Lightsaber Fencing Is Now A Thing In France (HBO)

  • Published on May 7, 2019
  • About a year ago, the French Fencing Federation (FFF) was facing an existential challenge: the number of young people interested in traditional fencing was declining, and French kids were more interested in staring at their screens than showing up to like parry a la 16th century dukes.
    That's why the FFF made a very controversial decision: to elevate lightsaber fencing - up to that point a cosplay-esque pursuit of Star Wars enthusiasts - to the same status as Olympic-level fencing.
    “We already do artistic fencing,” FFF President Isabelle Lamour told VICE News. “It’s historic. So if we can have ancient fencing, why not have futuristic fencing?”
    The rule change seemed innocent enough, but considering the three weapons used in traditional fencing haven’t changed in about 200 years, it's no surprise that adding lightsabers to the mix really ruffled a lot of feathers.
    “Disney is not really welcome, I’m sorry,” traditional fencer Alban Garrouste told VICE News, referring to Lucasfilms' parent company. “Fencing is a huge part of the French identity, so I think we should stick to [its] values and historical origins.”
    For now, France is going it alone, with no other countries inquiring if they can import the rules to their own national fencing organizations, according to Lamour. But she noted that youth participation in the sport has definitely gone up.
    “We’ve got everything to gain,” she said. “It doesn't take anything away from participants in traditional fencing. It puts our discipline in the spotlight.”
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Comments • 852

  • CannonFodder
    CannonFodder 14 days ago

    the dude going against the lightsaber shit is a total boomer....the lightsaber fencing isn't going to destroy normal fencing just like hema hasn't, just ignore it if you aren't a fan lol

  • ForgotHow ToUsername
    ForgotHow ToUsername 16 days ago

    gotta agree with the older fencer that the whole " force" using thing is not at all.... really.... fencing... fencing is about the skill with the blade not about make believe magic.... now use it as a choreographed ancillary just for a bit of fun I find completely fine and even enjoyable, but as a part of live combat on the fencing strip, or circle what ever light-saber fencers fight on, i do not think is something that chould be legal because it seems like the fight would just become who ever uses the force first wins.

  • Wubzeez
    Wubzeez 20 days ago +1

    Yoda: I’m about to do what’s called a pro gamer move

    Dead ACKERMAN 21 day ago

    You have to have the high ground

  • The Warlock
    The Warlock 24 days ago

    The English of French people is very bad 😂👌

  • Raj H
    Raj H 28 days ago

    It would work if it only focused on blade to blade combat. The force shouldn't be a mechanic in a real sport!

  • Galgo Carreras
    Galgo Carreras Month ago

    tHE PROBLEM with olympic fencing is that "straight line" set that prevents you from using it in a post-apocaliptic setting. That's how medieval fencing became popular.

  • Alba Chan
    Alba Chan Month ago

    My school had a fencing club, take that. ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

  • D. Freeman
    D. Freeman Month ago

    Fencing is mainly about self defence but it also has elements of grace style, which is why the sport is so much fun to watch. Lightsaber duelling is the same but with the order in reverse. It’s focuses more grace, style, and being fun to watch with smaller elements of real self defence tied in. Do I think this makes it less of a sort? Of course not! There are many Olympic sports that focuses of grace and doing complicate things that are pleasing to the audience. Look at the gymnastics, or figure skating!

  • Amber MGL
    Amber MGL 2 months ago

    french like to pretend they are warriors

  • Kevin Vu
    Kevin Vu 2 months ago

    I feel like both types of sport should be separate into 2 branches 1 that is of tradition and the other for modernization

  • North Nokris
    North Nokris 2 months ago

    It's all fun and games till someone uses the force...

  • Scotland is da best
    Scotland is da best 3 months ago +1

    I have to agree, I have fenced for a while and lightsaber fencing seems like a mockery of one of the world's oldest sports. As cool as it is it. I do appreciate choreographed lightsaber fencing though

  • Phoo Yeah
    Phoo Yeah 3 months ago

    Count Dooku wants to know your location

  • Warriorsorb
    Warriorsorb 3 months ago

    I'm interested but at the same time, I don't like the Force idea. Doesn't feel like fencing

  • C357
    C357 3 months ago

    thanks for the retarded random video youtube

  • Roy Xia
    Roy Xia 4 months ago

    are you allowed more than one light saber? and can u use any kind of lightsaber, or does it have to be the standard one?

  • Boom Glglgl
    Boom Glglgl 4 months ago

    Come on, eating frogs amd snails is also a thing in france...

  • toady
    toady 4 months ago

    Don't call it Lightsaber Fencing; call it Lightsaber _Kendo_ . . . but then they would get the same backlash from Japan.

  • rickydlp
    rickydlp 4 months ago

    Damn that dude is like a hip hop old head. Annoying as hell.

  • Ken Powers
    Ken Powers 4 months ago

    With regards to using the "Force," one must always be vigilante with over-exuberant nerds in anything. But having seen the karate kata competition, there could be a place for it in that type of format.

  • CoryZamparelli
    CoryZamparelli 5 months ago

    Does the FFA recognize HEMA (historical European Martial Arts) as fencing as well? Because as much as I'm happy about these guys getting recognized, if they say this is fencing but actual sword fighting from the 13th century on is not, I'm gonna be big mad.

  • Ulises de la luz
    Ulises de la luz 5 months ago

    I like Star Wars but he’s right, it’s ridiculous

  • Flippypoon The Grunt
    Flippypoon The Grunt 5 months ago

    Usa take notes.

  • Fivah
    Fivah 5 months ago

    Ok sign me up

  • Megan Kropilak
    Megan Kropilak 5 months ago

    So I've been fencing since I was a kid according to this video lol

  • Ugo Eze
    Ugo Eze 5 months ago

    The hate is strong in this one

  • Jacob Zondag
    Jacob Zondag 5 months ago

    This is how you draw attention to a niche hobby in the 21st century! Fake as hell, but still funny.

  • Midnitesilverrun
    Midnitesilverrun 5 months ago

    Like the jedi the old man is against the winds of change.

  • Wassson
    Wassson 5 months ago

    Dont ruin fencing

  • Prince Blake
    Prince Blake 5 months ago

    Lol, update a sport that hasn't been relevant since the discovery of gunpowder.......but hey, whatever gets people off the couch

  • swanroadhotrods2
    swanroadhotrods2 5 months ago

    its more like kendo than anything

  • Nergus Le Gugus
    Nergus Le Gugus 5 months ago +1

    I am French and the reason it's called "Saber Laser" is simply because this is the actual French translation from "Lightsaber". No copyright issues or else...
    In French we say "Sabre Laser"

  • Alfredo Valle
    Alfredo Valle 5 months ago

    Ils sonts deS clowns! They don't look like serious sportmen.

  • Bacon Western Beese Churger

    The real question is, do they just swing the sabers or actually use any of the seven forms

  • Jedi MGTOW en el Exilio

    Lightsaber fencing should be implemented in Spain.
    The Force is strong in lightsaber fencing.

  • Esteban Singh
    Esteban Singh 5 months ago

    It also seems ridiculous to combat with something that is more of a metal wire than a sword

  • i g h t
    i g h t 5 months ago +1

    Lol that guy in the red was a complete stereotypical French guy🤣 totally arrogant and not giving anything a chance or having an open mind to anything becuase of TRADITION.🙄

    He's probably dead now anyway so what does he know lmao.

  • Skywalker Alan
    Skywalker Alan 5 months ago

    Feel bad for those people, because Star Wars is no longer what it was anymore.

  • Armor Combat Systems
    Armor Combat Systems 5 months ago

    I think this is a huge mistake. This will give those not familiar with the blade some very bad habits. Their is an old saying. "The dagger makes the new knife fighter lazy"

  • 花木Joyce
    花木Joyce 5 months ago

    It is a great way to get younger generations interested

  • Karū kun
    Karū kun 5 months ago

    You should master the high ground first

  • Henrique cabral
    Henrique cabral 5 months ago

    kinda looks like larping for me

  • Darling i'm blind
    Darling i'm blind 5 months ago

    This made me really want to get into traditional fencing lol

  • Kryn Sporry
    Kryn Sporry 5 months ago

    The fencing teacher obviously is a bit obstinate and has zero imagination. Having said that, I do agree that lightsaber duals are in fact not similar to fencing. They’re much closer to the Japanese art of Kendo.
    The force effects are a bit silly, but I guess it’s fun for participants.

  • Taylor Reich
    Taylor Reich 5 months ago +1

    That's ridiculously stupid. They are using toys and are pretending to have "the force". If they somehow used REAL lightsabers then that would be cool. But it's just a joke and not a sport.

  • Coltonboss
    Coltonboss 5 months ago

    They use ultrasabers btw

  • Dylan Gerig
    Dylan Gerig 5 months ago

    A couple years late, aren't they?

  • meroloco2
    meroloco2 5 months ago +1

    It will be useful in the future when they invent a REAL lightsaber.

  • Random Man
    Random Man 5 months ago

    It’s more kenjutsu than fencing to me.

  • Laussard Regaudé
    Laussard Regaudé 5 months ago

    Of course, it had to be the french...

  • Jake Meyer
    Jake Meyer 5 months ago

    Let's be real. Lightsaber fencing today is more relevant than traditional fencing, even if it is on the ridiculous side. I was skeptical until the traditional instructor gave me the impression he's been using a saber as a chair instead of a weapon.

  • VogtTD
    VogtTD 5 months ago

    I'm sure it's been thing for a while. There are similar activities in the US. Why do ignorant journalists who know nothing about Fandom and subcultures always cover stories like this and act like they're discovering some crazy new thing?

  • AllTheWorldsWonders
    AllTheWorldsWonders 5 months ago

    Excuse for adult LARPing

  • Josh Adams Music
    Josh Adams Music 5 months ago

    Omg sabre laser to avoid copyright XD as if, that's just the word for lightsaber in french

  • Khandar William
    Khandar William 5 months ago

    next: real burning lightsaber

  • Sean D.G
    Sean D.G 5 months ago

    *sees thumbnail* "damn, now they'll even surrender to Disney?" *watches video* Okay, who else was playing "Spot the Form" while watching this?

  • Fossil Fishy
    Fossil Fishy 5 months ago

    Eh, modern competitive foil, sabre, and even epee fencing have little to do with the deadly heritage of fencing.
    They’ve developed into their own thing, so much so that give two modern sport fencers sharps for a duel and the most likely outcome is they both end up dead.
    Lightsaber fencing is just another rule set for the fun game of tag with props that all sport fencing had become.
    And to be clear: there’s nothing wrong with sport fencing. It’s fun, challenging, and strenuous both physically and mentally. My point is that any objecting to lightsaber fencing on historical grounds can be also levelled at the other disciplines of sport fencing.

  • Hema-N
    Hema-N 5 months ago

    I am a historical fencer and I will confirm there are already plenty of exciting weapons aside from the epee, rapier, dagger etc shown in this video without going into the realms of fantasy. There are messers, longswords and even halberds! If you want to know how lightsabers would really be fenced with check out Shad's channel! He even shows how they should be used:

  • Mason Edusma
    Mason Edusma 5 months ago

    I'm all for a lightsaber fencing class but like at least base it off of something like I dunno traditional fencing maybe? The dude in the red shirt makes some good points but I think his ideas of tradition are kind of narrow minded, but that's just me what do i know I just wanna whack someone with a lightsaber lol