Three ideas. Three contradictions. Or not. | Hannah Gadsby

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • Hannah Gadsby's groundbreaking special "Nanette" broke comedy. In a talk about truth and purpose, she shares three ideas and three contradictions. Or not.
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Comments • 1 410

  • WALK-IN: Nadège Heinrich

    Merci Hannah, la tension est savamment dosée, encore une fois. Bravo !

  • Patrick
    Patrick 3 days ago

    No really very funny. Is she new to this?

  • Josh Besaw
    Josh Besaw 5 days ago

    Great speaker, despite what she said about NOT being a great speaker. But just not funny. Entertaining? Yes, absolutely.

  • tibby
    tibby 5 days ago

    You succeeded in not making anyone laugh! Horrible! Flacid be thy dagger. Lol. Please quit comedy and go volunteer at the nearest women's shelter.

  • GeLow Brando
    GeLow Brando 12 days ago

    This is atrocious, awful. Garbage

  • Michael Bonade
    Michael Bonade 12 days ago

    Good grief

  • Patrick Rogers
    Patrick Rogers 14 days ago

    Seriously this is trash

  • Smallstudio Design
    Smallstudio Design 16 days ago +1

    Thank you Hannah - you’ve moved so much of us on this journey of complexity & contradiction that is human existence ...

  • Hiro Yasha The Mesmer
    Hiro Yasha The Mesmer 18 days ago

    BOKA THE SMOKA 20 days ago

    Is the audience getting paid to laugh at her jokes?

  • william munkirs
    william munkirs 20 days ago

    Truly one of the most moving and inspiring TEDTalks I have ever heard!

    • william munkirs
      william munkirs 18 days ago

      Enrique Granted, much of what she says in this talk might not be considered ROTL/LMAO hilarious by a lot of people (even though the audience did LOL quite a few times), but I didn’t get the impression that soliciting laughter was her primary objective or intention.

    • Enrique
      Enrique 18 days ago

      What. I'm 8 minutes in and nothing she has said has made statement or made me laugh. Maybe I'm too stupid to get this humor I guess

  • jeremy h
    jeremy h 20 days ago

    What a bloated bag of air.

  • jeremy h
    jeremy h 20 days ago

    Omg. My truth. My truth. People still say that? THERE IS THE TRUTH. NOT YOUR TRUTH.

  • jeremy h
    jeremy h 20 days ago

    Wow. Hilarious. Not.

  • Adam John
    Adam John 21 day ago

    A completely unfunny hypocrite that plays the victim card that thinks its enlightened.... brutal

  • Ixiah27
    Ixiah27 22 days ago +1

    Why is this unfunny man bashing other Men ?

  • Mary Stein
    Mary Stein 22 days ago

    She is truly genius.

  • Tim Roll
    Tim Roll 23 days ago +1

    I wonder if she realizes she is also a sexist

  • Ben Kelly
    Ben Kelly 24 days ago

    Thank you for sharing yourself like this. Your voice and you stories hit me in such a deep place. I know your pain and I'm so grateful that you are who you are. The world is better for it.

  • Saudade73
    Saudade73 25 days ago


  • Anthony Cheung
    Anthony Cheung 29 days ago

    I love you Hannah.

  • Simon Paine
    Simon Paine Month ago

    I always thought comedy was supposed to be funny this is just crap, Maybe she should learn to quit properly and actually do everyone a favour. Leave the comedy to actual comedians.

  • new channel
    new channel Month ago

    That is one brilliant human!!!

  • Maristella
    Maristella Month ago

    Hannah Gadsby could easily become my hero. She is brilliant. She has gone beyond where she thought she might. She inspiires me to get out there and be myself More and More.

    MARYANNE269 Month ago

    Awsome! I am connected 😘

  • Moon God
    Moon God Month ago +1


  • Speakingfor Crows
    Speakingfor Crows Month ago

    Everything she says is relatable for me as a person on the spectrum who also struggles with PTSD and depression. It's a comfort to see someone on the spectrum being confident, succesful and embraced publically. I also tend to hide all my dark sides - including my diagnosis, for the comfort of others and the fear of being shamed. Thank you for being so open Hannah, it's inspirational!

  • Raquel Carlino
    Raquel Carlino Month ago

    taloco, GENIAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! greeting from argentina !

  • Mrs. Coats
    Mrs. Coats Month ago

    I LOVE your glasses. I’m a late diagnosis myself. Only 10 months ago. Finding inspirational people like you to keep myself motivated is my new SI. Thank you

  • Danny Summers
    Danny Summers Month ago

    Find it strange that this “thing” hates males so much that she bases her entire career about it, yet does everything in her power to look like one. Nothing funny at all about this woman...bit of luck she will do us all a favour and end her life in 2020.

  • Another Miller
    Another Miller Month ago +1

    You speak for me, except I have zero charm anymore. thanks! congratulations on your great success, it’s so wonderful and fresh to hear you. 💕🌈😊

  • misstinwhistle1
    misstinwhistle1 Month ago +1

    This is not a comedy talk people so don't effing complain that you don't find it funny.

  • sarath gopinath
    sarath gopinath Month ago +1

    I'm crying and laughing at the same time. I'm an aspiring comedian and i think i may have both autism and PTSD

  • Peter Langdale
    Peter Langdale Month ago

    What an amazing person. Maybe I should try it being Autistic and hilarious (unfortunately only other Autistics get my jokes!). Maybe I could have joke sessions just with Autistic audiences I mean there will be a huge audience as, apparently, some idiots believe there is an Autistic epidemic. News flash, we were always here, just not diagnosed! Still is the case. Hannah's favourite stim is standup. it's a great one. Love you, Hannah.

  • Blob
    Blob Month ago

    I might show this to my parents. It made me really happy when she said she was autistic, even though it's always sad that we autistic women find out so /late/, but I'm trying to get diagnosed now at 18 (found out 3 years ago) and I'm lucky that feeling of inadequacy didn't settle in before then (happened after that, woo lucky me) but finding out I was autistic was good news for me! My life made so much /sense/, now I gotta navigate that storm, even if I'm not sure it's possible to navigate the fairly demanding first year of higher studies I went into while managing my spoons, I'm doing my best, and I'll try to find the eye at the middle of my storm. Thank you for this talk

  • SlyRax66
    SlyRax66 Month ago

    I'm the centre of the universe. Me Me MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Makes me so sick I want to puke.

  • Magdalena Prettenthaler


  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman Month ago

    Bro, if you could make me chuckle once you win. But your tragic life has no humor. You should try to add a penis to your forehead. That might make your time more worthwhile.

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman Month ago

    Dave Chappelle is funny. This is just gay, and nuts. Get moar cats weirdos

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman Month ago

    I kinda dont believe her him
    Whatever it is. Nobody but the depraved would f that. Ahhhhhh. Now I get it. Become what you hate. The depraved.

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman Month ago

    Weeeeeeee mental illness weeeeeeeeeeeee

  • WALK-IN: Nadège Heinrich

    Merci pour cette leçon.

  • smarthearts71
    smarthearts71 Month ago

    What is this chubby man, talking about????

  • dean edge
    dean edge Month ago

    thinking pigeons - angry, sad, not funny and over thank god

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Month ago +1

    Did he say he was a comedian? Not a very funny one.

  • Cedric Ward
    Cedric Ward Month ago

    Absolutely LOVE Hannah!

  • Jac-jac
    Jac-jac Month ago

    Shes got a way with words......

  • TombstoneHeart
    TombstoneHeart Month ago +1

    "I like to kick things off with a joke because I'm a comedian." Sorry, no you're not!

    • TombstoneHeart
      TombstoneHeart Month ago

      @Cedric Ward Wow, you're a witty one, aren't you? Or you would be if you actually knew the origin of my user name and you never will, but it's got nothing to do with what it sounds like. I'll say this though - it came about from mistaking some song lyrics, so it's got more humourous connotations to it than sombre ones, unlike you and Hannah Gadsby. This is the last time I'll be replying to your rather tedious posts, because there is no point to why you would think that there is something / anything that you could write that would change my mind on the topic. I'm perfectly entitled to my opinions and just because you feel even more entitled to jump to the defence of someone you probably don't even know, means nothing to me. So, I suggest you go peddle you SJW bullshit somewhere else, cos I'm not buying it.

    • Cedric Ward
      Cedric Ward Month ago


      Your user name says it all.

    • TombstoneHeart
      TombstoneHeart Month ago +1

      @Cedric Ward Hahahahaha - you can call me all the names that you like. It will never bother me and what's more, will never make Hannah Gadsby funny either!

    • Cedric Ward
      Cedric Ward Month ago

      You are just a sad person

    • TombstoneHeart
      TombstoneHeart Month ago +1

      @Cedric Ward I have seen some of her other "comedy".......and she just isn't funny - at all! Why should I try standup? I'm not the one going around calling myself a comedian...or more correctly, from times before everyone wanted to be non-gender specific, a comedienne.

  • Jonathan Parnell
    Jonathan Parnell Month ago

    Lilly Singh should take the opportunity to learn how from her, she perfectly combines comedy with the social topics that she wants people to learn about. It doesn't feel forced or obstentatius. Thank you Hannah

  • Christopher
    Christopher Month ago +1

    Oh good, ANOTHER clueless lesbian SJW trying to lecture ME about topics she has ZERO clue about and ranting about mythological "patriarchy."
    How original!

  • polly amies
    polly amies Month ago +2

    Had the real treat of seeing ‘Douglas’ last night ... I’m totally blown away by Hannah’s pure original talent . It was like a rally for hope for humankind .... completely heart felt and hilarious . I’m watched this with my son this morning ❤️

  • RedReubs
    RedReubs Month ago +1

    Normal is not real, it's a theoretical construction to bring order to the chaos that is the diversity of humanity, we are all normal and yet none of us are, subject to time and place. Being normal is a futile pursuit, being you is all that is required.

  • w
    w Month ago +1

    hannah gadsby i love you

  • mirjam blits
    mirjam blits Month ago +1


  • jurgen geerinckx
    jurgen geerinckx Month ago +1

    this is not stand up comedy not even funny

    • jurgen geerinckx
      jurgen geerinckx Month ago

      @Cedric Wardthe point of comedy is that it has to be funy not that you have to fall asleep

    • Cedric Ward
      Cedric Ward Month ago

      And you entirely missed the point of her talk.

  • TheBethaiable
    TheBethaiable Month ago +1

    I agree, Nanette is a show i've watched several times BECAUSE it's different, BECAUSE it opens the windows to REAL pain. I thought it was comedy and then quickly, it was not.. I loved it, i still do. As someone who did the same, just not professionaly.. I related so much to hiding pain and telling stories of one self without the painful parts...

    STYLE BAUS 2 months ago +2

    I can not articulate my thought when I’m around others. I never feel like I can express my thoughts properly or I totally miss social cues. But I am one of the best speech givers at my school. I excel at giving speeches and I think that’s so fascinating. In the ways I cannot connect to others in everyday life, I can reach people’s heart through speech and written pieces ♥️

  • RontschDaPontsch
    RontschDaPontsch 2 months ago +1

    ASOLUTELY GENIOUS! I just cant believe that person! WOW!

  • Benny Shavers Music
    Benny Shavers Music 2 months ago

    She's intelligent but definitely not a comedian at all.

    • Cedric Ward
      Cedric Ward Month ago

      Benny Shavers Music
      You are incredibly ignorant

    • Aoife E
      Aoife E 2 months ago +1

      Oh dear god 😂 I hope your comment is ironic.

  • Erik Weston
    Erik Weston 2 months ago +1

    Might just be the most amazing talk I've witnessed. Fucking rocking it this lady. So much Love from and now for her from me Yes.