Back to School Struggles: Dress Code!! Alisha Marie

  • Back to school struggles anyone?! Dress code can be such a struggle!! Everyone has completely different dress codes so everyone may not relate to this but trust the struggle is REAL!! haha Also who wants more #mialaurisha collabs? xo -Alisha Marie
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    Hi hi!! My name is Alisha Marie and I hope you enjoy this video about Back to School Struggles of Dress Codes!! I do lots of videos about life hacks, diys, testing products, comedy skits, and everything beauty, fashion, and lifestyle!

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  • AlishaMarie
    AlishaMarie  2 years ago +10274

    3rd #schoolisha video is a #milaurisha collab!! AHH!! What's your dress code like?! xo -Alisha Marie

    • Rima Fadilah
      Rima Fadilah 2 days ago

      I do have one! Is terrible dress code. Omg is so hard I couldn’t wear something that show my half body or straight body whole it.

    • SapphireRose
      SapphireRose 6 days ago

      Uniform. My dress code in the UK is uniform. Shirts, ties, blazers.

    • Suvi J
      Suvi J Month ago

      We dont have dress code.... ....

    • Oliwia Strzempa
      Oliwia Strzempa 2 months ago

      I Love you soo much ❤❤❤

    • Hishgee0722 Hishgee
      Hishgee0722 Hishgee 2 months ago


  • stefanija kolevska
    stefanija kolevska 10 hours ago +1

    My school doesn't even have a dress code! I can just wear what ever shirt i want!

  • Jacquelina Cheong
    Jacquelina Cheong 11 hours ago

    Nice intro i love it

  • Alejandro Liscano
    Alejandro Liscano 18 hours ago


  • LukeBryanM08
    LukeBryanM08 20 hours ago


  • Gabrielle Martin

    I dont even have boobs🤣

  • Caelyn Borgsmiller


  • Gladssy Mathew
    Gladssy Mathew 2 days ago

    Loran looks so cute 😍

  • khaileen yvonne fausto

    our school does not have dress code we wear uniform but every friday you can wear anything

  • Ella aesthetics
    Ella aesthetics 3 days ago

    I love how alisha was the teacher

  • Maren Kaymak
    Maren Kaymak 3 days ago

    can we just talk about how if it was super hot their hair shouldn’t be blowing in the wind

  • Nessa’s channel !
    Nessa’s channel ! 3 days ago +1

    It really is a struggle though

  • bounce chica wow wow

    In my school girls can't anything that shows shoulders or jakets and i live in minesota and the and heating sucks

  • bounce chica wow wow

    A husky

  • Mady Dohne
    Mady Dohne 4 days ago

    Instead of us getting in trouble for expressing ourselves they should get in trouble for looking at us inappropriately!!!

  • Zoe Wild
    Zoe Wild 4 days ago

    I don't have a dress code, I have school uniform

  • Ella K
    Ella K 6 days ago

    Thunder bird

  • SapphireRose
    SapphireRose 6 days ago

    Isn't uniform a really strict dress code

  • Sophia_playz
    Sophia_playz 6 days ago

    We dont have dress codes :)

  • heather's deals
    heather's deals 6 days ago

    I don't have a mascot for my school but my old school went from road runner to peppa then changed when I moved school

  • n ferguson
    n ferguson 7 days ago

    who else has to wear uniforms?

  • Ivy Deal
    Ivy Deal 7 days ago +1

    Hudson hornet

  • Family iPad
    Family iPad 7 days ago


  • Amalea Gallimore
    Amalea Gallimore 10 days ago

    Well last day of primary school was two weeks ago so yeah I have to wait I won't get stats or leaver assbly

  • Cindy Nicholas
    Cindy Nicholas 10 days ago

    Blue devil

  • Isabella Aguirre
    Isabella Aguirre 10 days ago

    The fact that Mia is eating cereal.

  • Addison Humenesky
    Addison Humenesky 12 days ago


  • Anna Lorenz
    Anna Lorenz 13 days ago

    The struggle is real!!

  • Grace Milia
    Grace Milia 13 days ago


  • What’s Next
    What’s Next 14 days ago



  • Ann Elizabeth
    Ann Elizabeth 17 days ago

    my school mascot is a little weird.....ITS A BOAT

    SUNFLOWER GACHA 17 days ago

    a seal

  • Natha Guptill
    Natha Guptill 17 days ago

    There always changing the dress codes

  • Crazy and Crazier
    Crazy and Crazier 20 days ago

    I LOVE MILAURISHA they’re awesome!!!!

  • Mora Rushing
    Mora Rushing 21 day ago

    My school mascot is a panther2020 yo

  • Jon Shippee
    Jon Shippee 21 day ago

    My school mascot is a wildcat

  • Freya&Oliver Darvell

    No short tops or spaghetti traps

  • The Skittle_Box cosplays

    2020 anyone?

    Just me? Ok.

  • Mia diaryinparadise
    Mia diaryinparadise 24 days ago

    now that i’m in high school they just gave up i wear my tank tops people wear just ck bras and jeans the guys don’t even get dress coded for their drug clothing

  • Lay Black
    Lay Black 24 days ago


  • Davina Stewart
    Davina Stewart 25 days ago

    My schools mascot is a stallion!my school’s nod super strict about dress codes

  • alondrasofia rodriguez

    My mascot is an eagle.

  • 1_The_Weirdo_1
    1_The_Weirdo_1 Month ago

    Sea lion

  • Sadie Greenstein
    Sadie Greenstein Month ago

    my mascot is a gator for hard working and respect! the Angelo

  • Catalina Torres medina

    Hi Alisha my school mascot is home of the Mountain lions

  • Anna stonerock
    Anna stonerock Month ago

    Mountain cat

  • Kasandra arellano
    Kasandra arellano Month ago

    The warriors is my school mascot.

  • Dawn Feldberg
    Dawn Feldberg Month ago

    My school. Mascot it a coyote

  • Olivia Kwok
    Olivia Kwok Month ago +1

    At the pool in my school the girls HAVE to have spaghetti straps. And boy only have trunks or whatever those are

  • NN - 05SA - Ridgewood PS (1111)

    My school mascot is a lion

  • Mandy Denton
    Mandy Denton Month ago

    drum wolves

  • petite ribbon
    petite ribbon Month ago

    Did they invent the woah?

  • Leona Kapovic
    Leona Kapovic Month ago

    In my school we cant wear shorts,tank tops ye and more i think or thats it my school is normal and hood😁🤓

    Edit:oh yeah and no skrts

  • Lara Carvalho
    Lara Carvalho Month ago

    My school mascot is a bird

  • Erynn Cantrell
    Erynn Cantrell Month ago


  • Saori Lara
    Saori Lara Month ago

    Wild cats

  • Rachel Engelsman
    Rachel Engelsman Month ago

    Milarisha is life

  • Alyssa Shadow
    Alyssa Shadow Month ago

    My dress code: ( We have to were our school shirt so this is just for pants)
    No leggings
    No Jeggings
    No Yoga pants
    No Hoodies that cover you uniform
    No rips above your fingertips
    SHorts need to go down to your fingertips

    So many teachers wear leggings than dress code the students for wearing leggings

  • Natalie‘s world Williams

    I hate school

  • Darby Goodwin
    Darby Goodwin Month ago


  • arleny vargas
    arleny vargas Month ago

    Yes gril🦔🦉🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦔🦔🦔🦔🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉

  • sculter8
    sculter8 Month ago

    2:38---rule#29 violation. Don't dress codes require, as a general rule, that if you wear a skirt (assuming that it is the proper length), you must also wear either 1. leggings, 2. hosiery, or 3. yoga pants, which is in this case the much bigger violation than just the length issue alone? Please comment.

  • Push Pop
    Push Pop Month ago

    Dress code is an a problem where I live because I live in freaking Canada

  • Carl Sandford
    Carl Sandford Month ago


  • Summer Time
    Summer Time Month ago

    Our school allows ripped jeans but only if you are wearing legging under same with shorts
    Our school animal is the roadrunner

  • Vivian Lopez
    Vivian Lopez Month ago

    My school mascots is a tiger

  • Starry Night Gacha
    Starry Night Gacha Month ago

    I love how Kyle is just confused in the background

  • lexi allirog
    lexi allirog Month ago

    We don't have dress code in holland

  • Camilia_Cactus
    Camilia_Cactus Month ago

    4:05 what if people see you like that? LOL

  • Amanda Corcoran
    Amanda Corcoran Month ago

    My school mascot is a eagle 🦅

  • Leighanne Williams
    Leighanne Williams Month ago

    Its true tho I took off my shirt and I steal had my tink top on and I got told to put my shirt back on the min and then another time I was warring a shirt that had holes of the shoulders and I had to wear a bagy t shirt for the rest of the day

  • Badass Jaz
    Badass Jaz Month ago

    My school is very chill about dress codes.
    There's bairly any. As long as it's not like... y'know bra and like extremly short shorts or see through you're perfectly fine

  • andrea
    andrea Month ago +1

    i miss when all the girly you tubers used to make videos like this

  • Gianna Massa
    Gianna Massa Month ago


  • Maya Renee
    Maya Renee Month ago +1

    I have to wear uniforms 😩😖

  • Mutshidzi Mudau
    Mutshidzi Mudau Month ago

    We don’t have a school mascot

  • Ver Del
    Ver Del Month ago

    I think it's funny that Mia is eating the entire time

  • Alex Chadwick
    Alex Chadwick Month ago

    My school mascot is a knight

  • Madelyn Howey
    Madelyn Howey Month ago

    Squak the hawk

  • Chelsea Johnson
    Chelsea Johnson Month ago