Meet The World's "First Digital Supermodel" (HBO)

  • Published on May 25, 2019
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Comments • 312

  • Rufonya Avakin
    Rufonya Avakin 5 days ago

    What the app he use?

  • Kyle
    Kyle 18 days ago

    This is only going to further the disconnect between societal beauty standards based off fashion/models and what people actually look like

  • Vassal Colony
    Vassal Colony Month ago

    Vice news is getting just weirder and weirder. I get that people like fashion and are into this stuff, but it would be a super small number of people, and the narrative about the white man creating a black man, and the nonsense about "admiring blackness" - totally lunatic religious intersectionalists. Nothing makes them happy.

  • Mr Furry
    Mr Furry Month ago

    Do you have any "super models" that dont look like a nappy greasy turd?

  • J Bril
    J Bril Month ago

    Niggas gone call this “digital blackface”

  • Pumpkinspice
    Pumpkinspice Month ago

    Personally I find this disturbing also a growing issue that humans wish to just erase careers for others. Models are meant to be humanly unique that’s the point of their appeal. Why is it also women that are subjected to this first.

  • Love Lilly
    Love Lilly Month ago

    The eyes look dead because it’s not real

  • MrSubsound90
    MrSubsound90 Month ago +1

    Given the amount of photoshop that gets used I didn't think models were really real for awhile. They were just templates.

  • Nemo_K
    Nemo_K Month ago +1

    Oh look, Vice is making it about skin colour again

    • D
      D Month ago

      Nemo_K i noticed that too 😒

  • Lawson Palmer
    Lawson Palmer Month ago +5

    This vice Journalist is trapping herself.
    "Admiring blackness without ever having to deal with a black woman"

    What are you trying to say? haha

  • Francisco Falcão
    Francisco Falcão Month ago

    Is she really suggesting that it's different to "deal" with a black woman then with any other person?! That's racist!

  • Levi
    Levi Month ago +1

    Of course these 3d models have nipples. I am almost 100% certain he started this as porn

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    "What if... Colonel Sanders was a hipster douche?"
    "I love it! Let's go with that!"

  • Gadiel Philip
    Gadiel Philip Month ago +1

    Appropriation at its finest.

  • Noneya Damnbiz
    Noneya Damnbiz Month ago

    What a creep

  • Jay Melendez
    Jay Melendez Month ago


  • Jay Melendez
    Jay Melendez Month ago

    Robots are going to take over the world............

  • M
    M Month ago +1

    So we can set even less realistic beauty standards? Fucking great.

  • Jamaal The Barbarian
    Jamaal The Barbarian Month ago +13

    Somebody send this to Charlie Brooker for Black Mirror Season 6.

  • LordTears
    LordTears Month ago +6

    instead of getting a real black model & paying her... just create a black woman & collect all proceeds.

  • Luke Osborne
    Luke Osborne Month ago +2

    Wouldn't be a VICE video if they didn't bring race in to it.

  • Erika Arnold
    Erika Arnold Month ago

    This man is not a racist. He is an artist.

  • nirrti7
    nirrti7 Month ago +13

    real-life models: "They took our jerbs!"

  • 702thomas
    702thomas Month ago +2

    how can we NOT pay a black woman but pay a white man instead for her beauty?...oh I know...

  • It's Life
    It's Life Month ago

    Ever heard of anime?

  • Richard Larson
    Richard Larson Month ago +1

    The ending seems like a bleak, dystopian future.

  • Mom
    Mom Month ago +1

    This is some high level millenial shit

  • Ben Jordan
    Ben Jordan Month ago

    So he's basically enslaving a very dark-skinned digital model of a women to work for him, but he doesn't even pay her any salary. That's a new dimension of stealing from the black people. And this women doesn't even look African, she looks Western from her contours.

  • Ben Jordan
    Ben Jordan Month ago +2

    "They still have to deal with a person" because he's at the end of the other line. Hahaha

  • George Hennen 2
    George Hennen 2 Month ago +1

    When you can't animate porn so you make models

  • J Shankle
    J Shankle Month ago +1

    So know you can literally be called racist for anything... this guy ideal definition of beauty is African woman.. and that's racist

  • Mr.mixes piglets
    Mr.mixes piglets Month ago +1

    Gross looks like Will Smith’s son

  • Letal
    Letal Month ago

    This guy is gay.

  • Charles Phiri
    Charles Phiri Month ago +1


  • Sera Phina
    Sera Phina Month ago +4

    In many cases, the models don't quite look realistic enough, so it makes it look a bit off-putting or cringey. Uncanny valley.

  • sasatalic85
    sasatalic85 Month ago

    he looks like a virgin

  • Joey Santana
    Joey Santana Month ago +13

    Imagine the new standards of beauty being digital models 🤣

  • Shesh Omaru
    Shesh Omaru Month ago +1

    She's beautiful good job 👌🏿

  • The Most Interesting Man On Youtube

    I just love how the First Digital Supermodel is NOT HUMAN and BLACK get it ?
    NON HUMAN BLACK hahahahah

  • Kathy Childress
    Kathy Childress Month ago


  • Cyberphobe
    Cyberphobe Month ago +1

    Square Enix already tried this with, Aki Ross, the world's first "virtual actress." Spoiler, it didn't work out very well.

  • Cyberphobe
    Cyberphobe Month ago

    Wow, I guess that dude didn't try very hard to break the uncanny valley, because that model is unsettling looking. It's also incredibly sexist. Why does it have to be a woman? You're not very "woke" VICE.

  • Elizabeth Walker
    Elizabeth Walker Month ago +5

    Would not be surprised if it came out that this guy is a serial killer...

  • laser325
    laser325 Month ago

    To toot my own horn for a moment (ahem), years ago I predicted that there will be digital movie stars who will have a following and will be stars in selected movies.
    Put them in a CGI environment, and movies will be produced from basements.

  • khosrow
    khosrow Month ago

    First? I remember similar projects as early as 2005.

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago

    I find her unattractive and repulsive

  • Born Justice Rule
    Born Justice Rule Month ago

    this is crazy dope and smart AND this guy has definitely jacked off to his creations. i bet he talks to them.

    HOLLOW HILL Month ago +1

    Soon good looking real male and female models will be out of work..HAHAHA

  • averat84
    averat84 Month ago

    This guy: “I have perfected my dream woman: She is completely subjugated; doesn’t talk back; doesn’t laugh at me or have anything negative to say about me; I can turn her on instantly, on command; I can also turn her on wherever I wish; she doesn’t poop; she doesn’t eat; she have icky menses and I’ll _never_ get asked to buy her (un)sanitary napkins; can’t get get pregnant; doesn’t make me wear a condom, no judgmental in-laws … perfect in every way!”

  • Pekoe Punk
    Pekoe Punk Month ago

    Looks awful.

  • MiVidaBellisima
    MiVidaBellisima Month ago

    She is so beautiful! But is this just an excuse to not pay actual models? There is a good point that dark skinned black models have a hard time getting modeling jobs and this could be an excuse to replace/exclude them entirely.

  • Rock Stone
    Rock Stone Month ago

    I was just in Weymouth

  • Dragon1717
    Dragon1717 Month ago

    That's not a "supermodel". When one thinks of a supermodel, they think of a white woman with long hair and a slim figure.

  • ConServ
    ConServ Month ago

    Thanks Vice, for confirming the this man is white and someone in this world, thinks he is racist, for some reason. Whatever that has to do with what he is doing, I don't know.

  • A-Waz B!
    A-Waz B! Month ago +1

    Im so puzzled by this?? am not throwing shade at his work or others work but the model per say does not look realistic at sorts not to todays standards atleast. Especially in contrast to like games or cg short films. I've seen, no we've seen better hyper realistic cg rendered models, that lil miquela looks like a character from dead or alive or final fantasy. sure the animations are good but the models aren't entirely complex the textures of the faces look outdated by like decade in visual effects standards so how exactly are these models being valued at like 125million dollars?? And there shoudldn't be any claims of racism of his depiction of a black woman artists draw from real life or reference we shouldn't be enclosing them in a bubble specified only to their race. Even if the model looks highly africanized in features who cares, modeling companies have been advocating for those types of models for years now, they have a checklist to appeal to mass audiences just cause his modeling one in his home doesnt mean he is disconnected from people of a ethnic minority entirely and again this is the fashion/modeling industry they have checklist if you have a problem take it up with the high exc's who catagorize the beauty standards. We just got plus size models for mainstream fashion retail after years of issolation, are we now going to throw shade if he or an individual renders/models a plus size woman excluding the ethnicity. Like he said in the interview he mocapped using a black woman, that wasn't entirely necessary but it shows his attention to the false claims to me the claims are stupid.

  • Alana West
    Alana West Month ago

    Racism at its height

  • Alaybozan
    Alaybozan Month ago +1

    To be honest, Skyrim modders could have done a much better job.

  • cvc
    cvc Month ago

    hahahahahahahahahahaha wow

  • carsaleslady
    carsaleslady Month ago +1

    And she has dark circles and bags under her eyes like she hasn’t slept in days

    • laser325
      laser325 Month ago

      Maybe it's been busy.

  • Ossama R
    Ossama R Month ago +1

    Real life Sim0ne 😯😯

  • pink girl
    pink girl Month ago +1

    Highly africananized?. Lol this model clearly looks sudanese. My God read a darn is a continent.africans don't look the same lolz.

    • Lechiffresix six
      Lechiffresix six Month ago +1

      i had never heard that term before.
      caucasian Blacktionary words includes "ethnic", highly africanized, chocolate dip etc.. its like its a battle to see other humans like what they are lol!

  • pink girl
    pink girl Month ago

    Eyyy isn't that ducky thot??

  • Dee Boy
    Dee Boy Month ago +6

    So a white person gets paid for the black model 😂

  • Beats #9821
    Beats #9821 Month ago

    Didn't expect SFM to make the news.

  • Marshal
    Marshal Month ago +1

    The Uncanny Valley is really disturbing. No fucking way this will replace real models, the outrage would be overwhelming

  • Jimmy Killem
    Jimmy Killem Month ago

    disliked because vice thinks drawing black queens is racist

  • Sam. X.
    Sam. X. Month ago +11

    So this is what they use when they wanna seem diverse but don't wanna pay a black woman

    • laser325
      laser325 Month ago

      It's not black.
      It's umber.

  • James Smith
    James Smith Month ago

    Looks like a dude. 👎👎

  • Robert Pearce
    Robert Pearce Month ago

    Rubbish. ..

  • smurf131cr
    smurf131cr Month ago

    Why black

  • quest 77051
    quest 77051 Month ago +2

    she's beautiful.

  • J Tapia
    J Tapia Month ago

    Fuckn wierdo..

    • J Tapia
      J Tapia Month ago

      @Lechiffresix six yeah okkk...

    • Lechiffresix six
      Lechiffresix six Month ago

      you look like his roommate though. creepy blokes dudes all around . the two of you really give me the willies.

  • DannonGumball
    DannonGumball Month ago

    You create a black model and yet there are SO MANY ACTUAL BLACK FEMALES that either look similar or BETTER! You fat porker! And he’s collecting....

  • Victor Stewart
    Victor Stewart Month ago

    Unattractive,strange... weird.

  • PunchlikeAwhitegirl
    PunchlikeAwhitegirl Month ago +2

    Jesus he’s so pretentious

    • *Dreams*
      *Dreams* Month ago +1

      Arrogant & Condescending as well.

  • 武蔵宮本
    武蔵宮本 Month ago

    Of course black

  • Arjun Durbhakula
    Arjun Durbhakula Month ago +8

    I felt super uncomfortable watching this, but after looking at these comments and seeing my fellow HUMANS feeling the same way, I feel a lot better. Thanks, humans.

  • roma
    roma Month ago +2

    robots are taking out jobs

  • CG S
    CG S Month ago +3

    So if he makes the fake model black, he is a racist. Cultural appropriation? If he makes the fake model white, he is a racist. Lack of diversity? Gee, it is almost like the guy can't win. I wonder why he probably opted for the orange?

    • CG S
      CG S Month ago +1

      ​@Lechiffresix six - Even my "slow witted mind" can see that race should not be a part of this story. Who cares what color he made the fake model? It is a fake model.
      I would brand you some ambiguous epithet, but I am clearly too slow witted and cretinous to think of any. The higher ground is obviously yours. Consider your superior virtue in tact and fully signaled.
      As a life long liberal and non-orange supporter, I am not particularly looking forward to what is coming for the country. Watching guys like you squirm is amusing though. Silver lining I guess. Enjoy the next 4 years of orange crush.

    • Lechiffresix six
      Lechiffresix six Month ago

      orange= Trump. but the catch 22 BS theory you fabricated in your mind ain't debated here. you are a slow witted cretin.

  • Yankeesfn 2
    Yankeesfn 2 Month ago

    White man profiting from black culture is nothing new.

    BLUE DOG Month ago +3

    Humans are not wanted ?
    Human models should Boycott
    Brands the Fake Model is advertising

  • Happy Dapp
    Happy Dapp Month ago +1

    U know what they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    • laser325
      laser325 Month ago

      I thought it was in the eye of the beerholder...

  • Ion Vrabie
    Ion Vrabie Month ago +4

    This is scary like from horror movies, this guy is mentally fuckt up big time .

    • Jay Melendez
      Jay Melendez Month ago

      The world is going to end. Robots are going to take over

  • Rocha Boi
    Rocha Boi Month ago +1

    The day a person who isn't real makes more money than me 🤣😭🤣😥🤣😂🤣😭😥😥😪😪😪

  • Baguette Paris
    Baguette Paris Month ago

    Shrek: Am I a joke to you?

    • Lechiffresix six
      Lechiffresix six Month ago

      give those stupid meme a rest .it makes you sound like cretin.

  • Johnny Demacano
    Johnny Demacano Month ago

    If you can create anyone why not use someone from Europe or the Netherlands? Why chose that?

  • Weird Fantasy
    Weird Fantasy Month ago

    I thought this was that Mikayla thing for a second lmao

  • Serj Rozov
    Serj Rozov Month ago

    Omg.. Vice? Vice is dead?

  • Larry Wheels
    Larry Wheels Month ago

    Kill him

  • Mister Sarajevo
    Mister Sarajevo Month ago +3

    It's like "Simone"... that crappy 2002 film w/ Al Pacino.

    • Paula Kelly
      Paula Kelly Month ago +1

      Everyone looking to find this movie now...

  • Sometimes it snows in April

    She isn’t taking any White jobs.😒

    • Jimmy Killem
      Jimmy Killem Month ago +1

      did ya not notice all the white digital models in the video ya uppity negro lmfao

  • Earl Harewood
    Earl Harewood Month ago +4

    literally unattainable body standards incoming. We're totally fked.

    • Jimmy Killem
      Jimmy Killem Month ago

      unattainable how
      you're just lazy and fat

    • Ci Ci
      Ci Ci Month ago +2

      Have you been living under a rock? That stuff already exists and has been around for a very long time!

  • J C
    J C Month ago +4

    That is some not attractive “ so called super model? “

  • M. Hilal Yahya Hidayat

    daz, it isn't?

  • n sp
    n sp Month ago

    Why is the world's first digital supermodel black? And... what is Arielle Duhaime-Ross?

  • Interesting View
    Interesting View Month ago

    The feminists decided to get fat and force the market to like it. There's an app for that.

  • Loo axe
    Loo axe Month ago +1

    Black skin looks disgusting and is un attractive. Stop virtue signaling.

    • *kyla* strawberry
      *kyla* strawberry Month ago +1

      racist at least we dont age fast like you pale cave women

  • robert mccaleb
    robert mccaleb Month ago

    Ugly.As hell.But people are stupid.

  • Kkidzz
    Kkidzz Month ago

    Nice, PFT Ltd....picky frosted tips

  • Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial

    Sorry but I thought it was really cool that he used a black woman as his template. It's an honour if anything.
    Quite honestly, the first thing that went through my mind was _'O Shizl Gzngahr ... He likes him some chocolate, know what I'm sayin' n*gga._
    But sadly, I knew someone somewhere was going to make a fuss about a white man making virtual black women. I say, stay out of his fap material.

    • stephen Krik
      stephen Krik Month ago

      @*kyla* strawberry it will take jobs from models period this has nothing to do with race

    • RaFari1119 Bee
      RaFari1119 Bee Month ago

      @Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial..... It's called Alchemy, The Great Work, Magnum Opus..
      . Google The Nigerdo ( The Blackening Melanosis in Alchemy ) Google The Magical Negro in Popular Culture and Mythology.
      Black/Brown people have always been used in any and all Alchemical Transformations, including the building of an Empire called America i.e. The New Atlantis...( Lead to Gold ( Dark to the Light ) ...

    • *kyla* strawberry
      *kyla* strawberry Month ago +2

      it will take jobs from real black women who are models.