How to fix a broken education system ... without any more money | Seema Bansal

  • Опубликовано: 20 июл 2016
  • Seema Bansal forged a path to public education reform for 15,000 schools in Haryana, India, by setting an ambitious goal: by 2020, 80 percent of children should have grade-level knowledge. She's looking to meet this goal by seeking reforms that will work in every school without additional resources. Bansal and her team have found success using creative, straightforward techniques such as communicating with teachers using SMS group chats, and they have already measurably improved learning and engagement in Haryana's schools.
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Комментарии • 300

  • javeed rahman
    javeed rahman День назад

    How u produce edu system at conflict zone area?

  • M26
    M26 Месяц назад

    India has too much people and that is why India doesn't have money for education. You can fix some problems with education, but in some point the whole government and the country will collapse.

  • Christopher Maeder
    Christopher Maeder 4 месяца назад


  • Srikrishna Krishnarao Srinivasan
    Srikrishna Krishnarao Srinivasan 4 месяца назад

    I agree. Read my blog and write your comments at

  • Subrat Deo
    Subrat Deo 4 месяца назад

    Edcation and medical should be free.In india we join private school from hefty fee then go to tution or coaching to learn what taught in school .

  • Subrat Deo
    Subrat Deo 4 месяца назад

    she look like sameera reddy.

  • mueenuddin ashrafee
    mueenuddin ashrafee 5 месяцев назад +2

    i really think this issue should be taken very seriously because the teacher either of Public or private schools are just for the name sake. Teachers themselves don't have core knowledge about the subjects and concepts which they personally taught to their students in Education Centers. Many trusts and managements wow are least bother about the education quality which is been provided by their school teachers.
    An English Teacher is forced to teach the subjects in which he himself is poor and weak. Then how can you expect bright future for our country by giving this poor and Inferior Quality Education.
    worst things which I'm have observed is unprofessional-ism in An Education Center. i.e Internal Politics. Personal Attachments why i just don t understand this .........You have sympathy and soft corner for them do it personally not on the basis of our country future.
    Seema Bansal and speakers like her who are really working hard in improving quality of Education. I will be very happy to join them. For any further queries and assistance write us on
    Mueen Ashrafee.
    Graduate Cell
    All India Qaumi Tanzeem.

  • Kunal Kumar
    Kunal Kumar 5 месяцев назад

    YOU FAILED, YOU said that earlier teachers have to do other school works,they did not show interest in teaching,
    you guys did not do anything about it like hiring and giving jobs to extra people to do those chores and let teachers actually teach.again the teachers were not willing to teach,and you expect them to collect straws,leafs,and other stuff outside,which the not actually do,because they have to go and teach TUITION'S In nearby area to feed 3 times meal to their family ,you have not hiked the really pathetic salary of school teachers(you said they were fit for job) again you FAILED.
    Now comes whats app GROUP,INDIANS already knows how effective is that,random gifs,memes,and good morning and good evening. etc etc.BTW You should not have given that title to this video because the title promises a really high expectation and you FAILED again.
    people from INDIA send me your views on this.

  • Nilanjan Paul
    Nilanjan Paul 5 месяцев назад

    I don't know, but why is it so hard for us to start a reform ourselves?
    Maybe because our minds have been washed by this education system into believing that until we have some tags or are verified as some Reformer or Politicial, we cannot do anything.
    This is WHAT the Education System is making us do. And you know, as much as everyone realizes it, the Reform, the Protests are bound to come. The Education System will be sued by our Future Generations, if not by us. But if we want to do something, something as little than I think we must Spread the Knowledge. Spread Awareness. So that we do not see Young, Beautiful and Creative minds being sued again and again. Let us stand - FOR THE CAUSE, today.

  • shailesh upadhyay
    shailesh upadhyay 5 месяцев назад

    My dream complete only at that time when Indian writes more research paper than Ll world

  • Deepjyot Bakshi
    Deepjyot Bakshi 6 месяцев назад

    seema bansal is such a good speaker, i want to see more uploads of her

  • Linh Nhat
    Linh Nhat 6 месяцев назад

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  • shawn burnham
    shawn burnham 6 месяцев назад


  • Thinh Phan
    Thinh Phan 6 месяцев назад

    im a professional artist in an video game industry at 15yrs old, making $120,000 a yr which is 3 times as much a teacher makes ($45,000) going through school and fucking college

  • Trey Shilts
    Trey Shilts 7 месяцев назад +1

    "it spread like Wi-Fire"

  • Paras Ahlawat
    Paras Ahlawat 8 месяцев назад +2

    Okay! So I can agree to that she tried but I live in haryana and I know since last 3 years teachers are staying(working,as what is expected from them) outside, supervising 10 times more than ever before. Really appreciate your efforts but you are not familiar with results. Sorry!

  • jalindar Bagankar
    jalindar Bagankar 8 месяцев назад +1

    Why We are behind compare to other's country in so many sectors so follow my below tips for education
    Methods of Education
    Agriculter Education -- appoint student's whom's want to learn from that way, Education will be only 1st to 10th std
    when will be he/she got certificate from 10th std (Last year) after that appoint them's in Millitery organistaion
    for take 2 year's study from Millitery organistation (Child year's Ratio will be 10th class (16 year old) + 2 year's = 18 (Capable to work)
    Purpose of Lesson (1st to 10th Std) ----------
    1) Our treditional Language like Marathi,hindi,Guj etc
    2) English
    3)For Aggriculter only
    4) mathes with Bumiti
    5) Sic with Bhugoal
    Genral Education ----(Where are Student's want to learn after 10th class Like Com,Art and Sic also other Digaree coureses)
    Purpose of Lesson (1st to 10th Std)
    1) Our treditional Language
    2) English
    3) Mathes with Bhumiti
    5) Sic with Bugoal
    6) For Decent and Activites classes
    no need to teach about History
    Arts (BA) ---------- (only for Techer's and Low Student's)
    1) Our treditional language
    2) English
    3) For Decent and Activites
    4) History
    5) chose our selected language (Book) only for teachers like mathes,sic,Bhugoal etc)
    6) Low Releted Book only for Low Student's
    Comm ( --------------------- (Business and MBA student's)
    1) English
    2) BK
    3) OC
    4) Eco
    5)SP or Mathes
    Sic (MA)--------------- (Engg and Doctors)
    1) English
    All Subjects was taken in Right manner like Bio,phis,chemistri,mathes etc so no need to changes
    Need to get all above students knowledge from Typewriter and Computer Machines because of it's new jenration purpose of our Speed with Kadam kadam Bhadaye ja …………..jai Hind jai Bharat

    • Abhijit Zimare
      Abhijit Zimare 6 месяцев назад

      jalindar Bagankar You have tried very well to explain an answer in broken English! I'll save this one.

  • Manjeet Singh
    Manjeet Singh 8 месяцев назад +1

    Nothing has changed in Haryana till date, its all hullabaloo. When teachers are using social media how they're teaching at the same time. I am in Haryana now, even Govt. has tied up with DAV Society, a private organisation for education. Reality is bitter.

  • honeysup1234
    honeysup1234 8 месяцев назад

    This is complete nonsense generalization of India education system. I am shocked to see her ignorance and complete lack of understanding about education system in India !!! In India, the education come under states subject and its quality and access widely varies over states to states. In the state of Bengal that have one of the most progressive and completely free education system in India, for several decades and till today round 98% schools are public Govt school and are free and only 2% schools are private. In Bengal public school are mostly pretty good in quality, they may not have good building (remember India is an extremely poor country) but the teachers are well educated. There are several central Govt or UNESCO or University level data can be used to show its high quality and to show definitely that access is quite uniform over social and economic strata of the society. This is complete wrong to say that 40% parents taken their kids to private school, they DO NOT or 50% of kids can not read or write, they DO. Sometime you hear this grossly wrong statistics thrown upon by hedge fund funded education startup (like Pratham) by mostly people who does not even properly finished there own academic education and does not know what they are speaking about. This statistics are far from true. Yes India has various problems of education, and also states like Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar has severe problem and underfunding and lack of teacher and quality of public and also in some small segments even Bengal has some problem of dropout (thats a economic problem). But to generalize this over whole India as a common set of facts and to portay it the quality of whole thing is bad is just completely false and shows complete lack of knowledge and ignorance about the situation and problems of education India.

  • shadow girl
    shadow girl 10 месяцев назад

    Sorry but those blocks at the end of the chapter might only help if anyone sees it. because teacher's in my school never brought in any activity to learn better even though it wasn't a government school. teachers are only after finishing their portion faster, cause then they can go for a longer leave. Sadly Indian education system does require a meaningful change. Cause it's knowledge that counts and not the marks.

  • Silent Winners
    Silent Winners Год назад

    how can I contact you?

    • Generic Youtube Account
      Generic Youtube Account 9 месяцев назад

      Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, her profile that when you scroll to the bottom it has a contact button. Honestly you can just look her up. Her name is in the description.

  • kishor kumar
    kishor kumar Год назад

    what a smile facial gesture she is describing the achievements

  • Aditya Shankar
    Aditya Shankar Год назад +2

    well done Seema. The world needs more people like you. spread the smiles around.

  • نجوان صادق
    نجوان صادق Год назад

    احسنتى انتى وفريق عملك
    نحن بمصر نحب الهند جداً ونحب الممثل اميتبات شان وشاروخان
    وانتم مجتهدون ورائعون ربنا يوفقكم ، نجوان صادق ، مدربة تنمية بشرية للاطفال

    JUKEBLOCK II Год назад +2

    In the Middle East all the public and half the private schools are closed

  • Kelrick Barrow
    Kelrick Barrow Год назад +1

    To whoever is reading: You should follow that feeling what you get in your heart. When something doesn't feel right or when something needs to be changed. But most of the time, make sure your heart is in the right place.♨💗💥

  • AnotherGeneric
    AnotherGeneric Год назад

    Sticks, stones, and a text message is all you need to fix an education system. Amazing!

  • Reasonable
    Reasonable Год назад

    In my school, we take a standardized test that rates how well our school teaches certain subjects, which were English and Math. The average score in the school was below state average, so the school ordered English and Math teachers to give us more homework.
    I don't know what made them think that was a good idea. Homework is supposed to be based around things that we learn in class. For me at least, I don't usually learn many new things from the homework at all, it just helps me memorize the things I learned in class.
    The only thing that does successfully is make things a bit more stressful...

  • kavi keshav
    kavi keshav Год назад

    certainly theTALKER has not studied in India (or read NCERT books properly) these books provides activity at the end of each topic , but i hv never seen that activities making any difference .... this happens when u give the charge to solve the problem to someone who has never faced it . yet, best of luck

  • carson wesley
    carson wesley Год назад +3

    The problem with American public schools is that many of them cater to the lowest class of the students, the students who do not care to learn. Teachers are stuck bringing up them are caring for them like they are babies, thus halting the rest of the class. Inadvertently, they are trying to bring the subaverage level students up to standard, instead of pushing standard students to reach their full potential. How can that be fixed? Im not sure, but the disruptive students have to find it in themselves. Personal responsibility. Trust me, I see it everyday in my classes in highschool.

  • sunway1374
    sunway1374 Год назад +1

    I tink tis tings in the fiteen tousand schools should be fixed by twenty-tirty. Let's do it one ting by one ting, starting with the small ting first. Tis is good tinking to do someting good.

  • Ana Paula Da Silva Lima
    Ana Paula Da Silva Lima Год назад


  • Maznah Sakdi
    Maznah Sakdi Год назад +12

    teachers are so underrated. most teachers are overworked and over-stressed but their salary is low. we need to treat them better like how we treat doctors, lawyers and all that. even being a teacher is not highly regarded in society as doctors, engineers or lawyers do. they directly teach us and our kids, give us the knowledge that we need to know for everyone to be a better person and that is truly admirable. great teachers can help slow learners to be advance learners. so teachers should be treated better, give them high salary and quit bothering them with unnecessary work like admin work, filing, check this and that and let them do what they're good at, teach. also progress to make teachers better too, if the teacher is not performing well, train them, let them go for courses so they can learn more and teach better. and this goes out to any kind of teacher, kindergarten teachers, school teachers, universities teachers, teachers who teach special need children, the work of all teachers are truly admirable.

  • Ahmad Anderson
    Ahmad Anderson Год назад

    why was her crowd so doll

  • Anirudh Maru
    Anirudh Maru Год назад

    Very inspiring and commendable how people like her are dedicating so much effort to this cause with all their heart. A good education is definitely one of the fundamental rights of every child and probably the one issue that requires utmost attention in India. I hope more people step up to this cause and are able to transform the broken system. A society cannot get closer to being more equal if its education system is so unequal for different segments of the population.

  • aviti mushi
    aviti mushi Год назад

    This is a very smart woman, speaking of a very smart solution to an intractable problem.

  • OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary

    - Let teachers do their work
    - Use sticks and stones
    - Communicate using cell phone apps

  • Ivo Teixeira
    Ivo Teixeira Год назад

    India really needs a change in the education/goverment system because in listening to this talk I immediatly though of those solutions before she mentioned them. And what scares me is that my own goverment might be doing the same thing, scratching their heads about problems that a common person might already have a solution.

  • Kandarp Gandhi
    Kandarp Gandhi Год назад

    May Mr. Prakash Javadekar ( Minister of Human Resource Development ) watch this.

  • sandeep chauhan
    sandeep chauhan Год назад

    nice work but it is work only 1% when the supervisor is come to check school (which is already inform to teachers) & all the things are created for one day....

  • Mudge
    Mudge Год назад +1

    Where's the part about fixing a governments entire system? This is all changing small local things.

  • DepthOfField
    DepthOfField Год назад +7

    Get rid of educational system altogether.

    • namita rastogi
      namita rastogi Месяц назад

      DepthOfField hey i hv thought about it... i want to start an education revolution... please i need help and support
      we can't kill the education system but can force the government to change it from a marks oriented study to knowledge oriented learning...

    • Manasv Chhabra
      Manasv Chhabra 5 месяцев назад

      DepthOfField those people were smart. Not everyone is. Bad idea. Stupid idea to kill the education system. Rathere there needs to be a change

    • DepthOfField
      DepthOfField Год назад +3

      +Secret Profile
      The biggest mistake schools make is that they force children to learn things they are not interested in. Neil Tyson said that if you wan't your children to become scientists then get out of their way. Passionate interest and experience should be foundation of all education.

    • DepthOfField
      DepthOfField Год назад

      +Secret Profile
      Some of the most successful people in history were dropouts.

  • JL Gaming26
    JL Gaming26 Год назад

    I thought of that sticks and stones thing in like 10 seconds 😂

  • Ken Gault
    Ken Gault Год назад

    Much of this is covered by Robert Mager's work: Preparing Instructional Objectives, Measuring Instructional Results, Analyzing Performance Problems and Goal Analysis, as applied to the Teachers and their management as well as the students.

  • xXRed ErrorXx
    xXRed ErrorXx Год назад

    she actually likes to say actually

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith Год назад +1

    Another moral of the story, it's amazing just how rotten a system can get when most people in it just don't care, or feel hopeless. And it's great to see how quickly it can change with just one small group that cares.

    ALLEY Год назад

    You want to change the education system in the U.S? Quit the standardization and work with every student individually - considering everyone learns and digests information differently. Critical thinkers are but a minority these days and usually rebel from the thought of higher education because they realize (In the U.S at least) it is nothing but a financial snare. Universities have changed in a major fashion... they are more of a business now... and the product you receive for your payment - a certificate and zero, "real world experience." (In a lot of cases)

  • 61Marsh
    61Marsh Год назад

    this is some great work. only if the heads of education in the US had goals..

  • devvrat arya
    devvrat arya Год назад

    I have seen number of TED talks. But this one is an awe-inspiring example of real change only with persistence and ingenuity

  • Indrajeet Sahu
    Indrajeet Sahu Год назад

    Great efforts to bring in the improvements. The idea of using materials in immediate surrounding as a teaching aid is simple and effective at the same time. Use of whatsapp group for faster spread of information is an efficient move but what's more important in this case too is that there should be a mechanism to look over the implementation of orders texted are in time and up to the mark.

  • irma alam
    irma alam Год назад

    i wish more people had your sincerity and positivity! starting with myself. inspirational

  • Rumple Stiltskin
    Rumple Stiltskin Год назад +1

    Sorry Seema but to fix our education system we need to get rid of "No child left behind" and the now the UN's Sustainable Development's Agenda-21. It is the most hideous way to subvert our education system turning our children in stupid unthinking zombies. Also considering your accent I don't think you have been in the US long enough to be able to make a righteous decision as to Agenda-21's destructive capabilities.

  • Ayub Sabir
    Ayub Sabir Год назад +2

    I don't see how implementing some simple tasks by teachers is a solution to a 'broken education system'.

    • Aviri Char
      Aviri Char Год назад +3

      then you should probably watch the video that is on the page you're commenting on, and listen to the words spoken in them for their actual meaning, because they talk about things entirely other than whatever you're on about from that hallucination you had while ignoring what was said

  • sunnysodapop
    sunnysodapop Год назад

    What I don't get is...why doesn't ANYBODY SPEAK UP for the U.S education system....literally after 2 years of high school and then only thing i learned to form 1 sentence in spanish and some simple writing grammar...everything else was just forgotten and that's the issue ( While schools in places like india need more money and technology for kids to learn simple common knowledge, america which has it all ( mostly) implements usless subjects and crap that even teachers say we won't use or remember)

    • diegofu1
      diegofu1 Год назад

      i agree but nothing can be done, unless someone in the UN stands up and addresses the problem.

  • TheGerogero
    TheGerogero Год назад +3

    This talk is so bloated I feel sick.

    • paedru fernando
      paedru fernando 5 месяцев назад

      she talks the obvious...not suited for TED

    • Aviri Char
      Aviri Char Год назад

      someone pull the plug, it's making grotesque noises and the experiment is surely not worth all these disgusting side effects -- I mean we already proved that brainlessness doesn't mean it can't fake functioning...what more data do we need?

    • TheGerogero
      TheGerogero Год назад

      +Aviri Char HURR DURR

    • Aviri Char
      Aviri Char Год назад +5

      the areas of your skull filled with non-neurological tissue are so bloated that the MRI scanner feels sick

  • Hey, Good Mornoonevenight
    Hey, Good Mornoonevenight Год назад +1

    Talk, talk, and more talk...
    Can't believe she's an educator or problem solver based on her boring presentation without any info-graphic, video, more photo, statistics, and generally lack data.
    No wonder Indian education is failing just like this feel happy cliche so call presentation.

    • Aviri Char
      Aviri Char Год назад +1

      Dimbulb, to clarify for you: (a) this channel is called "t.e.d. TALKS" for a reason; (b) what matters is the content of the words talked (I would say spoken but I think synonyms might stretch your capacity) -- even when there are charts etc. they kinda have to say things about them; (c) this topic is actually about what's discussed (oops I mean talked about, does that make it clearer for you) in the words she uses, which words include numbers (also known as the word form of numerals), and not about pretty info-vids for you to be bedazzled by. You have now been informed of basics. From there you may build to more complex understandings of what is going on around you, it is hoped. You're welcome.

  • Komal Singh
    Komal Singh Год назад

    Yes!! Seema Bansal go for it!! You've got the idea now start implementing it! This is REALLY needed

    • Aviri Char
      Aviri Char Год назад

      I agree with you, it is great stuff...but part of what is great about it is that she already started implementing it, and has two years of followup, with results she spoke about, so....yeah, maybe you missed that part, but anyway yes, more implementing of likewise, elsewhere and further, by other people, definitely a good idea

  • Sophia N
    Sophia N Год назад +1

    This is excellent

  • belal reda
    belal reda Год назад

    we need that in Egypt

  • Raghav Agrawal
    Raghav Agrawal Год назад +10

    Typical Ted talk, all smiles and big talk, she said they discovered "core issues" without saying what they were and how they discovered it, talked about "teachers using innovative tools " but didn't show what they were, no examples. She didn't illustrate the work at all. Just we did this.. and that that...

    • diegofu1
      diegofu1 Год назад

      she was actually talking about india education systems right? why all the fuss, if you think about it really doesnt affect you.

    • Raghav Agrawal
      Raghav Agrawal Год назад +1

      +Dushyant Goel Sir you too I are talking like her, when you talk about teachers being "good", please specify how does that relate to the act of teaching? How do they channel their goodness in cultivating the children's curiosity, make the students arrive at conclusions? The problem *I have* with these kind of videos is they hardly talk about the actual execution of the work i.e the teaching itself, the teaching methods, actually showing how the student is being taught and the results of it from his/her perspective, was the student now interested in the subject, did he form the ability to ask good questions to explore the concept further with the help of the teacher? Did he get to experiment with the concept? If yes then show examples of that in the video! Because after all the funding, the good intentions of good people all that matters is the ability of the teacher to teach that can prepare the child to explore the unknown and not only feeding his mind with what we already know

  • Wade
    Wade Год назад +6

    Please help Brazil. Our education is almost hopeless.

    • Ankush Menat
      Ankush Menat Год назад +1

      I don't have much idea about Brazil's education apart from what I gathered in R. Feynman's book. Damn, that guy was a great teacher. Do read his point of view on Brazil's education system.

  • Ciao chef Lev
    Ciao chef Lev Год назад +1

    NGOs are just another type of western invasion, cultural and political invasion

  • HammerIsMyName
    HammerIsMyName Год назад +8

    Whoever is putting annotations in the middle of the video, trying to make us go somewhere else, needs to realize we're trying to watch the damn talk - Place the annotations at the end like most other channels do.

  • mlazos
    mlazos Год назад +5

    The real problem of education are the distractions children have today. Im teaching maths, and i know first hand how much TV the children watch every day. My suggestion first is to get rid of the TV in the house. In mine there is no TV since 2005. We replaced the TV news with newspapers. When the children want to watch a show they can find it online, but they choose instead of watching whatever the TV is feeding them. Without TV the family communication improved by a thousand. And children use their logic and can hold adult interesting conversations. Those are the first steps for a better education. But also requires parents to be thinkers of course and to be at least as intelligence as the children. I agree with improving the education, to spend less for war and more for schools but also at home the environment must be challenging. 11 years without TV and the family life is amazingly better.

    • Skylos
      Skylos Год назад

      +mlazos I just said that we should not learn from TV. Are you really too dumb to read anything of what I said?

    • mlazos
      mlazos Год назад

      Humans dont learn from TV. We have tried that and failed. every society who used TV for educational purposes became stupid.
      TV is totally useless in the 21st Century with interner and satellite communications.
      Itas about the humans to start choosing what they want to watch.
      A house without TV boosts the intelligence
      Try to live without TV for few years and then you can share your experience. My experience is the best. without TV my life improved by a thousand. And i dont miss it at all.

    • Skylos
      Skylos Год назад

      +mlazos Okay, let's look back at what I said. I said that we should adapt education based on society, and not adapt society basedo n education. I never said anything about using said technologies in schools.
      What I am saying is that, for example, in todays society we can look up information a lot more easelly than 100 years ago, so many random facts that could previously only be taught through books and schools is now obtainable on your free time. Therefore, we do no longer have the need to learn these things in school. Instead, we should learn more about how to think and to analyze said information that we have access to.
      What you are saying, or pretending like I am saying, is that we should basicaly watch TV in school as education. That is ridiculous and not what I suggested at all.

  • Secret EyeSpot
    Secret EyeSpot Год назад

    people like this give hope..*they're a sign* that there is hope

  • Ankush Menat
    Ankush Menat Год назад +22

    You fixed a minor problem in an entirely shattered system, not a broken one. Indian education as I know it has been too standardized and killed any hope for creativity in children. 5-7 year olds are far too creative than you and me by nature, instead of cultivating that, education system just shoved standardized curriculum down their throat.
    Teachers have soo much power in their hand. Partiality, abuse of power and grades through sycophancy is essence of every classroom... result? No healthy skepticism in students.
    Grades, oh mighty grades. You know what happens in most first lectures? "Yeh chapters khas padh lo, exam k lie important hai" (translation: learn these chapters, it's important from examination point of view). Instead of teaching children how math and geometry can applied to real world problems, we give them useless numerical problems. Instead of teaching how historical events teach us the way of living, we force them to remember timeline of events with date/year.
    Now let's talk about higher-ed, our universities don't have "major" system, students decide their major too early in life and a lot of them regret their decision. This happens mostly because they didn't have any idea about the degree program they were getting into.

    • GirlDreamer90210
      GirlDreamer90210 Год назад

      I think she has not fixed all of the problems, too but the important thing is that they have achieved their goal, for every child to be literate and properly educated. This innovation can open up ideas and opportunities more many other innovation in the future. Fixing a whole education system in 2 and a half years is a wild dream. If it's that easy we wouldn't have had any problem in the first place.

    • diegofu1
      diegofu1 Год назад

      well hey she at least metioned it without her personailty getting in the way.

    • Ankush Menat
      Ankush Menat Год назад +4

      +Dushyant Goel ... and what makes you think I'm criticising her or demeaning her work?

  • Googol
    Googol Год назад +2

    Gandhi would've been proud - intelligent socialism FTW

    • Googol
      Googol Год назад

      +Hollus Elsfik talk about the pot calling the kettle black - it is easy for a lazy man that stands for nothing to judge those who stand for justice

    • Salty Man
      Salty Man Год назад

      I'm seeing you on these comments a lot, and you seem to just be another paper tiger yelling about socialism. genuflect under your che guavara and noam chomsky shrine.

    • Googol
      Googol Год назад

      +diegofu1 leave your emo tantrums somewhere where they encouraged - like a church or kkk meeting

    • diegofu1
      diegofu1 Год назад


    • Googol
      Googol Год назад

      +Dushyant Goel i didn't mean to downplay the wide range of Gandhi's wisdom - it's just that most of my education is of french origin and i can't help but to draw connections between western and eastern takes on social organization of the poor

  • arun fgci
    arun fgci Год назад

    Superb !! Great job *****

  • Dayane Oliveira
    Dayane Oliveira Год назад +5

    The brazilian government should watch this

    • Luisangood YT!
      Luisangood YT! Год назад

      And the Venezuelan government, too.

    • Salty Man
      Salty Man Год назад

      No I never said that.
      The reason that the people in Brazil have been burning and tearing down the forest in Brazil is because of corruption, nepotism, and poor property rights. Big government officials bribed by big business fat cats don't stop any of this blatant abuse of PUBLIC property, as in property owned by the government, as in government officials, bribed by the BIG COMPANIES. Poor property rights cause these problems too, because of "Tragedy of the Commons", if the amazon rainforest was divided into parcels of private land, a reliable government enforced rule of law and effective protection of rights and property, tort law, and reliable courts, then resource abuse will stop because people have incentives to protect their property and an incentive to not damage others.

    • Dayane Oliveira
      Dayane Oliveira Год назад

      +Googol more love and peace, m8

  • The Lazy Gamer
    The Lazy Gamer Год назад

    What a waste of 14 mins of my life.

    • diegofu1
      diegofu1 Год назад +1

      Yea she was actually talking about the education system in india, not U.S

    • Johny Kidd
      Johny Kidd Год назад +1

      +The Lazy Gamer One day this will be you. Until that day, bask in my glory.

    • The Lazy Gamer
      The Lazy Gamer Год назад

      +Johny “Buzzkill” Kidd Sorry Mr. Johnny. Hope u feel better about yourself defeating a 16 year old online . You have proven you're emotionally more mature and intellectually superior. You must share your victory to your friends and family to help feed on your need for subjective compliments so that you don't realize how quick you judge a simple comment to prove you are older , therefore more knowledgeable and wiser. You truly are a quick-thinking , undefeatable simple minded. I admire that

  • Nate
    Nate Год назад +8

    She seems so enthusiastic. I am so sorry for her.

    • diegofu1
      diegofu1 Год назад +1

      She fails to see all shes doing is complaining, not doing anything about the problem.

    • Red Bluefish
      Red Bluefish Год назад

      sorry? why?

  • iLLzWiLLz Watu'z
    iLLzWiLLz Watu'z Год назад

    Oooh children are so dumb they can't do half of the things we could 10/20/30 years ago . Sorry thinks to technology and a work field that cares nothing about our parents .let's blame the school system that we all agreed with.

  • Factoid
    Factoid Год назад +64

    Morale of the story: let teachers teach.

    • diegofu1
      diegofu1 Год назад +1

      Let Teachers: Bleach

    • Factoid
      Factoid Год назад

      +Googol Oh, the "establish capitalism in place of schools" was still part of the complaint. I must have misread your comment. My apologies.

    • Googol
      Googol Год назад

      +Factoid i didn't say private schools are good either - i meant quite the opposite. Private schools is just another way for rich people to make money on basic human needs.

    • Factoid
      Factoid Год назад +2

      +Googol I will agree that oligarchical councils not caring of the capabilities of those they hire or their creeds, but I wouldn't say that private schools are the easy perfect solution.

  • Mac Crazy
    Mac Crazy Год назад +1

    I see one wrinkle in that whole story. The school board knew something was wrong and was willing to change. Many government organisations worldwide do not realize that there is a problem and do not want to change. And getting a large-scale system to change when it is not willing is, at best, very hard.
    Still, it is great for that place and I congratulate them on their success and hope it continues to work!

    • Googol
      Googol Год назад

      +diegofu1 talk about pot calling the kettle black

    • diegofu1
      diegofu1 Год назад

      I feel like your right on the money with those superstisions. but then again she was giviing her opinoin on the problem not anything serious like an official appeal.

    • Googol
      Googol Год назад

      +Mac Man not just an educational board but socialist Gandhist educational board - no board in Texas would allow a Gandhist to organize anything

    • Mac Crazy
      Mac Crazy Год назад

      +Dushyant Goel
      I agree about that but she was only able to affect the changes she did because she was called in by the local educational board or minister or something like that (I would have to watch again to remember which). And small changes that are wide spread basically change the whole large-scale system.

  • Praveen Prasad
    Praveen Prasad Год назад +2

    1. No figures were provided.
    2. Problem was teacher were doing something else than teaching (5:02), however solution said teaching ideas were shared through whatsapp. If teachers were doing something else at the time they should teach how will they implement Ideas being shared on whatsapp

    • Aviri Char
      Aviri Char Год назад

      +Factoid -- I think you're talking to a reductivist, who doesn't get that wholes are made up of not only many parts but also their interconnections, making something more than just the parts (and probably will never get such a basic empirically evident reality of just about everything in existence, unless/until making some fundamental paradigm shift out of that reductivism)
      +Praveen Prasad -- she mentioned many numbers...what about these is summable up to you as "no figures"? were you looking for stick figures? ice skating figures? or...?

    • Factoid
      Factoid Год назад

      +Praveen Prasad That was a different issue. That whatsapp is meant to deal with the the administration chain. The problem was changes were implemented by an unreliable chain of command and postage. The whatsapp now allows for direct communication of changes directly between teachers and state level adminisrtation, and allows for crowdsourcing problem solving between teachers.
      There were multiple solutions that were implemented for multiple problems.

    • Praveen Prasad
      Praveen Prasad Год назад +1

      I think you missed the point at 5:00 to 5:30 she talks about the problems,
      at 5:38 she says what a supervisors checks, teachers were not teaching because they do something else.
      at 12:25 onwards she says- now when the supervisor comes to visit school they not only checks toilets they also checks quality of education.
      My question is same again, how come just forwarding things in whatsapp group improved the education while teachers were doing something else during day.

    • Factoid
      Factoid Год назад

      +Praveen Prasad 12:25-12:57

  • Jordan G
    Jordan G Год назад +19

    Get the Federal out of it...BOOM solved. Bring back curiosity, imagination, and creativity...down with standardized testing

    • Jainil Shah
      Jainil Shah Год назад

      Common Core isn't the issue, the strings attached are.

    • danny ou
      danny ou Год назад +1

      +Googol "2+2= the fucking 4"

  • Mark Nicholson
    Mark Nicholson Год назад

    And why was no one clapping!? I thought she was great.

    • Quiet Fox
      Quiet Fox Год назад

      yeah ok
      the applause button was broken
      case closed everyone, it's time to go home

    • Mark Nicholson
      Mark Nicholson Год назад +1

      Watch again, she was obviously very proud of her and he colleagues work, and yet when she said she had helped to transform a state the size of Peru or Canada, no one clapped. Maybe the applause sign was broken, every other Ted talk I watch is usually interspersed with laugher and/or applause.

    • Googol
      Googol Год назад

      +Abhishek Choudhary Khatkar why did you reply to my question?

    • Abhishek Choudhary Khatkar
      Abhishek Choudhary Khatkar Год назад

      +Googol just curious!

  • SeyHan3232
    SeyHan3232 Год назад +28

    its so sad TED shows us how to make the world a better place but it never becomes reality...

    • Kelrick Barrow
      Kelrick Barrow Год назад

      You should not say never...

    • Shinu Chacko
      Shinu Chacko Год назад

      TedEd doesn't need to tell you how to fix the system. Here are the REAL STEPS:
      1.) Teachers need to dedicate their lives to teaching.
      2.) Students need to dedicate their lives to learning.
      That's education and that's how it get's fixed.

    • Shinu Chacko
      Shinu Chacko Год назад

      Here is another article on how they squandered the money:

  • Ahmed Shahien
    Ahmed Shahien Год назад

    Test your mind and memory with our new game!
    Give it a shot!

  • Tomáš Viktorin
    Tomáš Viktorin Год назад

    Wait you pay schools that have bad result to improve?

    • Googol
      Googol Год назад

      +Aviri Char if you don't make teachers work outside classes then you end up having to hire other people to do the repairs and food but it's surely not a reward for bad performance but rather a common sense solution to bad performance - it is also much more effective than to waste money on technology alone without making sure teachers have time to use it

    • Aviri Char
      Aviri Char Год назад

      +Googol I'm sure they do...but the problems she mentioned were ones solvable not by throwing more money at them, or rather more specifically, they were solvable by doing things other than money no one really (sustainably and scalably) had to throw at them
      that of course doesn't mean the teachers, and other school staff, aren't being paid, I'm sure -- they were there already because they were being paid, just getting rendered dysfunctional by a system that focused on getting them to do things other than what worked

    • Googol
      Googol Год назад

      +Aviri Char stupid people think helping out under-performing social institutions means the same as rewarding them for not performing - you know, psychopaths think the same about firemen saving people out of burning buildings and police catching the rapists...

    • Aviri Char
      Aviri Char Год назад

      Where did she say pay them? She said 3 things: change the inspections so that they are not just about toilets (and other nonteaching criteria); distribute learning materials that are successful on small scale but adapted to actual resources on large scale; use modern communication tech and net-based community-style distribution of info and plans to be carried out. What about these 3 to you says that people are being "paid" when they have bad results?

  • The Jaded Wolf
    The Jaded Wolf Год назад +2

    ☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ͡ ͡°)╭☞
    \ . .\
    \ \
    / ╰u╯\
    Education is the way forward

  • armag an
    armag an Год назад

    give the child basics:
    language skills
    basic math
    nature knowledge
    and give them good books
    .. 2 days a week is enough

    • diegofu1
      diegofu1 Год назад

      i believe thats homeschool, not public school.

    • ailish086
      ailish086 Год назад +2

      That is not an education.

  • Rahil Bhimjiani
    Rahil Bhimjiani Год назад +2

    such beautiful accent she has got. indian and american equally balanced. Cute face too

  • Schrödinger's Cat
    Schrödinger's Cat Год назад

    Does she have a blocked nose? Why talk like you have cold?

  • Stephen Blackwell
    Stephen Blackwell Год назад +2

    You could abolish affirmative action for a start.

  • merced velez
    merced velez Год назад 💛

  • FreedomForceUSA
    FreedomForceUSA Год назад +30

    There are more smart phones than toilets, I'd say they still must have massive progress in basic needs in addition to better education.

    • M26
      M26 Месяц назад

      You can make fast changes if you change laws to make it better. Some people just dont want to change anythin to better.

    • Saumit Jin
      Saumit Jin 4 месяца назад

      My Family has 2 Toilets but 4 Cell phones. Toilets can be shared by people in regular intervals. Mobile Phones are something personal to us and some people even tend to have more than 1 phone. This sort of Statistic is completely flawed.

    • FreedomForceUSA
      FreedomForceUSA Год назад

      It may be "normal" but maybe you missed the much bigger point

    • PeterK1984
      PeterK1984 Год назад +2

      Every single place has more smartphones than toilets.
      For example, the company I work at has 50 employees...that means there are roughly 50 smartphones in the building. And we have...4 toilets (two for men, two for women). So the smartphone to toilet ratio is roughly 12 to 1. That is normal.

  • Anusha Singh
    Anusha Singh Год назад

    What about when the teachers skip over activities like that in textbooks?

  • Alosh Parayil
    Alosh Parayil Год назад

    Great person great job hats off

  • NietzscheanMan
    NietzscheanMan Год назад +4

    Simple, as with any socialist disaster: privatise it.

    • George Cataloni
      George Cataloni Год назад

      +Skylos 75 lines? Come on man, I'm not here doing nothing, waiting to respond to you... I'll respond to some.
      You said that my argument of logic was actually an argument of fact. I assume you're just saying that to call out hypocrisy so I'll just address your defense of your argument being that of logic. You said this:
      "If you are working for profit, then you will try and cut costs as much as possible, or make work as efficient as cheaply as possible."
      I agree with the fact of it, but as a defense for how profit leads to exploitation it's missing something: competition. This is why I thought your argument was based in fact, because you'd have to ignore my logic to come up with this.
      Here's my logic: Competition (in economics) is the situation between two or more businesses where they are trying to get the same customers' money. Only one can get a single customer, and they typically want all customers, therefore they will do things to achieve that goal. Sure, manipulation could be a part of that, but unless it's fraud, it's legal, and it's legal for a reason: people's decisions are respected. We're talking about grown adults, here. If you cared about people's decisions, then your only recourse to manipulation is a PSA... Therefore, competition leads to what people want, unless people don't knwo what they want, in which case you help them with a PSA.

    • Skylos
      Skylos Год назад

      +George Cataloni Your claim that "competition being a mechanism for positive change" is also an argument of fact. Can you cite any sources or evidence of your claim? Can you prove that this is the effect competetivness is having?
      You see the problem with your argument? My argument is based on logic, but you ask me to come with evidence that backs up that logic. Your argument seems to be structured the same way. The logic is "Since competitivness causes positive change, then competetivness will lead to better education" but your line of logical reasoning is based on the fact "Competetivness always leads to positive change"
      My line of reasoning is that "When something is for profit, without regulation, then it will hurt the consumer/worker". I can lay things with another similar form of logic that backs up my reasoning:
      If you are working for profit, then you will try and cut costs as much as possible, or make work as efficient as cheaply as possible.
      In the school enviroment, they can increase profit by creating an illusion that students are doing well, without any regard for the students. If they get paid for students getting high grades, then they will look for the easiest way to give them high grades.
      In a work enviroment, unregulated, the employers would pay the workers as little as possible, while also not caring for the safety of the workers.
      If the economical market in general would be unregulated, then it would allow for things like sabotage, or simply not stop any companies from creating monopolies, and monopolies are bad for consumers, because of the very lack of competition that is good for consumers.
      These are all historical examples, or just logical examples. We have things like trade unions in order to prevent things like these. These are the regulations that protect the consumer and worker. Competition in the market does not matter if it is unregulated.

      Also, you base your logic on the idea that private schools compete against eachother, but that is not the case. The school enviroment is not necessarily very competetive. And for schools to more easelly gain profit then they need to either be atractive for people to go to, or simply turn out with good grades in order to get funding. And the latter leads to the former, so they have a bigger incentive to cheat, rather than giving proper education.
      Also, I would argue that your average consumer goods is very different from education, and therefore should not even be compared to the free market in that regard. It is a difference between if I pay for, for example, renovating my house, compared to education. If they do a poor job then I can say "I won't ever hire you people again" and in some extreme cases not pay/sue because of the bad job. With education however, so can you not really afford a poor job. Since public schools are more standardized and regulated than private schools, so can you more certainly expect that they won't do a "poor job".

      Also, politicians will listen to people if they are threatened by not being re-elected,

    • Skylos
      Skylos Год назад

      +George Cataloni I am trying to make logical arguments as well. What is your point?
      And if public schools did not exist so would private schools not be cheaper. The reason for that is that running a school is very expensive. If there were any private schools for, as you worded it, "poor people", so am I pretty confident that those schools would give pretty poor education.
      I also want to mention that you argue that parents may pay taxes for a public school that they are not happy with. However the alternative is that they are paying taxes for a public school they do not even use. From an economist standpoint so is this disasterous because you are just throwing money into the drain.
      And if a public school is low quality, then you can always go to the same people and hold them accountable. The politicians. If a school is underfunded then ask them to put more money in schools. the reason schools do not have as much money as you'd like is that more often then not, so do people not vote for politicians with that in mind. Pressure the politicians is the solution to that particular problem.
      And let me go back to my other point of where whenever something is driven by profit so does it not tend to be consumer/worker friendly, unless regulated. And measuring how someone privatly is educating people is far more difficult than when everyone is educated under the same entity (the government). Plus, then there are less middlemen.
      And don't even get me started on religious schools. those should be straight out banned

  • Tanner Settles
    Tanner Settles Год назад +12

    All education systems are corrupt. I'm done waiting for others to start a new birth of education

    • OriginalTharios
      OriginalTharios Год назад +2

      No they're not. They still use rote memorization, which is worthless in the long-term.

    • ailish086
      ailish086 Год назад +2

      No they are not. Many of Western Europe's education systems are fantastic.

    • Rachel Fu
      Rachel Fu Год назад +12

      Finland's system is probably one of the few education systems that are not corrupt. They actually invest in education and value teachers

    • itecnus
      itecnus Год назад

      One where you just insert chips to your brain and all the things you need to learn from that specific subject is implanted.

  • Prasanth Vasantharajan
    Prasanth Vasantharajan Год назад

    lol exactly wat happens in my state as well !!

  • HairyGrenade
    HairyGrenade Год назад +66

    What about the broken education system in the U.S?

    • Nilanjan Paul
      Nilanjan Paul 5 месяцев назад +1

      I don't know, but why is it so hard for us to start a reform ourselves?
      Maybe because our minds have been washed by this education system into believing that until we have some tags or are verified as some Reformer or Politicial, we cannot do anything.
      This is WHAT the Education System is making us do. And you know, as much as everyone realizes it, the Reform, the Protests are bound to come. The Education System will be sued by our Future Generations, if not by us. But if we want to do something, something as little than I think we must Spread the Knowledge. Spread Awareness. So that we do not see Young, Beautiful and Creative minds being sued again and again. Let us stand - FOR THE CAUSE, today.

    • Bill T
      Bill T Год назад +4

      US schools had a learning gap between races so vast, It was impossible to correct. Worse were blacks who could not keep up (in general, not talking about small numbers) with Whites. Then came illegals from many countries, majority from Mexico. Those students show up w/o notice and must be educated.
      The fix for race gap, they dumbed down classes to allow all students of any race keep up. They created magnet or tag programs that helped a small number the brightest. The super smart get into some of these programs. In some areas those brightest students get bored, they disrupt and become the class clowns.
      Those kids are not challenged, get bored and drop out.
      While many will scream I am racist for my statements, Know this. I have worked with problem youth for years. As a police officers, then with the board of ed. Yes the board of Ed has used socialist practices to limit the learning span out our education system. That's where you bring down those at the top closer to the bottom, than bringing up those at the bottom toward the top.
      Worse part of this falls with blacks in public schools. They lack (again not all but the majority) the support at home, due to poorly educated parents or in some cases drop out single parent. (Whites have this problem by a smaller percentage) Resources at home, since those with the worse education, get the worse jobs.
      Now comes the new culture in black areas, Its the We don't need the white education on the streets. They shame the brightest blacks when they try. Just like those of all race place the same tag on the N word. That N word is Nerd. Brilliant students tagged "Nerds" are treated worse than child molesters in public schools.
      So the bright students try to fit in, they stop trying. When they stop trying that brings down the top numbers, making it seem the schools have improved those at the bottom.

    • Dhiraj Chaudhari
      Dhiraj Chaudhari Год назад +6

      US education system is far better than Indian

    • Mudit Gupta
      Mudit Gupta Год назад

      first world problem

  • Tizzeres
    Tizzeres Год назад +86

    Finally, someone who actually want to progress a school system, instead of separating children based on the colour and praising one over the over because they feel guilt for the mistakes of the past. Why not move on and learn from the past's problems and actually try and progress the world, like Bansal.

    • Aravind K.M
      Aravind K.M Год назад

      If its sarcasm then ok.But if you actually mean what you say Oh boy you are wrong.People in third world countries would do anything to make money as long as its not against the law but desperate people would find a loop hole or dumb fucks would commit crime.Which is why crime and corruption is dominant in most countries in the third world

    • BBQboy MCS
      BBQboy MCS Год назад

      +BBQboy MCS who*

  • Mk Sv
    Mk Sv Год назад +1

    Dafuq. All public schools in India don't look like that?

    • me 420
      me 420 Год назад

      only a few look like that

    • Charvak Patel
      Charvak Patel Год назад

      Yes, I have came across worse, the big cities have more good public schools but other than that its a mess. In my city, they recently gave these public schools to non-profit organization to rebuild and run it, now you go there and you get shocked because they did such a wonderful job.

    • DpKris
      DpKris Год назад

      I agree with you bro, but it is very low in number.

    • Sid Cool
      Sid Cool Год назад +2

      Besides the point dude

  • Cecilia Tang
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