Trey Gowdy Confronts Loretta Lynch! "Did You Send Classified Info on A Personal Email Like Hillary?"

  • Опубликовано: 19 июн 2017
  • Trey Gowdy Confronts Loretta Lynch! "Did You Send Classified Info on A Personal Email Like Hillary?"

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  • leadsinger69692003
    leadsinger69692003 День назад

    you didnt indicate anything, you LYING BITCH.....

  • Kevin Halsey
    Kevin Halsey 24 дня назад

    All of our worst enemies are always lawyers from Chicago and New York. They are criminal gangsters masquerading as politicians and they actually made it all the way to the top.

  • David Osborne
    David Osborne 2 месяца назад +1

    Slime Mind in action, Verbal Slithering, Disgusting.

  • Katherine Collins
    Katherine Collins 2 месяца назад +1

    What did you learn how to set a criminal free you are out of line its pretty sicking this Hillary has done many crimes but you let her go to do more she is a criminal hello!!!!! And the bitch walks again!!

  • Katherine Collins
    Katherine Collins 2 месяца назад +1

    The blindfold women would drop her scales........ to see what is happening you take the biggest lyer in congress and you trust her wow wow how stupid are you!!!!! You protect a lying, cheating greedy person wow!!! GIVE UP

  • John Brittingham
    John Brittingham 2 месяца назад

    Where did Obama get $150 billion to give to a sponsor of terror? Sending classified top secret information is not as damaging as sponsoring terrorism.

    JAMES GERHARDSON 3 месяца назад +2

    I have experienced conversations in my 79 years with several "DOUBLE TALKERS", and this lady is on top of the list! She can use more words to explain something than the BEST of the BSer's!! For ANYONE to actually BELIEVE her is a very DANGEROUS decision, and she belongs in GITMO with about 50 others! What a DAMNED SHAME,,,for a woman of her apparent knowledge to go the way she has chosen, in a crime in itself!

  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown 3 месяца назад


  • Andy b
    Andy b 3 месяца назад

    what a lying ass hole! unbelievable! dems are just low life!

    ONE TWO 5 месяцев назад +1

    We protect our team. Talking in circles.

  • Kristian Søgård
    Kristian Søgård 5 месяцев назад +1

    Lynch, Lynch!

  • Sharon Cochran
    Sharon Cochran 6 месяцев назад +1

    This woman can use a thousand words to say absolutely nothing!

  • Monica Jones
    Monica Jones 7 месяцев назад +1

    Bloviating, answer the questions! You are not above the law, and neither is Hillary!,

  • LuvleeWa
    LuvleeWa 7 месяцев назад +1

    Blah blah blah blah!!!! Just like Hillary she can talk and talk and talk AND SAY NOTHING!!!!!

  • tw bass
    tw bass 9 месяцев назад +1

    Gowdy should've told her to shut up and anwser the question, I never understood anything she said.

  • V Grof
    V Grof 9 месяцев назад

    I can't wait until they lock that foul woman up. She, and the rest of the crooked Hillary/Obama gang, have gone a long way toward ruining our country. Tragic that we've become a banana republic.

  • BigBingFan
    BigBingFan 9 месяцев назад

    She went to the Barack Hussein Obama school of lying, conniving, diabolical deceit. She's a ZERO in everything she does......GITMO sounds wonderful!

  • rrhone
    rrhone 9 месяцев назад

    Uhhhh............., she's full of shit. Loretta, you fucked up. You may be going away for a while.

  • dave miller
    dave miller 10 месяцев назад

    this butch is so corrupt and such a liar she should be hung

  • dave miller
    dave miller 10 месяцев назад

    she will never give you a answer to any questions

  • Sco/ire America
    Sco/ire America 10 месяцев назад

    Loretta Lynch for prison.

  • C. Manning
    C. Manning 11 месяцев назад

    One of the first rules you learn as a lawyer is to NEVER ask a question that you don't already know the answer to. Lynch never answers anyone's questions directly so she can attempt to slither out of any charges of lying to Congress.

  • C. Manning
    C. Manning 11 месяцев назад

    No she just uses an alias to email government business on a private email server, so when they search for emails under her name in the government system they won't find anything that can be used against her.

  • Ready Made Resources
    Ready Made Resources Год назад

    The AntiChrist spirit of lying and deception are at home with this lizard.

  • Don A
    Don A Год назад

    Lock Lynch up!!! Typical lawyer

  • Dale Carpenter
    Dale Carpenter Год назад

    8:58 the same old tire wrong bull shit lost to criminals he calls gun violence .i bet there were far more people that were victims of government thieving but there are many many more people that are stabbed or that were killed with cars than guns ! I wonder was he a mayor of a gun free zone ?

  • Dale Carpenter
    Dale Carpenter Год назад

    7:58 trey confused her when he said republic she hadnt heard that America isnt a democracy but a republic that uses a democratic form to elect representatives to the republican government .to do as we tell them not what the king ( that doesnt exist ) tells them !

  • Dale Carpenter
    Dale Carpenter Год назад

    She says we protect our kings .
    2 things .we don't have a king .and she as sworn ( obviously she committed perjury ) to protect the constitution not the king ( that doesn't exist ).

  • Dale Carpenter
    Dale Carpenter Год назад

    She has a sword to, along with the scales .to punish those that break the law .

  • SonOf 7thSign
    SonOf 7thSign Год назад

    Lynch your a scab like the rest of your crew a crook

  • phython peter
    phython peter Год назад

    No longer listen to these political phonies waste of my time bunch of assholes. Overeducated actors

  • Patti Reznik
    Patti Reznik Год назад

    It is painful to watch this woman slither and slime her way out of answering questions while trying to run out the clock. I want to see her in an orange jumpsuit, size 42 short.

  • Robert Whitehead
    Robert Whitehead Год назад

    She is a liar

  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin Год назад

    this lying bitch thought she was going continue as attorney general when hillary took office! President Obama showed the American People what shitty judgement he really had! loretta lynch hillary clinton lois lerner all 3 his appointees and all stone cold bold face liars!!!!not to mention Johnthan Gruber the mastermind behind Obama Care!!!!

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom Год назад

    Fire her ass!!!!

  • jamie young
    jamie young Год назад

    owned by hillary

  • David Peltier
    David Peltier Год назад


  • Patricia King
    Patricia King Год назад

    There is no justice.... these were acts against America and Americans.... the taxpayers have to pay for these treasonous POS their salaries for LIFE!

  • kevin willerson
    kevin willerson Год назад

    lock the "Team" up

  • Oldliver Goodhag
    Oldliver Goodhag Год назад

    This woman is more full of s*** then a Christmas goose. They should lock her midget ass up .

  • jesse wilson
    jesse wilson Год назад

    This bitch is insane!!! That sweet soft voice, is the devil!

  • Ivy Jane
    Ivy Jane Год назад

    where is my stalkers recommendations?

  • Karen Carter
    Karen Carter Год назад

    Why didn't they hold her, Lynch, in contempt ? She, the then Atty General, repeatedly refuses to answer specific questions re. why a infamous political woman, a senator, a lawyer, a Sec. of State, is not held to the same laws, the same standards, that any other lesser known individual would be. The same thing should be applied to former FBI Director Comey. My God, these people are beyond belief. You have top law enforcement federal officials getting away with incredible, flagrant non-application of very serious offenses, charges, against these other high officials, the offenders, because they did not intend, that's NOT INTEND, to do it !?

  • Alfred Doten
    Alfred Doten Год назад

    She's about as honest as Satin himself !

  • Marty Bear
    Marty Bear Год назад +1

    FUXK ME she will not give a straight answer = GUILTY or something to hide. .Period.

  • Donald Harvey
    Donald Harvey Год назад

    Since when did any law come second to a presidency rase when under investigation even americans would not want them to be given extra rights that any other sivilion would not be granted they wouldn't be given special rights so why ever should clinton

  • Donald Harvey
    Donald Harvey Год назад

    Cover up for a presidency rase when there are greater things to not be implicated in

  • Donald Harvey
    Donald Harvey Год назад

    Loreta lynnch took extrordery me sure to go meet bill Clinton at a airport on the tarmac but she went but why is she covering the ass ove the clintons

  • Donald Harvey
    Donald Harvey Год назад

    She on say it is against the law to use an thing else for classified emails to be sent only to direct gov

  • Michael Healy
    Michael Healy Год назад

    Loretta Lynch should sentenced to a minimum of 10 yrs .Telling Comey to address the Clinton investigation as a matter.And the infamous Tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton oh yeah they were discussing grand kids.BULLSHIT!

  • Catherine Lowe
    Catherine Lowe Год назад

    get our 50 million back from her

  • True Believer
    True Believer Год назад +1

    These Committees are nothing but a waste of time!

  • dolores lopez
    dolores lopez Год назад

    Sounds good but she is still a big liar and like the rest of obamas criminal adm , i pray she spends the rest of her life in prison.

  • sleepytickle
    sleepytickle Год назад

    Loretta Lynch is SO FUCKING UGLY as well as a LIAR; HOW could she be appointed AG?

  • roknroy1
    roknroy1 Год назад

    hell, anyone?

  • Peter Georgeopolus
    Peter Georgeopolus Год назад

    Her mouth is moving so she must be telling a lie

  • Peter Georgeopolus
    Peter Georgeopolus Год назад +1


  • Sara Olexa
    Sara Olexa Год назад

    Go Gowdy Go !!!
    First political person I trust !!!
    Hope you run for president after Mr. Trumps 8 years!!!!!

  • Kohoko
    Kohoko Год назад

    Every crooked politician for themselves...

  • becky Sawyer
    becky Sawyer Год назад

    Loretta Lynch should be jailed

  • Jim Martin
    Jim Martin Год назад

    What a steaming load of Obamanure.

  • Wandering Travels
    Wandering Travels Год назад

    The team
    The team
    Send the team to the front lines

  • mud man
    mud man Год назад

    2018 is the time to vote please vote we cant do this later because they will be in for 3 or4 years if we don't vote this year

  • mud man
    mud man Год назад

    2018 is the time to vote please vote we cant do this later because they will be in for 3 or4 years if we don't vote this year

  • Arlenice Carbajal
    Arlenice Carbajal Год назад +3

    More often; these people need to be reminded that their paycheck comes from citizens' emptied pocketbooks!!

  • Bigfoot-Alien Timetraveler
    Bigfoot-Alien Timetraveler Год назад +1

    she will explain everything in detail, except for the specific question she is asked.............. if you have nothing to hide why not answer questions directly?

  • Bigfoot-Alien Timetraveler
    Bigfoot-Alien Timetraveler Год назад +1

    despicable human being, trying to sound smart, all the while not answering the question

  • John Spurrell
    John Spurrell Год назад +1

    Loretta Lynch should get the award as the second best Washington dancer in Washington this year. The first dancer is still Hillary Clinton but the dancers are getting ready for the next contest an we will still have to wait to see who is the best. Among the male dancers is still Mr. Obama with his Russian balalaika !

  • Eric Lestick
    Eric Lestick Год назад +2

    How dull and boring, yet sharply critical of the Secretary of State's actions.
    Loretta should be promoted exceedingly greatly above her peers for protecting a power hungry hyena like Hilllary Clinton.
    Loretta should have a long and distinguished role in politics until we learn to screen out such filth.

    • STN LEE
      STN LEE 2 месяца назад

      Hh-hmm, yah.. shure, you ol bootch we'll just has to refer yo ' lyin' ol' self to GITMO... YO NEEDS TO QUIT FLINGIIN' POOPS ALL OVER. YO NEEDS YO MOUTH WASHED OUT WITH LIE SOAP,,, YEPP,,

  • Jenny B
    Jenny B Год назад


  • Oscar Contreras
    Oscar Contreras Год назад

    If there was a more despicable sounding word meaning LIAR, I wish I could think
    of it

  • Johnny T
    Johnny T Год назад

    Voltage chair now ,,, diseased person ... 🚑

  • Bambi Z
    Bambi Z Год назад

    Lynch is just using all the excuses to Gowdy. She thinks that Gowdy is not aware that she has committed treason and lying for Hillary and corruption. She feels that Hillary did not have the intent to break the law. She is not saying one word. She just insists to stick to her same old story. Her and her stupid Teams.

  • Francis Francis
    Francis Francis Год назад

    This kangaroo court did nothing but blah blah blah. Crooks still roam around like nothing happen. If all the crooks are jailed you have to build more jail house. America are you that STUPID.

  • Peggy B
    Peggy B Год назад

    My understanding is the emails were sent BEFORE the issue became classified. People need to use common sense. Clinton is an attorney. What she did with the emails was unwise, but I'm sure she knows the letter of law and stayed within the law through loopholes as they all do. The information I read said the emails were sent discussing the possibility of the issue and the date shows it was before it became classified. It is wrong, but not illegal or she would be in jail. Give it a rest. Move on to the issues now. Her political career is basically over so why dwell on her unless it's to deflect from the issues that are important. Only an ignorant person would say that 'fake' news is done on one side of the political spectrum. Use common sense. The Republicans investigated her and couldn't charge her for an actual crime so why are they STILL dwelling on it? Think about it. DOH! (And so you don't call me a 'libtard' and other vulgar terms that Republicans think are sooo clever, but actually show your education or mentality level, (you know who you are) I did not vote for Clinton and have no loyalty towards her. Simply, I'm being objective and not hysterical like so many people are in BOTH parties.

  • jesse wilson
    jesse wilson Год назад

    This bitch, is crazy as fuck, its just that simple!!!!

  • John Duck
    John Duck Год назад

    She is a fucking asshole!

  • Momonoski
    Momonoski Год назад +1

    This bitch obstructed justice & colluded! She should have ALREADY been INDICTED, TRIED & SENTENCED!!!

  • Cy Granzella
    Cy Granzella Год назад

    ive keep classified info for 85 years as i swore to 55 years ago and it effect my health SHE NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCONTABLE

  • scott d
    scott d Год назад

    omg if i did half this shit id be in jail...lock em all up...bye bye

  • Joshua Valach
    Joshua Valach Год назад

    Gosh she's an expert!! She says a hellova lot without actually saying anything lol

  • Vitaly Pilkin
    Vitaly Pilkin Год назад

    In order to conceal crimes committed by Hogan Lovells and Sony Hogan Lovells has corrupted the US Attorney General Loretta Lynch who knowingly and willfully obstructed criminal investigation by the US Department of Justice of said crimes that is confirmed by reliable proofs available on my account .

  • Marine Forever
    Marine Forever Год назад

    To: Joan, Lorretta Lynch is not in jail because you aren't in jail .Gowdy has a problem with people of color who are in Senate Positions or Cabinet Positions. He has been after President Obama and now Lynch, he was going after Holder also for no good reasons, only because a Democratic President placed them in their positions . Now tell me what person he went after who is white except Hillary. Now he has yet to go after Trump when he has did or has been involved in questionable actions. When America comes to grips with the racism that people of color face each day we will forever be divided. The justice system is so unbalanced it's ridiculous. I can speak on this being I worked in the field of Corrections for over 24 years. Now the first statement to part your lips was put her in jail. I have seen the good, the bad and ugly working in this field and have seen it all. You should never be so quick to say put someone in jail, if you have seen what I seen and the stress that people face in a bias system you would think before mak9 such a comment. I think I know why you made that statement about Lynch, but would have said it about Trump, of course not. It's sad that people like Gowdy and Trump feel it's okay to use fear tactics to play on the minds of the American people, but this is why we're so divided as a country. The funny thing is we call ourselves being the Watchdog Nation, but won't ever treat our own people with respect. It's your right as an American to speak your mind. I was raised and taught, it's not what say, its how you say it. Look in the mirror, maybe you'll find some truth within yourself

  • DavidAsset78
    DavidAsset78 Год назад

    Trey Gowdy is the essence of poor, white trash. He's a flame thrower will no credibility whatsoever. A partisan hack who is all in for Trump and turns a blind eye to his corruption.

  • Kay M
    Kay M Год назад

    lynch is nothing more than a criminal

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson Год назад

    Never a political overtone, huh? The bitch met slick Willy on the tarmac and she was worried about political overtones. God help us.

  • Legal eagle
    Legal eagle Год назад

    Obama puppet....a real bitch

  • Terry Grossmann
    Terry Grossmann Год назад

    Is just me or did Lynch's response sound like a cover to protect Hillary. Lynch and bill belong for meeting while there was an open case. Some attorneys I have spoken with ask why was that jumped on already. Billy also for child molesting. Hillary belongs in prison for many reasons. Why are the liberals or the democrats care at the wrongs. They should be leading the way on this. I refuse to believe democrats care about this country or equality in justice until they clean themselves up. The same goes for the republicans. It's apparent the democrats are trying to draw focus away from their own cover ups by drawing pressure on Trump. Yes Trump is messing up and needs to answer for it, but not by covering up one mess to go after the other. No one believes in and won't believe in our justice system until the rich, politicians, and famous are made to face justice equally and are made to face the same consequences.

  • rex smith
    rex smith Год назад

    I more concerned with who gave her the order to give Clinton a pass. Process of elimination points to either Obama or Bill Clinton or both. She is covering up for somebody. She should be prosecuted for what she has done.

  • victor portocarrero
    victor portocarrero Год назад

    All she talk is B/S...they have to find a BIG chair for that BIG ass...!!

  • richard crowley
    richard crowley Год назад


  • Pat Murphy
    Pat Murphy Год назад +3

    When AG Loretta Lynch asked Comey to call the Clinton scandal a 'matter' rather than an 'investigation' she was OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE.....Why didn't Comey LEAK this to his liberal Columbia Law School buddy in order to get a 'Special Prosecutor' involved ??? (as he did when Trump allegedly stated that he 'hoped' Flynn wouldn't be prosecuted). It seems that Comey did have an AGENDA and that Trump was correct in firing him.(Comey politicized the FBI). Why is the mainstream media always aggressive in pursuing Republican 'wrongdoing' but not so aggressive in pursuing Democrat 'wrongdoing'...hint, hint.....the media is DISHONEST and BIASED...

  • Molly LittleBird
    Molly LittleBird Год назад

    He is never going to get a good answer from her as she is a LIAR who conspired with Bill Clinton to get Hellary off and now she will lie, cheat, make up excuses and cover up her guilt in the big coverup! Why are not all of these crooks in jail? Thank you Trey for putting it out there! None of the Democraps seem to care what she and Clinton were doing.

  • CLAY Thomas
    CLAY Thomas Год назад

    I have never heard someone ramble for so long, saying absolutely nothing. What she does do intentionally is eat up time and not answer the questions. Protecting Clinton is here number one mission.

  • clearskies54
    clearskies54 Год назад

    I am grateful that these crazy liberals create a venue for the few intelligent leaders we do have in government to educate the public in constitutional law and how logic and common sense works up close and personal.. We no longer teach this in the schools. But what a perfect example of logic and law vs non-sense and chaos.

  • Gimal 01
    Gimal 01 Год назад

    "Fear of political influence", that's why you demanded that it be called a "matter" rather than what it actually was "an investigation" of Hillary Clinton- disgusting liar. Lying under oath, punishable by incarceration.



  • Linda ginger
    Linda ginger Год назад +1


  • H Pn
    H Pn Год назад

    this was before she met Clinton in airport tarmac! she knew Hillary Clinton was in deep poop.

  • henry chalder
    henry chalder Год назад

    She's like a maggot wriggling on the hook to escape. Trey already underlines laws have been broken with regard communications during Obama administration he was trying to ascertain from Lynch what degree of crime it was, she just never answers when cornered