10 Animated Movie Scenes That Make Parents Feel Awkward

  • Опубликовано: 14 авг 2017
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    As a parent, you can help but feel a little uncomfortable watching these scenes with your kids... 10 Animated Movie Scenes That Make Parents Feel Awkward! Subscribe to our channel : goo.gl/ho3Hg6
    Watching films with your child is a great bonding experience. It gives parents the chance to share great lessons, enjoy great entertainment, and showcase some of their favorite movies from their childhood. As with any type of programming, children will likely have a lot of questions about movies. This can make a lot of scenes very awkward to watch. Take for example, the catchphrase that Lightning McQueen utters in Cars 3 about life being a beach. Then there’s the actions of Ken in Toy Story 3 as parents have to explain cross-dressing and his lifestyle choices. Beauty and the Beast has a lot of violence, but some children may be disturbed by an extremely violent and painful death.
    In Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, the dinosaurs raise chickens, but a few of the dinosaurs refer to them as something completely different. The film also features a scene where the characters consume a nature-found wine. Before health reports fully showcased the dangers of smoking, cigars and cigarettes were animated into multiple films. Watching them today feels completely different. In the underrated film Monster House, one of the characters gets confused about female body parts. Just a few minutes into Aladdin, the character visits a brothel house. The candle Lumiere is clearly a womanizer in Beauty and the Beast, but things get a lot crazier for the film’s two sequels. The Monster’s Inc. franchise has featured a lot of adult jokes, but there are many questions about the family connections with the films. Also, if you plan on watching Boss Baby with your children, just know that the whole movie is filled with awkward scenes and plenty of questions that kids will want answers to.
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    The weirdest "family connections" bit in Monsters University is that bit at the beginning where Mike's cousin snubs him in school - the cousin looks nothing like Mike, so some smarter children might start asking if the film is suggesting Mike's parents have step/adopted siblings (which isn't weird itself, but still awkward to explain to a child).

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    You take that censoring comment back you commie! Parents show these films to their kids so they are responsible for whatever they pick up from it.
    And i don't see the problem with the brothel. When i was a kid in the good ol' 90's i just thought they were women visiting each other, chatting on the sofa or they could be living togeather? idk
    NO kid in history will look at that scene and think Aladdin is about to tame that strange... LOL
    Al swoops through the house during the song in a totally harmless way, nothing more. Sadly The song didn't even give him the time to taste the local cuisine!
    Thats a deleted scene i won't mind watching.
    Lumiere is a playa though.... :P

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