STAR WARS 9 Official Trailer (2019) The Rise Of Skywalker Movie HD

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • STAR WARS 9 Official Trailer (2019) The Rise Of Skywalker Movie HD
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Comments • 16 013

  • Philipine Ball
    Philipine Ball 2 hours ago

    I wish darth vader is alive

  • Major Buto
    Major Buto 10 hours ago

    Ok there's a big catching net when people fall, just change the title to circus wars 😁

  • Allan mayorga cordon Rafael

    1:50 wtf emperor no way

  • Ash O'kelly
    Ash O'kelly Day ago +1

    So gay and bad

  • Allan mayorga cordon Rafael

    no one is ever really gone

  • chilled dude
    chilled dude 2 days ago

    Anakin here alive WHAT UH HOW WHEN DEAD ALIVE WHAT!!!!

  • Thomas McBride
    Thomas McBride 2 days ago

    Never heard of “it.”

  • High Velocity
    High Velocity 3 days ago

    It's assumed the Rey character should win so she will. I mean, she down loaded all her skills from Tank her operator...

  • 大場奏
    大場奏 4 days ago


  • AlI Zulqarnain
    AlI Zulqarnain 4 days ago

    All illusion nothing is real

  • dren %
    dren % 5 days ago +2

    The emperor is back and now identifies as a woman

    • HerHeartBeats
      HerHeartBeats 2 days ago

      too much Cis-Het...*whatever pronoun* will also seek *woke, guilt-free love* with a wookie

  • The Doomer
    The Doomer 5 days ago +2

    I got no hype for SW movies anymore.

  • Joshua Wood
    Joshua Wood 5 days ago +1

    So, Mary Sue turns on her light saber, then runs with it for: Reasons.
    A fighter is hugging the ground like a speeder, and not firing it's weapons while trying to kill Mary Sue for: Reasons
    Kylo Ren uses his light saber as a club to knock someone backwards, instead of cutting them in half for: Reasons.
    A large part of the Death Star is still intact, and Palpatine survived on it, and stayed on the remnant on the planet it landed on for 30+ years for, and only now re-emerges, even though there can not be two Sith lords at once (Sorry Snokes you weren't real)because: Reasons
    Wait, let me guess, Luke becomes a force ghost that masturbates over Rey while she sleeps? Only thing left Disney hasn't mocked, and ruined so far!
    Oh look, Lando is back! I wonder what irrelevant reason he'll be there for, before being killed in a completely disrespectful manner!
    The saga came to an end before it began, your abortions have been rejected...

    • HerHeartBeats
      HerHeartBeats 2 days ago +1

      To think about it...from the VERY SIGN of the aircraft coming in (probably from a 50 km range at least) a Togruta would probably have just run into the nearby hills (expecially they have sharp rocky sides, very difficult to overcome without damage for a Tie pilot who obviously DOESN'T KNOW to pilot a plane DOESN'T KNOW to pilot a planen, let alone an orbiting/unorbiting spaceship).
      So when finally coming in, the Tie would have found NOTHING, except if the pilot was ordered to track fugitives down, in either case any complex manoeuvre would probably wreck the Tie and kill the pilot who, let''s just remind, DOESN'T KNOW to pilot a plane.
      Congratulations have just had the Jedi order go probably about 40 million years BACKWARD in life evolution.

    • HerHeartBeats
      HerHeartBeats 2 days ago's just even worse than I expected. All the reason to not ever paying for that pale excuse of a movie.
      I think that in the 1st scene you described, the "author" reminded of the "T72 against MI-28 helicopter" Chicken-race scene in Rambo 2 and tried to do the same...I cannot think of any other rational explanation.

  • Shily Wang
    Shily Wang 7 days ago

    Something is telling me kylo ren is the good guy in the end and there’s a twist elsewhere

  • The Joker
    The Joker 7 days ago

    Well I won't be watching again like last jedi except for internet leaks not getting my money stupid trash Kathleen Kennedy

  • fujimatosa
    fujimatosa 8 days ago +1

    I remember every moment in every episod from IV-VI. Even I-III I remember smth, because it close the plot circle. But the new disney's episodes, I watched and forget as a nightmare.

    ALPHA PEGASUS 9 days ago

    Remember how lightsaber can dismember

  • Tom 242
    Tom 242 10 days ago

    Gdy poszedłem do kina na "New Hope" mając 7 lat, to już nie wróciłem ze świata Star Wars, zostałem tam do dziś i będę tam do końca życia, a podejrzewam, że nawet dłużej.
    Jestem z Gwiezdnych Wojen.

    XORTION 11 days ago

    Mehhhhh disappointed

  • Ax Ks
    Ax Ks 12 days ago

    The worst Star Wars trilogy; at least the prequels had soul.

  • Tommie2
    Tommie2 12 days ago

    George Lucas always said that star was was about anakin and how he is the chosen one, rise of sky walker? The emperors laugh being at the end, I believe that Anakin will come back to bring balance to the force in the final movie. Does no ones else agree? Haven’t seen this theory anywhere yet

  • Jeff Oliver
    Jeff Oliver 13 days ago

    The laugh at the end was the emperor. I recognise the laugh from the scene involving him and Darth Vader in 'The Empire Strikes Back.'

  • Al Bundy
    Al Bundy 13 days ago

    They should've killed off the black guy in the second movie along with the asian chick. Both useless hollow characters, that add nothing to the movie. Kinda like the extras in every bar scene. Dont care if they're there or not.

  • bobby harvill
    bobby harvill 13 days ago

    They passed down all they know, to her, in a week? Damn, it just keeps getting worse!

  • green play 828
    green play 828 13 days ago

    how is that lightsaber back

  • callasmar
    callasmar 14 days ago

    veeeeery cool!

  • Ivan
    Ivan 14 days ago

    Last Jedi: this is just the beginning
    Rise of Skywalker: EVERYTHING IS ENDING!!

    this is what it feels like to me. so dont judge

  • Jay
    Jay 16 days ago

    The raping of my childhood memories continues.

  • George The Human
    George The Human 16 days ago

    "The saga will end".

    I doubt it, you said it in 1983, you said it in 2005, so what makes me believe that you will end this time?

  • János Nagy
    János Nagy 16 days ago

    Ez a szerencsétlen nő.....!Vicc kategória sajnos!

  • Silvia Lemoine
    Silvia Lemoine 16 days ago +1

    What's wrong with you people? Just enjoy this new film, as always it will be amazing and impressive. Don't start thinking it'll be a mess or don't say that the last three films are shit, cause they're masterpieces. Just appreciate the hard work of other people! Peace💞

  • Spoops Spoons
    Spoops Spoons 16 days ago +3

    I hope this movies good. I’m not wasting 3k for my whole family to watch it

    The saga is about to end, just like Ryan Johnson’s career

  • Em Jay
    Em Jay 16 days ago +1


  • NostalgicTimez
    NostalgicTimez 16 days ago

    Lmao this trailer is so bad i just now found out it existed

  • Supercoollink
    Supercoollink 17 days ago

    Lando is back!

  • Phillip Matlock
    Phillip Matlock 17 days ago

    I don't think Luke is really dead... I just find it hard to believe that he's that big of a pussy.. I mean, I know he's a liberal and all, but come on.. The guy died of exhaustion WTF lol...

  • 안녕`ᄏ
    안녕`ᄏ 17 days ago

    Ain't buying

  • Ian Lee
    Ian Lee 17 days ago

    I like the movies but jar jar binks ruined it :(

  • Bunson Baker
    Bunson Baker 17 days ago

    We already know exactly how this whole ordeal is gonna play out. People are gonna bitch about it, it’s probably not gonna be that good, people will say it’s the worst of all the movies...roll credits. Is anyone getting sick of this blockbuster recycle scenario? Everyone and everything to do with this is just depressing. The haters, the fans, the movie itself. Movies used to be fun.

  • Alexandru Alexandrescu

    Singurul film exceptional

  • James Powlett
    James Powlett 18 days ago +1

    Woke shit

    • kayla kaylie
      kayla kaylie 4 days ago

      *sighs* and im getting so fatigued of it. I used to love star wars..but they ruined it for me. I'm so done with star wars since Luke skywalker. I'd rather see a man on screen then this.

  • Francois Smit
    Francois Smit 19 days ago

    Probably going to be just as trash as the other. This lore has such potential, how does one mess it up this badly?

  • Ignis Christi
    Ignis Christi 19 days ago +3

    What does this trailer and prozac have in common?

    Once you've swallowed it you feel nothing.

  • Matt K
    Matt K 19 days ago

    You can miss me with this trash boo...

  • HerrProf
    HerrProf 19 days ago

    What's up with every other trailer of this abominable trilogy starting with one of the character gasping. No ideas how to start trailer in another way?

  • MadPoetLaw
    MadPoetLaw 19 days ago

    Boy I sure can't wait to go pay opening day price at the theater to see this ! LMAO. Never gonna happen Disney. Maybe I'll have an hour to waste on Netflix . . . . oh wait no. Dollar bin full of used DVD's at the dollar store! If it's BOGO day I'll snag one of those nifty Rose action figures new in Box Too! ! ! !!

  • matt from wii sports
    matt from wii sports 19 days ago


  • Iris Stasiuk
    Iris Stasiuk 19 days ago +1

    The wrath of the prissy nerds will soon be felt by this movie

  • npc 432
    npc 432 19 days ago

    No thanks.

  • vial.of.photons
    vial.of.photons 19 days ago +1

    My 90 year old neighbor needs a new walker. Does this one come with an oxygen tank holder?

  • Valery Boykov
    Valery Boykov 19 days ago

    Does every new Star Wars film need desert planet?

  • Jeremy Anderson
    Jeremy Anderson 19 days ago +2

    Cute toy (double lightsaber)...
    I'm still not gonna open my wallet...

  • Unlisted Dude
    Unlisted Dude 19 days ago +1

    If the saga ends with a cliff hanger.....
    Me: that most like won’t happen
    Also me: if it does then......

    Proceeds to bang head on table....

  • Puck
    Puck 19 days ago

    "The Rise of the Mary Sue," this is the end

  • jbsosa100
    jbsosa100 20 days ago

    Complete and unbridled horse shit at its finest.

  • Docinze H. Martin (Satheist's Nightmare)

    Starwars has dropped the one thing that makes starwars... Starwars. They scrub off what is meant to be Jedi.... which suggest that they are very small group of people who has the ability to apply philosophical common sense to their daily practice as they go about their life and no need to use force or move a muscle if its futile in doing so,
    And teach ways to fight great monsters by using their strength as their weak point... in a way the battle is already over before its decided. Than watching all their might try to be tough and strong and so eager to fight and wont die as long they fight their hardest but in reality.... only fools will do such a thing by fighting haphazardly most of the time and most die early than not.
    The sword fight is really hilarious... using fighting technique like wielding a heavy sword or claymore. They should the kendo style since light saber is pretty light weight weapon, and should less swashbuckling movement but more of efficiently executed fatal attack or diffuse the opponent's attack with simple defensive move to counter the attack and use the momentum to end sword fight.
    If only the japanese have that sword that they can fight against guns. Lol
    Anyway, the light saber as jedi's weapon of choice isnt really about that its better or will match the effective of guns or lazer guns but a statement that the sword... no matter how ineffective it is... if one uses their head as primary tool to resolve most of their problem they will be facing... and the sword serve as the last resort to protect them if theres total intellectual breakdown and which is handy to get to safety to have time to rethink their tact of approach that find it acceptable to the stupidity of miserable idiots.

    Thats what yoda suppose to be.... never do things to better sonething if all the factors are not known and understood well the problem that causes the current condition. Coz whatever will be done will be futile to resolve it but only make it worse.
    Only fools rush in! And that is starwars..... not a laboriously eye candy mardi graz in motion and no actual purpose at all and why Starwars loosing its charm since the release of phantom menace.
    You get darth vader if people keep bending the rules.... that makes things worse. Rules are there coz there is reason for it not makes things harder than its already is in everyone's way of life. Women are not allowed to make big decision... not only its illogical and bias but because they never accept accountability of their action and will find soneone they can blame and as a excuse why they policy failed.
    It always fail since their rush decision was not even thought thru if it works or not... they just want something to show they trying to do something as a moral high ground. Sadly, they wont admit what they do will fail... and will go thru any lengths that they will have total control and try to prove what they are doing is right... if on cant do it without having to control people is a failure and accept that they havent done to build anything that will be functional. If they cant do it... they cant do politics. Building something takes a a lot of measurements and practical problem solving. Women dont do problem solving they prefer to impose because theyre fragile and weak live off that free ride that makes men toxic coz theyre not happy with all the materialism they could posseess. That feminists now feel they re better than men... but a lil sight of trouble, women will plea for their womanhood and demand to treat them as if they are like babies.
    Women cant be men... coz they never willing to fight their own troubles... but use the system to favor them because of being a woman and that is the root why the world is such mess.

  • MrTherealpad
    MrTherealpad 20 days ago +1

    Star Wars is dead since the 7th. Thank you Kathleen Kennedy for this shitty job. You can be proud. All the SJW will love what you have done. But you don’t have my money since.

  • Frogman Waterblast
    Frogman Waterblast 20 days ago +1

    men hating feminist propaganda

  • Nick H
    Nick H 20 days ago +1

    Not waisting my money on this. I could have written these past two movies better, and that's not saying much. I'll bet a lot of you could say the same thing and also be correct.

  • Anon Sidious
    Anon Sidious 20 days ago

    The saga comes to an end so we can shit all over the whatever shred of legacy their is left. FANS do not allow disney to let these last movies dictate to you what is canon. Enjoy the EU stop conforming you are the fans YOU make the franchise.