decluttering my entire makeup collection | Serein Wu

  • Published on May 22, 2019
  • Decluttering my entire makeup collection and getting rid of half my makeup. First time I've done an entire makeup collection declutter in one go, timestamps below. Enjoy!
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    02:22 highlighters
    18:00 bronzers
    24:17 concealer
    27:49 foundations
    32:51 powder foundations
    34:39 tinted moisturizer
    35:57 primers
    39:15 powder
    42:12 setting spray
    43:28 blush
    51:24 brows
    52:25 mascara
    53:18 eyeshadow
    1:05:15 face palettes
    1:06:41 lipsticks
    1:27:35 eyeliner
    1:33:18 eyeshadow sticks
    1:38:28 lip liner
    1:42:25 liquid eye shadow
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  • Lm B
    Lm B 2 days ago

    I love your words you use to describe each product 💖

  • Pamela Spitzer
    Pamela Spitzer 3 days ago

    Makeup Declutter: The Movie.. . 😄

  • Petra Schumann
    Petra Schumann 6 days ago

    The Hydro Grip primer made me break out so bad. I used it once and never again.

  • humaima mirani
    humaima mirani 13 days ago

    Plzzz tell me price

  • Vanna Rod
    Vanna Rod 17 days ago

    You stole my makeup

  • Art Lady
    Art Lady 19 days ago

    We have become disgusting , over indulged , selfish , and conceited . Wow I woke up to this and thought wow I have a new box of crap here waiting to be unboxed and put away , I could never use the amount of makeup I have or still buying . I’m really grossed out . I don’t want to be this way watching her I was like why? How much does one person need it a sickness . It’s so sad , wow . I could have bought someone a sandwich , how wasteful and selfish . Gross on so many levels , do we really need everything we see and if it’s a damn Shade off we have to an it even though we still will always pick the same things . We lie and say we will use it and we never will . Wow I can’t believe what I have become . I need to also stop watching because watching makes me by shit I don’t need while other get rich off of my stupidity . I hope I can stop this insanity . Wow what a wake up call .Yes makeup is fun and we should enjoy it not become this .

  • SeanKBeauty
    SeanKBeauty 19 days ago

    So good for you

  • SeanKBeauty
    SeanKBeauty 19 days ago +1

    As a Microbiologist I talked about getting rid of makeup and not keeping it too long and in depth look of the microorganisms please spray them with 70percent isopropyl alcohol ...

  • LauraS 1022
    LauraS 1022 19 days ago +2

    I really enjoyed that declutter. I would ❤️ to shop your stash for my own makeup drawers 😂

  • Just Me
    Just Me 26 days ago

    😕. 🧣😙.

  • Rachel Rudd
    Rachel Rudd 26 days ago

    Please do shop your stash! I loved those videos! You don't have to do a full face but maybe focusing on eyeliners one week or lippies another week would be cool.

  • Daniela Guerrero
    Daniela Guerrero 26 days ago

    Omg how do you get pr😭😭

  • Court
    Court 27 days ago

    I fell asleep and now I’m

  • Lisa Micarelli
    Lisa Micarelli 28 days ago

    Indiscretion by LM Gassssp you cant let that go I will have nightmares Lol

  • Lisa Micarelli
    Lisa Micarelli 28 days ago

    How can I get some of you overstock/clutter I am looking for a job.

  • BinaBina
    BinaBina 29 days ago


  • Carmen Lopez
    Carmen Lopez Month ago

    She sounds like kim kardashian but Serein is soo much prettier ❤❤❤

  • Emelia Onichi
    Emelia Onichi Month ago +1

    Cool vid =)

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago

      Thank you 🙏🏻

    • Emelia Onichi
      Emelia Onichi Month ago +1

      I'm into vegan make up but cool that you trash some make up =) Cool channel.

  • Sarah Foster
    Sarah Foster Month ago

    Wow, can I have some? 😂😂

  • Aubrey Frye
    Aubrey Frye Month ago

    Just by the way I think orange looks really nice on you!!🧡🧡

  • Monica Struck
    Monica Struck Month ago

    ughhh PLEASE let this inspiring makeup artist have your clutter 😩😩💔💔
    Dont even care if its used 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ plzplzplz

  • Nat Shaw
    Nat Shaw Month ago

    love this video ❤️

  • Justina Vasconez
    Justina Vasconez Month ago

    This is my 1st time watching you you and I like the video. I love that you are going away to friends & fam & others that def need it! I honestly think in this declutter you def could have dine a giveaway for your subscribers who help your channel continue to run... & that's my only suggestion for you girl! other than that not bad!

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago

      I run monthly giveaway for my subscriber with brand new products ❤️ also do bonus ones on IG.

  • Jennifer Briggs
    Jennifer Briggs Month ago

    I have totally horrible shiny skin I hate it

  • Jennifer Briggs
    Jennifer Briggs Month ago

    Omg the Victoria Beckham one!!!!!

  • Jennifer Briggs
    Jennifer Briggs Month ago

    I wish I had even half that makeup ugh

  • Couture Creator
    Couture Creator Month ago +1

    Send me some! LOL I'll gladly take this off of your hands hehe!

  • Fergiiie
    Fergiiie Month ago +5

    "it's going to be intense and very strick"
    Me: oh yeah? how long is this video actually?
    *almost 2 hour video*
    ya that's intense

  • Sylvia Bell
    Sylvia Bell Month ago +17

    Charlotte Tilbury worked on the development of Tom Ford’s makeup line, that’s why some palettes look similar.

    • Emelia Onichi
      Emelia Onichi Month ago +1

      Tom Ford I used too used the fragrance ..heart example I got =)

  • Tishta Lewis
    Tishta Lewis Month ago

    You’ve inspired me to go through my makeup and sniff out the expired lipsticks.

  • Tishta Lewis
    Tishta Lewis Month ago +1

    All the good makeup you are throwing away is causing me headaches.

  • Arinn Driediger
    Arinn Driediger Month ago

    you r beautiful

  • Emily Edwards
    Emily Edwards Month ago

    Whats the brand of that zero waste lip balm/where can I get it???? Love this video!!

  • Jimena Alcaide
    Jimena Alcaide Month ago

    Congrats Serein!! Amazing declutter video... for me it’s sooo difficult (and I am not a youtuber, I am just a beauty enthusiastic!)
    The most important is that you keep products that makes you happy!! Well done! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Sepideh Rezaei
    Sepideh Rezaei Month ago +40

    Noone declutters like Jessica Braun. She is the queen of decluttering.

  • meelina6
    meelina6 Month ago

    You kinda have Kim K's voice tone

  • yesi5603
    yesi5603 Month ago

    This is the first video of yours that I've watched and I loved it. I watched it all its almost 2 am lol

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago

      Omg thank you 🙏🏻 hope you were able to sleep in

  • Bobbie Soales
    Bobbie Soales Month ago +1

    I NEED to do this!

  • Wendy Fugate
    Wendy Fugate Month ago +1

    I would love to take every make up that you don’t want. Just give me a price

  • Manisha L
    Manisha L Month ago +1

    Amazing declutter video...
    you can giveaway these makeup products

  • Ally Marie
    Ally Marie Month ago

    you said you didn’t like the wonder packaging but the glossier wonder has a new packaging now! it’s a pale pink with the white glossier g!

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago

      Ah Okay I got to look at the upgraded wowder

  • Darlene Quintana
    Darlene Quintana Month ago

    Bbooo an

  • Velma Velma
    Velma Velma Month ago

    Please giveaway the stuff that you don't use ...

    • C V
      C V Month ago

      She said that in the video...

  • ThuggedOutMUA
    ThuggedOutMUA Month ago +1

    I wish I could’ve had some shipped to me loll

  • Imani Hudson
    Imani Hudson Month ago

    Can you do a giveaway with the things you don’t want next time ! Ps love ur video !

  • Savannah Suffridge
    Savannah Suffridge Month ago

    I just found you on You Tube and subscribed to you. Please donate a Highlighter or Bronzer to me. I am obsessed with Highlighter and Bronzers. I don’t have a lot though. I would put it to use. Message me on You Tube, please! 😊💜

  • Lia Wallace
    Lia Wallace Month ago

    Onybidy got a dryer I’m roasting

  • Emily Redeker
    Emily Redeker Month ago

    The Fenty liquid lipsticks are a more runny formula, so it might have looked like it separated when it had only settled. Idk I wasn’t there but just an idea.

  • Penny L
    Penny L Month ago

    Wow you did amazing at decluttering considering what your profession. That’s awesome and motivating!

  • Chelsea Lee Houlahan

    give some to me

  • mgtractor 4756
    mgtractor 4756 Month ago

    Can you answer my Instagram dm xx

  • mgtractor 4756
    mgtractor 4756 Month ago

    Is it going in the bin?

  • Jenny T
    Jenny T Month ago +7

    This is low key a really good makeup brand comparison while decluttering. It made me enjoy this video even more. And seeing everything fit on the bed even before you declutter while it looks somewhat organized already kept me at ease because of Saf's makeup collection

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago +1

      Thank you 😊

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago

      Thank you 🙏🏻

    • GlamGirl777
      GlamGirl777 Month ago

      Jenny T I agree this is a really good size collection and I was so surprised her collection. Fit on her bed before she declutters some stuff!

  • Pru Martin
    Pru Martin Month ago

    @Serin Wu PLEASE SEND ME SOME! I am 42 & all of a sudden I am in love w/make-up.

  • alissia tone
    alissia tone Month ago

    no one cares

  • Doris Bilić
    Doris Bilić Month ago +44

    I know this sounds strange but your video is helping me finish an essay for my college 😂 Each time I finish a paragraph I reward myself with a few minutes of your video, it relaxes me and is so satisfying to watch... Thank you for making such a nice video ❤️❤️❤️

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago +4

      Wow! Good luck and wishing you a top score on your thesis!

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago +3

      I’m so happy my video is helping you finish your essay! Thank you for watching and I hope you get an A+!

    • Hildur Kolbeins
      Hildur Kolbeins Month ago +3

      I'm doing the exact same thing but with my bachelor thesis 😅🤣😊

  • Amanda Fairly Made
    Amanda Fairly Made Month ago +1

    You need to put some of the liquid dropper highlights in you bathroom next to your lotion and mix together when you get out of the shower. I used up a cover fx drops doing that, and it was gorgeous

  • Maria Zelia Xavier de Oliveira

    ❤eu quero sim ❤

  • Moods And Views
    Moods And Views Month ago +1

    Love a good declutter!!

    • GlamGirl777
      GlamGirl777 Month ago

      Moods And Views right? 😍😍😍

  • Over the Moon
    Over the Moon Month ago

    This was insane! So satisfying and inspiring to watch!

  • Meray Kabajah
    Meray Kabajah Month ago +3

    You did great. I have an advice for Lipstick declutter i found it the most effective method ( get whute paper swatch every single one of them then pick your favorite color the ones that just spoke to you gave you sparkles ).

    • Mariflor A
      Mariflor A Month ago

      For me, it's one word: deppoting 👍

    • GlamGirl777
      GlamGirl777 Month ago

      Meray Kabajah oh ya that’s a really great idea!

  • MC1968
    MC1968 Month ago +4

    Project Beauty Share - they take new and gently used make up, sanitize, and share with various charitable organizations! ♥️

    • MC1968
      MC1968 Month ago +1

      Serein Wu ~ @thataylaa works with them each year!

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago +1

      Thank you for the info!

  • Dieuwke Ariëns
    Dieuwke Ariëns Month ago

    What blush was that neutral brownish shadw in the gold line black leather pachaging?

    • Charlene Scott
      Charlene Scott Month ago

      Idk the shade name but it's from the Estee Lauder Victoria Beckham collection

  • Noir Alibi
    Noir Alibi Month ago

    Just a heads up , the Fenty stunna paints aren’t bad , they separate when new even . If you haven’t tossed them maybe pass them on .
    Enjoyable, chill declutter !!
    Thanks !

    • Noir Alibi
      Noir Alibi Month ago

      Serein , I’m glad I could help - I was worried you had gotten rid of them already .
      P.S. That lip balm collection was enough to make me drool 🤤, is that weird ? Yeah , it’s weird .

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago +1

      OMG okay, grabbing them out from my decluttered pile! Thank you!

  • Dr Isabella Stein
    Dr Isabella Stein Month ago

    I feel the same way about the dior highlighter. Because I love the formula though, I’ve tried finding ways to make it work. If I blend and really work it into my skin, the pink disappears.

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago

      I need to figure out how to wear it, I feel like with certain foundations it looks too pink and with others it's just right. Thanks for the tip!

  • 90'sBaby 70'sLady
    90'sBaby 70'sLady Month ago

    It's so adorable when you decide to keep a product then you find something better and so you declutter the previous product lol. You are refreshing and have such a soothing voice. You got a new sub here.

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago

      aw thank you so much! Thank you for subscribing and for watching :-)

  • haleigh cooper
    haleigh cooper Month ago

    I’m never the creep that tries to buy someone’s makeup they get rid of BUT here I am. If you want to sell that hourglass palette, I’m here😂

  • wot in tarnation
    wot in tarnation Month ago +1

    Why does this video have so many dislikes??

  • Cara Babyboomer
    Cara Babyboomer Month ago

    You should donate to your subscribers... Nursing homes..shelters...churches....those less fortunate.

  • Heaven Bound
    Heaven Bound Month ago +1

    I LOVE MAKE UP!!! girl...ill send you my address

  • Gemini6Beauty
    Gemini6Beauty Month ago +14

    One drawer of makeup and new products constantly coming in...seems implausible

  • Lip Balm Queen
    Lip Balm Queen Month ago

    Great declutter

  • Lynn Adams
    Lynn Adams Month ago +1

    Just joined while watching your declutter. You did great. I love cream blushes too! You have a beautiful collection.

  • Mayra Vinueza
    Mayra Vinueza Month ago +3

    3 days later, I finished he video.. I only keep things that I love and make me happy!

    • GlamGirl777
      GlamGirl777 Month ago

      Mayra Vinueza I’m trying to work on doing that

    SHENNA VLOG Month ago

    hope you read this i hope i can get a give away of your make up love ya

  • David Lee
    David Lee Month ago

    If you are not going to demonstrate makeup products and review the product application, just clean up your mess because we really don't care!

  • Sara Li
    Sara Li Month ago +84

    One thing I learned from Jessica Braun’s no-nonsense declutter is to start by taking all the products you use on a daily basis that makes you happy - instead of going through all the products and evaluating them separately and seeing if they look different enough from the rest you to keep them. After that take what you want to use/test and toss (donate) everything that you didn’t take in the first or second round

    • Jessica Lowe
      Jessica Lowe 3 days ago +1

      I agree. Jessica isn’t about what brand is lux or what brand she spent the most money on ... it’s just which product she uses the most ... this video frustrates me... she just swatches and justify that she will keep all because she doesn’t have the colour of the blushes etc ... all I see is her keeping all the lux brands and can’t let go and throw away the cheaper alternatives... might as well just say it as is.

    • Ally Marie
      Ally Marie Month ago +4

      Sara Li agh her declutters are so good and super satisfying because she gets rid of SO MUCH

    • GlamGirl777
      GlamGirl777 Month ago +4

      Sara Li that’s a really good way to do that

  • orangeppoppo
    orangeppoppo Month ago +3

    Loved this declutter video!

  • Tina Linton
    Tina Linton Month ago +6

    Best declutter by a mile! Well done. Very therapeutic!!! 😊💖💕👍

  • Sonia Breit
    Sonia Breit Month ago +2

    Thank you for this video. So relaxing.

  • elyseonmakeup
    elyseonmakeup Month ago +3

    Definitely shop my stash!!

  • elyseonmakeup
    elyseonmakeup Month ago

    Sooo satisfying to watch! Decluttering is half the battle to reaching the edited collection you long for! It takes time but you'll start to keep only the things you truly love!

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago

      So so hard! Also just always have to keep in mind I rest new things constantly so it’s okay to make room for them. One day it’ll be super curated

  • K. K
    K. K Month ago

    Its the first long declutter I watched and it was very interesting I feel because of how you articulated your thought process . I really enjoyed it and I think it will help me to choose new makeup and maybe to get rid of a few items in my huge collection. You also make me want to order a lot of Glossier makeup 🤔

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago

      Thanks for watching the entire video! Yes, try out a few of the Glossier makeup, i love them! There's a whole video review of almost everything from Glossier on my channel, I have to update on the Glossier play products still.

  • Ann C
    Ann C Month ago

    I think you have weeks and weeks of possible shop-my-stash videos just focusing on 3 key elements from your collection: 1. eyeliners + 2. Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Sticks + 3. Charly Tilly-Tilb eyeshadows. Whoopsy, I mean Charlotte Tilbury. David Razzano does a great RUclip video on the Sephora channel combining LM Cobblestone with Charlotte Tilbury's Uptown Girl eye quad. Of course I bought them both after watching! Good for blue eyes. Anyway, all to say I felt a big energy burst towards the end of your magnico video when you got to your eyeliner + eye shadow sticks collection.

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago +1

      Yes, you are right, totally need to do some shop my stash videos!

  • Reagan Hart
    Reagan Hart Month ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed this.

    CAROL ROE Month ago

    You should donate the left overs to “Project Beauty Share”!!!!

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago

      Thanks for the recommendation

    CAROL ROE Month ago

    I need to declutter my collection too!!!

    • Heaven Bound
      Heaven Bound Month ago

      I'll take that burden off your hands happily

  • bella zarra
    bella zarra Month ago

    any small youtubers wanna support each others ? 💗

  • Am Amanda Sue Severt

    Girl I need a donation . Period.

  • Vanessa Christidis
    Vanessa Christidis Month ago +13

    I love giving away my make up it makes others feel wonderful, and it helps me as I was a make up hoarder! Nothing worse than an expensive lipstick that is rancid!😭

    • GlamGirl777
      GlamGirl777 Month ago

      Vanessa Christidis ido too I love giving away stuff I don’t use to friends family or others

    • Heaven Bound
      Heaven Bound Month ago

      I'll be happy to take that burden off of you! pass the makeups my way!

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago +2

      Omg yes! I once pulled out my Tom Ford lipstick and it smelled so bad (it had gone bad) luckily because I had it for only a year they replaced it without any questions, but I hate when I forget about my makeup and it’s gone bad or can’t be given to a friend or family member.

  • Tracey H
    Tracey H Month ago +1

    I would love a shop my stash video!

  • Heather Young
    Heather Young Month ago

    If you have anything left I'll take a few things off your hands. My collection is so little right now. He lately I haven't been able to buy much. With cancer back in my uterus for the second time I have hospital bills piling up on me.

  • leskey lai
    leskey lai Month ago

    There are quite a few new eyeshadow palette launches in clean beauty! To name a few: Āether beauty all 3 palettes are so fun, clove + hallow sunrise palette, well people nude palettes. And then a few oldies: Ere Perez's chamomile palettes are all pretty. I guess you are probably not going to purchase anything since you are on low buy no buy but maybe down the road you want to do a clean beauty eyeshadow palette round up. For me eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks are the hardest to declutter lol they are all my babies - I can always find some sort of reasons to keep them

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago +1

      Thank you 😊

    • leskey lai
      leskey lai Month ago

      @Serein Wu You are doing really great in terms of decluttering here for what you do!

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago +1

      Thank you so much for the clean eyeshadow palettes info, I will be on the hunt for them when I'm done with my low buy. Clearly I have plenty of eyeshadows to get me through till then. I saw the Aether beauty ones, but couldn't decide which I'd want more and also felt it was very shimmery, but I'll have to swatch them next time I see them again. I totally feel ya on the palettes, it's so hard to let them go and I can totally justify keeping them too. Thanks for watching and for the recommendations!

  • Katarina Giselle
    Katarina Giselle Month ago

    I am DEFF saving this to watch simply because I really really need to do this. I have been avoiding it, but I know things have gone bad and there are things that I literally could not scrape anymore if I tried. I have such a love for both my makeup and my beauty/skin health products..but it is time for a SERIOUS declutter, especially of my empties (that I have a habit of saving IF I loved the product because I don’t want to make a list and lose it lol..but come on now, I can obviously make one on my tablet or something! Buuuut I don’t want to do it just yet, so saving to watch for later once I am inspired and ready to go! (Way too late at night to start it now lol)

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago

      hope to keep you company when you're ready to declutter :-)

  • Manda Lïsa
    Manda Lïsa Month ago +1

    Great idea with the cotton round in the highlighter my Topaz broke to pieces and I’m gutted!

    • Manda Lïsa
      Manda Lïsa Month ago +1

      Serein Wu I will have to do that eventually it’s so messy I haven’t opened it again. The formula is amazing but very soft.

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago +1

      Oh no! Were you able to smoosh it back together with the alcohol trick?

  • Sarah L
    Sarah L Month ago +2

    Seeing your collection at the end was so satisfying! I’ve been trying to declutter everything that I have (makeup, clothing, etc) because I have a horrible habit of collecting and hoarding

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago

      Me too! My kitchen is next and it seem no matter how much I declutter, I can do it each season, especially makeup since it's my job.

  • Sarah L
    Sarah L Month ago

    Seeing your collection at the end was so satisfying! I’ve been trying to declutter everything that I have because I have a horrible habit of collecting and hoarding

  • soso black
    soso black Month ago

    Waw so amazing

  • Yasmin Maley
    Yasmin Maley Month ago

    Your video is helping distract me from a broken heart lol your videos are just so calming. 💕💫

    • Serein Wu
      Serein Wu  Month ago

      Oh no, I hope that you feel better soon. Sending you love.

  • Sab Rina
    Sab Rina Month ago +2

    Yeah Serein in feature length