What’s Inside This Meatless Burger?

  • Published on Jun 8, 2019
  • Feast your eyes on the new meatless burger that's taking America by storm. This isn’t your average veggie burger. It looks and tastes like meat. Inside Edition’s Victoria Recano visited the Beyond Meat Headquarters in El Segundo, California, where its executive chef, Cris Sanchez, cooked up the new plant-based Beyond Burger to find out what has so many people salivating. They also make Italian dinner sausage and breakfast sausage.

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  • stop trying
    stop trying 5 days ago


  • Comedy Central anime
    Comedy Central anime 14 days ago

    I work at Carl’s Jr. and honestly it’s not that tasty.

  • Vipper Kong
    Vipper Kong 14 days ago

    Good for people like Muslims who can only eat animals slaughtered correctly

  • Shay Marie
    Shay Marie 21 day ago

    so a meatless burger is crazy and news worthy but me almost getting kidnapped at my local library isn't? wtf is news anymore

  • Free Spirit
    Free Spirit 23 days ago


  • mr. poprovolski
    mr. poprovolski 24 days ago

    lemme guess,

  • Christopher Ortega
    Christopher Ortega 25 days ago

    I'd like to taste Chris Sanchez's meat😋

  • ZeniQ
    ZeniQ 26 days ago

    inside edition: what’s inside a meatless burger?

    no meat i guess?

  • Eligia Vicioso
    Eligia Vicioso 26 days ago

    *Meat has left the chat*

  • Kathy Hernandez
    Kathy Hernandez 27 days ago

    Nooo not McDonald’s

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 28 days ago


  • Jesus Hernandez
    Jesus Hernandez 28 days ago


  • BlazingTank578 2
    BlazingTank578 2 28 days ago

    Illusion 100

  • Stretched Connor
    Stretched Connor 29 days ago

    Your mom noob

  • Jackeline Frost
    Jackeline Frost 29 days ago

    *Vegetarians have entered the chat*

  • AzzErz Z 420
    AzzErz Z 420 29 days ago

    American news....

  • A Normal Human Being
    A Normal Human Being 29 days ago

    IDK probably no meat

  • Thot patrol Officer #6089

    *vegans have entered the chat*

  • Vladimir Pudding
    Vladimir Pudding Month ago

    Not meat

  • Brandon Pineda
    Brandon Pineda Month ago

    Where’s the beef?!

  • Gabby S
    Gabby S Month ago


  • Él Bailey Beans
    Él Bailey Beans Month ago

    What’s inside the meatless burger is... not meat, did we have to make a useless video about it?

  • Majiik Sauccy
    Majiik Sauccy Month ago

    Couldn’t u eat it raw ?🤔🤭

  • Armas IDEA
    Armas IDEA Month ago

    I assume no meat.

  • SoFun
    SoFun Month ago +1

    _The news was good and all.._


  • watermelon king
    watermelon king Month ago +1

    WhAtS InSIdE the MEATLESS burger easy question no meat

  • Emperor Mouse
    Emperor Mouse Month ago +1

    I frankly don't get the point of making a meatless burger that tastes like meat but yet it has 150% percent more calories by fat and over 30% more salt in each patty making them way way way unhealthier than an actual beef burger.

  • Reece 2410
    Reece 2410 Month ago +2

    Isn't it already 0% beef anyway

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee Month ago +2

    A new study has found that a third of British vegetarians eat meat every time they're drunk. They must call this the Weekday Burger.

  • Gappy Boi
    Gappy Boi Month ago

    stop it

    Add cheesè

  • JxshingtonYT
    JxshingtonYT Month ago

    Lisa woulda went beyond the beyond meat

  • Amazing Unicorn mosthattedkamara

    Ok I’m confused here in Florida it’s called Hardee’s buy it called Carl He’s there that’s weird

    • Westley West
      Westley West Month ago +1

      Carls Jr. is the West Coast Version, Hardee's is the East Coast Version.

  • Slime Time
    Slime Time Month ago

    Find the mistake hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahhhahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhhhhahahahhahahahahahahaaaaaahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaha

  • Slime Time
    Slime Time Month ago

    Burger King is basically Hungry Jack but Hungry Jack is better

  • FusionFire
    FusionFire Month ago +4

    0:24 Lisa Guerrou looks...different...

  • Farm guy 12 Nothing runs like a deer

    So stupid just eat real meat like real people

  • avah Thomas
    avah Thomas Month ago

    How do we know its not human meat?

  • foxhound jr
    foxhound jr Month ago +1

    I will just stick with the normal burger thank you very much so you have to kill a cow who cares

  • Renata Gale
    Renata Gale Month ago +1

    U want to know what's inside a meatless burger cheap air and why do they call it a hamburger if there is no meat 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Xd that random asian guy

    Every vegetarians dream

  • Janine Lyka Astudillo

    0:58 who eats like that ?

  • MrLegitFTW
    MrLegitFTW Month ago +1

    Just eat meat lmao

  • Delishslipz
    Delishslipz Month ago

    Well it certainly aint meat

  • cP-Mohmoee_
    cP-Mohmoee_ Month ago

    Soo ur saying I can eat it?
    BTW I’m a vegetarian

  • Guillermina Sandoval

    Finally the vegans will rise

  • Mr. Spotlight
    Mr. Spotlight Month ago

    It’s just a sandwich with no meat

  • 123rock Sold
    123rock Sold Month ago

    Wow they finding all kind of ways to kill people off in the food fake food that should be illegal

  • Idaly Nava
    Idaly Nava Month ago

    Save the cows

  • #ShookSquad
    #ShookSquad Month ago

    Vegans: Wait that’s illegal!

  • Koopa Kid
    Koopa Kid Month ago

    Did PETA made ya'll do this?

  • Lucas Boccanegra
    Lucas Boccanegra Month ago

    the way she eats it dksksks

  • Imiboy 12
    Imiboy 12 Month ago +1

    *3kg meat*

  • Mr P
    Mr P Month ago

    Personally the only meatless or vegan burger that I have tasted that was so good was the one at GOTT’S Roadside in Napa Valley. It tasted like the real thing.I was surprised to find out it was a meatless burger.

  • Yariel Hernández
    Yariel Hernández Month ago


  • Queen Super fan
    Queen Super fan Month ago

    *Vegetarians joined the chat*

  • Sw34Ty
    Sw34Ty Month ago

    u guys replaced lisa no!

  • shortyklee
    shortyklee Month ago

    Thats pretty much just a salad that looks like a burger.. whoopie

  • b l i s s f u l
    b l i s s f u l Month ago

    It would be a shame if vegans ate this, cos it looks and tastes like meat right? gotta think deep

  • Eira Zea
    Eira Zea Month ago

    It look yummy!!!! But I would only belive it's vegan if i can send one patty to a lab of my choosing and deconstruct ingredients... Then if everything is ok, then I would gladly give it a try...

  • Persy Person
    Persy Person Month ago


  • It’s time For slime

    I had that before because I don’t really like ground beef it’s smells nasty and tasty horrible my mom said it was good but it was sooooooo gross

  • Kid Hammer lock
    Kid Hammer lock Month ago


  • Manny Garcia
    Manny Garcia Month ago

    Is it like the veggie burger from Cheesecake Factory and first watch


    Carl's Jr. huh? Where I live it is called Hardee's. Is there a difference or am I stupid..?

  • imunderyourbed
    imunderyourbed Month ago

    i’ve been following beyond meat since the beginning.... it’s so amazing and weird to see it so popular now

  • George Ferreira
    George Ferreira Month ago

    Hurry up!! Where can I get this in Canada? (Ontario).

  • KParks
    KParks Month ago +1

    Mmm nothing better than unripe tomatoes!

  • Bisman Randhawa
    Bisman Randhawa Month ago


  • Nathan Vanderpool Gaming

    its just boogers and cum inside the burger

  • Mellow Yellow
    Mellow Yellow Month ago

    Is this in Australia?