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      Cristian Rodriguez 7 days ago

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    Peter is a perfumer with a lot of knowledge that started a RUclip channel.... NOT a RUclipr who decided to created a scent.

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    The oud and quite some of the other natural ingredients he aquired from the legend and master perfumer Ensar/ Ensar Oud.

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  • Valdas Miskinis
    Valdas Miskinis 2 months ago

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    Excellent video as always.. what I liked is the way you have dissected it and explained it creating a clear picture of the way it would smell. Peter is a great guy and both of you are extremely passionate about Fragrances and that's what makes this video interesting for me...🤘🤘🤘😎😎😎

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    John Pathway 2 months ago

    The honey is the main player to my nose also but need to give my sample some more wearings to get a clearer opinion. Your description definitely matches my experience so far though. The quality is unquestionable even though It may not be for everyone. Dendera is very different to this one but also very interesting. They both have a distinct character that reflects the thought behind them. Looking forward to trying Proxima.

  • Stan Watt
    Stan Watt 2 months ago +2

    Peter is a pure gentleman, he's also a gentle man. His passion and love for what he does is almost tangible. I missed out on the first release but I'll definitely get the second release in February.

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    Gara Ameer 2 months ago

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      He's actually only the second youtuber who started making his own fragrance house as a perfumer. I've followed him for a few years and he's been talking about his learning process and ideas for a while. You basically got to see him grow as a perfumer. I think Kerosene is the first one but he deleted his account.
      The rest of the youtubers aren't really perfumers. They are just brand ambassadors or creative directors.

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    Yeah Peter is legit. The man truly loves perfumes and the art behind it. The fact that he's made videos of the process and educating people on it, I think is what separates him from other tubers who are doing fragrances. He truly loves it and he wants to share his love with everyone else. So I'm glad he's been able to hit his dream and launch his line and even more happy that it is turning out to be a stunning piece of work.

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    • RJ
      RJ 2 months ago

      @Special Someone thanks I sent them an email

    • Special Someone
      Special Someone 2 months ago

      you will be able to get samples in the US, they’re just not in stock right now

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    Ron Jarrah 2 months ago

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    doc usa 2 months ago +2

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    Wet Shaving Fraghead 2 months ago +36

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    Jason Vegan 2 months ago +2

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    Ash: “I bought this with my own money”
    That’s why GentsScents is #1 👍❤️

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      A H 2 months ago +1

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  • FloatingMan
    FloatingMan 2 months ago +4

    Gaea was a real surprise for me as my wardrobe is mainly full of orientals, it actually made me smile when I wore it!!
    I only had a sample of this but from my limited wearings this is definitely the more mass pleasing of the two leaning slightly towards the feminine side (although I think both sexes could pull it off).
    I find it to be a very pretty bright, green, honey floral type of scent that has a sparkling like effect conjuring up images of spring.Like you the honey note really projects off my skin quite loudly too for most of its development but thankfully it isn't sickly sweet which can get nauseous.
    After half hour or so I started to get more hints of the apple and tea like accords whilst in the dry down 8-10 hours later I smelt some sort of animalic civet-esque note which was a nice surprise (not sure if that was a note or just the interplay between the florals and ambergris or something).
    Overall the whole scent just reminds me of the opening scene of the fantasy film Legend (1985) -​ ​ruclip.com/video/UCGVQHGMCPQ/video.html (incase you haven't seen it) .I'm considering purchasing a full bottle before it runs out in the uk!!

  • Javier Gomez Santamaria

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    As always, thanks for your time Ash. Always enjoy your videos 😉

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      Chris Fairbarn 2 months ago +3

      Peter deserves more respect than Jeremy and Steven combined. Jeremy only cares about money and followers and Steven is representing a clone house but won't admit it.