Holly Baby - “Wasted Love” feat. NLE Choppa (Official Music Video - WSHH Exclusive)

  • Published on Dec 3, 2019
  • Exclusive WSHH music video for “Wasted Love” by Holly Baby (ft. NLE Choppa).
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Comments • 1 157

  • Mariyah Sanchez
    Mariyah Sanchez 11 days ago

    Why would he be on this songgg smh

  • OhIm Dejah
    OhIm Dejah 13 days ago

    They don’t love you baby. Why they let you post this lol I’m sorry

  • ExtradinersXD
    ExtradinersXD 16 days ago

    Everyone Go Listen To Dream By JC32GAMING

  • Jabrony
    Jabrony 20 days ago

    I think NLE Choppa do these features from in exchange for top or something cuz they garbage

  • Thinal Weerasinghe
    Thinal Weerasinghe 23 days ago

    Brazzers made her to this song 😏😏😏

  • Sheila Brown
    Sheila Brown 28 days ago

    Holly Baby was doodoo

  • BP_Jizzle 2x
    BP_Jizzle 2x 29 days ago +1

    Dat nigga hit that note 😂😂💯💯💯

  • Yamcha's losing streak 360

    Who the fuck is this I’m only here for choppa

  • Callum Oneill
    Callum Oneill Month ago


    JORDAN SAVAG3X Month ago

    FUCKS A HOLY BABY I CAME FOR CHOP he made it decent but it was barely like tf i couldve been listing to shotta flow i read a book by its cover thinking its finna slap and the only thing that was slaped was my pride ears and joy shiiiiit ill watch out for her name and know not 2 click im going to a song were i know its fye

  • HOFC
    HOFC Month ago

    The only reason there is 6.2k likes on this video is bc of Choppa. Who tf is Holly Baby and why tf is she trying to rap. She sounds like an auto tuned donkey

  • Escrowhale
    Escrowhale Month ago +3

    Man this is cringe af

  • hotter B
    hotter B Month ago

    I guess I'm the only one who like this.😂🤷

  • Nina 1999
    Nina 1999 Month ago +2

    this is embarassing even choppa was trying to hide his face

  • bdababygrl
    bdababygrl Month ago

    HOLLYYYYYYYY 😂😂😂😂😂 what

  • Tristan C
    Tristan C Month ago

    That’s the chick who was with tracksuit Andy

  • Zach channel
    Zach channel Month ago

    F you

  • Dmxo 12
    Dmxo 12 Month ago +1

    1:41 nle part

  • Reno Vasquez
    Reno Vasquez Month ago +2

    Y’all low key sleeping on her this song fire 🤷🏼‍♂️🔥

  • Vea Espera
    Vea Espera Month ago +2

    This song sounds good, yall should stop deadass hating on her smh

  • shadow owl
    shadow owl Month ago

    Me to

  • Kylan.supreme
    Kylan.supreme Month ago

    Holly didn’t do bad

  • Henry Avelino Delgado

    Holly Baby is very Beautiful! Im in love!!

  • Henry Avelino Delgado

    Well i like the video soo far but it would be better if it lasted 3 o 4 minutes but i love it alot!🔥😍❤️💯

  • ZZE Squad
    ZZE Squad Month ago +4

    0:56 when she say HOLLY SO FUNNY or 0:58 even 0:57

  • ZZE Squad
    ZZE Squad Month ago +3

    :56 when she say HOLLY

  • Teresa West
    Teresa West Month ago +1

    Hey 👋 was the time uo is that the last week of the day we

  • Edward Lawrence
    Edward Lawrence Month ago

    I don't know why almost all women like to be sluts ...

  • Monica Junge
    Monica Junge Month ago

    Echt astrein 👌🏼🖤

  • Jevorn Delpesche
    Jevorn Delpesche Month ago

    Who tf is is she

  • Kateee Bertucci
    Kateee Bertucci Month ago

    What da fuck 😂

  • Baydzone
    Baydzone Month ago +2

    Sorry Holly, but this is bad.

  • Patty Capuchino
    Patty Capuchino Month ago

    Fuck all you trolls behind your keyboards bet you wouldn’t actually tell my little sis to her face! That’s some weak ass shit to be clowning some one who just tryin do something she loves!

  • Vortexzz Z
    Vortexzz Z Month ago +4

    This song fr trash not tryna hate holly some ruined it

  • Dimitri Joseph
    Dimitri Joseph Month ago +5

    Nle choppa looks like he dont even want to be there😂

  • Zeek
    Zeek Month ago +1

    I believe she tried to diss his ex

  • Liam Campbell
    Liam Campbell Month ago +2

    “Waste of lyrics”😂

  • Liam Campbell
    Liam Campbell Month ago


  • sepik
    sepik Month ago

    Choppa just go back to that good Memphis shit🤪

  • Regardless Noah
    Regardless Noah Month ago +1

    She's the type of babysitter that won't let DaBaby hit it because he's the type of baby that's gonna fuck your babysitter

  • CønsueloO
    CønsueloO Month ago


  • Quizzy SSBU
    Quizzy SSBU Month ago +2

    He must have got some pussy for this feature

  • Marc Bark
    Marc Bark Month ago +1

    Like if Cringey

  • KiLLclangames
    KiLLclangames Month ago

    What the fuck is this shit. NLE I expect more from you. The bitch in the song obviously does not know how to sing her voice sounds like crap 😂😂😂😂 and her lyrics are some of the worst I've ever heard the message behind the music fucking sucks.

  • X Ghostly
    X Ghostly Month ago

    @1:43 NLE's part

  • Jashyne Ceballo
    Jashyne Ceballo Month ago

    Her singing makes it bad but I fw her rap still

  • Jashyne Ceballo
    Jashyne Ceballo Month ago

    Did nle and his girl break up ??

  • Jeremy Dawson
    Jeremy Dawson Month ago +4

    The saddest thing is you can tell he doesn’t want to be there

  • Kool Gamez
    Kool Gamez Month ago +1

    She 🔥🔥

  • Michael Prater
    Michael Prater Month ago

    What all you'll talking about this song is fire but wtf is holly baby

  • Robbie Polk
    Robbie Polk Month ago

    Oh no! ...😱...🤤...🤷

  • 《Flipping_Flipprs 》

    she has a rich dad xd

  • Rod Trill
    Rod Trill Month ago


    MAK11DEVIL Month ago

    Зачем мальчика совращать?

  • Goober
    Goober Month ago +1

    what the fuck

  • Jannie Brown
    Jannie Brown Month ago

    The only music video where choppa aint dancing

  • FLEX609
    FLEX609 Month ago

    Yea its🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮

  • King Ky
    King Ky Month ago

    Me: Can we get youngboy and iggy?
    Mom: We got youngboy and iggy at the house.
    Youngboy and iggy at the house:

  • Nikki Emerine
    Nikki Emerine Month ago +2

    Wow, I love this song! Both are very talented. Sound soooooo good together. Holly baby you are a diamond in the ruff. You are a rising star.

    CLEOPATRA QUEEN Month ago +1

    Way to go Holly and Choppa !! Both are stunning - what a great song !! Infinity to your dreams!! INFINITY ♾♾♾♾♾♾