Top College Basketball Saturday plays | College Basketball Highlights

  • Published on Jan 13, 2019
  • #10 (0:07) Oklahoma State's Isaac Likekele glides to the rim and spikes the tomahawk slam to quiet the WVU crowd.
    #9 (0:25) Tennessee's Admiral Schofield shows Florida's Kevarrius Hayes a chomp of his own on the disrespectful block.
    #8 (0:48) Down 3 with just over 3 seconds to go, Mac McClung opens the bank on a clutch 3-point heave at the buzzer to send Georgetown to overtime vs. Providence.
    #7 (1:21) Malik Dunbar demolishes the rim on an alley-oop pass from Jared Harper in Auburn's shellacking of Georgia.
    #6 (1:57) Liberty's Scottie James says "No, sir!" on a vicious block from behind on Dave Bell of Jacksonville.
    #5 (2:17) Arizona's Ira Lee drops the left-handed hammer in a major rout against California.
    #4 (2:36) Ohio's Doug Taylor reaches back and snags an oop from Jason Preston, then smashes the jam despite being whacked in the face.
    #3 (2:54) Cam Reddish was ready for his moment as he cashes out a game-winning 3-pointer to lift Duke over Florida State.
    #2 (3:35) TJ Starks gives the Aggies the spark they needed on a ridiculous buzzer-beating 3 on the run to stun Alabama.
    #1 (4:05) Just when you think you've seen it all? Wrong. With half a second remaining, UTEP's Ountae Campbell fires a pass to Jordan Lathon, who turns and tees up a game-winning jumper to shock Rice.
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Comments • 59

  • Maya Class of 2019
    Maya Class of 2019 6 months ago

    Let’s go #Bluedevils

  • Paraplegic octopus
    Paraplegic octopus 6 months ago +1

    Damn son, I should actually start watching college ball. Looks lit AF.

  • Ian Maddox
    Ian Maddox 6 months ago

    Go Vols!!!

  • Cloud 9
    Cloud 9 6 months ago

    Dick vitale should only be allowed to be a commentator for duke

  • devanshu amin
    devanshu amin 6 months ago

    Where is ja morant and Rj Barrett's posters

  • Kevin Durant
    Kevin Durant 6 months ago +3

    Tyrone Lou In the thumbnail thinking he slick

    • Millvile96
      Millvile96 6 months ago

      Tim Smith Has on god I was searching for this comment

  • M R M A N
    M R M A N 6 months ago

    Notice how there’s no one in UTEP’s stadium

  • Smartguy1002
    Smartguy1002 6 months ago

    I remember when Ira Lee used to ballhog when he and Shareef O'Neal played together in high school.

  • Mo T VFL
    Mo T VFL 6 months ago +3

    Mac Mcf’ingClung!

  • GrudezZ
    GrudezZ 6 months ago

    If I trick you, you have to subscribe

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  • weston depratt
    weston depratt 6 months ago

    Big dunk by the Arizona kid. Wonder how much he cost?

  • Damitri The Dragon
    Damitri The Dragon 6 months ago

    Jesus that pass was amazing. Lucky af but still.

  • Caleb Isadore
    Caleb Isadore 6 months ago

    College basketball is trash

    • Cognitive Harmony!
      Cognitive Harmony! 6 months ago +1

      Yet, "YOU" are on a college basketball video, trolling?
      Can't you see how you re making an ass of yourself?

  • The crowing Cock
    The crowing Cock 6 months ago

    Jesus Christ ESPN I am trying to sleep

  • Malik Allen
    Malik Allen 6 months ago +1

    #1 - inbounder stepped on the court with his pass.

  • Jed I. Knight
    Jed I. Knight 6 months ago +8

    Ok. That deserves #1. Like actually. G’damn that inbound. The anticipation.

  • That_Canuck_God
    That_Canuck_God 6 months ago +16

    Mac Mcclung is the most underrated freshman this season.

    • So Flo
      So Flo 6 months ago

      Ronaldo Segu

    • That_Canuck_God
      That_Canuck_God 6 months ago

      Deshawn Joseph Lmao, no. Nassir was a 5 star recruit and is playing horribly for an expected 1 and done amazing rookie. Mac will be way better.

    • Deshawn Joseph
      Deshawn Joseph 6 months ago

      @That_Canuck_God nassir little is on a deeper and better team bro will be a better pro

    • That_Canuck_God
      That_Canuck_God 6 months ago +1

      Neo Doe Nah, he only struggled at the start of the season now he’s averaging like 13ish which is more then the predicted lottery pick Nassir little.

    • Neo Doe
      Neo Doe 6 months ago +1

      That_Canuck_God he isn’t underrated he just has been struggling.

  • Kozella Firms
    Kozella Firms 6 months ago

    Wear some goggles big man

  • Samuel Augustine
    Samuel Augustine 6 months ago

    Damn bama catching mad L’s *sigh- Alabama fan

    GRJYESBNKIU99 6 months ago

    it doesn't count if zion ain't in it!

    • Aakash Shah
      Aakash Shah 6 months ago +1

      cusdjcracifirkkle6 Zion got injured. Did you even watch the game?🤔

  • The Bench
    The Bench 6 months ago +1


  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    espn needs more subs

  • D3CAY
    D3CAY 6 months ago +1

    Guys I recently started my yt channel and would appreciate it if you checked it out and gave me some feedback. thanks for your time.

  • RhinoGore38
    RhinoGore38 6 months ago +6

    Reddish to the Bulls

  • クズケン
    クズケン 6 months ago +1

    That is some crazy shit game winner clutch

  • Jonathan Walker
    Jonathan Walker 6 months ago

    Cam to the Sixers

  • LeeTravius Mckay
    LeeTravius Mckay 6 months ago

    I'm glad that cam reddish is finally getting some love

  • Zion Williamson
    Zion Williamson 6 months ago +15

    So glad we won

  • Tua Tagovailoa
    Tua Tagovailoa 6 months ago

    What some great highlights

  • Nehemiah Howard
    Nehemiah Howard 6 months ago +41

    Cam finally gettin that recognition

  • Tulley Novielli
    Tulley Novielli 6 months ago +1

    Nice 👍

  • Tulley Novielli
    Tulley Novielli 6 months ago +3

    Awesome buzzer beaters college basketball 🏀

  • Tulley Novielli
    Tulley Novielli 6 months ago +1

    Awesome 👏🏻 TOP 10 Plays for week

  • Steve Asare
    Steve Asare 6 months ago +1


  • leGoat is the best player ever of all timer.

    Just give Duke the Champion.

      MANI GLOWS 3 months ago

      WDB just to get beat out by texas tech

    • A Potato
      A Potato 6 months ago

      WDB Jesus Christ you’re a dumbass 😂

    • Isaiah Robinson
      Isaiah Robinson 6 months ago

      WDB ok hater

    • Reddit University
      Reddit University 6 months ago +5

      Don't let this distract you from the fact that GONZAGA beat a paid starting 5, a cheating head coach, and Duke team that was declared by ESPN the greatest college basketball team ever while boasting the top 3 freshmen in the country.

    • Isaiah Robinson
      Isaiah Robinson 6 months ago

      leGoat is the best player ever of all timer. Yeah like the one dude said anyone can win in college the tournament is all netrual sight games and if you lose once you're done but go duke anyways