Emma Pruitt Month ago

    once they got to the wasabi the alcoholic kicked in

  • Laiba Mahmood
    Laiba Mahmood Month ago

    i love the person who did the captions haha

  • Grace Smith
    Grace Smith 2 months ago +4

    This is how much we love Ro and Justine

  • Grace Smith
    Grace Smith 2 months ago

    I love mint too mint ice cream mint everything

  • Julia Carson
    Julia Carson 2 months ago

    I like coughdrops

  • Chloe Haudenschild
    Chloe Haudenschild 2 months ago

    My favourite spice is wasabi

  • Awesome Mark
    Awesome Mark 2 months ago

    Why does i Justine always end up with the knife! It is hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Melody Chen
    Melody Chen 2 months ago

    I've tried the cantaloupe flavoured one its SUH GOOD, i luv it so much. It's like, my favourite flavour eva

  • Samantha H. Santos
    Samantha H. Santos 2 months ago

    I think Rosanna got a little tipsy

  • Nicole Choo
    Nicole Choo 2 months ago

    That’s red bean... not jelly

  • Sarah Wheatley
    Sarah Wheatley 2 months ago

    Ro drinks! 😱😱😱😱😱

    ETN ALEXXNORMAN 2 months ago

    Ro : I want this to taste just like WASSABI

  • Caitlin Wilson
    Caitlin Wilson 2 months ago

    I love KITkat.

  • John Carcher
    John Carcher 2 months ago

    4:55 whats the backround music?

  • Camille Irby
    Camille Irby 2 months ago

    Your supposed to toast the cheesecake ones in the toaster over

    LEXI GRAVES 2 months ago

    I just lovvvveee kit kats, i really wanna try a lot of these!

  • Challange Girl
    Challange Girl 2 months ago

    I tried the green tea one it really tastes like fish for real

  • Sandhya Veerabahu
    Sandhya Veerabahu 2 months ago


  • jewel Canlas
    jewel Canlas 2 months ago

    If you all guessed my most fav. Flavor of kit kat
    I will tell one of my secret😜😉❤️

  • Anne Loves Vsoo
    Anne Loves Vsoo 2 months ago

    Mollayyyyy 😂😂🤣

  • Kili Yayes
    Kili Yayes 2 months ago

    8:53 when someone trys to be cool

  • Gian Carlo
    Gian Carlo 3 months ago

    What you seid when it was melon it was papaya

  • Gardner Girls
    Gardner Girls 3 months ago

    The one that tastes like hair spray was a cantalope.

  • Jessica Fire
    Jessica Fire 3 months ago

    Where Did you get the mint Kit Kat!?!?!? PLEASE TELL ME!!! 😍

  • Vessela Howell
    Vessela Howell 3 months ago

    🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌 sorry I just like emojis

  • Riley Lee
    Riley Lee 3 months ago


  • ButterflyGirl66E
    ButterflyGirl66E 3 months ago +1

    No one:
    Not a single soul:

    Justine: *it* *has* *tEeTh!!*

  • Low-key Emo
    Low-key Emo 3 months ago

    It should be a sin to eat a kit kat the way iJustine is.

    UNICORN POTATOES 3 months ago +1

    why did I smell apples when they smelled the apple flavored one... 5:00

    • Melz&Chris
      Melz&Chris 3 months ago +1

      Maya Dickman mysterious

  • Angelxoxo X
    Angelxoxo X 3 months ago

    2019 any one?