10 Animated Movie Scenes That Make Parents Feel Awkward

  • Опубликовано: 14 авг 2017
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    As a parent, you can help but feel a little uncomfortable watching these scenes with your kids... 10 Animated Movie Scenes That Make Parents Feel Awkward! Subscribe to our channel : goo.gl/ho3Hg6
    Watching films with your child is a great bonding experience. It gives parents the chance to share great lessons, enjoy great entertainment, and showcase some of their favorite movies from their childhood. As with any type of programming, children will likely have a lot of questions about movies. This can make a lot of scenes very awkward to watch. Take for example, the catchphrase that Lightning McQueen utters in Cars 3 about life being a beach. Then there’s the actions of Ken in Toy Story 3 as parents have to explain cross-dressing and his lifestyle choices. Beauty and the Beast has a lot of violence, but some children may be disturbed by an extremely violent and painful death.
    In Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, the dinosaurs raise chickens, but a few of the dinosaurs refer to them as something completely different. The film also features a scene where the characters consume a nature-found wine. Before health reports fully showcased the dangers of smoking, cigars and cigarettes were animated into multiple films. Watching them today feels completely different. In the underrated film Monster House, one of the characters gets confused about female body parts. Just a few minutes into Aladdin, the character visits a brothel house. The candle Lumiere is clearly a womanizer in Beauty and the Beast, but things get a lot crazier for the film’s two sequels. The Monster’s Inc. franchise has featured a lot of adult jokes, but there are many questions about the family connections with the films. Also, if you plan on watching Boss Baby with your children, just know that the whole movie is filled with awkward scenes and plenty of questions that kids will want answers to.
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    This is the second and last time I watch one of your videos. To even think that way shows how sad and sheltered your life has been. Please stop making videos because some fools may actually listen to you.

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    Alot of these double down as innocent things wich parents can go to in stead... Come on.

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    ....AND I AIN'T GOT ANY CHILDREN......yes you expect teenagers to watch this?

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    I don't get it what is so bad about children knowing these things when I get a child and he first asks where babies come from I'll tell him or her right away

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    What alcohol you been drinking that makes you hallucinate? Please let me know because I want to try it.

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    Who is watching this as a kid

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    I never cared about any more of these references as a kid

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    Overprotective ass parents smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

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    That inc monsters scene was so frikkin dirty

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    Censor classics because of cigarettes? Dude, parents aren't so fragile that they can't explain that cigarettes are cancer causing.

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    I'm guessing the emoji means iron man

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    If my kids asked questions about these scenes, I would just explain it like it is. People need to remove the sticks from their assess.

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    The Good Dinosaur sucked. So boring

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    It is not a brothel.. I've interpreted it as a harem. After all, you said it, they are dressed with expensive clothing so they must be the king's harem.

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    No children will ever ask these questions...

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    The Incredibles are just like The Thundermans from Nickelodeon.

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    The kids smoking all immediately get sick (accurate). If anything it's showing a warning not to smoke. Oh John turned sickly yellow-green from smoking EWWW

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    You forgot the part when when he drinks the Long Island ice tea the baby wipes the lipstick marks from his face with a pair of panties

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    people are too precious about kids there tough! these things will make there way into their life eventually if I have kids I hope theyl have some experience with these subjects so when there finally conftonted with sex alcohol and drugs they wont be completely clueless

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    the alladin one could just be that they're triplets

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    Your channel is complete trash

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    Ah yes, i too was driven to smoking from a movie or show.

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    Re-edit classics? What a great idea, along with also going back and removing any offensive material from older films, since it might offend some individuals... I have a better idea though, keep it as is, and maybe learn how far we've come since those days... Censoring history will lead us on a path to repeating it.... Who ever thought censoring classics like these was a good idea, may be the biggest moron in the world. Hard to tell these days, there is a lot of competition, but he/she should really be up for an award of some sort....

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    I strongly disagree... monster house is terrifying for kids...

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    Dude u literally said gas ton

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    i'm pretty sure the whole Helen thinking bob may be cheating on her part in the incredibles was more awkward than Buddy saying they got busy...

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    You sound like a liberal snowflake!

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    You're giving kids waayyyyy too much credit... They're idiots and couldn't care less about these jokes.

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    Iron man for my movie guess

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    Don’t like the nose joke

  • Incapable of originality but im trying

    Maybe it was because I was literally the most innocent child until i was like 12 but i never noticed anything
    This is the first time i notice all this

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    Iron Man?

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    Come on, life's a beach was funny!

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    As a kid I found a lot of these as funny jokes n usually forgot about them by the next scene

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    Parents these days are too sensitive when it comes to shows for their kids than what I’ve watched when I was a kid.

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    >"he is clearly talking about the female body part called vulva, or uterus"
    Uuuuh i think you might need some biology classes

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    The funny thing is, the Monster House *is* a girl house.

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    As a kid, I asked my parents about the rectal thermometer joke in madagascar, and the "piston cup" joke in cars ("he did WHAT in his cup?!")

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    If you're here for the kinky Mr. Incredible, it ain't in the vireo.

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    This was made by a millenial and for a millenial this

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    to be fair when i watched these films, i didnt understand any but the "getting bizzay" line from syndrome when i was younger, still didnt till now too

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    Edit past films ? You mean change history like a proper thought dictator ?

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    A scene in beautiful and the beast, when one of the villagers is man handling the duster chick. I think it looks a bit like a forced scene

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    5:20 smoking was considered healthy in the 50s

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    Sugar Honey Iced Tea. Stop with Male Bovine Excrement.

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    *Well, life's a b!tch, and then you die.*

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    this makes no sense lol kids arent so easily influenced, theyre influenced by their rolemodels and fellow friends , this is nonsense but was entertaining watching the classics

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    Am I the only one who thought that the girls in that Aladin scene were sisters and that woman who hit Aladin with a broom was mother?

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    did this guy really say the vulva OR uterus, they really arent the same thing..

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    An interseting list but, I don't like the suggestion that these films should be edited to remove them. Censorship is bullshit.

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    They was someone Harem not a whorehouse in "Aldin"

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    You come across in this narrative as incredibly naive. Especially as an alleged adult.

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    a lot of these would offend or upset no one, this list comes across as a bit desperate.

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    When my little cousin asked where babies come from I just said you order it online and there’s a secret delivery room in the hospital where you pick the baby up :) not the best way to explain but uh ys

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    Lumiere not lumir.

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    Censoring the past is what is wrong with the world.

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    I didn’t think Pinocchio smoked

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    Honestly, whoever this guy is that suggests Disney should re-edit and censor their old movies should have his FACE censored!! (I’m aware that makes no sense but it just feels like the right thing to say lol 😂)
    But seriously though, he makes some of weakest points imaginable. Sounds like HE is the one that needs to grow up smh