10 Animated Movie Scenes That Make Parents Feel Awkward

  • Published on Aug 14, 2017
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    As a parent, you can help but feel a little uncomfortable watching these scenes with your kids... 10 Animated Movie Scenes That Make Parents Feel Awkward! Subscribe to our channel : goo.gl/ho3Hg6
    Watching films with your child is a great bonding experience. It gives parents the chance to share great lessons, enjoy great entertainment, and showcase some of their favorite movies from their childhood. As with any type of programming, children will likely have a lot of questions about movies. This can make a lot of scenes very awkward to watch. Take for example, the catchphrase that Lightning McQueen utters in Cars 3 about life being a beach. Then there’s the actions of Ken in Toy Story 3 as parents have to explain cross-dressing and his lifestyle choices. Beauty and the Beast has a lot of violence, but some children may be disturbed by an extremely violent and painful death.
    In Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, the dinosaurs raise chickens, but a few of the dinosaurs refer to them as something completely different. The film also features a scene where the characters consume a nature-found wine. Before health reports fully showcased the dangers of smoking, cigars and cigarettes were animated into multiple films. Watching them today feels completely different. In the underrated film Monster House, one of the characters gets confused about female body parts. Just a few minutes into Aladdin, the character visits a brothel house. The candle Lumiere is clearly a womanizer in Beauty and the Beast, but things get a lot crazier for the film’s two sequels. The Monster’s Inc. franchise has featured a lot of adult jokes, but there are many questions about the family connections with the films. Also, if you plan on watching Boss Baby with your children, just know that the whole movie is filled with awkward scenes and plenty of questions that kids will want answers to.
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  • Alex
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    The vulva isn't the same as the uterus sksksksk

    VMOR WALKER Day ago

    The emoji means Ironman

  • Shadow-Star Animations
    Shadow-Star Animations 2 days ago +1

    The cars thing reminded me about something that happened in school. This kid was saying mean stuff to one of my friends in front of our little group before tutor (time before lessons start) and instead of saying the b word, he said something else. I think he meant to say the b word but when he said it he said *beeeeeech* and I started wondering what he meant. Beach as in seaside or beech as in the tree.🤔🤔🤔🤔
    What do you think he meant, people of RUclip?

  • Epic Adam
    Epic Adam 3 days ago

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  • Jada R.
    Jada R. 6 days ago

    Yall notice Syndrome does a little shoulder shimmy when he says "and got busy"? Poor animators, they probably had so much fun with that and it went unnoticed. I thought it was funny.

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  • tim bozue
    tim bozue 7 days ago

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  • TheInklet
    TheInklet 9 days ago

    You overestimate child curiousity; half the kids won't be even listening that close or asking about every word uttered in movies.
    - an older sister of 4 kids, as well as a bit of a babysitter for relatives.

  • Hayden C
    Hayden C 10 days ago

    The emoji thing I think is iron man

  • Seagull Blackthorn
    Seagull Blackthorn 13 days ago

    When I was a kid I watched creature double features, classic horror movies & war films with my dad. You people are soft. lol

  • Emcee Nassar
    Emcee Nassar 14 days ago

    The opinion of the Narrator and like minds are the views of Nazis repackaged. They want to make the U.S. a Commie sinkhole just like the rest of the World. If you don’t agree with something, don’t censor just don’t support it.

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  • Forbidden Machina
    Forbidden Machina 22 days ago

    6:13 - Absolutely not!! Despite the best efforts of the media, we are not yet the society of 1984. Editing history to conform with current ideologies is *never* a good idea!!

  • That Gamer Dude
    That Gamer Dude 25 days ago

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  • Carolinedraws
    Carolinedraws 27 days ago

    I think the only scene in Boss Baby that made me feel awkward was the “suck it” scene. Like I’m sure kids had no idea what it meant but for parents or teenagers it was sooo awkward.

  • Gloria Alorwoyie
    Gloria Alorwoyie 27 days ago

    Mc queen meant to say life's a bitch then you die

  • Gloria Alorwoyie
    Gloria Alorwoyie 27 days ago

    The emoji is iron man

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    Iron Man😃 plus I love your guys videos

  • Mike Guilmette
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    This is a video for overly sensitive people.

  • Jesse Guilin
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  • Alice B
    Alice B Month ago

    I loved the scene in The good dinosaur where they ate the weird berries and started hallucinating. That scene was hilarious!

  • Evelene Maye
    Evelene Maye Month ago

    I often wonder why are most of the evil things green

  • Lilli D
    Lilli D Month ago

    I remember watching these as a kid and the adults jokes and reference slipped over my head and then rewatched it as a teen with my family and cringing the whole time lol 😂😳😬

  • •super Kitty’s•

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  • Katie Apgar
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  • kglaser11
    kglaser11 Month ago +1

    5:07 is the stuff of nightmares.
    Also, I lost interest in watching the rest of the video after you thought a vulva was the same as a uterus.

  • Bleach Clorox
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  • Liah Trade
    Liah Trade Month ago

    um parents just be responsible and explain what's bad for you !!!!!! Duhhhh

  • KingJew777 JEW
    KingJew777 JEW Month ago

    why would you say change the movie for the parents like seriously suck it up its a classic

  • nick fagerness
    nick fagerness Month ago

    Anybody else not see the answer at the end?

  • late plays
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    Clothing Iron and 👨🏻 is the movie 🎥 Ironman

  • the daber that's lit

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  • Madz Potato
    Madz Potato Month ago

    Personal I like the phrase Lightning McQueen says, "Life's a beach and then you drive" Because it's kind of true

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  • Holly S
    Holly S Month ago

    Grr.... this video is just giving ppl more reasons to complain. And when he says "maybe they should edit classic Disney movies"?!? No! Maybe ppl should just not watch or fast forward the part they don't agree with!! Why ruin it for everyone else?

  • Ella Rose BERHE-LUMAX


  • Ella Rose BERHE-LUMAX


  • Miguel Gama
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  • shadowslayer003
    shadowslayer003 2 months ago

    Dude I had to inspect and delete multiple links to see the emoji answer

  • Zachary Saulness
    Zachary Saulness 2 months ago

    Pixar Is Just Screwing Themselves

  • Mr. threshold
    Mr. threshold 2 months ago

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  • W M
    W M 2 months ago

    Maybe you should make the photo of your video an actual scene from your video, this is the third in a row of false photos misleading viewers to watch videos unrelated to what they are expecting

  • myshell tatro
    myshell tatro 2 months ago

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  • John Doe
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    YOU ARE THE BIGGEST PRUDE EVER!! LOLOLOL How do you survive in the real world?!?!?!!?

  • Hayat Habbeche
    Hayat Habbeche 2 months ago

    I know that Disney includes smoking in some films but, in some films they replace the smoke with bubbles

    RABID CLAWZ HH 2 months ago

    Lol i’m nine & i understood *YOU MARRIED ELASTIGIRL? OH, AND GOT BUSYYYYYYYYY!* I still cover my sister’s ears when i hear that, even though she’s five 😅 haha..

  • Nia Fletcher
    Nia Fletcher 3 months ago

    I think the emojis are iron man

    GALACTIC EMPIRE 3 months ago

    Ok so basically mickey mouse is violent, dirtyminded and other stuff wow
    1 like 1 year jail mickey

    GALACTIC EMPIRE 3 months ago

    All of these are more bad than ful, marvel movie wut da

    GALACTIC EMPIRE 3 months ago

    Incredibles became pg-18 because of you

    Dont be so dirty minded

  • Astrid Allen
    Astrid Allen 3 months ago

    I mean smoking was a thing that everyone did back on the day--not that it was really ever right or good for you--but you would even see the doctors doing it as they were with the patients.

  • Savonna Clark
    Savonna Clark 3 months ago

    in 9:09 keep looking at his eyes

  • 【 R O S E 】
    【 R O S E 】 3 months ago

    Those Disney movies portrait smoking in a negative light and some of those scenes are relevant to the plot so it can make movies incomplete and messy.

  • DankTommyGaming YT
    DankTommyGaming YT 3 months ago

    No parent watched this video sorry

  • Logan Christian
    Logan Christian 3 months ago

    rip robin williams

  • Dallin Ostler
    Dallin Ostler 3 months ago

    How do these people have so many views/subs? Like honestly, they just state the obvious.... it’s a shame. Take movie clips over analyze them, repeat.

  • V girl
    V girl 3 months ago

    If my younger niece ever asks about the brothel part I would say its a sorority like in monster university but for girls

    MR OSy WOLDS 3 months ago

    ummm think boss baby becomes a girl I think

  • Crazy Ninja 302
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  • Dakota Smith
    Dakota Smith 3 months ago

    your pronunciation of Lumière made me vomit

  • BentheCookie
    BentheCookie 3 months ago

    Uhh but it wasn't in his imagination did you see that boss baby girl in the crib that you clearly shown at the ending of the movie?

  • fanboy123
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  • The Rat King
    The Rat King 3 months ago

    6:12 your statement is exactly what is wrong with people today. To sensitive, there is nothing wrong with a character smoking. No I dont smoke but we shouldn't edit something because snowflakes want to assume it leads to bad behaviors. I already see people trying to be to PC and it's disgusting.

  • Nao Leigh
    Nao Leigh 3 months ago

    I got the emoji correct

  • Doctor Jean
    Doctor Jean 3 months ago

    The boss baby shouldn't be changed. The dirty jokes MAKE it funny.

  • Matthew Wosser
    Matthew Wosser 3 months ago

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  • TheDaedricRuby
    TheDaedricRuby 3 months ago

    My response: That didn't happen. >:D

  • Mr Durp
    Mr Durp 3 months ago

    I thought he got crushed and get changed by the war drobe

  • Jack Tang
    Jack Tang 3 months ago

    Native Americans smoked peace pipes with Americans early when Lewis and Clark explored the Louisiana purchase

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    6:29 what government?

  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis 4 months ago

    "Maybe Disney should go back and re-edit…"
    Also why do you assume automatically that Lumiere was cheating on Fifi? Maybe they were just in an open relationship or "best friends with benefits". I see no reason to assume from the original film that they were in an exclusive, committed relationship or married. "Poor Fifi" nothing; maybe she was messing around with other household appliances on the side too.

  • Tyler Potter
    Tyler Potter 4 months ago

    None of these are bad people are too sensitive ...

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 4 months ago

    Wait Who is Fifi?
    I thought in beauty in the beast Lumiere was in a relationship with Bobet.

  • kaylee mcqueeney
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  • ded meme
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    Yea, I always felt like mr incredible got too close....

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    Can we agree Buety and the beast 2 and 3 didn’t happen

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    4:01 XD

  • minecraft bros we lit of all kid's

    To be honest in beauty and the beast those people did break in and enter the beast's castle

  • •Hoarfrost•
    •Hoarfrost• 4 months ago

    Maaannn, no kid are gonna ask these questions

  • Nevaeh Cordeta
    Nevaeh Cordeta 4 months ago

    pause at 3:17 Gastons eyes has skulls