A Geography Class for Racist People

  • Published on Jun 8, 2017
  • There are two types of people during difficult times in the world: 1) People who come together as one, and 2) Racist idiots. Which one are you? Find out in today's roasting.. I mean... lesson.
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  • Lilly Singh
    Lilly Singh  2 years ago +61693

    Really enjoying all the comments under this video! Keep them coming! Xo

    • Zodiac Gacha
      Zodiac Gacha Month ago


    • Ri-Man Junkie
      Ri-Man Junkie Month ago

      At first I assumed this was a joke, but to my surprise it's an actual video, very assuming and non humanistic of someone who tries to uphold the qualifications of one who can fight for change

    • MBghost s
      MBghost s Month ago

      @Lizzie laplante lol

  • Зоя Калайджиева

    The raicist who wrote the comment: ._ . . _.

  • Yashni Chowdhary
    Yashni Chowdhary 7 hours ago

    Omg Lilly i love you

  • Lee Creationz
    Lee Creationz 7 hours ago

    Hei Lilly. We do have beef in south India. Next time let them american aussie brits come to Kerala for some of that steak they must be missing when they are here

  • Savxired
    Savxired 8 hours ago

    Are you Muslim? Hindu? Or Buddhist just asking lmao. Nice video btw it’s funny af lmfao 😂

  • Panda Love
    Panda Love 10 hours ago


    PETER STROUD 13 hours ago

    Lilly Singh is super -you out do your own tv,i wish you all the success you can get!

  • Mark Jayakody
    Mark Jayakody 13 hours ago

    Same as F king Australians

  • ShadyPineapple.
    ShadyPineapple. 14 hours ago +1

    The way she says Pakistan and Afghanistan are satisfying

  • Xandra Pew Pew!
    Xandra Pew Pew! 14 hours ago


  • Every Name Is Taken
    Every Name Is Taken 16 hours ago

    omg i live this

  • Rayhaan Nasser
    Rayhaan Nasser 20 hours ago +1

    you savage you are so awsome at roasting teach me!!

  • Fatima Haider
    Fatima Haider 20 hours ago +1

    I’m a Pakistani Muslim lol

  • shenikka davidson
    shenikka davidson 22 hours ago +1

    Best thing I’ve seen 🥰

  • Venkat Rangan
    Venkat Rangan 22 hours ago +1


  • ~💙Oof💙~
    ~💙Oof💙~ Day ago

    "And once you're there, it will probably smell like curry. And you're right. And it's delicious."
    Me: *raises hand*
    I second that

  • Tyler H
    Tyler H Day ago

    $20 says that she wrote that comment herself

  • Michael Washington

    Damn!!!.she is so raw.I love your smile😍😛.

  • This is Ajang
    This is Ajang Day ago

    Oh, boy. The amount of sass in this video is awesome

  • Crystal Unicorn gacha

    In my neighbourhood in Canada 🇨🇦 I smell a bunch of curry

  • mickey
    mickey Day ago +1

    You don’t even know when caveman (Neanderthals) were around. Get your facts straight before you go acting all high and mighty.

  • Blue Fox
    Blue Fox Day ago

    Love it when Lilly pronounced Muslim correctly. It’s not a ‘Z’ sound (I have no clue how so many people make this mistake when the spelling is just MU(S)LIM, not MU(Z)LIM).

  • Anthony ragy
    Anthony ragy 2 days ago

    I live it and you

    • Camel Rider
      Camel Rider Day ago

      learn some english pls :okhandsign:

    DEEPSHIKHA SINGH 2 days ago

    Love you ❤❤

  • Rowan
    Rowan 2 days ago

    Its always a blast watching her roast people. Can you do a 'Types of Co-workers'?
    Thanks! ^^

  • Melissa Godin
    Melissa Godin 2 days ago

    WRECKED DAA GUY!! Amazing job!! Loved this video👌💯

  • Bhajan Break
    Bhajan Break 2 days ago +1

    Well done girl. You tell them. Too many idiots out there.

  • Taariq The Gaming Engine

    67 of my cousins live in India ( I have a lot of cousins )

  • Hcloud65
    Hcloud65 2 days ago


  • Vivianne Breg
    Vivianne Breg 2 days ago

    i love the alladin refference

  • Skye Oelofse
    Skye Oelofse 2 days ago

    This rocks 😂

  • Layth Tariq
    Layth Tariq 2 days ago

    Yeah good thing they’re not

  • Mai Fawzy
    Mai Fawzy 2 days ago


  • Soreichon Horam
    Soreichon Horam 2 days ago

    Go girl they deserve it

  • T Nazar
    T Nazar 2 days ago

    2:21 XD

  • Taryn L
    Taryn L 3 days ago

    Fight racism

  • Mahnoor Zahid
    Mahnoor Zahid 3 days ago


  • Siddhi Juneja
    Siddhi Juneja 3 days ago

    Love from India ❤️♥️❤️

  • Kevin Onyansh
    Kevin Onyansh 3 days ago

    The passage is narrow.. Just like your mind...lol

  • sound nation
    sound nation 3 days ago

    Wow :)

  • Eliothebeast
    Eliothebeast 3 days ago


  • Samiksha Natarajan
    Samiksha Natarajan 3 days ago

    I am questioning all my life choices

  • Nick Frazier
    Nick Frazier 3 days ago +1

    Your wrong on point one lady!!
    When chaos breaks out or something bad starts to happen people either go to the extreme left or the extreme right. Just look at germany, spain, and russia and you will see what I mean. Germany =extreme right. Spain=fascist. Russia=communist. The shift in political ideologys are due to people being unhappy with the economics of the country or some other factor.
    I dont have the time to debunk the stupidity in the video after watching ALL of it!! If you have any questions just ask

  • YeEt HaW
    YeEt HaW 3 days ago

    I was told to go back to China cuz i ATE a dog
    I got kicked out of China for getting a 99.999999% on my test

  • Karyn Marie
    Karyn Marie 3 days ago

    I’ve been watching Lilly for some years now but somehow missed this vid.
    This video is legit boss!!
    Some very “special” peeps can expect to find the link in messenger real soon.

  • WolfyPainting
    WolfyPainting 3 days ago +1

    3:16 this is so true! I really don’t like it when people think things like this

  • Swifter
    Swifter 3 days ago

    She needs a good Muslim husband that will never let her show her face in public again

  • Dad dy
    Dad dy 3 days ago

    U guys should watch louder with crowders reaction to this

  • Inverurie British Legion

    No Britain 🇬🇧 has great oil

  • asimahmed434
    asimahmed434 3 days ago

    I would like to give Lilly a salute because l am a Muslim and proud of it.. Lilly thank you so much for supporting every religion

  • Heeya Chauhan
    Heeya Chauhan 3 days ago

    U R FRKIN AMAZINGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🙆🏽👏🏽

  • Mohammed Fahad
    Mohammed Fahad 4 days ago


  • Avacodo toast
    Avacodo toast 4 days ago

    people really be actin like we chose our races😔
    People don’t choose to be a certain race it ain’t our fault goddamn 😭

  • Marlinah Willis
    Marlinah Willis 4 days ago

    I LOVED THIS!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Grey Fox23
    Grey Fox23 4 days ago +3

    The person who wrote that to Superwoman has finally left the chat and committed suicide - RIP Timothy

  • Unicorn25sep
    Unicorn25sep 4 days ago

    3:43 don't worry they do. When I was in India, I ate cow meat.

    • Musical World
      Musical World 3 days ago

      Unicorn25sep Hindus don’t.

    • JR S
      JR S 3 days ago

      But only in Kerala (a South Indian state) and Northeast India

  • BFF Slime
    BFF Slime 4 days ago

    I’m heeeeerrrrre

  • Mangesh Kherodkar
    Mangesh Kherodkar 4 days ago

    That First Comment Guy should Visit India Then he/she Know What Racism Mean. I swear Indians are too Racists

  • nandy
    nandy 5 days ago

    Love the tan remark 🤣🤣🤣🇹🇹❤️