How to sound smart in your TEDx Talk | Will Stephen | TEDxNewYork

  • Published on Jan 15, 2015
  • This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences.
    In a hilarious talk capping off a day of new ideas at TEDxNewYork, professional funny person Will Stephen shows foolproof presentation skills to make you sound brilliant -- even if you are literally saying nothing. (Full disclosure: This talk is brought to you by two TED staffers, who have watched a LOT of TED Talks.)
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  • Animes Lovers United
    Animes Lovers United 59 minutes ago


  • savage af
    savage af 2 hours ago

    Everything is smooth and seems right until someone asks a question.

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 5 hours ago

    I can't believe I was entertained by a man talking about nothing lmao.

  • Erwin Smith
    Erwin Smith 20 hours ago

    Young man, Now I can speak even more properly

  • Nightmare Qc
    Nightmare Qc Day ago

    you have nothing... so you have something, wich is nothing???

  • Ritik Rajput
    Ritik Rajput Day ago

    TedX has put this video in Comedy category. So apt.

  • boi boi
    boi boi Day ago

    Bro, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and then almost immediately following that we get 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
    had me ROOLLLING

  • Ibrahim TechReview

    My Teacher Send Me Here

  • Allene Bahroz
    Allene Bahroz Day ago

    And what do you do when you’re supposed to give a tedtalk in 5 minutes though

  • Shahzad Ali
    Shahzad Ali Day ago +1

    Yet it still sound's better than nowadays untalented rappers

  • Psych0 W0lf
    Psych0 W0lf 2 days ago

    That's the funniest Ted X talks video ever

    BOOZINGA 2 days ago

    Just honest stuff. No minutes wasted

  • bgregz
    bgregz 2 days ago

    This shouldn't be funny, but it is. Damn it.

  • Zomble
    Zomble 2 days ago

    Highlighting that there are a lot of "talks" which are full of truthiness, or information that is unusable.

  • possiblememes
    possiblememes 2 days ago

    Ok WHO TF IS TED and why does he *t a l k s* so much

  • kane xu
    kane xu 2 days ago

    likes sketch lol

  • Cody Rogers
    Cody Rogers 2 days ago

    I like the paradigm shift reference

  • CoolNinja 101
    CoolNinja 101 2 days ago +2

    This guy is the deadpool of ted talks

  • Blacat
    Blacat 2 days ago

    I'm just commenting here to make it seem like I've got something to say, even though I don't.
    I'm writing multible sentences and paragraphs for you to think what I'm saying makes some kind of sense or has any meaning at all.
    That way, I end up capturing your attention with absolutely nothing and nothing at all.
    Notice how I'm streching my sentences to really unnessecary lengths just to make it seem like what I'm saying has that depth that can only exist in either extremely short statements or overly long, difficultly structured word complexes.
    I'm going to ask you a question now to keep your interest.
    I just decided against it and came to the conclusion that I could write another long sentence instead to lengthen my comment.
    I hope you have learned something through reading this.
    Thank you.

  • Andrew Siegel
    Andrew Siegel 3 days ago +1

    Who else watched the video without sound?

  • Imperador Vinícius 황제

    Isso é muito genial mano dshjfudshfsdf

  • BrysonG_Void
    BrysonG_Void 3 days ago

    This man is a genius.

  • Have Fun
    Have Fun 3 days ago


  • Blackie Red
    Blackie Red 3 days ago

    Yo dando una charla TED:

  • Eyeless Jack
    Eyeless Jack 3 days ago

    Absolutely amazing

  • baba babo
    baba babo 3 days ago

    This guy is really Moriarty.

  • l ll ll l_
    l ll ll l_ 3 days ago +5

    Now they need to get someone named ted to just talk.

  • William Pratama
    William Pratama 4 days ago

    Well, I didn't know about the chart thing before...

  • FinBoyXD
    FinBoyXD 4 days ago

    That's a whole lot of nothing.

  • JFrog
    JFrog 4 days ago +1

    basically me adding to my history paper's word count

  • Ivan Ivanovic
    Ivan Ivanovic 4 days ago

    This was absolutely shite but it was executed perfectly.

  • Koppány Debreczeni
    Koppány Debreczeni 4 days ago


  • otaku crap zone
    otaku crap zone 5 days ago

    I am using his manner of speaking and gestures or technique to do class presentations and this freaking works, just by sounding smart you can pass every oral presentations

  • 46狼
    46狼 5 days ago

    I came here for public speaking tips and oh boy did I get them

  • emma roberts
    emma roberts 5 days ago

    Obviously the first thing you do is work harder on your title.

  • Adil Ali
    Adil Ali 5 days ago +3

    Imagine being able to waffle fr only 6 mins

  • i dab so people can't see me cry

    how did he get through this without laughing

  • Lærke
    Lærke 6 days ago

    Even though he said absolutly nothing... I was still interested
    I wanted to see what other random stuff he could come up with to fill time
    Was not dissapointed

  • Graydixnt
    Graydixnt 6 days ago

    Random Fact at 2:00 you see Joe Zieja, is it Joe Zieja? I think its him.

  • Mr. Chubbs
    Mr. Chubbs 6 days ago

    I was satisfied with looking and learning nothin yet something for 6 minutes

  • MK245
    MK245 6 days ago

    This how I reach the 200 word mark on my essays

  • John Cocksmith
    John Cocksmith 7 days ago

    This is the only Ted Talk I’ve seen from beginning to end.

  • こーたろー
    こーたろー 7 days ago +2


  • joseph morris
    joseph morris 7 days ago +2

    He never uses the words um, you know, or any fillers. He's confident this has a very power message.

  • DemoAlone
    DemoAlone 7 days ago

    como eu vim para em um video gringo de 2015 com titulo Br com comentarios gringos??????

  • Kettlebell
    Kettlebell 7 days ago

    Easy say however

  • Lance Christopher Lelis

    every ted talk ever

  • DuBsTeP sEnTiNeL
    DuBsTeP sEnTiNeL 8 days ago +40

    *this video:* exists
    *anti-vaxxers:* furiously scribbling notes

    • N M
      N M 3 days ago +3

      DuBsTeP sEnTiNeL
      I ship anti vaxxers with flat earthers

  • Lightbeam
    Lightbeam 8 days ago +2

    When the presentation is due today and you haven't prepared

  • GraceNoel 1213
    GraceNoel 1213 8 days ago

    This is my brain all the time. I can't turn it off.

  • Jim Bo
    Jim Bo 8 days ago

    Who is TED and why does he talk so much?

  • Sanik fast
    Sanik fast 9 days ago +630

    This is the kid who literally made his entire semester history project 5 minutes before class started

    • Pink Lady
      Pink Lady 7 days ago +27

      and still succeeds hahaha

  • Ya boi Jingles
    Ya boi Jingles 9 days ago

    OK Scott the woz

  • Sten Muller
    Sten Muller 9 days ago +1

    I'm sure he was proscatinating for this. And just fill it up like a school project. 🚸

  • I Really Had To Do It To Em

    When you have to present a five minute presentation to the class but you did it all last night.

  • ArnoldsK
    ArnoldsK 10 days ago +6

    Apple presentations in a nutshell, with additional lying about innovation.

    CALHOON THA BOSS 10 days ago +2

    I bet everybody who click this video watched the whole thing

  • Fabio Bertelli
    Fabio Bertelli 10 days ago

    This guy is THE creativity in a human being.

  • William Pickett
    William Pickett 10 days ago

    This was the most I was entertained by nothing

  • Awk
    Awk 10 days ago

    Jokes aside, this is to this day the best tedx talk's (and any ordinary presentation's) formula to sound smart and convinving.