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Comments • 26

  • CAM
    CAM 3 months ago

    she’s such a captivating performer i’m not bored of any of these videos

  • Mike Datpseudo
    Mike Datpseudo 10 months ago

    Tu vas cartonner c'est sur.

  • hellohiimnice
    hellohiimnice 10 months ago

  • hellohiimnice
    hellohiimnice 10 months ago

    i love u

  • Mike
    Mike 10 months ago

    3:19 WORSHIP

  • n
    n 10 months ago

    i rly wna see her before she makes it big n ticketing becomes a bitch 😭😭😭

  • Titou né
    Titou né 10 months ago

    Tu twerk pas mal en vrai :)

  • Lag_Queen
    Lag_Queen 10 months ago +9

    Met Lolo back in October, she has the most beautiful energy!! In person and on stage!! I'm so sad I missed the Den and Phx show!!😪

  • KIM Julien
    KIM Julien 10 months ago +1


  • last kim
    last kim 10 months ago


  • r2richburg
    r2richburg 10 months ago +4

    okay but was the he gave you demo fire? we must know

  • Indie
    Indie 10 months ago +4

    You'll be selling out Rose Bowl real soon baby🖤

  • Indie
    Indie 10 months ago

    Our fandom is so FUCKING cool!!! 🖤

  • Mason Bonnell
    Mason Bonnell 10 months ago

    Yep all my friends are at school or busy so going solo to see Lolo in Portland

  • East Oakland Roy
    East Oakland Roy 10 months ago +8

    Just watched this in Oakland California your music is fire AF
    -East Oakland Roy

  • weee weee
    weee weee 10 months ago +2

    she has amazing stage presence **cough cough... dua lipa is quaking**

    • Mike
      Mike 10 months ago +1

      Emma Donald its like she was born for this

  • Lotusflwr
    Lotusflwr 10 months ago +6

    I’m so sad! 😭 I bought tickets to Phoenix meet & greet but I was to late to meet you Lolo. Work kept me longer. Next time you come though! I ain’t missing it

  • Dezign
    Dezign 10 months ago +1

    Je suis So LoLoVe ,tous les sons de l album claquent.une tueuse cette Go!!! 360 views !!

  • Dylan Lorissa
    Dylan Lorissa 10 months ago +3

    i love you so much i had the best time

  • SV
    SV 10 months ago +8

    I loved meeting you in DC. I’ll forever cherish that moment. You were the sweetest ever 🥰 I still cry thinking about it

  • Mike
    Mike 10 months ago +2

    4:41 what song is this??

  • A S M R W H I S P E R I N G A N G E L


  • m3rc3d3s
    m3rc3d3s 10 months ago +5


  • kidserenity
    kidserenity 10 months ago +3

    I LOVE YOU 💕

  • Sarah Richman
    Sarah Richman 10 months ago +2

    Lolo is awesome 😎

  • Love
    Love 10 months ago +5

    I WANT TO SEE HER SOO BAD 😭❤️🌈💖⭐️💜

    • Love
      Love 10 months ago +1

      n 💜💖

    • Love
      Love 10 months ago

      Indie ❤️💜💗💖

    • Indie
      Indie 10 months ago +2

      @n definitely 🖤

    • n
      n 10 months ago +2

      omg we bts stans got taste

    • Indie
      Indie 10 months ago +1

      ME TOO ARMYY!!!!!