Last 16 | Hsu Kai-Lun - Liu Haitao | Match 28 | 2019 US Open 9-ball

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
  • Last 16 - 2019 US Open 9-ball
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Comments • 9

  • Luke Hardy
    Luke Hardy 5 months ago +1

    The tattoo seems to be a skyline of a home city I think

  • Brett Barker
    Brett Barker 8 months ago +3

    Almost skipped this match because I don’t know the players. So glad I didn’t. They’re both great players.

    • CS LIN
      CS LIN 6 months ago

      @Benneth Samuel and he is Korean

    • Benneth Samuel
      Benneth Samuel 8 months ago

      Liu is wcop champions, btw

  • physika
    physika 9 months ago

    Hsu is the surname, not Kai-Lun.

  • Shucheng Chao巢
    Shucheng Chao巢 9 months ago +5

    15:17 Hsu switched to his left hand for the 9. Really gutsy

    • James R OBoyle
      James R OBoyle Month ago


    • Brett Barker
      Brett Barker 8 months ago +1

      巢书诚 did it twice in the first five of his wins. Really owns it, too. Check out around 34:30.

  • Player King of New York City

    Wu knockouts SVB! Let’s go 🇨🇳!