Shamrock Shake Taste Test

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Автор Girl Jacksepiceye ( назад)
Me and my little cousin made homemade shamrock shakes

Автор da gamechanger47 ( назад)
Help us Girl Scouts!

Автор Danielle Walker ( назад)
thank you link! someone else who doesnt like mint in chocolate! just give me chocolate

Автор Robert M ( назад)
Shamrock shakes are just toothpaste in a cup

Автор The Dance King Hoseok ( назад)
"I wanna create experience with these little girls"
Uhmm... be careful there, Turtle Meat.

Автор blindedby2monkeys ( назад)
sorry https://giphy.com/gifs/gmm-rLMVnN2waEKRi

Автор Chris Koelsch ( назад)
I completely agree with Link on all things Mint. Screw thin mints

Автор nikbirkholz ( назад)
thin mints suck, mint in general suck unless its in gum lol

Автор Amanda Blount ( назад)
As a girl scout leader, every year we usually have at least one person come and buy each girl at the booth a box of cookies.

Автор Leah AndBean ( назад)
Will it tea?

Автор Benny Shelton ( назад)
Where can I get Rhett's shirt?

Автор jonathan rodriguez ( назад)

Автор B B ( назад)
Will it Milkshake-Back for second!!!

Автор Kate Browne ( назад)
proud to be Irish!!! <3

Автор Krickgraznoodles ( назад)
"Whatever it is-clover I don't know" Link

Автор jgw246 ( назад)
epic tokyo shirt

Автор Greg Mitchell ( назад)
"This tall man bought our cookies and then gave us the cookies back. I'll never forget him! I think his name was Turtle Meat."

Автор Madelyn Saiter ( назад)
Who is watching this in 2019

Автор Lexi Simms ( назад)
You can donate money to scouts who are tabling - we used to get donations from people trying to be healthy all the time!

Автор AaronTheROBLOXian ( назад)
Who also hates Thin Mints, because I DO

Автор Lidy ( назад)
Can we address the awkward ending please?

Автор the Branson Bowler ( назад)
I am JUST LIKE Link when it comes to mint-flavored things! (My favorite girl-scout cookies are Lemonades, by the way.)

Автор TBAEC ( назад)
so on one deployment when I was in the Navy we were sent cases of girl scout cookies. The big wigs got the variety and the crew got a whole year of thin mints. We were all sick of thin mints before the end of the year.

Автор Nugget ( назад)
when u tromboned the shake I didnt hear music IM WASTING MY TIME

Автор Sifu Culreif ( назад)
There is no actual shamrock in the shamrock shake.  They just call it that 'cause it's green.

Автор ForsakenPineapple - Minecraft & More ( назад)
They never talk about what they like...

Автор kayde cat ( назад)
will it milkshake

Автор kayde cat ( назад)
i have a shamrock shake right now

Автор JustOneForAll ( назад)
thats funny

Автор Remix The dragon ( назад)
"This tall man bought our cookies and then gave them back"

Me: well I suppose within the three seconds it took to buy the cookies he went to his house poisoned the cookies sealed the box then gave them back...........

Girl Scout "coach"?: HECK YEAH MORE MONEY FOR ME!!!!!

Автор myra lee ( назад)
I will sell you some GS cookies 🍪 what kind?? Lols 😂 no seriously!

Автор Connor Wallace ( назад)
Link I'm with you man I don't enjoy mint flavor stuff except for toothpaste and thin mints are shnasty

Автор Superstuffed ( назад)
I wanna see the aftermath hahahaha.

Автор Emily Anne ( назад)
Hahaaa! The outraged gasps from the crew when Link said he didn't like Thin Mints!! They used to be my favorite! I stopped buying from them years ago though when I learned where some of that money was going, and I don't eat processed stuff now anyway, but I AM STILL OFFENDED that someone wouldn't enjoy them. xD

Автор Derpy Raichu ( назад)
why didnt u get 2 for each other? its not that expensive

Автор Clara Bronfine ( назад)
You know the Shamrock Shake has half a cup of sugar in it

Автор LMoore Gaming ( назад)
Does anyone get Rhett's t-shirt?

Автор Sage Henry ( назад)
Agree with Link. Mint stuff is for toothpaste and mouthwash. Not cookies and sweets.

Автор June V ( назад)
I don't like mint in regular food either. lol

Автор Amanda Flaherty ( назад)
But, will it toothpaste?

Автор Joel John ( назад)
We have boy scouts in our place instead of girl scouts.....

Автор Triforce Gaming ( назад)
I'm part Irish And I like Rhett's shirt

Автор Mikaylah Rand ( назад)
Link is a disgrace to all girlscouts.

Автор Leisha Parham ( назад)
i love mint and am demanding Link let me have all the mint drinks he doesn't like. Mint hot chocolate? Mocha? MILKSHAKE??? please.

Автор Avery Barrett ( назад)
Mint should not be in ice cream, it makes it to cold. But that's just my personal opinion

Автор Cameron Bullard ( назад)

Автор Teresa Guinea ( назад)
link knows whats up. i also associate anything mint with toothpaste. whenever i consume mint i feel like i cant eat it because it reminds me of toothpaste.

Автор Joey Svehla ( назад)
Turtle meat, prickly stick, trombone it. I'm done. 😂

Автор Richard Hamm-Brown ( назад)
I think It would be cool if you 2 could be old-school for one episode and do a Bevis & Butthead, Ret and Link mythical more episode.

Автор Holly Rydquist ( назад)
I Subscribed and Turned notifications on, FYImi suned about 4 years ago but it said I wasn't subscribed?

Автор nick marcos ( назад)
Rhetts hair looks soo nice.

Автор Miriam Lopez ( назад)
I'm with Link, mint + chocolate = gross/not for me

Автор Roxane Hedge ( назад)
They dyed their green burgers too dwl

Автор tsundere chan aka loard of the underworld ( назад)
link is a hater of thin mints there my fav cookies

Автор Alec Shpuntov NIkolyvitch Cosing ( назад)
Will it Toaster Strudel?

Автор ragingfiip ( назад)
Ok, these abrupt endings are getting out of hand..... CASEY!!!

Автор EverydayIsMonday ( назад)
I feel strange watching this

Автор EverydayIsMonday ( назад)
pricklystick turtlemeat?

Автор Anifyz ( назад)
Sometimes it annoys me that link is so picky

Автор Shana - ( назад)
I don't like Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies either. Link, or in anything else other than an occasional soft peppermint or Wint-O-Green Lifesaver. :/

Автор Valentina Heidy ( назад)
what is shamrock?

Автор Tyre 2k17 ( назад)
Happy St. Patrick's Day

Автор Olivia Stubbs ( назад)
Thin mints are my favorite! :D

Автор Gabrielle Todd ( назад)

Автор Neon Blast ( назад)
Someone is going to photoshop this, sadly

Автор FilmEverything ( назад)
this is such a McDonalds ad

Автор Beth Barten ( назад)
I'm like Link I only care for mint when it's my toothpaste

Автор John Mark Carter ( назад)

Автор Michael Daly ( назад)
Im Irish!!! 🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮

Автор Olivia Gray ( назад)
Link: "mint is for toothpaste"

Автор Mario Castro ( назад)
my grandpa payed girl scouts to go away.

Автор YaBoiCosmo ( назад)
How I wish, how I Irish you were here.
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have we found?
The same old fears.
Irish you were here.

Автор Ben Sitzer ( назад)
Anyone from the Bay Area?

Автор TheNorthernJack Brolly ( назад)
Proud to be Irish!

Автор CraftCat Kid ( назад)
*Mouth drops open* Thin mints are my favorite kind!!

Автор Bard Bread ( назад)
The g. G g. G. Gbgbg g. G. Big. G. G to. G. G. G

Автор Carmen ( назад)
Will it churro?

Автор Laurence Lussier ( назад)
ouhhhhh will it poptarts :D

Автор Rosie Atkinson ( назад)
The moment link said he did not like thin mints I went to a different video

Автор yann ethier ( назад)
watch out for that brain freeze 😂😂😂

Автор Nathan Young ( назад)
Not liking thin mints is like saying you don't like puppies and who doesn't like puppies. LOL JK. Still watching this awesome show.

Автор GunWing Eagle ( назад)
6:17 Worst little girl voice I've ever heard, lmao

Автор Puertoricanbeauty22 ( назад)
Man I love mint and chocolate together lol I guess I'm a weirdo 😂 my husband and kids like the combo too. We get so excited when we get extra Andes mints at Olive Garden lol

Автор Gracee Mercer ( назад)
I understand Link. I don't like mint flavored things unless it's toothpaste or gum/mints. I don't want it in my food/drinks

Автор Puppy 123 ( назад)
Will it talkie

Автор 1st player Luke ( назад)
I know someone who hates mint... atleast you're not alone... FRICKING WIERDOS!1!1

Автор Peyton M. ( назад)
i tried the shamrock shake the other day and it was goooooood😍

Автор Lily Zeng ( назад)
will it freeze dry?

Автор killahjoker ( назад)
They dont know the trick where you shoot the paper off the straw like a spit ball

Автор AwesomeCat2012 ( назад)
Link, usually I identify with your food craziness, but today we disconnected on a deep level. Chocolate + mint = life. Thin Mints and mint hot chocolate are two of my favorite things.

Автор Olivia Hansen ( назад)
Omg you should be sorry link!!!!

Автор AimeeLovesKitties ( назад)
I am a Girl Scout. You would be surprised how many people do not like thin mints. My best friend who is also a Girl Scout hates them.

Автор Raiden Tube ( назад)
If this get to 10 likes I will make an Insta called turtle_meet

Автор Esteban Fierro ( назад)
I work at McDonald's and they didn't make your shamrock shake correctly, the entire thing should be green

Автор unforgivabledeeds ( назад)
i cant stand thin mints either

Автор avril raven ( назад)
also. the chocolate shamrock shake is not infact the frappe and shake mixed. but chocolate on the bottom and mint on the top. and (FUN FACT) you can request more syrup added to the frappe if you find its not minty enough. same with the shakes.

Автор avril raven ( назад)
they shouldnt have sold them that shamrock shake. its got no syrup in it. they need to change the container and remake it. also you can get a more concentrated mint by only pulling the handle down halfway (knowlege courtesy of oreo)

Автор D-PICK Tech WiZZ ( назад)
6:17 lol😂🤣

Автор Michael Stichboy ( назад)
Will it cupcake

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