Another 10 games that killed their developers

After two videos about video games that killed their studios, it's time for round three. It’s time to look at even more now defunct developers that made a few of our most beloved classics and guilty pleasures. Get ready because here are another ten games that unfortunately killed their studio in the proces.

Neversoft - Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
At the end of the nineties and the early 2000s Neversoft was one of the best studios around. The studio rocked the world with hits like MDK, Spider-Man and of course the revolutionary Tony Hawk Pro Skater franchise. The studio ditched the skateboarding franchise and took over Red Octane’s Guitar Hero series.

Argonaut Games - Malice
Argonaut Games was a legendary studio that developed a few revolutionary games like Star Fox, Stunt Race FX, Alien Resurrection and Croc. It was a studio that worked a lot alongside Nintendo and it wasn’t afraid to take risks. However they also made a lot of mediocre games like Malice. Malice was an average platform game that came out on PS2 and Xbox.

Airtight Games - Murdered: Soul Suspect
Airtight Games was an American independent studio that became infamous for developing Capcom’s Dark Void. The game was badly received and it seemed that Airtight Games would be a studio that would be gone before we knew it. However it did manage to exist for over10 years.

Vigil Games - Darksiders 2
Darksiders was a pretty awesome game series that was developed by Vigil Games. However Vigil was a part of THQ which eventually went bankrupt. Most of its studios were sold to other parties, but Vigil Games did not receive any bids.

38 studios - Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning
38 Studios was founded by Major League Baseball Pitcher Curt Schilling. The studio became famous for making Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning. Reckoning was a pretty decent action rpg that got some pretty good scores in the media.

Rebel Act Studios - Severance Blades of Darkness
Rebel Act Studios was a small Spanish studio that only made one game, but it was a pretty good one. Severance: Blades of Darkness was a third person action game for PC published by Codemasters.

Realtime World - A.P.B. All Points Bulletin
A.P.B. was one of these games that was supposed to be the next big thing, but in the end failed to impress. This open world multiplayer online game just didn’t sell enough copies, with the result that Realtime World was placed into administration.

GRIN - Terminator Salvation
Do you guys remember the Swedish game development studio called GRIN? You might know it from the pretty awesome Bionic Commando Rearmed game they developed for Capcom. They also made the decent Wanted: Weapons of Fate movie tie-in, but other than that all their other games were pretty mediocre.

Zipper Interactive - Unit 13
We all know Zipper Interactive from their awesome SOCOM series on several Playstation platforms. Sony’s first online shooter gained a lot of popularity, but after a few entries in the series its popularity and sales decreased.

Whoopee Camp - Tomba! 2
Whoopee Camp sounds like a bad teenage comedy movie but in fact it was a Japanese video game development studio from Osaka. The studio got famous for its Tomba! series on the Sony Playstation, better known as the Tombi! series in Europe.

Which video game developer closure bummed you out the most? Let us know in the comments and please subscribe to our channel and like this video!

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Автор WujuDekar ( назад)
I actually liked Unit 13.

Автор Loren Helgeson ( назад)
GRIN was pretty decent. The only good thing that came out of their closure was that the development of Strider 2014 was passed off to another studio, and that game turned out fantastic. At the same time, I wonder what GRIN's take on it would have been like.

Автор Ngarlege Ngarndingabe ( назад)

Автор Stellan Kindblad ( назад)
too bad. I really liked murdered soul suspect. but as they said. it was too short and linear. but otherwise an amasing story and some really good mechanics.

Автор James Valdez ( назад)
Rip. Acclaim. That's my childhood. Anyone every play the area 51 console game? One of my absolute favorite. They should reboot that one

Автор oddleader12 _ ( назад)
Killed their developer? what did it do? grow sentient and pick up a knife and stabbed them a bunch of times? Shitty title is shitty.

Автор HelldivedGamer Master/King of the Galaxy ( назад)
Darksiders 3 has been confirmed.....

Автор ET&T ( назад)
Blades of Darkness is a great game.

Автор Krn Gck ( назад)
I really liked Dark Void. I feel lonely.

Автор EpicMickey ( назад)
damn it, i cannot find the song at 4:22!

Автор Stay away from my peanut butter ( назад)
Warriors of Rock was fucking good tho.

Автор Blacknight 哥伦比亚 ( назад)
but darksiders didn't kille developer THQ kill theirselves with trash Disney movies videogames

Автор theDiReW0lf ( назад)
Rip Socom. I'll never play a shooter again.

Автор d o p e ( назад)
他不是有个人邮箱嘛 你可以试着联系下

Автор Blades Of Chaos ( назад)
Also I hope some day they will make a darksiders 3. The first 2 just got remastered so here's hoping.

Автор Blades Of Chaos ( назад)
I wish more people bought KOA: Reckoning. It was a very under appreciated. Wish it got a sequel. Sad.

Автор Zero Todona ( назад)
XD I still have malice! It was terrible! Lol

Автор TheAutoReviewer ( назад)
Murdered Soul Suspect was good, fuck yous!

Автор Tobius Maximus ( назад)
Think you uh.. repeated some things.

Автор pasGedden7 ( назад)
DarkSiders such a shame what happened... I wish they made part three. DS 2 was a GREAT GAME!!!

Автор AUDO3000 and ChuckleNuts ( назад)
You should do a list of good video game companies and/or developers that Microsoft ruined

Автор Jayzl ( назад)
I love the tombi games, wish they would make a new one i think they started my need to 100% anygame i play :)

Автор Carlos Garzia ( назад)
Guys, before saying your suggestions of "games that killed their developers" remember that all of the studios in this list dont exist anymore.

Автор Sloan Anderson ( назад)
reckoning was pretty good imo. It was huge and had a shit ton of side content. Shame though, they said they had years and years of lore

Автор Munashige Sama ( назад)
I actually liked catwoman game, I bet it twice and even faped couple times. Guilty pleasure of mine.

Автор Jonas Denison ( назад)
u forgot activision:infinite warfare

Автор MrTubeStuck ( назад)
it hurts seeing game studios die out :(

Автор Rob N ( назад)
No Darksiders 3 makes me sad, the first two games were quite simply excellent.

Автор Bojan Stojanovic ( назад)
Darksiders bummed me out the most

Автор The Wandering Dovahkiin ( назад)
You misspelled process in the description

Автор Matthew Bullimore ( назад)
R.I.P Lionhead Studio's 😔

Автор The High Wall ( назад)
im sad only for kingdoms of amalur and darksiders 2 not getting its sequels....

Автор VAN PELT ( назад)
wow ... tomba  the original was so hard when I was a kid .. loved it never the less sucks there wont ever be another

Автор Suksas ( назад)
no light of day for darksiders 3? didn't we get remastered version for 1-2 not long ago?
Nordic can still make the third one.

Автор HerculezGaming ( назад)
Do you think devs know there making shit games whilst making them or do they only realise when it's too late to stop

Автор Jacob Martin ( назад)
Westwood Studios. Them being bought out by EA was the worst thing to have ever happened to RTS gaming. There hasn't been a solid command and conquer game since Generals, and that's me being nice. EA ruined that series man.

Автор Andrew Conlan ( назад)
i miss Whoopee Camp, i love Tombi and Tombi 2, those games were a solid part of my childhood

Автор handsinthefire ( назад)
Lionhead Studios. But I get why they closed. It just sucks because I still remember playing fable at a young age..and being really annoyed with 2 and ehh on 3.

Автор Ultra GrimX ( назад)
Darksiders 2 was a great game. Its for sure a shame their will not be another darksiders

Автор Muscle Syndrome ( назад)
They should've ashamed to sell some shit like murdered

Автор nonvolt ( назад)
Dark spiders 2 was bought by who? She kept repeating herself haha

Автор Christian Fuller ( назад)
I LOVED dark void

Автор John Weil ( назад)
irrational games RIP

Автор Kirito Kazuto ( назад)
I personally loved Kingdoms of Amalur, one of my favourite rpg's

Автор Septian Tri Pangestu ( назад)
"most of the studio was sold to another parties, but vigil games didn't receive any bids"


Автор crashpal ( назад)
Socom can still return

Автор MrKlassic ( назад)
Where is Rareware?
You know, One of the best game companies of the 90's when they were by Nintendo's side, but then got owned by Microsoft and it started to go down in game development REALLY Big.

Автор Ray Cocker ( назад)
Darksiders is awesome.

Just bad timing and or bad marketing.

Автор Lunar ( назад)
Murdered was a great game 😭

Автор PogBa isHere ( назад)
socom 1&2 remaster them and sell it

Автор maninthesnow ( назад)
apb just needs to go away

Автор Dust Dr01d ( назад)
Regardless of how short it was I still enjoyed playing murdered soul suspect

Автор Brenton Noffke ( назад)
WTF is with the female robot voice over?

Автор The Cosmic Sloth ( назад)
Vigil games bummed me out the most cause i was looking foward to playing pestilence or strife in the third installment

Автор BlackHairedGoo n ( назад)
So did Vigil games ever receive any bids?

Автор shiori itsuka ( назад)

Автор Jason Gravel ( назад)
Man i still have an original copy of blades of darkness, i loved it back in the day

Автор Full Charger Gaming ( назад)
And yet, no Daikatana...

Автор vagrantmessiah ( назад)
The video game studio closure that hit me the hardest has to be Lionhead, say what you want about the series but Fable are some great games.

Автор JoolsGuitar ( назад)
sad for argonaut. I ninja is a fantastic game

Автор KingAmarillo ( назад)
Vigil Games, for sure.

Автор Adly Leksono ( назад)
i miss THQ
they made WWE games way better than 2K did
and a lot of great games comes from THQ

Автор Doctor Painis ( назад)
What about happysoft the creators of hong kong 97 the greatest fucking game

Shame they are not going to make more darksiders got another 2 horseman to go the series was awesome

Автор Gizmos Monster ( назад)
i enjoyed Murdered; Soul Suspect :/

Автор Ayanda Kgaudi ( назад)
actually there may be a darksiders 3 !

Автор Steven Mann ( назад)
Sad over neversofts disbandment. Guitar Hero was an awesome franchise but I felt what killed them is they relied way too heavily on the games to provide revenue when it was obvious most people were getting tired of guitar hero as a whole. They should fire back up with some new ideas, though getting restarted is sadly me having some wishful thinking.

Автор gravedigr12 ( назад)
don't forget to add wargaming after that new shit update in world of tanks their gonna be on this list too haha

Автор Kopie ( назад)
Clover Studios in Japan. Godhand was good but the reviewers made a bad review since they were snowflakes. A shame really.

Автор halfmastmutiny ( назад)
I miss the Darksiders devs and the Kingdoms of Amalur ones. KoA was actually pretty fun. If they patched a few cosmetic things into the game, I'm sure it'd still be well received.

Автор Joshua Mark ( назад)
kingdom of amalur should have done better it was a great game!

Автор MultiGG2 ( назад)
Working Designs made some good game. Don't know if their games killed them off in some way.

Автор Nikku P ( назад)
How did Reckoning kill their developers!? That game is awesome with just the most beautiful scenery I've seen in video games (especially the Fae hollows).

Автор Wil Stallmann ( назад)
kingdoms of amalur was dope, I'd love to see more.

Автор uptown710 ( назад)
Neversoft ported MDK, shiny made it.

Автор Sword Shark ( назад)
Socom has a much more sad story then what they said

Автор Christopher Campbell ( назад)
So Def Jam went to DJ Hero and Guitar Hero went into a Fighting game...maybe they should have switched sides

Автор darthfinality ( назад)
R.I.P. Zipper Interactive. M.A.G. was my favorite online shooter.

Автор Bosley8000 ( назад)
How about games that caused a near death experience for some companies

Автор Milan Vortic ( назад)
Damn i loved tombaaa

Автор semiinept ( назад)
Tomba 2: "I would really prefer if you would be quiet....... but yes you are correct."

Автор james paul ( назад)
I really enjoyed soul suspect. Even terminator salvation wasnt that bad

Автор Robert Broas ( назад)
It would be nice to know if these games are still around & available.

Автор Marc Donnellan ( назад)
kingdoms of Armalaur was amazing.

Автор Matthew Raub ( назад)

Автор rickert hass ( назад)
where's oblivion, new vegas was really underrated

Автор Talsedoom ( назад)
Bioware - Mass Effect Andromeda

Автор Nikos Siaflas ( назад)
I don't get it dark void was an awesome game I loved it

Автор Cliff racer ( назад)
I miss many of these mid level developers a lot of their games had more polish than AAA games nowadays

Автор Saint Zeppelin ( назад)
Murdered Soul Suspect was a pretty good game. it was just released in a generation that values the quality of a game based on length, visuals, and other bells and whistles.

Автор Chris Hutchins ( назад)
I'd say Derek Smart, but he's too delusional to know that it's time to give it up.

Автор Crovo ( назад)
United Front Games - SMASH+GRAB (Sleeping dogs as well)

Idk how you guys forgot about United Front. The game they last made wasn't bad as well but they went bankrupt

Автор Ik0zael ( назад)
My great grandma gave me Power Drone when I was a kid. Lookin' back at it now, it was like playing F-Zero; it was hard as hell. Oh well... thanks great grandma.

Автор King ( назад)
Darksiders hurt the most. It still hurts.

Автор King ( назад)
*nostalgia triggered*

Автор Venom Here ( назад)
Am I the only one that actually liked dark void?

Автор budakjengka channel ( назад)
how to become rich doing video games business? ask EA.

Автор matthew rich ( назад)
You forgot to mention that the remnants of Grin turned into Overkill software.

Автор Bo ThatGuyYouDon'tKnow ( назад)
I still have not beat Darksiders 2, it's a good game but it's too long and it gets repetitive.

Автор TheEro360 ( назад)
What about Lionhead Studios and their Fable series?

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