2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Mirai Nagasu SP

  • 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Mirai Nagasu SP

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  • Coriander Love
    Coriander Love 2 months ago

    She is sooo cute. This is my most favorite proglam. I love this music,too.

  • imcsk channel
    imcsk channel 4 months ago

    Why her nose bleeding here??

  • Emily Sarmiento
    Emily Sarmiento 8 months ago +5

    bro no one is gonna mention how she spun so hard she got a nosebleed wtf

  • nsjsns jdjdd
    nsjsns jdjdd 8 months ago

    I think she got a low pcs score in short and free... She was robbed

  • Sky DancingAMVs
    Sky DancingAMVs 10 months ago


  • bn aoホラ吹き
    bn aoホラ吹き 10 months ago +4


  • Judy Hwang
    Judy Hwang 10 months ago

    She should have gotten a higher score! That was magnificent! And she deserved the bronze!

  • 최윤성
    최윤성 Year ago +3

    점프 높이는 낮지만 질은 좋은편이고 스텝도 괜찮은데 생각보다 점수가 낮네
    67~9점 정도 받을거라고 생각했는데

  • Rohana Monzon
    Rohana Monzon Year ago +1

    Mirai was such a baby ❤️😍

  • 이또라
    이또라 Year ago +2

    졸라잘한다 레알

  • JackAShepherd
    JackAShepherd Year ago +61

    She’s an interesting case study. Her Senior career lasted a decade. When she was a kid she was freakishly talented and it seemed like everything came fairly easily. Then puberty hit and took a huge toll on her consistency and consequently her confidence. She still had great flexibility and could throw down a good performance now and then, but the artistry and attention to music - showcased so clearly in her Vancouver performances - never returned... Every performance became a deadpan face with eyes laser-focused on completing her jumps, with no room to get into the program or the music or the choreography. In order to stay relevant but also, perhaps, to stay mentally-engaged, she started training the 3A in the final quad of her career, which she was indeed able to execute beautifully, helping lead Team USA to Bronze. I’d love to see her return to competitive ice and just try to recapture some of the joy she displayed at Vancouver.

    • Z B
      Z B 5 months ago +7

      I think a lot had to do with leaving frank and ultimately going to tom, whose skaters are known for 0 artistry. I think Mirai also was very inconsistent on 3A (only 1 clean skate ever with it in), and tbh, USA was likely going to get a medal without Mirai's performance.

    • Alessia Eletta Coppi
      Alessia Eletta Coppi 6 months ago +7

      To be fair, her program in PyeongChang was pretty much a "jump-prepare another jump situation". Very limited artistry.

  • Sungmi Lee
    Sungmi Lee Year ago

    스피드 굿

  • joel miller
    joel miller Year ago +14

    There was the real bronze medalist.

    • lcowles
      lcowles 2 months ago

      @Julie Ferlisi You mean Joannie's LP with all the errors? Yes, we've all seen it. Mirai should never have been 6th going into the LP. She skated two flawless routines in Vancouver. The ONLY reason Rochette got bronze is because word got out that her mother had passed away during the competition. Suddenly, there was a "feel-good" story for the Olympics: "Canadian skater whose mother passed away during the Olympics skates courageously to her mother's memory on home ice to win Olympic medal." Once I heard the news about her mother, as terrible as that was, I KNEW she was going to take the bronze no matter how she skated, and that's exactly what happened. Mirai was robbed.

    • Julie Ferlisi
      Julie Ferlisi 5 months ago

      Watch Joannie’s programs closely, and you will see a clear difference.

  • ho la
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  • Mbc Mbc
    Mbc Mbc Year ago +1

    What's this song called

    • Anne
      Anne Year ago


  • 嘉怡jiayi
    嘉怡jiayi Year ago +6

    she deserved bronze tbh. loved this music choice and brilliant performance

    • Ezra aloyevielara
      Ezra aloyevielara 10 months ago

      skaterboy3718 but she missed a few jumps

    • skaterboy3718
      skaterboy3718 Year ago +1

      As much as I was rooting for Mirai the problem is her skating skills were lacking compared to the top 3 ladies. and Joannie skated fairly well with a lot of vim and vigour and power nothign to do with the loss of her mother. Overall Joannie was just better in both long and short. - better programs and well presented but Mirai was awesome till.

  • Anna
    Anna 2 years ago +7

    Thats kind of sad you have to specifically ask your couch for a more difficult choreography

    • JackAShepherd
      JackAShepherd Year ago

      Anna A more difficult jump - a 3-3 instead of her normal (at that time) 3-2. She was 16 and he was the most famous coach in the Western world.

  • Aa Bb
    Aa Bb 2 years ago +48

    I would argue this was one her best choreographed short programs and stylistically, her most suited. it's too bad she didn't go for the 3-3 here and that her free skate was a little too junior.

  • Tam C
    Tam C 2 years ago +4

    omg so young

  • Margaret Tudor
    Margaret Tudor 2 years ago +22

    One of the best SPs ever imo. Mirai should have been at least 4th in the SP after this. And if it were up to me, she would have won the bronze in Vancouver! I'm so happy Mirai made it back to the Games! Tomorrow she skates in the Team Event Free Skate! I'm hoping she'll have a magical second Olympics and four great skates in PyeongChang!! Best of luck Mirai!

  • Imperial Jade
    Imperial Jade 2 years ago +2


  • Yasmin Ma
    Yasmin Ma 2 years ago +3

    I am speechless i just LOVE her❤️

  • ᄒᄒ
    ᄒᄒ 2 years ago +3


  • Hannah Meadows
    Hannah Meadows 2 years ago

    Bloody fuck!!

  • Carlena Moss
    Carlena Moss 2 years ago +45

    gorgeous spinner. wow.

    • Niamh _
      Niamh _ Year ago +1

      Amazing spirals, too.

  • Gretchen Xue
    Gretchen Xue 2 years ago +22

    Her movements are perfectly in time with her music, amazing.

  • Queen Mao Asada
    Queen Mao Asada 2 years ago +68

    Why doesn't she go back to these programs?!? She had such joy and elegance in these Oly performances

    • Z B
      Z B 9 months ago +2

      She left frank and eventually went to Tom Z., who is known for developing skaters with jumps, but NO artistry

  • Ernest G.
    Ernest G. 2 years ago +47

    her spins are just unreal 😍

  • Zoe Sarinas
    Zoe Sarinas 2 years ago +55

    The pirates of the Caribbean music came on and I screamed

    • Julio Duran
      Julio Duran Month ago

      LOL Hans Zimmer stole himself. I thought it was "Gladiator."

  • Parrick Bloodgood
    Parrick Bloodgood 2 years ago +1

    She's a little hottie and she looks hot in her outfit.

  • Mango Bay
    Mango Bay 3 years ago +56

    should have been third!

    • Julio Duran
      Julio Duran Month ago

      If it was possible to put two people in the same position, she should have been third with Joannie Rochette.

  • caucasia
    caucasia 3 years ago +2

    overscored, too much

    • Ernest G.
      Ernest G. 2 years ago +30

      caucasia underscored in my opinion..

  • ToMaters
    ToMaters 3 years ago +40

    now if only she got that 3-3 combo in this SP instead of a 3-2... could be a real case for bronze overall >.

    • Dustin Gabe
      Dustin Gabe Year ago +1

      @Anne Not to the judges it isnt. The idea it is, is essentialy a fantasy world. Reputation, ranking, location (think Fraudnitkova's win in Sochi, lol), circumstances, bias, and the actual skating too all come into play.

    • Anne
      Anne Year ago

      The skating is the only thing that matters, thegreendestiny.

    • MsMorepinkplease
      MsMorepinkplease 2 years ago +5

      thegreendestiny joannie had better execution on her jumps. I like Mira but her fans go too far in justifying her losses.

    • thegreendestiny
      thegreendestiny 2 years ago +11

      Nah, it was in Canada, and Joannie just lost her mom then.

  • Queen Mao Asada
    Queen Mao Asada 3 years ago +5

    Mirai is a fucking badass!!! Get thee to Korea... I'll be rooting for you and Ashley!!!

  • Julia Mekler
    Julia Mekler 3 years ago +5


  • Gerardo Aparicio
    Gerardo Aparicio 3 years ago +17

    The best!!