What's inside Yeezys?

We CUT authentic Yeezys IN HALF!!!! What makes these shoes so soft!?! First we try to see Kanye West in Concert in NYC.

Watch the full trips on Shonduras channel in 360: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNlY_AUqNiM

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Shaun also introduced me to Casey Neistat on Day 1. You can see that day here on Casey's channel: https://youtu.be/tk_0oJyq3i8?t=3m36s

My final review of the Yeezy shoes: Super comfortable to wear! My feet should have been more tired after a full day at X games and music festival but they weren't tired at all. Surprised at how many people complimented me on the shoes. Not ideal for sports or riding skateboards since the cloth on top is really loose. Not worth spending over $1,000 for them and if you get them for the face value of around $200 then depending on your situation may or may not still be too expensive.

I will likely buy a fake $50 pair just to have to wear due to the comfort.

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WARNING: Using saws to cut things in half can be very dangerous! DO NOT copy us and cut open your shoes. We do not recommend you try what we do. Only do things we do in our videos IF you are assisted by a qualified adult under proper safety measures. Always think ahead, and remember that any project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. Remember our motto "We cut things open so you don't have to." so we do not recommend you try anything we do.

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Автор Hacker ( назад)
I hate YOU!!!!!

Автор Max millions ( назад)
No respect for sneakers Bru smh

Автор charlie deadric ( назад)
cut your face open

Автор Bren Cody ( назад)
Why do they have to cut open things when you can look it up on the internet or ask the creators (companys, designers, etc.)? I feel that these are non-educational in reality and are just a waste of perfectly functional and usable products.

Автор Ubub Hubub ( назад)
who on their right mind would do this

Автор Kylie Feigum ( назад)
Why would you cut open YEEZYS😭😭😭😭😭

Автор TheColourfulOne ( назад)
cut open your balls plz

Автор Noah Vlogs ( назад)
What's inside Jordan retro 4

Автор Pro x66 ( назад)
you dont disrespect a yeezy like that

Автор Krayton Kucera ( назад)
Is that Casey neistat at 1:40

Автор Gat0 ( назад)
3:40 WTF NO doesnt matter what shoe dameged vor dirty sneakers are a big NO NO

Автор MOBxYungHustla ( назад)

Автор Nathan Shafir ( назад)
he is dumb

Автор dominick gomez ( назад)
SO much pain watching this, I made my nmds watch this so they know how good they got it

Автор George Plays ( назад)
why did you cut them!!😭😭😭😭😭

Автор Kry0xX - Le mec un peu fou ( назад)
No u just did that...

Автор Carlos Wong ( назад)
What's inside a drill

Автор Carlos Wong ( назад)
What's inside your what's inside axe

Автор Crazy Wicked ( назад)

Автор Abraham Salazar ( назад)
Kanye West disliked this video 😃

Автор Brian Grimaldi ( назад)
3:40 made me die

Автор Anton SanPedro ( назад)
"The really soft foamy stuff" You mean Adidas Boost? -_-

Автор Demolition Dylan ( назад)
When the title said "what's inside a yeezy?" I thought it would just be wasted money

Автор TerraDon ( назад)
This hurts so bad

Автор Fire Eccence ( назад)
F u what the hell screw you

Автор Mr. Clipper ( назад)
3:58 no! No!!!!! 😰😰😰

Автор Jayesh Gangadharan ( назад)
3:40 was just horrible period

Автор Jack Stone ( назад)
white people........smh

Автор EdForceNine YT ( назад)
This video is basically them rambling about how rich they are..

Why would u step in the mud

Автор alex smith ( назад)
great now buy every other pair and do the same they all deserve to be destroyed horrible things

Автор Claudia Butter ( назад)

Автор iTacco ( назад)
this hurts

Автор DexterVlogs ( назад)
Hypebeast triggered

Автор Pentrpew ( назад)

Автор Snowden ( назад)
3:41.... was that on purpose?

Автор Snowden ( назад)
1:24 Lol this nice innocent dad, and then some chick half naked just twerking in the background xD

Автор Snowden ( назад)
I think that they're ugly

Автор CloudsOfUncertainty ( назад)
honestly you could've watched adida's video on what boost is and you would've found the same thing out without destroying those shoes

Автор Elite Money 1 ( назад)
I was so angry at 3:40 like why I can't afford these and this dude wasting them

Автор Dominic Vallado ( назад)
3:44 😖 as a sneaker head, I died a little on the inside

Автор Justin Martin ( назад)
Bought a pair of ultra boost has way more boost material than the yeezy size and they feel great

Автор Oliver Brizendine ( назад)
Bruh wtf

Автор Cre8tIvE KidZ ( назад)
Why did you cute $2,000 dollar dead stock shoes😭

Автор Zach Mohler ( назад)
At 1:24

Автор iTech Gamers726 ( назад)
they cut it at 3:57

3 minutes and 57 seconds that have nothing to do with the video

Автор Max Mini ( назад)
only fools pay for them... normal shoes.

Автор praveen kumar battula ( назад)
can i have one pair of these shoes i loved them hope i too had

Автор Jehiel Lewis ( назад)
Most ugliest shoe in the world

Автор Mars 674 ( назад)
1:23 look in the background

Автор GARGAFLARF ( назад)
I watched these when this came out and I wasn't a sneaker head but now that I am this entire video is painful

Автор the grunch ( назад)
ugly shoes

Автор Withered Freddy6 ( назад)
3:47 LOL look at Lincon

Автор Devil Pepe ( назад)
Thank god u cut them. yeezys are overhyped and ugly.

Автор Omar cetiner ( назад)
Those ugly tho

Автор Omar cetiner ( назад)
Nah them boys real

Автор Lucky Obregon ( назад)
why 😢😭

Автор Anthony C ( назад)
But they arent real though...they are PK

Автор Lil Noodle512 ( назад)
You don't wear yeezys and baggy jeans

Автор Niko Bel ( назад)
Next time cut open your face!

Автор CMillesBro ( назад)
These now cost $2,000+ 😶

Автор Owen Melody ( назад)
they are adidas version

Автор B.O.S.S ( назад)
omgg y tho!!
You deserve 30k dislikes

Автор Luis Castro ( назад)
1:23 in the back

Автор ZeroTheGamer ( назад)
Yeezies arent over 1000 dollars someone just sold it to you for extra because there rare

Автор progamer #300 ( назад)
hey why don't you do a what's inside my son?

Автор David D. ( назад)
5:17 "This the very soft squishy part."

I'm pretty sure it's called Boost

Автор Sean Murray ( назад)
What's inside of a shoe? *goes on road trip instead*

Автор Lizet Renteral ( назад)
whats rong whith you

Автор Andy Tunstall ( назад)
It's sick that he cut open yeezys for views it's sick that he didn't think about how he is just wasting shoes that poor people could be wearing unsubscribe😤

Автор Cmac 525 ( назад)

Автор Shaun Lickliter ( назад)
What has YouTube become making 4 million subs for cutting shoes open SMH

Автор Alexander Stuhr ( назад)
I can't watch this!!!!

Автор Alexander Stuhr ( назад)
Why. For the love of Christ would you do this.

Автор Alexander Stuhr ( назад)
This makes me want to go crawl up into a ball and cry

Автор dante venezia ( назад)
5:39 Lincoln said he didn't know what yeezys were ....smh

Автор KRaZiE KiWiE ( назад)

Автор Zaira Avila ( назад)
why would you cut open yeezys.

Автор Hold ( назад)
Maybe you shouldn't have disrespected The 350s and did the 950s

Автор David Graham ( назад)
It's called boost

Автор 4Ks8 Fingerboardz ( назад)
Kill ur selves... please

Автор Dandezor` ( назад)
Reebok ZQuick.

Автор Bob The Builder ( назад)
Someone else could have gotten those shoes and actually worn them, but you destroyed them 😭😭

Автор Krish Javeri ( назад)
Do what's inside a boost ball

Автор Joseph Holm ( назад)
Wtf y

Автор Mary Hughes ( назад)
thar are kids in Africa and your chopping up YEZZES that are 5000$

Автор Code - Kyle224 ( назад)
They just wasted over $1000 in shoes and destroyed them! I can't even afford $70 shoes

Автор Koolinati ( назад)
Oh no

Автор WhatIsThat ( назад)
We are giving away a pair of $1,200 Yeezy's on our channel, check it out!

Автор Logan H2ll ( назад)
this is such a shame , not the yeezys!

Автор BrickRocker6783 ( назад)
To many hypebeast in the comments getting mad for a sneaker that's all hype.

Автор Shakirah Abdus-Sabur ( назад)
the yeezys are feak

Автор Everest master ( назад)
Just Why😡

Автор R5ND0M N5ME ( назад)
Cutting Yeezy's in half triggers me, especially since they didn't even know what they were, nor heard Kanye's music, ever before. Smh, gringy af. 😩😩😬😬

Автор Joseph Re ( назад)
whats inside nike air max

Автор PoPoStrikes ( назад)

Автор PoPoStrikes ( назад)
No affiance but I officially hate you

Автор Ashour khanania ( назад)
i jet really mad when you just casualy cut 1000$ pair or shoes like its nothing you could have atlest spent that money on people who need it i love your channel put you took it too far

Автор JakeyVLOGS ( назад)
Why would you cut open those shoes are u serious

Автор Phoenix Fire ( назад)
the music suits the vid well u are a crazy mother!@#!*#*

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