Marvel Theory: Spider-Man Far From Home Is Set In An Alternate Timeline

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
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    So what do we do when we’ve seen all of the MCU movies countless times and are just waiting for the day when Avengers: Endgame gets released? We plunge deep into the internet, reading theories, seeing rumors, and freeze-framing trailer clips. And boy do we have a doozy for you today. Just a few months after Endgame’s release, we will get to see Peter Parker swing into action for Spider-Man: Far From Home, but it may not be the same movie you’re expecting. Both Spider-Man MCU movies may actually take place on a completely different timeline! How’s this possible?! Well, come along for the ride and we’ll show you!

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Comments • 937

  • Joey Shim
    Joey Shim 3 days ago

    Or maybe artists drew that based on endgame characters they have already designed and never noticed

  • ROBLOx IS Great
    ROBLOx IS Great 10 days ago

    Rlly I got far for home trailer

  • Lance Williams
    Lance Williams 22 days ago

    Yeah this doesn’t hold up

    THE VEMA FAMILY 24 days ago

    did anybody realize the A AS IN AVENGERS TOWER in lizzes picture if you did leave a like

  • claro bonoan
    claro bonoan 25 days ago

    One question if this an alternate time line how did Peter know that Tony's dead?

  • Galaxy Turtle
    Galaxy Turtle 25 days ago

    Yes but Thor still has mjyloneer
    Sorry about spelling

  • Galaxy Turtle
    Galaxy Turtle 25 days ago


  • Mona Essa
    Mona Essa 28 days ago


  • EvilIronPanda
    EvilIronPanda 28 days ago

    I'm watching this after Endgame and I deadass thought this was a April fool's joke

  • Dre Rose
    Dre Rose Month ago

    Spider-Man got guns with a black suit

  • Dre Rose
    Dre Rose Month ago

    The defenders are coming the black Spider-Man is a different Spider-Man. He’s part of the defenders

  • Olking Olkers Only
    Olking Olkers Only Month ago

    669 dislikes lol

  • km 2005 games
    km 2005 games Month ago

    This aged well 😂😂😂

  • Vivianna Gerges
    Vivianna Gerges Month ago

    In the newest trailer of FFH though, Peter is wearing the iron spider suit, so yeah this theory is interesting but it’s way too much of a stretch.

  • Kelsey Anderberg
    Kelsey Anderberg Month ago

    In the beginning of the trailer, Spiderman IS wearing the Iron-spider suit fyi

  • AtUrService Tisang
    AtUrService Tisang Month ago +1

    NOPE! ya wrong

  • Zuleika Hazli-Aluwi

    How sad there was no credits

  • Onyx Fire
    Onyx Fire Month ago +2

    The iron Spider-Man suit is in the trailer...

  • Chris Allen
    Chris Allen Month ago

    I mean it was solid until Engame came up

  • LOW Jaydynsh07
    LOW Jaydynsh07 Month ago +1

    In the 2nd trailer he has the iron spider

  • StraNgeLoVe
    StraNgeLoVe Month ago


  • gangsta riley
    gangsta riley Month ago

    watch the new trailer😁

    DONT LOOK AT ME Month ago +1

    No it isn’t cuz Ironman is ya know.....

  • Paris Richardson
    Paris Richardson Month ago

    I mean far fetched but possible even with end game cause massive changes create alternate worlds, and since 2014 thanos was killed and his army there will be an alternate world to that without thanos. And Loki stoke the tessaract so there’s probs one where Loki is alive. I mean could be ...

  • LemonnadeTV Official
    LemonnadeTV Official Month ago +1

    to the producer of this video: did you see the new trailer? I guess you’re wrong

  • LemonLime
    LemonLime Month ago +3

    no your wrong i’m sorry but your wrong the civil war thing is kinda weird but....

  • george washington
    george washington Month ago +2

    I made it 3 minutes into this. Don't waste your time.

    • Darth Sirk
      Darth Sirk Month ago +1

      george washington You are right. I watched the whole thing, and it’s TOTALY MORONIC!

  • Robert Mcloud
    Robert Mcloud Month ago +1

    How does it feel knowing this video is complete waste of time?

  • Mario Angel Medina
    Mario Angel Medina Month ago

    After seeing Endgame and the second trailer of Far From Home is really funny how wrong most of the especulation is XD

  • MaximusTM Gaming
    MaximusTM Gaming Month ago +1

    Now that Iron-Spider is shown in the offical trailer, would you still say its in alternate timeline?

  • CinamonPie
    CinamonPie Month ago

    Uh no

  • Ines N
    Ines N Month ago

    Even if we know that this theory is wrong, I like to think that Clint's drawing was purposely "wrong" and difficult to see as a hint to endgame

  • Vegeta Ultra Instinct HD

    5:32 i draw like he

  • Ham Buger
    Ham Buger Month ago

    Did you see the new spider man far from home trailer

  • Julie Gray
    Julie Gray Month ago

    Absorbing man as a villain maybe

  • spiderman fans
    spiderman fans Month ago

    Have u seen the new trailer of spiderman far from home it shows the iron spider suit

  • Call Me Geto
    Call Me Geto Month ago

    He got the iron spider suit in the latest spider man trailer

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku Month ago +1

    **cough** **cough** Far From Home Trailer 2 **Cough** Cough**

  • Markus Lopez
    Markus Lopez Month ago

    This is all wrong watch the latest trailer

  • Cyril Casiño
    Cyril Casiño Month ago

    Sorry screenrant but this happens after the events of endgame 😂😂😂

    • JustStorm
      JustStorm Month ago

      Cyril Casiño this was a week ago, so he didn’t know

  • Fallin IntoTheSky
    Fallin IntoTheSky Month ago

    You’re wrong

  • Hollowz
    Hollowz Month ago +4

    “That’s not how time works”
    *- Professor Hulk*

  • dangevad
    dangevad Month ago

    Did you just say "engages in a battle on err"?
    Give me back my 11 minutes

  • Marijntje Waal
    Marijntje Waal Month ago

    Or they started with making both movies at the same time

  • Miraculous LadyBug And Cat Noir

    Spider-Man: Homecoming
    Spider-Man: Far From Home
    Spider-Man: *Homeless*

  • PE Magazine LLC
    PE Magazine LLC Month ago

    This is bullshit

  • HomeTrainedHampster


  • Araf Ezaz
    Araf Ezaz Month ago


  • Drunken Dog
    Drunken Dog Month ago


  • Bryan Moore
    Bryan Moore Month ago

    Iron man dies

  • Jack Crow
    Jack Crow Month ago

    Sure it might be foreshadowing, but not a correct theory

  • ruffboy games
    ruffboy games Month ago

    He is veryyyyyy wrong

  • Mark
    Mark Month ago

    hahaha why would they make this knowing it could well be completely disproved that very day (which it was) by Endgame

    XZYxWHITETIGRx Xxx Month ago

    Spider man far from home takes place after endgame and is either the end of phase 3 or the beginning of phase 4

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar Month ago

    I dont understand why people in the comments think this theory is debunked by Endgame, isnt this what actually happened in Endgame ? Or did I see a different movie ?

  • Aboy Paquibot
    Aboy Paquibot Month ago

    This theory doesnt make sense

  • Dasha Genkin
    Dasha Genkin Month ago

    Yeah... that’s not how time travel works in the MCU

  • LickGlue 1
    LickGlue 1 Month ago

    But hey that’s just a theory

  • Boba Frett
    Boba Frett Month ago +1

    In other word... ENDGAME is really the END of the Phase 3.... Spiderman far from home is just an alternate reality spiderman movie....

  • David MacGregor
    David MacGregor Month ago +1

    I too noticed Hawkeye holding a sword when I first saw this movie and was like "Who the hell is that? that supposed to be Hawkeye but as Ronin??? WTF?"

  • sehun the sweet huney

    why would you draw a star that's white white. i'm pretty sure like everyone has drawn a star at least _once_ that was colored in because we messed up

  • Andres Castillo
    Andres Castillo Month ago +2

    This doesn't make sense and I have seen endgame I can say this theory seems interesting but it definitely makes no sense

  • Benjamin Gorski
    Benjamin Gorski Month ago +2

    This is the best Marvel fan theory I have ever heard it is probably correct. Great job

  • Joelle Smith
    Joelle Smith Month ago +1

    Wait if it was 5 years later when Peter went back to school wouldn't that mean all his friends graduate

    • David Krane
      David Krane Month ago

      @Joelle Smith he was probably afraid that Peter was one of the kids that didn't get dusted, having your best friend move on for five years could really mess up your relationship

    • Angelo Mangione
      Angelo Mangione Month ago

      His friends all got dusted too. Ned, MJ, Flash, and Peter

    • Edward Nygma
      Edward Nygma Month ago

      That's what I was thinking about, but the FFH trailer showed most of them on the trip with him, so it's likely they were snapped along with Pete.

  • bladestar1
    bladestar1 Month ago

    What if prowler and miles never got snapped away and peter and his highschool come back 5 years later and one of the new students that didnt get snapped was mile morales and thats how they bring him in and have donald glover have turned into prowler over the 5 years

  • Israel Baldago
    Israel Baldago Month ago

    This theory is reaching pretty hard...

  • DAVE D.R.
    DAVE D.R. Month ago

    This theorist are wrong when you watched the end game you'll realize it

    XX THNDRWLF25XD XX Month ago

    Wrong hawkeye never came to new york in endgame

  • Mantas :D
    Mantas :D Month ago

    Well about the iron spiderman suit, in the movie when Stark presented it to Peter, Peter he said he doesnt want it and he just wants to be the friendly neighbourhood spider man

  • Akrit Karmakar
    Akrit Karmakar Month ago

    It's all nothing

  • Shanzar Asif
    Shanzar Asif Month ago

    Lol marvel isn't gonna confuse the fans this much

  • Casey F23
    Casey F23 Month ago

    No it's not

  • aaronsande
    aaronsande Month ago

    Better not. IDGAF about alternative timelines.

  • pro 6000
    pro 6000 Month ago

    The most debunked theory

  • Avishek Saini
    Avishek Saini Month ago

    Probably should have waited a few days to watch Endgame first before embarrassing yourself with this video

  • Kay Thwe Khin
    Kay Thwe Khin Month ago

    I think Ronin looks more like a Shinobi than a Ronin

  • Rolly
    Rolly Month ago

    Well these spiderman far from home theory’s make no sense because you would expect the avengers to win would’nt you?

  • Melissa Enciso
    Melissa Enciso Month ago

    After seen Endgame, how old is spiderman? Because he is still in High school in Far from home

  • Sean O'Friel
    Sean O'Friel Month ago


  • JooshFX
    JooshFX Month ago

    Same thing i thought! Like... if sSpiderman died in Spiderverse, than how would there be another movie??? Unless.. they were going to make Miles the new Spiderman...

  • jolibaybay
    jolibaybay Month ago +1

    we finally know why the year is missing. 😎

  • xxo ea
    xxo ea Month ago

    This might have held some ground if not for endgame lol

  • xxo ea
    xxo ea Month ago

    I just wana know why you keep mispronouncing CRAY-ON and saving CRAAN

    BJ CANZ Month ago

    hawkeye killed wolverine rival in endgame

  • Norbie Ramos
    Norbie Ramos Month ago +1

    dang, rest in peace iron man

  • Flame Lord
    Flame Lord Month ago

    After watching endgame it's all false

  • Mohammed Zameer
    Mohammed Zameer Month ago

    Did he...
    over analyse a childs drawing?

  • Alex mcginty
    Alex mcginty Month ago

    No just no

  • 6foot beast
    6foot beast Month ago

    Fu#$ click bate

  • Muhammad Hafiz
    Muhammad Hafiz Month ago +1


  • Ultrax Emerald
    Ultrax Emerald Month ago +2

    I thought that this theory was already silly, then I watched Endgame

  • chelsey loria
    chelsey loria Month ago +4

    Maybe its just a clue For endgame.
    if i were you i would just wait for phase 4 and maybe they introduce the multiverse.

  • kaushik ravindran
    kaushik ravindran Month ago +1

    You're theories aree soooo wrong....

  • LilyRayme Animation

    time travel mcu

  • Albart Bartolome
    Albart Bartolome Month ago

    Feige said FFH will sum up Phase 3, and Endgame is the culmination of all marvel movies, my best guess would be FFH timeline is prior to Infinity War. just a guess not a theory. 😉

  • MatthiasAI
    MatthiasAI Month ago

    and Marvel gunna go set up for "infinity crisis" style movie that DC should have lead with. I only wish they had some decent leads in the DC-CU to set up what would have been the accumilation of an "annual" into the Cinematic Universe like Crisis on Infinite Earths. That would have been epic and easily explained the changing of actors and keeping of others...

  • sunil
    sunil Month ago

    U haven't seen endgame have you

  • Dre Rose
    Dre Rose Month ago

    Yoooo if this theory is true we may see The Dark Avengers in far from home

    • Dre Rose
      Dre Rose Month ago

      Spider-Man far from home is going to have the dark avengers. Dope dope dope

    • Dre Rose
      Dre Rose Month ago

      Yoooo I was right dark avengers are coming ayyyyyyyyy

    • Dre Rose
      Dre Rose Month ago

      I would think so... and that’s why Spider-Man has black in his costume???? Idk

    • loveks
      loveks Month ago

      it's not true

  • portalj123
    portalj123 Month ago

    Spoiler alert for endgame

    Wait you said so Spider-Man was never snapped in the first place because they did time traveling well I hope to see end game this theory is debunked because he is still snapped because you have to look into the laws of physics or something inside of Marvel it's crazy he remembers everything

  • Jake
    Jake Month ago

    I'm sorry but this is soooo bad