NBA 2K18 Steal Glitch Animations on Defense. How to Steal the ball 2K18 Tutorial. 2K18 Glitches #73

  • Published on Dec 29, 2017
  • 2K18 How to get steals tips and tricks. 2K18 steals Glitch. 2K18 Glitches. 2K18 Glitch defense animations on ball steals. 2K18 tutorial.
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  • Derek
    Derek Year ago

    Oh so we stealing the ball via glitch animations eh? 😂

  • Stiff Meister
    Stiff Meister Year ago

    where can i download the ball u use?

  • MLC
    MLC Year ago

    Body steals is a common strategy online. Just 1 examlle of many problems. 2k sucks

  • justin rob
    justin rob Year ago

    lol I love this breakdown.. this made my day hahah "this is not ok"

  • justin rob
    justin rob Year ago

    This video is the epitome of why I almost throw my controller and scream at the tv going for steals tryna trap mid court with my center and always foul hahahah or he passes the ball away even when it looks like a clean swipe

  • justin rob
    justin rob Year ago

    Lmao bruh hahahah when is it gonna work 2k when you decide it does

  • justin rob
    justin rob Year ago

    ROFLMAO "look at his fingertips even if he doesn't steal it SOMETHINGS GONNA HAPPEN TO THIS BALL" hahah

  • Tony A1
    Tony A1 Year ago

    That’s 2k for you

  • Larry Barrino
    Larry Barrino Year ago

    I like that

  • Unbiased Basketball Stan

    Lol I knew I wasn’t crazy. My players defense is 99 with 99 steal. And he rarely gets any poke balls, deflections, and steals even though I time it right.

  • BaconOrButter
    BaconOrButter Year ago

    This is why people can spam dribbles. Because when you time it perfect most of the time nothing happens. Either that or 2k needs to really explain these ratings and badges.

  • wem meal
    wem meal Year ago

    No such thing as a perfect game. We jus have to be patient and wait until all gaming change in the future and get fixed. It won’t start with one game. We jus gotta wait y’all

  • arjl880
    arjl880 Year ago

    I think the game's algorithm takes into account the ball hander's "ball handling" rating and reduces the chance of a steal, regardless of how well you time your steal. It's frustrating and not rewarding. I change my mindset to finding enjoyment in winning and putting up numbers DESPITE the funky animations and lack of reward for timing skills.

  • thejjperezshow
    thejjperezshow Year ago

    That’s garbage, man. Nothing like playing the real game but with the cash 2K18 is making, this should be fixed immediately.

  • omar saunders
    omar saunders Year ago

    Whattttt they tripping tripping

  • CmoneyBaltimore
    CmoneyBaltimore Year ago

    You talk for about 10 min and not once did u explain how to steal the ball

  • Danny Zuko
    Danny Zuko Year ago

    How in 2018 can anyone put their hand right INSIDE the basketball is beyond me... Who the fuck is coding this shit?

  • Danny Zuko
    Danny Zuko Year ago

    The game is bogus, mycareer is shit. It's all about micro transactions, defense is shocking - Problem is NBA Live is worse, 2k17 was better

  • Got EM
    Got EM Year ago

    This is why I’m starting to hate this game.. back in the Dreamcast days the graphics and animation weren’t as good ofcorse. But there was skilled involved and none of this scripted BS. I time steals and nothing happens..

  • kevin McKevy
    kevin McKevy Year ago

    Maybe he should fight him! I love your commentary.

  • kevin McKevy
    kevin McKevy Year ago

    I feel you Pham. Prefect steal animation and your hand goes through the ball and you're then completely outta position. What is a bump steal?

  • Michael Scardino
    Michael Scardino Year ago +1

    As a future game dev I can tell you that you shouldn't think too much about clipping. If the ball came loose every time you clipped it there would be 40 steals a game. Serious, drive the lane and when someone comes to stop you the ball will clip through their chest. chest.
    I think the press x to steal is overpowered on lower difficulties already so let's just keep it the way it is

    THA KING VS WHOEVER Year ago +2

    Offense and defense needs to be 50/50 not 80/20


    Damn Ronnie all theses years and I still getting it wrong lol


    If they let u play defense the game would be fun for the youtubers

    THA KING VS WHOEVER Year ago +1

    They do dat cause they know everybody don’t know how to play real basketball and rather fav offense over defense 2k trash

    • Deandre Pittman
      Deandre Pittman Year ago

      I Am KING they need to make it to where if the difficulty settings is on GOD the game should be even more balanced n harder forreal, don't just make the shooting harder.
      I haven't played a nba2k n 9yrs, I only bought it because I seen all the details n screens n playcalling n the rythym dribble n when I seen curry step back and make sure his feet was behind the 3point line it had me right there.
      But....i didn't know you don't have to do any of that to be dominate in the game, all you have to do is drive n reverse layup.
      It should at least be 60/40 offense vs defense.
      Because for 1 I know the game isn't shit but 20 mins(instead of 48) so scoring should be easier to imitate a real game final score.
      2 in real life it's hard to stop these guys so why not make it hard in a game, esp for younger players. A 8 yr old can be good at games but it's so many details in 2k you would have to actually know real basketball stuff(I'm sure a 8yr old doesn't know what split screens are). But that's why the difficulty lvl should be a reflection of how realistic the gameplay should be


    2k has always been favorite to the offense

  • Matthew Parker
    Matthew Parker Year ago

    its to do with hit boxes just like every other game

  • Caged Beast
    Caged Beast Year ago

    it works at the end of an animation .. middle of animation the ball is not live, end of animation the ball is live

  • Dominique McQueen

    Smh i thought i was the only one dealing with the bs

  • Almighty Supreme
    Almighty Supreme Year ago

    But when they do it they steal it every time 🙄

  • Empowered CRB
    Empowered CRB Year ago

    Of course there bums who can't play the right way, so they come here to do this all day

  • Abreha Berhanu
    Abreha Berhanu Year ago +1

    It makes you feel like your wasting your life like its just complete illusion but I bet its just hard to make a complete simulation live fingers and the ball realistically bouncing in any direction how do you duplicate that?

  • That Guy
    That Guy Year ago

    Step 1:Adjust Stealing Slider to 100. Step 2:Perform a Rip Van Winkle on the Offense.

  • Blak Dice
    Blak Dice Year ago

    Your title is hella misleading. Is this a tutorial on you showing how to steal or just a review on how broken the stealing mechanics are. Basically said the same thing for 12 minutes which is fine but change the title man...

  • Picasso Laurante
    Picasso Laurante Year ago

    LIVE BALL MECHANICS for on ball D doesnt exist over 95% of the time. I perfected the swipe too and rarely get a steal

  • neckchopman
    neckchopman Year ago +1

    This game was not made for your great defense. It was made for trash bags to dunk over 5 people, dribble through five people, and shoot 3 pointers on five people 4 feet behind the 3 point line. This is an arcade game.

  • Jon Agro
    Jon Agro Year ago

    This game is trash, you can be in perfect position for steals and your whole body and arm will go thru and won't get rewarded smh

  • 2 TRILL
    2 TRILL Year ago

    Anytime they miss steals and blocks do a replay!!!!!! ZOOM IN ON THEIR EYES!!!!!! 2k takes their attention off the ball and they miss! CHECK IT OUT if his eyes are not on the ball 2k says he can't see it if he looks at it it's a steal or block!

  • Mike Clayton
    Mike Clayton Year ago

    This game is extra fucking trash. 75% of the time I get punished for playing perfect defense.

  • jay pullum
    jay pullum Year ago

    Defense is trash especially online i can stop most dribble spammers infront of me no problem even with the speed boost bs but nun of that matters when they can just blow past me with zero resistance and when 2k lets me stop that bs animation they do the snatch back then start over untill they get the blow by animation or enough space with the snatch back to shoot

  • javan Walcott
    javan Walcott Year ago

    Thank you, stealing in this game is horrible smh. other lil nuances like the reaction 'delay' n random turnovers off knees makes it unrealistic

  • William Leonhart
    William Leonhart Year ago

    i avg 7.7 stls per game on 10 mins q. i only tried to poke the ball 2-3 times on the dribbler, more than that 80% gonna be a foul. half of my steals are from reading passing lanes. it's quite easy since they do similar plays. but yes.. hitting air is glitchy af.. lol

  • BigLorde BunnyRabbit

    Knees get the most steals

  • Enigmax200581
    Enigmax200581 Year ago

    I agree, but on the other hand... steal-spammers would get rewarded for no-skill.

  • Martin I.
    Martin I. Year ago

    Hey Fam how did you get that Ball? thanks much appreciated!

  • Scott Williams
    Scott Williams Year ago

    Long ass video saying the same shit over and over

  • Aaron Laurencin
    Aaron Laurencin Year ago

    this happens to me every game in my career smh..

  • Co
    Co Year ago

    2k gotta reward/punish system in my career, I believe. When you’re on defense and you leave your man, it’s an automatic point for the other team. If you’re in the paint when the other team shoots, it’s automatically goes in every time. It’s like they base it off simple algorithms instead of individual skill of the players.

  • Hiii Power
    Hiii Power Year ago

    I thought I was gonna learn hw to steal the rock smh

  • DiscipleXL
    DiscipleXL Year ago

    YES! 2K19 needs to add more BALL TANGIBILITY!

  • steven wilson
    steven wilson Year ago

    Yeah it’s scripted if you hit square once & your player fouls them 😐

  • mrmoney6767
    mrmoney6767 Year ago

    The turnover/fumble animation in the paint is atrocious also when you poke the ball lose the player recovers the ball almost everytime and dont get me started on players like dwight Howard outrunning a pg for a loose ball

  • the truth hurts
    the truth hurts Year ago

    if evdrybody gets steal like that the game wud be unreal.. errbody be getting triple double with steals. obviouslythe animations aint rite, but theres no way with u shud able to time the bounce and swipe,,,real bball dun work like that

  • GSMillion
    GSMillion Year ago

    I’m a pure rim protector and my ass still gets dunked on by slashing rebounders and glass cleaners

  • 23kc
    23kc Year ago +9

    So you titled the video "How to steal the ball tutorial" and then for ten minutes you're showing how the hand goes through the ball... Great "tutorial", bro... Smh

  • treys fromdeep
    treys fromdeep Year ago

    this needs to be seen by 2k developers

    • treys fromdeep
      treys fromdeep Year ago

      all the patches and this has been happening since gamed release

  • bob segert
    bob segert Year ago

    This is almost as bad as all the random bump steals

  • Bowinkle82
    Bowinkle82 Year ago

    this is a legacy issue.

  • Taikay Knight
    Taikay Knight Year ago

    Most important 2k video I ever saw