South Korea: World's first giant manned robot takes its first steps

The world’s first giant, manned robot “Method-2” took some of it’s first steps in the Gunpo studio of Hankook Mirae Technology company near Seoul, Thursday.

The 3,9m (13ft) Method-2 robot responds to the actions of its handler who is seated in a central cockpit, walking like a human and moving its 130kg (286lbs) robot arms and fingers.

Around 30 engineers have been testing the mammoth machine and lead designer Vitaly Bulgarov drew inspiration from his previous work on the fantasy films, Transformers and Terminator. Since 2014 the company have invested about $200 million (€191.3 million) in the robot’s production and development and estimate it could be on sale by the end of 2017 at a price of around $8,3 million (€7,9 million).

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Автор rkageru ( назад)
stansby for titanfall

Автор the MC factor ( назад)
Avatar much?

Автор Adepic ( назад)
send in a couple of these with miniguns into North Korea

Автор Just for Fun ( назад)
These human driven robots can bring revolution in every area and every hard work, from cargo carriage to rescue people from earthquake rumbles, if they make them move a lot better AND move the fingers not by buttons but with gloves and servo sensors, why not working along with Boston Dynamics to share knowledge on robotic moves and balance? they are doing great!

Автор 1blackdeath51501 ( назад)
one step close to battletech.

Then I can finally have my Timberwolf and kill Freeborns

Автор Aidan Roblox and more ( назад)
I did

Автор Hypersonic Megalodon ( назад)
This is awesome! However, the title is a little misleading as this is NOT the world's first giant robot. Its the first giant robot that uses legged locomotion, yes, but MEGABOTs has been building a giant robot for years. Only difference is that it uses treads instead of legs to get around but still, don't forget them.

Автор Joshua's BBQ ( назад)

Автор SinäLennätKuuhunEnsiViikollaApinoidenRaketillaJokaToimiiIhmisLihalla ( назад)

Автор sinius Mulvenian ( назад)
If it can't morph with other mechs and become a Megazord consider it a fail.

Автор IAN DUCAO ( назад)
now thats what you call a robot suit

Автор bekir altıntaş ( назад)
it looks a kind of CGI... maybe it is maybe not...

Автор Harry 8642 ( назад)

Автор tewkewl ( назад)
not the first. kuratas and mark 2 are having a battle this year.

Автор Normel Lamela ( назад)

Автор Kemphoss ( назад)
lets take a moment to think about how impractical a mech would be in war. but they do look cool so that makes up for it!

Автор Afloat Fob ( назад)
Prepare for Titan Fall!

Автор Steven Edwards ( назад)
Imagine the day when this thing is able to run....

Автор Nathan Richards ( назад)
The first is the Kurata and the second is the Megabot Mark II.

Автор Nathan Richards ( назад)
Not the first.

Автор revelation online ( назад)
mean while in murica they have a giant robot wearing a chef hat and chopping up food and pianos with giant knifes

Автор Randomness Tube ( назад)
how fucking cool is that the dawn of the future is here

Автор Night_Rage ( назад)
South Korea is the only place that'll be ready when the Kaiju (Pacific Rim) invade us.

Автор Luan Carlos Adão ( назад)
And the best, It use Linux.

Автор Bryant NorCal ( назад)
Was co-dev'd by Hollywood's Vitaly Bulgarov (Terminator, Robocop, Transformers) but can't stand on its own and still needs to be plugged in to work but one day battery tech will catch up since adding mini nuke reactor too risky.

Автор PhazonSouffle ( назад)
Mobile Infantry when?

Автор kkg 929 ( назад)

Автор 남상남자 ( назад)
south korea~win👍..japan~out👎..wwwwwwwww

Автор real mc asshole ( назад)
just wait till they install an AI on this thing.

Автор Im Tyrone ( назад)
That guy on the pc is gamer; look at his hand placement and how the keyboard is turned. Starcraft IRL

Автор Manoo42 ( назад)
Whats the point? What can it actually do thats useful?

Автор Nekogami-Crystal ( назад)
come back when you have a mand walking robot.

Автор Sang Jae Lee ( назад)
D.va online

Автор SirAnikin ( назад)
Thus DVA was born

Автор wazup3333 ( назад)
your done when it trips over a rock

Автор . 폐경 직전의 노처녀들 ( назад)
손가락을 움직이네?? ㅋㅋㅋ 방사능국 놈들이 저거가지고 트집잡고 씨부리더만

Автор Hayden Rackley ( назад)
Sad but awesome at the same time on account that this will replace the Tank one day.

Автор SamuraiBurgerDog ( назад)
It moves ssssoooooooo smoothly. :O

Автор Mr Shogun ( назад)
it walks like 80 year old nigga

Автор Gage Dey ( назад)
My childhood dream

Автор Tyler Mounce ( назад)

Автор WolfKenneth ( назад)
Not first not even second. There is Japanese Kuratas and American MegaBot.

Автор Francine Conley ( назад)
The us is also now officially in some deep fucking shit if these become weaponized

Автор PoCheng Chen ( назад)
Another new and possible the greatest rival for the Japanese Kuratas and US megabot

Автор XLINE ( назад)
D.va confirm. M.E.K.A confirm.

Автор BenJohnson2882 ( назад)
Go fuck up megabots

Автор Carlos F Barajas ( назад)
make it fight with the america and japan mecha

Автор SKotty Cat ( назад)
meka activated

Автор Rafael González ( назад)
Linux rules!

Автор Morph Verse ( назад)
They use the Ubuntu Linux Distro :D

Автор Alex Giugliano ( назад)
....ho studiato una soluzione per far muovere e camminare le gambe proprio come viene eseguito con le braccia del robot in contemporanea delle braccia dell' operatore ! eseguo progetti e descrizioni solo sul posto solo se interessati !

Автор Joe Robertson ( назад)
Now build a gun that that thing can carry. at least a 30mm shell.

Автор ktown ( назад)
씨바 골라이엇 이즈 온라인이네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Автор Shingo Masuda ( назад)
There are many other giant manned robot that was made before this which had better capability in their own way.

Автор Mu Effe ( назад)
Why Korean avatar robot runs on Ubuntu not Windows 10?

Автор Thomas McCoy ( назад)
dude, the kuratas has existed for a while now, this can barely qualify as the third giant manned robot

Автор David Smith ( назад)
CG as F. Viral marketing (world building) for some upcoming movie most likely. Just like what they did for "Cloverfield" and "10 Cloverfield Lane".

Автор carso1500 ( назад)
they have 3 of these things, the future is today boys

Автор Snark42 ( назад)
I bet the use of Gyro stabilization could improve walking and avoid the need for the torso to centralize over the foot in contact with the ground. It would make it much more useful than constantly moving the pilot left and right during low speed walking. This would help the pilot perceive their surrounding better.

Автор AiwaLee ( назад)

Автор Kazuki N ( назад)

Автор Johnathan Clayborn ( назад)
First manned robot? yeah, you know, except for the Kuritas and the American one. You know, the ones who are supposed to fight later this year. But they totally have the first one.

Автор DaylightDigital ( назад)
This is about 1.5 generations from being a Gundam

Автор Fernando BS ( назад)

Автор Andrea Del Bene ( назад)
Ubuntu rules!

Автор Mighty Ash ( назад)

Автор torreydale ( назад)

Автор Thats Not Me ( назад)
Im pretty scared, bet they now make better theme parks then uz;(

Автор Klemen rajher ( назад)
Cg ass hell

Автор Frank Goyes ( назад)
Damn it! I also want to pilot that Eva!!

Автор Sebastian Johansson ( назад)
Where's the sword? We wan't it to have a sword!

Автор Miko ( назад)
1:04 Powered by Ubuntu

Автор yori quri ( назад)
실감나는 로봇 움직이느는 소리 ㄷㄷㄷ

Автор John Paterson ( назад)
They should make it so that it opens the hatch and picks you up and puts you in the cockpit so you don't need a ladder. (or maybe it could just squat down and make a step or two with its arms - probs safer).

Автор Samuel Bailey ( назад)
Chicken machine cutting better!

Автор luckyyu2004 ( назад)
Gundam in real life in 3.2.1..............

Автор BeAsA Roze ( назад)
️♬️️ I can transform ya, I can transform ya ❗ ♬

Автор 백영래 ( назад)
어깨 부분에 로켓포하고 기관총만 달면 끝이네.

Автор dewberry30 ( назад)
I hope Koreans stay koreans so that they can continue their innovation genes. And dont be like Multiculture Europe where their muslim immigrants do not contribute to their technology advancement.

Автор Old YouTubeVideos ( назад)
It's cool and all, but if that thing falls it will make an extensive damage on the person inside.

Автор onjoFilms ( назад)
The end of real feet stomping grapes?

Автор hoyeru zaharia ( назад)
Ripley in Aliens. The future is here.

Автор Themba76 ( назад)
someones a gundam fan

Автор anthony doyle ( назад)
The world is becoming even more fucked up because i know if the usa military can get their hand on this warfare will be different as those bastard will start attaching nuke of them and even put in jet pack

Автор Angel Tomov ( назад)
kind of scary

Автор CosmicOwl ( назад)
Atleast its not running on windows, that would suck :-)

Автор Stephen green ( назад)
what if it falls over

Автор Fixed Face ( назад)
perfect for crushing those annoying starving africans

Автор D.Talpha ( назад)
Now waiting for Japans real Gundam

Автор D.Talpha ( назад)
Sorry Japan, but SK got to it first....

Автор NoizeCehigi ( назад)
This is the Future
I'm sure D.Va will take her MEKA soon.

Автор Robby J Hope ( назад)
Titanfall 2 is a hit.

Автор gangnamfever ( назад)
It needs waist so it can balance better. I know walking like human is very difficult things to duplicate.

Автор Miau Miau ( назад)
Ubuntu rules!!! Congratulations to the design team for choosing Ubuntu OS to operate the robot!

Автор SAxCoco ( назад)
Halt present hall pass!

Автор Luis Fernando ( назад)
Very impressive but its made out of aluminium and probably no way to power it without a cord, so the capabilities are almost none (very unpractical).

Until small mobile nuclear reactors are available theres no giant walking robots for us anime mech nerds.

Автор Mr Hashshashin ( назад)
nerf this

Автор DestinationLyra ( назад)
Get away from her you B***H! !

Автор Nathan Parke ( назад)

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