Rugby Championship | New Zealand vs South Africa | Highlights

  • Published on Jul 27, 2019
  • Highlights of the match between New Zealand and South Africa from Westpac Stadium, Wellington.
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Comments • 198

  • stephen onyango
    stephen onyango 10 days ago

    The Springbok lynch squad. I won't support you. You should be banned from the world cup. How can you lynch your fellow Africans in the name of xenophobia?

  • Marco ' V
    Marco ' V 28 days ago

    Bokke !!!

  • NIMROD 13.10
    NIMROD 13.10 Month ago

    springboks are 3 rd in the world

  • Tshidiso Moses
    Tshidiso Moses Month ago

    They shows that they are playing for a country, unlike those who play soccer......God bless

  • Ian Dog
    Ian Dog Month ago

    To get a Win and then a draw in New Zealand in consecutive years against one of the best All black Teams maybe ever is no mean feat, I dont believe any other team in the World could achive that, Boks are back, definately New Zealands most dangerous opponent.

  • Greg Cooper
    Greg Cooper Month ago

    check Jantjies try 1-2m INSIDE the 15m line, ref makes Pollard kick 2-3m OUTSIDE the 15m line.

  • Ophola Maseti
    Ophola Maseti Month ago +2

    Where is the haka man? This is not acceptable supersport!! 😡

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady Month ago

    The All Blacks don,t pick talent when they select n squad , they pick character that is what separate them from the rest and makes them dangerous

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady Month ago

    Bokke think they can win the world cup what n joke Namibia is waiting for you in the world cup ha ha

    • mphayeng boikie
      mphayeng boikie Month ago

      Wich position are u in the world shame on u jelouse idiot

  • tashrieq diedericks

    Wud love to see lydez get a chance his a play maker and good on defense

  • tashrieq diedericks

    Chessy all the way best winger for the boks for this world cup let's hope they dnt drop him

  • Francois Theron
    Francois Theron Month ago +1

    Lekker bokke dit is iets waarop ons kan trots wees hou so aan!!!

  • Jared Nel
    Jared Nel Month ago

    How the eff do 4 officials miss such an obvious knock on at such a vital stage of the game. It's beyond me.

  • kabelo moutloane
    kabelo moutloane Month ago

    This new zealand is not dangerous...

  • Colour2014
    Colour2014 Month ago

    Jessie Kriel useless,, Mapimpi useless, Nkosi useless

  • Mario Vautrin
    Mario Vautrin Month ago +1

    New Zealanders rugby crowd are pathetic !!! all the jeers and final kick .... and just for another record noted .... the all blacks were AGAIN helped by the ref !!!!!! all blacks knocked it on , before the penalty .... 3 points easy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rowhan Celti
      Rowhan Celti Month ago +1

      That knock in the ruck was clearly reviewed and visible...but constant bias from refs always when kiwis play...nothing new.😑 he clearly ignored it.

  • Siphelele Qalaba
    Siphelele Qalaba Month ago +1


  • John Frans
    John Frans Month ago

    Brilliant Lol

  • Vixx Tube
    Vixx Tube Month ago

  • Attack Helikopter
    Attack Helikopter Month ago +1

    Bokke stopped sending players into the rucks in 2nd half. AB got much more ball quicker, yet still couldnt score a try at home, even with an attacking scrum 5m from Bok goal line. Well done, Jacques Nienaber for great defense coaching.!! BUT AB are rusty and will get much better. Boks are ready for them BUT need to know how to score points with domination against AB.

  • iluminousTV
    iluminousTV Month ago

    2:59 beauden stepped out, bruh wtf
    Check my Insta story

  • Earle Francis
    Earle Francis Month ago

    At 3.20.... that was out!

  • Mark Coetzee
    Mark Coetzee Month ago +1

    What the poes is wrong with the naaiers wanting xhoxa commentary ...just enjoy the game already

    • Mark Coetzee
      Mark Coetzee Month ago +1

      @Matt O lol I've found out since this post it's awesome

    • Mark Coetzee
      Mark Coetzee Month ago +1

      @zander botha oh okay then I'm sorry I just thought it was a whole language thingy again...I've never watched rugby with xhosa commentary before Ill have to check it out

    • Matt O
      Matt O Month ago

      Chill your guava Mark, xhosa commentary is awesome

    • zander botha
      zander botha Month ago +1

      They don't complain about the language you dildo, Everyone likes watching the highlights in Xhosa because the reactions are awesome and full of excitement

  • Crus R
    Crus R Month ago +1

    Was a draw but SA "won".

    PURE AFRICAN Month ago +3

    We (Boks) are going to win this CHAMPIONSHIP tournament.

  • Cedric Makhathini
    Cedric Makhathini Month ago +3

    We ready for the world cup,"go bokka"

  • Thabonyana Sizila
    Thabonyana Sizila Month ago +5

    FOK Hierdie POESE!

  • JOhann Smith
    JOhann Smith Month ago +15

    The New Zealanders has always been bad losers and the crowd showed it again today...

  • Jackie van Schalkwyk
    Jackie van Schalkwyk Month ago +2

    Why does Rugby not assist the human referee to improve the quality of decision making? It is very obvious that referees (sometimes unknowingly) are committing major blunders but rugby is not prepared to apply existing technology to assist and improve decision making and allow rugby to be recognised as a modern sport association that embrace fairness.
    The technology exists but it is not optimised. The TMO rarely speaks out and correct the referee!! We continue witnessing errors made by referees that influence the outcome of a match. Reviews are allowed in tennis, cricket and most other major sports but not allowed in rugby! Why does rugby refuse to be become more fair? Why does rugby not allow 3 reviews per half to correct errors made by the referee? How long will the sport of rugby continue to act in this archaic fashion?

  • Mark Cotzeeza
    Mark Cotzeeza Month ago

    Books has a big chance to win rugby world cup. Go BOKKE!!!!!!!!!

  • Yaseen Morgan
    Yaseen Morgan Month ago +1

    Dankie Bokke

  • Carl Theron
    Carl Theron Month ago +4

    We currently have some of the fastest and most skillful wingers in the world and they barely see the ball. Our centres are useless on attack. Could just as well put whitely and kwagga on the wings

  • Dillyn Lakey
    Dillyn Lakey Month ago

    No1 is talking about how kak Willie played. And how passed to no1 again and it was a forward if someone was there. Please don't play Willie in the world cup. He is kak

  • Abongile Ndudula
    Abongile Ndudula Month ago +1

    The English are salivating and all Irish men are licking their lips! Kinda feel sorry for the Kiwis, but then again...

  • Abongile Ndudula
    Abongile Ndudula Month ago

    Boks never lose at Home. lol

  • Smith Nxumalo
    Smith Nxumalo Month ago

    Op the Boks Op 🐐✊😃!!!

  • henry desto
    henry desto Month ago

    9:29 No 16 SIES en jy verteenwoordig ons nee man hoop jou afrigter praat met jou

  • Lehlogonolo Maila
    Lehlogonolo Maila Month ago +1


  • Mubeen Slinger
    Mubeen Slinger Month ago

    forward pass @6:36?

    • T3 Beatz
      T3 Beatz Month ago

      Looks like it's a trick of the camera

  • DomanaxTV
    DomanaxTV Month ago +2

    Why cant anyone from outside SA see this?

  • lardus86
    lardus86 Month ago

    You might need to censor it around 9:30 :)

  • H.S
    H.S Month ago +7

    SA coming strongly to the World Cup in Japan next year

  • H.S
    H.S Month ago

    Best performance from both teams I have seen

  • Tokoloho Lesole
    Tokoloho Lesole Month ago +11

    New Zealand haven't beat us at their home ground in 2 years

  • Mimeniia
    Mimeniia Month ago +3

    The other thing is, for the second year in a row the rest of the rugby world is taking note and drawing more confidence and knowledge in their lead up games against the ABs.
    I can just imagine the 6 Nations teams getting out their napkins, knives and forks in anticipation.

  • Sophonia Chris
    Sophonia Chris Month ago +2

    What the game to be remembered

  • Dewald Dippenaar
    Dewald Dippenaar Month ago +8

    Herschel *brilJant* jies💨

  • Wilfred Raphadu
    Wilfred Raphadu Month ago +1

    welldone south african

  • sifiso lurwengu
    sifiso lurwengu Month ago +1

    great game nd we love u guys

  • Narch
    Narch Month ago +1

    Stop the fafing box kicks!!
    They don’t do anything but give the opponent the possession. Why do it!?
    Makes no fafing sense!

  • intergalactic space ship destroyer

    Somebody translate what was bongi saying at 9:28🤣

  • Morne Jack
    Morne Jack Month ago +1

    Ons bokke het hulle .

  • Nur Davids
    Nur Davids Month ago

    Bokkies please beat the AB's consistently for the next ten years and more than you all can make comments like the bokkies are back. A win last year after ten years and a draw today says nothing because the Argies can turn you over next week then what? So keep quiet and play rugby.

    • Nur Davids
      Nur Davids Month ago

      Hahahaha 🤣 so defensive over rugby, you protect all SA sport like that? Don't think you do so wake up from the dream you having and face reality. Your bokkies is just another team trying their utmost to compete for the #1 spot and wanting to be like the AB's. Your team didn't beat the Argies yet so no trophy until then, then the real test awaits in September when you have to do the talking on the field and not in the press. You enjoy your week and may the best team win.

    • Jacques De la Harpe
      Jacques De la Harpe Month ago

      Nur Davids Your “please do this or that” as if you ever played rugby and pretending to be some authority on the game. You are the “doos” here. And one that had enough airtime.

    • Nur Davids
      Nur Davids Month ago

      I'm too young for what you referring to, so I guess you try some better insult/argument to make your point. Look at what your very own Checkers did, calling your own team the " quota squad" or can you confirm that that is correct? Do me this please, get your SR teams to try and win the cup and not cry by saying we going to join the north, they don't want your team there only your players. Try and stop crying when things don't go your way and blame the other team and call them cheats and the refs. Loose the us against the world stigma, dammit the bokkies won 2 WC'S already, stop being such doos supporters and just grow up.

    • Jacques De la Harpe
      Jacques De la Harpe Month ago

      Nur Davids Difference between offended and annoyed. You sound like a South African living in the past.

    • Nur Davids
      Nur Davids Month ago

      Typical bokkies fan, getting emotional over sport because you offended by what I said. Hahahaha 🤣 a win, draw whatever is just a result so why you so defensive, are you so invested in your bokkies that you can't face reality of your team. Sit still and watch rugby and sport with understanding first then you will enjoy it more. Hope you as emotional about all the sports in SA or is it just rugby?

  • Nur Davids
    Nur Davids Month ago +2

    No mention of the forward pass from Pollard to colby? But ja a draw is a win for your bokkies. Will see you at the WC, enjoy the RC because as you all know whoever wins this cup doesn't win anything else.

    • Nur Davids
      Nur Davids Month ago +1

      LT so be real sportsman and get over the fact that it's a draw and not a win. Not a draw/win, is your team getting ready for the Argies yet or are they still busy celebrating? Rugby or sport is not waiting for anyone to catch up not even for the AB's. The sooner you get on the horse the better you can be the next time, don't you think so.

    • Lerato Taljaard
      Lerato Taljaard Month ago

      @Nur Davids Well mate as South Africans its a huge thing if we win or draw against you guys at your home turf cause we know its never easy there , its like a stepping stone for us . Yeah we will see you guys in Japan (World Cup) !

    • Jacques De la Harpe
      Jacques De la Harpe Month ago +3

      Nur Davids Draw against the AB’s at home and the ref. You sound bitter

    • Nur Davids
      Nur Davids Month ago

      From the fans that go crazy for a draw against the AB's ..... Hahaha you've won the RC and WC already well done.

    • Mark Anderson
      Mark Anderson Month ago +2

      Spoken like a true moron

  • Ignorance Is Bliss
    Ignorance Is Bliss Month ago +23

    Cheslin kolbe shut the winger, Rieko, out and out of the team...

  • Erhardt Gerber
    Erhardt Gerber Month ago +30

    How about sounding the final hooter when Pollard starts his approach for the conversion?!

  • Tomas Giddy
    Tomas Giddy Month ago +2

    faf played great game jantjies sucks

  • El Haddad
    El Haddad Month ago +4

    Springboks should of won

    • Satu Ra
      Satu Ra Month ago

      Should've not should of

    • jc geldenhuys
      jc geldenhuys Month ago

      Why you say that. Both teams missed a kick. Boks should of done more in the first half while they were dominating. Some weird calls going against boks in second half but the same happend against NZ in first half. I think it was just a pretty average game that could of gone either way. And I'm a saffa so not being biased or anything

  • Growling Clown
    Growling Clown Month ago +20

    Brilliant game of rugby. Very little between the two teams though I feel like S.A definitely played better. Especially in the first half

    • Blacktears The Reaper
      Blacktears The Reaper Month ago

      Yeah that ref was definitely bias

    • Growling Clown
      Growling Clown Month ago +1

      Shannon nopeman yip that was ridiculous! We were playing just as much against the ref as we were NZ

    • Shannon nopeman
      Shannon nopeman Month ago +4

      Yes, the ref was one of NZ best players in the 2nd half as well. Clearly a knock on and he didnt want to check. He even said "i know its an important decision" and then didnt go upstairs. What a joke XD

  • Jaco Marais
    Jaco Marais Month ago +4

    Great game! I didn't watch the first half but I think I heard that SA dominated a bit there. Second half wasn't tight but I think NZ had the edge. The draw just shows how close these countries are! The World cup game is gonna be great, cant wait!! :)