NBA's Best Plays | 2018-19 Season | Part 1

  • Published on Nov 29, 2018
  • As we reach the quarter mark of the 2018-19 NBA Season, let's take a look at the best plays of the season so far!
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  • 7 3
    7 3 3 days ago

    Casspi is the king

  • Shiverrxz
    Shiverrxz 10 days ago +1

    Ben Simmons over the should pass!🤪

  • Suk Milley Tolfrend
    Suk Milley Tolfrend 10 days ago +1

    Some of these clips look like they are from the 90s.

  • ゴウズタイキン
    ゴウズタイキン 10 days ago +1


  • : you
    : you 11 days ago

    3:56 isnt that a travel

  • Joel Jr
    Joel Jr 12 days ago

    1 Million dollar pass
    10cent finalization

  • Johnny Gantt
    Johnny Gantt 13 days ago

    NBA player for me


    es increíble como juegan

  • Matty James
    Matty James 26 days ago

    So glad they kept him

  • Vera Luv
    Vera Luv 27 days ago


  • Penelope Talbott
    Penelope Talbott Month ago +2

    3:57 shows that Zach Lavine should be in the dunk contest

    • Ed Luscombe
      Ed Luscombe 28 days ago

      do you mean he should still be? because he was in it in 2015 and 2016

  • Ryan Elder
    Ryan Elder Month ago

    and hes fouled... ANND he is fouled

  • Dustin Gill Taboada
    Dustin Gill Taboada Month ago +4

    2:16 Klay could hit 20+ 3s if he plays for the fourth 😂🌊

  • Jomie Jonathan
    Jomie Jonathan Month ago +4


  • Bryson Kelley
    Bryson Kelley Month ago +26

    That first highlight still gives me chills. God I already miss basketball

  • Fatih Bozkurt
    Fatih Bozkurt Month ago +1

    10:04 shadow shaman speaking :D

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  • J W
    J W Month ago +1

    10x Raptors - winning team!
    7x Kawhi Leonard - MVP!

  • Iwan Bottos
    Iwan Bottos Month ago

    How can anybody not find this the most spectacular sport on this planet and these guys the greatest athletes . I wonder wether Jordan , Byrd and Johnson could still be the great players they were in todays game , so much faster and full of new tricks and moves . I don't understand why my (Dutch) countryman don't embrace the game en masse .

  • dtvqa
    dtvqa Month ago

    Lebum is overrated.

  • Horror Pizzeria
    Horror Pizzeria Month ago +2

    This Season seemed to change something about the NBA teams

  • Marcus Morris
    Marcus Morris Month ago

    13:04 is that flip flop?

  • Pirda insan Pirdaus


  • Mxhmoud
    Mxhmoud Month ago

    sign kiyan tamabasi

  • mikayla hickmott
    mikayla hickmott Month ago

    Fuck yeah Lebron the legend!!!

  • Flash Rob
    Flash Rob Month ago

    I am extremely disappointed that d Wade's buzzer beater on warriors is not here. Btw they were down by 2 got blocked step back and off balance 3 off the glass


    honestly who misses KING JAMES ?? cuz i really do !

    • Kristina Godfrey
      Kristina Godfrey 21 day ago +1

      Anthony Davis is going to the LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Merdan Bulut
      Merdan Bulut 26 days ago

      Flying V i do

    • Flying V
      Flying V Month ago +2


  • 배진희
    배진희 Month ago +1


  • Marco Solo
    Marco Solo Month ago

    I hear the NBA wants to get rid of the word "Owner" as in team owner because it is racist,.....REALLY,....Hey NBA, have been and always will be a big powder puff pussy organization,...............what a fuckin joke this world has become!

  • Bin Lv
    Bin Lv Month ago


  • Cx WoNDeR
    Cx WoNDeR Month ago

    You put 76er and wolves butler in one video.....

  • Hashirama Senju
    Hashirama Senju Month ago +1

    1:30 KAWHI LEONARD IS A REAL SAVAGE ON DEFENSE, even the broadcaster was shocked by Kawhi's tactic here

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person Month ago +3

    1:54 antetokounmpo traveled

  • Prastyo Wibowo
    Prastyo Wibowo Month ago +2

    kawhi ultra instinct

    • star seed
      star seed Month ago

      Prastyo Wibowo lmfao dbz

  • TheyCallMe TV
    TheyCallMe TV Month ago


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  • Preston Chandler
    Preston Chandler Month ago

    If someone told me I was hornswoggled I would punch them in the mouth 😂

  • MrThinkTwice
    MrThinkTwice Month ago +1

    @ 8:56 J.Allen dominates Blake Griffin on into Derrick Jones Jr floating in the air......continue watching please

  • Lr Gamer
    Lr Gamer Month ago

    B Mix my. X. N. Mom. Z m

  • Hailong Xiao
    Hailong Xiao Month ago +3

    1:40 so smart

  • PrizrenaliZH
    PrizrenaliZH 2 months ago +5

    1:48 yes. Best 5-Step-Dunk I've ever seen xD NBA is full of fake good plays. In Europe we call that Traveling.

    • Manu Ginobili's Hair
      Manu Ginobili's Hair Month ago

      @PrizrenaliZH The third step was a jump you fucking dumbass.

    • PrizrenaliZH
      PrizrenaliZH Month ago

      @Manu Ginobili's Hair Yeah. But the the rule is to jump after your second step, not third. Learn the rules!

    • Manu Ginobili's Hair
      Manu Ginobili's Hair Month ago

      @PrizrenaliZH I think he may have took two steps before his last dribble but he obviously jumped on his third step he's just so athletic it looks like he takes more steps.

    • PrizrenaliZH
      PrizrenaliZH Month ago

      @Manu Ginobili's Hair Manu, before his last dribble he does even travel and than he travels a second time by taking 4 steps. Listen, the 3 steps-rule defines to jump in the 3th step. He jumps on the 4th. Definitly travel. So you think, this move was totally legit? No doubt, Americans don't even understand basketball.

    • Manu Ginobili's Hair
      Manu Ginobili's Hair Month ago

      @PrizrenaliZH He took 3 after his last dribble you can slow it down and see that

  • Aug Dog 203
    Aug Dog 203 2 months ago +1

    I made a video of highlights on nba check it out please

  • Larry Fisherman
    Larry Fisherman 2 months ago

    Love to see LeBron's Tomahawk dunk!!

  • Matthew Fofi
    Matthew Fofi 2 months ago

    1:50 You do see that everyday in the NBA and that's why i love it

  • Hikikomori_3301
    Hikikomori_3301 2 months ago

    Sham god

  • Mya Gonzalez
    Mya Gonzalez 2 months ago +7

    The first play was my favorite!

  • Haassan1
    Haassan1 2 months ago +3

    Talking bout Vince, but thinking how he is not amongst the greatest. He has the respect, though.

  • Hailey Davis
    Hailey Davis 2 months ago


  • cloudscholar22
    cloudscholar22 2 months ago +4

    I rewind this video mad times 😂😂😂😂

  • Core
    Core 2 months ago +1

    I don’t watch a lot of tennis but man we’re those touchdowns great

    • Fruit Snacks
      Fruit Snacks 2 months ago

      Conor Reidy you know their really are touchdowns in basketball

  • TJ Rosimo
    TJ Rosimo 2 months ago +1

    Too bad that those Lebron dunks ain’t no playoff savvy

  • Andrew PLAYZ
    Andrew PLAYZ 2 months ago


  • Johnson Makol Makuach
    Johnson Makol Makuach 2 months ago

    King Lebron is killing players

  • Derrick Higgins
    Derrick Higgins 2 months ago

    lol harden sucks

  • 『ØS』 mεrcy
    『ØS』 mεrcy 3 months ago +8

    1:48 he walking?

    • Moy !
      Moy ! Month ago

      yes ! but in NBA u can gat 3 step but nba is more spectactular , in fiba IS TRAVEL ( walkling)

  • Mike Reed
    Mike Reed 3 months ago +2

    Alot of people don't appreciate the defense behind all of this great offense. The best highlights are so entertaining to me because of the outstanding defense these players are gifted with and the amazing offense.

  • Angel Alciencio
    Angel Alciencio 3 months ago

    Thumbnail is garbage

  • Sonny Bonillas
    Sonny Bonillas 3 months ago +1

    It was only right for VC’s 25k point to be off a dunk

  • Chrisse Williams
    Chrisse Williams 3 months ago

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  • D gamer Hancock
    D gamer Hancock 3 months ago

    Let me shut up

    HEAVENLYWANG • 3 months ago +2

    All of the plays and harden, who is everyone’s MVP, was in one of them.

  • Zion Torres
    Zion Torres 3 months ago +3

    when tyson chandler blocked it, it was goaltending @NBA

  • Josephine Jeremiah
    Josephine Jeremiah 3 months ago +1

    Woow I will soon be there

  • Friskyboi _ 5002-03
    Friskyboi _ 5002-03 3 months ago

    4:30 OOF Michael Jordan style

  • Kirmet the Giraffe
    Kirmet the Giraffe 3 months ago +3

    Who’s better like

  • Channel90
    Channel90 3 months ago

  • Idk Why
    Idk Why 3 months ago

    1:47 he says rasict

    • Henry Lokes
      Henry Lokes 3 months ago

      Idk Why he said oh my goodness gracious

  • Eva Hart
    Eva Hart 3 months ago


  • HoopinStats
    HoopinStats 3 months ago +9

    Ankle breaker at 4;22 looks like s 2k ankle breaker animation lmao

  • Weeaboo Trash
    Weeaboo Trash 3 months ago

    wait do green and kawhi both get a block?

  • Weeaboo Trash
    Weeaboo Trash 3 months ago +1

    bruh kawhi tripped lmao

  • skankhunt42 skankhunt42
    skankhunt42 skankhunt42 3 months ago +3

    He didn't dive, he tripped and got lucky

  • Huy Truong
    Huy Truong 3 months ago


  • wiplash7
    wiplash7 3 months ago +9

    without a doubt A.D dunk, is the most savage dunk of the year .

    • cloudscholar22
      cloudscholar22 2 months ago

      wiplash7 the greak freak dunk was hilarious lol

  • Autumn Smith
    Autumn Smith 3 months ago +4

    13:50...perfect play‼️🔥

    • TheChemi
      TheChemi 3 months ago

      No work just playing keep away 😂😂💯💯

  • Alexander Arnold
    Alexander Arnold 3 months ago

    You stole my nest eggs.

  • Cryptics
    Cryptics 3 months ago +2


  • Cody McIntyre
    Cody McIntyre 3 months ago +14

    6:43 you’re telling me trae young can hit a pass full court no problem but my 94 overall my player with gold break starter can’t hit a pass from the free throw to half court??? Okay Ronnie 2k.

    • asia ssia
      asia ssia Month ago

      We 2ewwwww www www c x as. Lo (awesome wee

    • Breyon Morris
      Breyon Morris 2 months ago

      Cal Hazard exactly it shouldn’t be so realistic & for no reason

    • Cal Hazard
      Cal Hazard 3 months ago

      Cody McIntyre 😂 bro it’s real life

  • Googleaccount Googleaccount

    Best floopppping, best drama of the year jajajajajJaja retired.

  • tHiS iS nOw
    tHiS iS nOw 3 months ago

    6:41 They talk about how good Trae's pass was. You have to give that one to the coaching. Any half decent PG can sling a ball with accuracy. No hate on Trae though, I'd put my money on that he is a future hall of famer

  • Frank Garrett
    Frank Garrett 3 months ago

    WOW! Look at all these buckets. They did what they're paid to do!

  • HypeGod Nation
    HypeGod Nation 3 months ago

    That 360 lay up tho was🔥🔥

  • bulk2win
    bulk2win 3 months ago +10

    If curry and Klay hit their shots ‘Kenny smith voice’ it’s over!
    Looney is becoming the warriors capala need more pick and roll with him

  • Caeleb the Boi
    Caeleb the Boi 4 months ago +4

    The mudiay dunk was a travel

  • ev3goddess y.o. Chandler

    🧥😃🧤 broad band sound like my dad chief Wayne Moses Chandler on Saturdays watching wrestle mania and iii B like dad I'm tired I'm going to basketball practice at arborhill champions 1$t girl on team😃😃😃🤣😂😀wow funn¥ ¥@L€

    • yeety boi
      yeety boi 14 days ago

      What language you speakin?

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson 4 months ago

    99% of nba is travel, so boring to watch a league ignoring the rules

    • Bonk Caesar
      Bonk Caesar 3 months ago

      It would be more boring if they call every foul, travel or any infraction

  • Ali Sheriff
    Ali Sheriff 4 months ago

    Shut up

  • Ricardo Garcia
    Ricardo Garcia 4 months ago

    dick riding lebron

  • Urban Sauce Tv
    Urban Sauce Tv 4 months ago +105

    13:50 fundamentals and teamwork at it's finest 💯👌 ......... Damn that was a beautiful play

    • Harry Laundon
      Harry Laundon 27 days ago +2

      Urban Sauce Tv imagine if they did all that passing for the last guy to miss 😭

    • DubzTee
      DubzTee Month ago

      Urban Sauce Tv nba is nice
      Football is fine
      By the way
      i was ur sixty nine (like)

  • dest / Basketball
    dest / Basketball 4 months ago

  • flow flow
    flow flow 4 months ago +1

    Let me introduce myself my name is Bron 😎😎😎😎😎

  • Marvin Brennecke
    Marvin Brennecke 4 months ago +27

    DRose block at the end of a 50 point game... INSANE!!!
    tears in my eyes

  • Aleyah L
    Aleyah L 4 months ago +6

    14:10 is what you call ball movement

  • Darlene Newell
    Darlene Newell 4 months ago +2

    LeBron James is a beast

  • Zo Glizzy
    Zo Glizzy 4 months ago

    When Lebron came in to the game will that killer mindset he shifted the entire court with his movements creating his own lane and slamming a dunk down

    • Tl W
      Tl W 4 months ago

      Zo Glizzy tf u talkin bout

    FORTNITE KID IM TRASH 4 months ago

    1:46 I think he said rasict

  • Julius McCulloh
    Julius McCulloh 4 months ago

    Add me on snap guys: jmcculloh23

  • Hollis Wardell
    Hollis Wardell 4 months ago

    unbelievable Giannis unbelievable this young man is. I have never seen a player that can play all 5 positions on defense and offense. ferocious dunks after dunks. A Gifted player solid young man that makes others on his team rise to the occasion. watch out NBA . Milwaukee has something on the horizon.

    • Jacob N
      Jacob N 4 months ago

      What about Bron?

  • Big Daddy Long Arms
    Big Daddy Long Arms 5 months ago

    3:33 nice footwork