Ghost Recon Breakpoint's STRANGEST PLAYERS ft. Lil Wayne

  • Published on Sep 9, 2019
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    ESRB Rating: M
    This is a Breakpoint video unlike any other. I mean yeah, there's still the huge amount of stupidity and kicking and screaming that you'd expect, but this video also has someone special playing in it: LIL WAYNE. We really go out of our way to make our gameplay top-tier. I couldn't even imagine us in PVP.
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    and Lil Wayne, he's my friend right? (obviously)
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Comments • 792

  • Electro Savage
    Electro Savage 2 days ago

    When the thumbnail isnt clickbait

  • Marco Mode
    Marco Mode 5 days ago

    bro imagine being Lil Wayne and having to play with fucking pussies

  • JPC3
    JPC3 7 days ago

    Who does their Thumbnails? It seems like MOST Siege RUcliprs have the same art style on their thumbnails?

  • TheShadowfire204
    TheShadowfire204 7 days ago +1

    *walks into orphanage or something equivalent*
    "Lil Wayne told me to 'let it loose' on you."

  • Imperfect Birdy
    Imperfect Birdy 10 days ago

    I legit thought that Azzerz did the Lil Wayne voice..

  • Andrew Petersen
    Andrew Petersen 15 days ago

    Why not play with Tupac jah and biggie

  • Kevin Knight
    Kevin Knight 17 days ago

    This shit is making me laugh so damn hard rn I’m fucking dead 😂😂😂

  • Aidan Dwyer
    Aidan Dwyer 17 days ago

    Lil Wayne really dipped out cause he got annoyed😂

  • Fake Fakington
    Fake Fakington 17 days ago

    Whoever is green sounds like tux

  • smug dance
    smug dance 19 days ago


  • FR0GG0 100
    FR0GG0 100 20 days ago

    Playing division when I watched you at ten thousand subs to playing with lil Wayne my god

  • Killajx 21
    Killajx 21 21 day ago

    Lil Wayne is high asf

  • ghoul cipher
    ghoul cipher 25 days ago

    fortnite mech???

  • William Hershberger
    William Hershberger 25 days ago

    Bruh you played with drewski

  • Askel V
    Askel V 26 days ago

    *throws grenade at tank*

    *sends nukes*

  • Y.S.G TySavage
    Y.S.G TySavage 27 days ago

    Azerrz: "If we don't move, it won't see us"
    Me: "Yeah like that's gon work"
    *Machines rides right by them*
    Me: "Wow........that really worked"

  • Jake Littler
    Jake Littler 27 days ago

    Alright so what the fuck lil Wayne was like fr fr?

  • T R A S H Daddy
    T R A S H Daddy 27 days ago


  • Default
    Default 27 days ago

    Azerrz is in the game he’s probably doing an impression

  • Adriaan the gamer 03
    Adriaan the gamer 03 27 days ago

    Azzerz sounds like preston garvey from minute men in fallout 4

  • Regin Henriksen
    Regin Henriksen 27 days ago

    I love how tux is criticising wayne all the time

  • the one and only Orecon
    the one and only Orecon 28 days ago +2

    Marvel: We have the biggest crossover even in history
    Lil Wayne: Hold my bird

  • กษิดิศ พงศ์วิเชียร

    HE'S RADIATING BIG DICK ENERGY!!!!. -Tuxbird 2019.

  • Unloved Sideshow
    Unloved Sideshow 28 days ago

    But did lil Wayne enjoy it he seemed too gamer mode to hsve fun. With a hint of modern warfare 2 massacre vibes

  • Darchangel
    Darchangel 28 days ago

    Was that seriously Halo 2's "Impend" at 5:13!? :O

  • K94 Will
    K94 Will 28 days ago

    My first time watching your channel and I honestly don’t no how you have over 1 million subs.

  • Adrian Ramirez
    Adrian Ramirez 28 days ago +1

    lil Wayne's voice is giving me life with how aesthetically pleasing it

  • Aidan Gauci-Galvez
    Aidan Gauci-Galvez 28 days ago


  • gg ez
    gg ez 28 days ago

    Come teach me in rb6 on ps4 xurbdic iso help

  • Vincent Wilson
    Vincent Wilson 28 days ago

    Graphics looks so plastic

  • ツRedStorm06
    ツRedStorm06 Month ago

    Who thinks tux should make a channel and it's main game is Minecraft and name the account Xurbdic

  • Cole Evans
    Cole Evans Month ago

    Waitnso is it arif or lil Wayne

  • Original Duplicate
    Original Duplicate Month ago

    Opportunity missed when limping to make a joke about Lil Wayne shooting himself when he was 13 in the hood of nolo

  • Ripper 69
    Ripper 69 Month ago

    Is u the weal tux birds

  • Cow Bag
    Cow Bag Month ago

    That boi came in with a golf cart.💀🤣🤣🤣

  • Dr._Kompot
    Dr._Kompot Month ago

    You already know Tux's thumbnails don't lie

  • BART GOd Irving
    BART GOd Irving Month ago +1

    Dude put ft lil Wayne because he’s more famous than azerrez😂

  • emily ames
    emily ames Month ago

    Does anyone know when the merch could come

  • Banccz z
    Banccz z Month ago

    Can someone tell me the vid where he goes “yaes job. Yum I cloutch”

  • Reginald Wout
    Reginald Wout Month ago


  • Revenge Frost
    Revenge Frost Month ago

    What’s with tuxbirds voice

  • Justin Luera
    Justin Luera Month ago

    How many shrimps do you have to eat
    Before you make your skin turn pink
    Eat to much and you’ll get sick
    Shrimps are pretty rich
    Bunna dunna dunna

  • Woah
    Woah Month ago

    Wait is azzerz just doing a lil Wayne impression or is it actually lil Wayne?

  • The Cursed One MBK
    The Cursed One MBK Month ago

    I played with lil Wayne says hey Azzerz I do voices haha 🤣

  • ツSamoanBrawler
    ツSamoanBrawler Month ago

    _Nice thumbnail though_

  • Toxic Panda CG
    Toxic Panda CG Month ago

    My one dream happens to my fav youtuber

  • Waluigi
    Waluigi Month ago

    tuxbird out here dissing all siege youtubers with lil wayne

  • zoid Vert
    zoid Vert Month ago

    Damn I really miss the old boxturd when he played the division all the time ahh good videos good time

  • Ryan Penguin
    Ryan Penguin Month ago

    Can I have your babies

  • Arising Speedsoft
    Arising Speedsoft Month ago

    Been here since 30k I was tanner’s friend

  • YONE5383
    YONE5383 Month ago

    What kind of editing software do you use?

  • II Vulince II
    II Vulince II Month ago

    The only ones that will be dieing alot are the ones that will be trash like u tux lol

  • Shut yo clown ass up

    I was falsely removed from the discord

  • 79nohemi
    79nohemi Month ago


  • Mason Rosenbaum
    Mason Rosenbaum Month ago

    Why is lil wayne playing video games with youtubers man

  • Adam Piotrowski
    Adam Piotrowski Month ago

    Yo TuxBird, can you please explain how tf did you manage to collaborate with Lil Wayne? I believe it's not that simple just to text him and wait for him to get into the lobby xD.

  • Yeet Man
    Yeet Man Month ago +1

    U should make a tuxbird stuffed animal

  • Wyatt Friend
    Wyatt Friend Month ago

    They might not have very good sales cause of the raid

  • Soldier_66
    Soldier_66 Month ago +1

    So the title wasnt a joke

  • Its Your Swifty
    Its Your Swifty Month ago

    This was such a missed opportunity to invite the doo and play the prom queen solo 😭😂