Televangelists: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Aug 17, 2015
  • U.S. tax law allows television preachers to get away with almost anything. We know this from personal experience.
    Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption will not be able to accept donations from Church supporters from the states of Mississippi, Nevada, Pennsylvania, or South Carolina. We apologize for any inconvenience.
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Comments • 37 322

  • Miguel Ubieto
    Miguel Ubieto 10 minutes ago

    *laughs in atheism*

  • Henry Coy
    Henry Coy 22 minutes ago

    Only in America.....and the reasons are obvious!

  • PicklePhD
    PicklePhD 50 minutes ago

    I'm not religious, I am an atheist and have been for years. I obviously see through their bullshit because of that, but how to Devout Christians who fall for this crap not see through their lies? If God were to exist then surely these Televangelists are the devil or some kind of Demon... They are literally sapping money from other people out of pure Greed and then shoving it in their faces by bragging about it.
    They are breaking 3 of the 7 deadly sins sometimes 4 maybe even 5 - Sloth, Greed, Pride and if you confront one, Wrath, some of them even commit Lust.
    so aren't these people who take from the poor to line their own filthy pockets the perfect example of a Demon or Devil leading Christians astray?

  • Alex Pacheco
    Alex Pacheco 3 hours ago

    Ain't that the truth??

  • James Reynolds
    James Reynolds 3 hours ago

    There no proof in the bible says give money and get a healing or blessing.. It does say give to the poor . these preacher took from the poor.. People all will answer to God on judgment day. And if you found with sin.. Them heaven not the place you will end up at.. Jesus said sin will not enter in the kingdom of heaven

  • Rickey Robinson
    Rickey Robinson 3 hours ago

    you Should Be in jail you Dope Head !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • break dawn
      break dawn 3 hours ago

      You should go for a swim and never come back

  • Rickey Robinson
    Rickey Robinson 3 hours ago

    Donald Trump is all Ready won the 2020 Election you can’t stop a Dam thing your Done Dummy fuck you Dope Heads !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • break dawn
      break dawn 3 hours ago

      Shut up and go listen to the box by Roddy Ricch

  • Roger Lindsay
    Roger Lindsay 5 hours ago

    money changers in the church God is anti this

  • Tim Wilde
    Tim Wilde 5 hours ago

    I wish the mainstream media would devote as much effort to those thousands and thousands of churches doing it right and just ignore the few nutjobs out there...or at least make sure to categorize the nutjobs as not being the normal for most churches.

  • Germany X
    Germany X 6 hours ago

    I should’ve become a preAcher instead of an atheist lol

  • Jimmy Ward
    Jimmy Ward 6 hours ago

    The book of bullsh!t.BIBLE

    JOHHNY B GOOD 9 hours ago

    Religious people instill the same garbage into their children

    • Tim Wilde
      Tim Wilde 5 hours ago

      only a small percentage of religious people "instill this garbage" into their children.....MOST religious people do it right but are seldom seen or heard!!

  • JJ W.
    JJ W. 10 hours ago

    PRRAZE O.L.o.P.E.

  • ErkFX - Roblox & More!
    ErkFX - Roblox & More! 10 hours ago

    I’d like to state that I’m a Christian, and I give this video two thumbs up! Gotta love televangelists ruining people’s view on Christianity all of these years! I’m surprised he didn’t call out Creflo Dollar for literally having “Dollar” as a last name!

  • John Colage
    John Colage 18 hours ago

    Humanity's only salvation to live in Jehovah's Kingdom is to be baptized into the same religion as Christ Jesus. (John 6:67, 68) The Bible is a Jehovah's Witness Book.---Isaiah 43:10.

  • imdahG
    imdahG 19 hours ago

    Why are so many Americans sucked into this half-ass form of Christianity? Gluttons to have their monies conned out of them. There is a special place in hell for those charlatans!

  • ThewayICit
    ThewayICit 19 hours ago

    There are religious charlatans in every country, but what is it about America that these people continue to find so many willing victims?

  • George Bell
    George Bell 23 hours ago

    Let's parade a white face around so people feel bad

  • George Bell
    George Bell 23 hours ago

    Damn, I'm in the wrong business

  • Mitchel Putman
    Mitchel Putman Day ago

    If every church in America were banned , the IQ of the average American would go up by 100 points .

  • geekymaddy
    geekymaddy Day ago

    the website now.... omg
    u want to know what i mean:

  • legomypancakes
    legomypancakes Day ago

    65 million could have fed so many people

  • legomypancakes
    legomypancakes Day ago

    We seen midgets grow lmao

  • Paul LaNoue
    Paul LaNoue Day ago

    Third grade should have a class called, “How to recognize a con man.”

  • Michael W. Lytle

    These pastor/huxters need to open their own book every so often. "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but lose his soul?"

  • Jennifer Brower
    Jennifer Brower Day ago

    Trump's spiritual advisor is a televangelist named Paula White. Google her. She's a trip.

  • lachlan Bastin
    lachlan Bastin Day ago

    seriously, what is up with these televangelists and private jets?

  • ianrwood21
    ianrwood21 Day ago

    This is just so shocking. How can some Americans believe this crap?

  • Jon
    Jon Day ago

    Forget Mike Pence... Do an episode on Andrew Yang!

  • Jay K
    Jay K Day ago

    Genuinely hope each and every one of those disgusting people get stabbed in the fucking throat. How dare they.

  • Luna Xarsenal
    Luna Xarsenal Day ago

    Televangelist make my job as a local pastor much more difficult. Don’t worry everyone will one day face judgement and be held accountable to God. And according to Jesus, those who “preach” the word of God will be judged more harshly.

  • James B Hollingsworth

    The prosperity preachers are going to face the worst of God’s wrath come the day of judgement.

  • Sekho Puro
    Sekho Puro Day ago


  • Yacob the Hebrew

    2020 ROFL Stop. I can't take it

  • Aramis Jamais
    Aramis Jamais Day ago

    And Lupus answered: Que?

  • John Maldonado
    John Maldonado Day ago

    Maybe, all of those televangelist fraudsters should be sued for deceptive trade practices.

  • Tsukimonster
    Tsukimonster 2 days ago

    I wish they actually opened up donations, 'cause obviously the LWT producers would make sure the money goes to good causes like actual cancer treatment and research funds.

  • Tesla Cumba
    Tesla Cumba 2 days ago

    The people who send these fucktards money also love trump...figures, IDIOTS!

  • Susan Milbank
    Susan Milbank 2 days ago

    I am going to do this! The tax I save will give me more money to tithe to the actual LOCAL CHURCH THAT I ATTEND!

  • lookronjon
    lookronjon 2 days ago

    Spot on.

  • Saint Martins
    Saint Martins 2 days ago +1

    It's funny how religious ass wipes think tr🐷mp is a 'good christian'. LOL !
    1. Confirmed cheated on all 3 wives.
    2. Paid his 2nd wife to have an abortion b/c they were getting a divorce.
    3. Separates immigrate children from their parents & locks them in cages.
    4. He's a suspected pedophile w/ a known pedophile friend jeffery epstien.
    5. Bragging he grabs women's pussies & it's ok 'cause he's a celebrity.
    6. Twice made fun of handicapped people during his nazi-like rallies.
    7. Sued 12 times for frauding/scamming money from people.
    8. Bankrupt 8 times, leading to mass lay-offs of workers.
    9. Never goes to church unless he's on a campaign kissin' up for votes.
    10. He's a typical brainless racist.

  • Jennifer Acosta
    Jennifer Acosta 2 days ago

    I can’t believe this !

  • Carl Bailey
    Carl Bailey 2 days ago

    It's all sexual.

  • Carl Bailey
    Carl Bailey 2 days ago

    Creflo Dollar

  • Van Van
    Van Van 2 days ago

    These televangelist have me questioning my career choice.

    There sure are a lot of suckers out there.

  • rakesh muthyala
    rakesh muthyala 2 days ago

    My god hilarious.

  • Global Business Link
    Check the above link. Just amazing, just woooooow

  • Jeffrey Stern
    Jeffrey Stern 3 days ago

    Jesus needs money so badly...... it takes a lot of dough to keep 30000 different denominations going.

  • J C
    J C 3 days ago

    How dare someone tell a sick person that instead of paying for treatments they should instead come to church and donate money and you will be healed better than doctors. And then if you still die (ya know because you didn’t go to the doctor) they can just be like oh it’s God’s will, it must have been your time to go.

  • J C
    J C 3 days ago

    A preacher bragging about private jets is like rubbing your con artist scheme in peoples faces. Some of these guys are so bold that they just don’t give a shit. And then others are asking their followers to help them buy a private jet and acting like its gods will.
    I don’t know who’s worse... the preacher conning people or all of these dumb people that donate money and continue to do so when they use it for personal gain. Obviously the preacher is worse but these morons are also the problem. They believe that giving a church or an individual money will heal them or improve their life or get them into heaven.
    The people who allow these con artists to be successful are dumb as fuck

    • Mark A
      Mark A 2 days ago

      He needs to buy a good wig instead of a Cessna!

  • Abdullah Muhammad
    Abdullah Muhammad 3 days ago


  • Coldfire
    Coldfire 3 days ago

    You can’t make fun of Islam tho ..... nope. Just Christianity. Just like you can bully and make fun of white people without being called racist .... really messed up thinking on the left.

  • Brandon Martin
    Brandon Martin 3 days ago

    My grandmother's church GIVE HER MONEY!!! If religion causes you to HELP people, more power to you, but I dont buy it.

  • Brandon Martin
    Brandon Martin 3 days ago

    I hope to HELL that all these fuckers die. They are preying on the elderly and the hopeful. Guess what fuckhead, you just rot in the ground.

  • Sura T
    Sura T 3 days ago

    I once went to a Christian church where they told me that in order to take one step closer to God, I'd have to pay $100 each time, and they kept asking people to take 100, 1000 etc steps. It was disgusting.I left and never went back. I still believe in God, but I don't let false prophets manipulate my faith in God. Jesus loved and guided people, and he always did it without lavish temples, or fancy clothing. He was humble and loved us all.

    • Sura T
      Sura T 2 days ago

      @Jeffrey Stern He did...
      That's what his teachings are about, and hadn't he been crucified, he would've traveled the entire world; however, he knew spreading the Lord's word would get him killed, because "religious" leaders of that time couldn't bear the idea that they might lose their material kingdoms, power, and money, something that was not remotely similar to God's kingdom. Thus, Jesus entrusted the apostles with the task of traveling the WORLD and spreading the gospel so that everyone would know about God. He also warned them that they would be persecuted, harrassed, and possibly killed for the same reasons he was being crucified.

    • Jeffrey Stern
      Jeffrey Stern 3 days ago

      Jesus never went to India, China, Australia, Japan, the he doesn't love "everyone".

  • Oliver Dash
    Oliver Dash 3 days ago

    These pastors know their congregations are sheep and have similar intellect so they appeal to them at their level and the methods used are very effective.

  • Seth B
    Seth B 3 days ago

    Jesus said to him, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell what you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.”
    Matthew 19:21 NKJV

  • Robert Noble Music
    Robert Noble Music 3 days ago

    As a Christian nothing makes me more angry than false pastors. Look up Dr. Charles Stanley for a real pastor. Prosperity Gospel is False!!!!!!!!!!!!--

  • Haavikk
    Haavikk 3 days ago

    I cant believe people give these people money to live like kings
    Its the biggest lie in the history of the world

  • Detector1977
    Detector1977 3 days ago

    Sign of a failed society...