“Stand Your Ground” Spooks & Trump’s Birthright Scare | The Daily Show

  • Published on Nov 1, 2018
  • “Stand Your Ground” laws make Halloween in Florida extra scary, and Trump makes another play to his base by signaling he’ll end birthright citizenship. But there’s one issue: He can’t.
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Comments • 1 843

  • Research0digo
    Research0digo Month ago

    0:47 'y'all'?

  • Evolution Hotline
    Evolution Hotline 3 months ago

    trump single handedly changing the constitution? sounds like "the snappening" to me.

  • Kristy Kristy
    Kristy Kristy 5 months ago

    Where was trumps father born?

  • justsaying
    justsaying 6 months ago

    Paul Ryan going out for Halloween as someone with Balls.....love it because he has none for sure. (LOL)

  • Research0digo
    Research0digo 7 months ago

    0:48 - why did Trevor just say y'all??? 1, Floridians don't say y'all, and 2, he is from ZA, he speaks the Queen's English (although Afrikaans is Dutch). geeeez

  • Sturla Jónsson
    Sturla Jónsson 8 months ago

    I feel like trump will tweet the next time they are starting a war before the troops are even deployed

  • Irazu Rosario Avila
    Irazu Rosario Avila 8 months ago

    I love ❤️ Trevor

  • ابتسام بس
    ابتسام بس 9 months ago

    I love you please please marry me😂😂❤️❤️

    DMG2FUN 9 months ago

    Hey gun haters. Name a gun control law that only affect criminals!

  • RubyRim
    RubyRim 9 months ago

    Isnt that how his bitch ass became American? Is he really that stupid?

  • Neck 2600
    Neck 2600 9 months ago

    One Piece

  • Shelly SakhD
    Shelly SakhD 9 months ago

    Wish I could like the same video 100 times!!

  • opal tree
    opal tree 9 months ago +1

    Going as someone with balls!

  • Lucid
    Lucid 9 months ago

    Had to like already 30 seconds in, gotta love Trevor!

  • Warsan Artan
    Warsan Artan 9 months ago

    “I guess for Halloween, he’s going as someone with balls”
    That was executed so perfectly!

  • Susan Anderson
    Susan Anderson 9 months ago

    You might want to de-insult Argentina. Just sayin'

    • Botanica 2012
      Botanica 2012 9 months ago

      First of: Trevor did not insult anyone. Second: Argentina has always been very welcoming to Nazis.

    COLLEGE DUDE 9 months ago

    I was born in the US and was raised in another country... thank God I wasnt born during Trumps Rule.

    DMG2FUN 9 months ago

    Per the 14th amend. Illegal immigrants cannot give birth to American citizens.

  • Seith Utop
    Seith Utop 9 months ago

    The only country which gives birth citizenship?
    Ummmmm how about your neighbors? That Hockey country?

  • Bea Torres
    Bea Torres 9 months ago

    I support our President Donald Trump with birthright

  • Pearle Johnson
    Pearle Johnson 9 months ago

    Bro I woke up when he stated talking up Trump trying to change how citizenship is naturally gained which has only been a thing forever.

  • Wylona
    Wylona 9 months ago

    Omg at 4:30 watching the reactions of those 2 men while Trump is spewing nonsense is gold. They're just straight up like "wtf is this shit?" and dude on the left even rolls his eyes while taking a deep breath.

  • Alex Yusuf Bumali
    Alex Yusuf Bumali 9 months ago

    Trevor is looking dark

    • Botanica 2012
      Botanica 2012 9 months ago

      So you prefer white? Why don't you switch the channel then?

  • ParisPronoia
    ParisPronoia 9 months ago

    Trump makes moderate republicans look bad, voted blue this year because our lives depend on it.

  • Île-de- France
    Île-de- France 9 months ago

    *This Is How the Trump Administration Gives Big Oil the Keys to Public Lands The Bureau of Land Management is rapidly opening previously off-limits areas to oil and gas drilling.*

  • Charles Dupree
    Charles Dupree 9 months ago

    Hey Trevor wish you could run with everything I've seen this past 2 year anybody can be the president of these fu up states it really is a joke

  • Diana Hernandez
    Diana Hernandez 9 months ago

    I hope people that hate latino illegal inmigration feel the same when europeans come here illegally. I only see Drumpf worried about brown people.

  • Angel B L Sullivan
    Angel B L Sullivan 9 months ago

    So then let's be ready to send Ivanka and Eric and Don jR out of America bc their mother was not a legal citizen when they were born either. Basically you would have to pick every human from this country bc all our parents (except natives) were immigrants. #TRUMP

  • Adrian!
    Adrian! 9 months ago

    2:34 hey that more than Battlefield did for ww2

  • Aymen El Kherchi
    Aymen El Kherchi 9 months ago

    Lol trump is right u know how many of my relatives had babies here and left and come back just to take advantage of the country

  • Stephanie Perry
    Stephanie Perry 9 months ago

    Well he was right in that we're the only country where someone has a baby and they're automatically US citizens. If they were Brazilian it would complicate things

  • Undertaker5712
    Undertaker5712 9 months ago +1

    Not even funny

  • Kill Me
    Kill Me 9 months ago

    We need more people like you

  • theGodKing
    theGodKing 9 months ago

    Worst dummy ever, especially all that virtue signaling bullshit from his show.

  • Nashi Allen_West
    Nashi Allen_West 9 months ago

    First trump and others:I may be young but I know for a fact that If trump does this then he will have to leave also and bring back the native Americans,Spanish,French exc.He must not have finished or been to 5-11 the grade because he doesn't know who was originally here.I don't have any particular feeling towards Trumo and other but what he wants to do is not right.You don't have to agree or disagree with me but come on Trump.
    I over thought this idea because I went back to when the U.S. first started changing.In my opinion I don't think a lot of people's ancestors were born here.
    Sorry if this comment offended anyone.

  • Elmo Bennett
    Elmo Bennett 9 months ago

    Rump's kids are Birth Righters!

  • Nashi Allen_West
    Nashi Allen_West 9 months ago

    Baby Hitler. Noooooo

  • Hangyeol Nam
    Hangyeol Nam 9 months ago

    Stop shoving ur shitty ass shows on my RUclip ads. I dont even watch any political shit.

  • Lien Hua
    Lien Hua 9 months ago

    Last I checked the U.S. was called a melting pot for a reason and I don’t think it was for political drama

  • Jacobina Uushona
    Jacobina Uushona 9 months ago

    Conservative stripper 😂😂😂😂😂

  • HerveyShmervy
    HerveyShmervy 9 months ago

    Birth right citizenship should be for those who's parents are citizens so it doesn't get abused

  • John Fox
    John Fox 9 months ago

    Never heard of this loser before but he’s wrong on so many levels. BTW “stand your ground law” is an excellent law because it allows you to be proactive in defending yourself vs being reactive.

  • Rob Ebert Jr
    Rob Ebert Jr 9 months ago

    Close the border off. Keep America great. Obama fucked us over in so many ways now we need to fix our great country. In other counties you get put away for 10yrs without blinking for illegal crossing. Should reopen gitmo and fill it.

  • Margie Monroe
    Margie Monroe 9 months ago

    “He’s going to Halloween as someone with balls” 🤭🤭 shhhhhaaaaadddddeeeeee ! Llamf

  • E IO
    E IO 9 months ago

    Its ironic seeing leftists defend the constitution.

  • Mark Crawford
    Mark Crawford 9 months ago

    Keep America majority white.

  • Levi
    Levi 9 months ago

    5:36 feels so weird to hear that and be norwegian i still laughed tho

  • alobo2000
    alobo2000 9 months ago

    Listen and learn my fellow Liberal Friends with an open mind, I am an immigrant and a Conservative and there are some things you need to know
    1) When Ronald Reagan, a Republican, gave amnesty in 1984 and made it retroactive (as in backwards not forwards) in hopes that the illegal invasion would stop (not immigration - one can only be an immigrant when legally entering a nation and such nation "under jurisdiction" grants entrance to such individual, anything else, would make such individual as technically a lawbraker and an invader, the media and political pundits don't make such distinction) it was a real intention to give those people a fair chance which they did not deserve.

    2) However, the Globalist Republicans and Democrats (those who wanted NAFTA) thought it would be a great idea to keep the inflow of foreign workers to enrich their corporate sponsors and in detriment of the middle class and minorities, coupled with a lagging education system which made them unable to find suitable employment due to lack of professional skills (yeah, because learning "lesbian/gender sensitivity studies" or philosophy will get you a job in Starbucks), they keep repeating the rhetoric of "those are the jobs Americans don't want", .

    3) Hence, the reason to reform the immigration system to make it based on "merits" as with Canada, Australia, New Zealand and plenty other developed nations, plug the loopholes and remove the "ambiguity" of the 14th amendment which doesn't clarify what "under jurisdiction" means .....

    4) Why would anyone have a problem with that? it would end the Anchor-kid situations, family separations, would benefit the middle class and especially minorities and boost the economy, it would enable a path for those already here to find a legal solution to their permanence here and above all, would preserve the National American Values......
    By the way, "Fascism" is a leftist ideology) .....you want to know what a real fascist looks like? look at Chavez and Maduro, you would find more similarities between those two with Hitler and Mussolini than with Trump and Winston Chuchill....So, don't get confused...

    6) Fascism is about GOVERNMENT CONTROL through a BIG GOVERMENT control over the private sector, media, religion, family, tech industry....Tell me, what ideologies are spoused by those who control the Tech industry? yeah, those who store your personal information, every text and twitter you've made, everything you buy and all your preferences? how about Hollywood and the media? when they want to change the meaning of a traditional family or change the idea of what gender is....when they wanted you to stop saying "merry christmas" and replace it with "happy holidays"...When they sensor Conservative speakers at college campuses...? It's all Liberal/ Progressist propaganda. In Venezuela they used to think like that, and now it may be too late for them.

    7) Trevor Noah is not even funny anymore, he used to be but now he turned into a corporate globalist pawn just like most talk show hosts, can you remember the last time they didn't use to talk about politics? why their comedy is so one-sided towards attacking the President and conservatives? they've lost more than half of their audience, millions of dollars in sponsorship and they don't seem to care...why?

    8) Trevor Noah did not even mention enough, if ever, about the genocide happening in his own country directed to White farmers, the Black South African President very outspokenly mocked the suffering of those farmers and only stopped when Donald Trump, not the United Nations, said he would look into the situation.

    Trevor Noah is just a sell out.... a poor kid whom someone told him he was "funny" and now he makes millions by reading someone else's jokes....

  • Galactic Phoenix
    Galactic Phoenix 9 months ago

    Alive motherfucker. Lol. Love this guy. Altho a musketeer is better than a Snickers. Also this would set aprecent therefore giving the executive branch more power and we don't need that

  • John Doe
    John Doe 9 months ago

    Head full of pubic hair, Trevor went on a dare. To find a smallest sheep with the biggest ass, to shove his head in there.

  • John Baker
    John Baker 9 months ago

    tRUMPettes must not have a good sense of decency or humor. I find less trolls if either are present.

  • Seal Of Apoorval
    Seal Of Apoorval 9 months ago

    I really don't see what's wrong with people dressing up as historical characters which also includes Hitler. Like it's a past event and dressing up as Hitler should be just as offending as it is dressing up as Napoleon. They didn't go around yelling racist slurs or whatever Nazi ideology, they just dressed up, for a day that everyone dresses up

    • Joseph Waters
      Joseph Waters 9 months ago

      Seal Of Apoorval what’s WRONG, is Jews FEARED Hitler during his reign and during the Holocaust! THAT is what makes it wrong! Halloween is not the time, and America is not the place, to dress up as a real historical figure! It seems that you’ve never been the shoes of Holocaust survivors.

  • Pocahontas 2020
    Pocahontas 2020 9 months ago +1


  • alobo2000
    alobo2000 9 months ago +1

    Trevor Noah...Such an IDIOT.. .it is not a "play", Trump already said it in his campaign in 2016. and HE IS RIGHT...In accordance with Amendment 14th.. The offspring born in the US becomes a citizen "within jurisdiction"....thus, the offspring of two citizens or green card holders can become a citizen as their legal status is considered "within jurisdiction" but the offspring of illegal aliens (not immigrants that term is only reserved for those who entered the country legally) is not "within jurisdiction" as either parent is considered an invader...thus citizenship can NOT and SHOULD NOT be granted to such baby....So, it is not a "scare"".....and now with Trump, Senate and possibly the House and Supreme Court...such revision might happen. Thank God...Now, if you want to address the killings of White farmers by a racist black government in your country....why don't you tell jokes about it?

    • Andrew Gonzalez
      Andrew Gonzalez 9 months ago

      @alobo2000 Why would Trump say he can do it with an executive order in the first place? Was he just throwing a lie hoping it would stick or was he later briefed on the legalities of such ruling? This is where the messaging gets mixed up. People think he wants to get rid of the 14th then you say he just wants to add to the definition. I mean which is it? I think either way it's still going to take a long and tedious process involving the house, senate, and states. If it were to go through would that mean any noncitizen for now on born in the country would be denied citizenship or retroactively be taken away? There's just too many questions but if he were somehow able to get away with doing this with an executive order and whats to stop him from touching the 1st or even the 2nd. This is can be very dangerous not just for the present but for future presidents.

    • alobo2000
      alobo2000 9 months ago

      @Andrew Gonzalez You are right, it can't be done with an executive order, and Trump knows it., this is how it's going to play out,. Trump will issue the executive order which will expectedly be denied by the 8th circuit court of appeals, then Trump's lawyers will challenge the decision which will eventually be moved all the way of to the Supreme Court which is now predominantly conservative, plus he counts with the support of the Senate, most of them, grateful to him for his support during midterms. Republicans will keep the Senate
      Furthermore, Trump is not talking about "changing the amendment" but add definition to what "within jurisdiction" means, which is already in the amendment which technically should mean "within legality".....An illegal resident and his/her progenie are not within legality nor jurisdiction....for that one doesn't need 3/4 of the states.. a simple decision by the Supreme Court will suffice.. So it can be done.

    • Andrew Gonzalez
      Andrew Gonzalez 9 months ago

      It can't be done with an executive order though. Trump has to learn running this country isn't like being the CEO of a company where whatever you say goes. It also takes three-fourths of the states. It's a lengthy process but I highly doubt it will happen.

  • Matthew Watson
    Matthew Watson 9 months ago

    There are many other countries with birthright citizenship. Trump is a dumbass

  • Bruciphers Dungeon
    Bruciphers Dungeon 9 months ago

    Libs always think the constitution is out dated but then they want to misinterpret the 14th amendment from 1860. Lol. The big big big difference is then it was a reward to people who were brought here against their will and now it’s an incentive to break American laws. But they want to enforce the 14th but don’t want to enforce immigration laws. Lol. This is why they are a joke. They are totally inconsistent. They want you to think about the children but if you bring up planned parenthood they suddenly become a clump of cells.

  • Ashauntae Rowe
    Ashauntae Rowe 9 months ago

    We can kick Trump out then because trumps father is not from America original sooo bye bye trump😁☺🤗

  • Este Fue
    Este Fue 9 months ago

    Tbh I'm super drunk and this is funny asf but I'll see tomorrow I'm the morning lmao

  • ShadowGamer AX
    ShadowGamer AX 9 months ago

    If women are stupid enough to get pregnant at your own damn fault f****** dumb asses HAHAHAAA. Shore let em stay that way they can come in and point a gun at you asswhips

  • Happy Monday
    Happy Monday 9 months ago

    Trump speaks of the truth and it hurts. Dumb clown Trevor...

  • Danny Danko
    Danny Danko 9 months ago

    That's a misleading title. The constitution requires people to have American values. The idea was that if an enemy invades america and brings their wife, if they have a kid their child is not an American. Read the constitution pleaseeeeeee

  • I am just a mom doing the best I can

    Trump is a fool. His dad was an immigrant and his mum was an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT. He is proof of the families coming here under the lady liberty statue and the ability to trace back many blood lines to the migration of people's of the WORLD moving here. He needs to give up, get OUT of politics and go back to the la la land of TV. Where his form of reality exists.

  • Jason Velez
    Jason Velez 9 months ago

    Where’s our nice beautiful wall that he promised us? I live in Tijuana and I’m still looking at this ugly fence.

  • Heather Marsters
    Heather Marsters 9 months ago

    Seriously! If Congress revoked that amendment then that would mean that everyone , including trump, born in America since the American revolution is not actually American because we all came from those immigrants that came from the UK, possibly other countries, during the revolution. It would basically just erase America as a country, a country that was formed by immigrants I might add. Smh.

  • Renee Brown
    Renee Brown 9 months ago

    No wonder. Tiffany gets no love she's the only American trump has for a kid lol

  • Cappy 22
    Cappy 22 9 months ago +1

    NPC: "Trevor is funny"

  • Jackmerius Tacktheritrix

    Man thank goodness for Shep Smith, atleast faux news viewers get a small dose of reality lately, even though they probably ignore it.

  • S Shake
    S Shake 9 months ago

    Nice to see someone has never read mein kampf

  • saviation11
    saviation11 9 months ago +1

    yes vote. vote the libtards out... (non) comedians will cry like 2016 all over again like this POS

  • Aaron Lopez
    Aaron Lopez 9 months ago

    Baby hitler 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Orppranator
    Orppranator 9 months ago

    Idiot democrats. Trump wouldn’t be deported because of this, since his dad wasn’t an illegal alien.
    And more hitler comparisons? Really? You do know what Hillary is literally friends with a KKK leader.

    • Botanica 2012
      Botanica 2012 9 months ago

      Well then Hillary has something in common with Trump after all. Also: his Dad wasn't made illegal. People applying for asylum are not illegal - whether you like it or not. Why don't you go back where your ancestors came from?

  • Zeref Uchiha
    Zeref Uchiha 9 months ago

    😂😂😂 i never thought someone would dress up as one of the german nazi

  • Paul Walker
    Paul Walker 9 months ago +1

    Look up Miami Mama's and see where rich Russian women who fly into Miami and stay at Trump properties to have their children and then go home have padded his pockets. There are wealthy Asians who also do it. Jareds sister selling visas for profits if they buy into Kushner projects touting his relationship with the President. Bunch of scam artists.

  • Kurai Kenshi
    Kurai Kenshi 9 months ago

    Noah, completely incorrect. Saying fuckers read and not have them state why Birthright Citizenship cant be removed is a bitch move.
    However, if they tout the constitution as a reason for Birthright citizenship, then you're referring to the 14th amendment which was meant for FORMER SLAVES not foreigners.
    You still suck as bad as your last book.

  • Jane Quartuccio
    Jane Quartuccio 9 months ago

    33 other countries have birthright citizenship. He is such an idiot.

    • Joseph Waters
      Joseph Waters 9 months ago

      Jane Quartuccio he missed some, or is familiar with America alone. Stop assuming people are idiots just because they missed some information, loser!