Roblox Fortnite But it’s actually Good...

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
  • Welcome to scuffed Roblox Fortnite But it’s actually good (Strucid)
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Comments • 13 997

  • Hot Rocks
    Hot Rocks 10 hours ago

    It's not shield it's a heals

  • NR legend
    NR legend Day ago

    He thought the health potion was a shield and when he restarted he got the real shield and not the health one. LOL!

  • Chase Bevins
    Chase Bevins Day ago

    What is it called

  • Ridz
    Ridz 2 days ago

    I hope strucid gets more tespect

  • fox 189
    fox 189 2 days ago

    Fans: are you going to play fortnite or roblox?

  • firegod kid
    firegod kid 2 days ago

    What’s it called

  • turtles aidenkressall


  • My Hero Academia
    My Hero Academia 3 days ago

    The “Shield” is health potion

  • Mesack Dieudonne
    Mesack Dieudonne 3 days ago

    Who watch ing. In 2020 lmao

  • Yahya Yahya
    Yahya Yahya 3 days ago

    what’s name of the island

  • elladwd3
    elladwd3 3 days ago

    whats the name of the game

  • JOEHE family ツ Zany-Fornite

    That wasn’t shield that was healt and when you get low you drink the minies and that noice is a rift where you go to the sky

  • Real Jayblaze
    Real Jayblaze 3 days ago


  • vzpza
    vzpza 3 days ago

    Game called Ik it’s roblox but I want to play it

  • Amir Jail
    Amir Jail 4 days ago

    West drum has a little subs and Lachlan has 12.3m

  • Eliab Kifle
    Eliab Kifle 5 days ago

    Roblox map please

  • strat254
    strat254 5 days ago

    what is the name of the game

  • tumnaka913
    tumnaka913 5 days ago

    It is the left shift button to drink minis.

  • SyncableV3
    SyncableV3 5 days ago

    What’s the name of the game

  • NightSlaya
    NightSlaya 5 days ago

    If you look at the description, RUclip thinks this is Fortnite

  • Pewdzzz
    Pewdzzz 6 days ago


  • Wisely Martin
    Wisely Martin 6 days ago


  • ninjaviper
    ninjaviper 6 days ago

    You should try island royal

  • TRAY100k
    TRAY100k 6 days ago

    The potion is for health not shield but it is something for shield

  • Omar Kanj Basha
    Omar Kanj Basha 7 days ago

    Do it again please It’s amazing I Made itAnd I played it

  • Jeff da moose Muffin

    I play this game so much I love it and I'm happy that Lachlan Love's it as much as I do by the way it's called strucid

  • Reversal Ze
    Reversal Ze 7 days ago

    wow i think lachlan is the best fornite player

  • Mulgabill Gaming
    Mulgabill Gaming 8 days ago

    what roblox game is this

  • Ricky Richards
    Ricky Richards 8 days ago

    Play more!!!!!

  • kyranshelton12
    kyranshelton12 9 days ago

    What is the name of it on roblox

  • Jacob Osborne
    Jacob Osborne 9 days ago


  • Lee dee janelle Cagang

    What's the name of the fortnight roblox

  • ABurdett
    ABurdett 10 days ago

    What is it called

  • Kiwi Girl
    Kiwi Girl 10 days ago

    What’s is called?

  • Ryan Etheridge
    Ryan Etheridge 10 days ago

    Ian I the only one who wants to know what this game is called

  • Little Flamy
    Little Flamy 11 days ago

    Its health potion

  • Impact Logistics
    Impact Logistics 11 days ago

    What’s the name of the gameOn roblox

  • seanquack
    seanquack 12 days ago +1

    Hi random person scrolling down the comments

  • Tilly Lazaro-Segi
    Tilly Lazaro-Segi 12 days ago

    1v1 me in roblox
    my name is lsegi1

  • Panda -ThePro
    Panda -ThePro 12 days ago

    lol that potion is for health not shield

  • Ninja Fox
    Ninja Fox 13 days ago

    If u wanna drink the shields then hold it down

  • -MythikGamez-
    -MythikGamez- 13 days ago

    Who just hardcore grinds this game and internally screamed with hapiness when they saw this vid?

    • -MythikGamez-
      -MythikGamez- 13 days ago

      (I made a cringy vid on this game, and if u watched it, u know i suk, but i got better!)

  • Shorty Montoya
    Shorty Montoya 13 days ago +1

    2020 anyone

  • TiTaN_Stormzz__
    TiTaN_Stormzz__ 14 days ago +1

    Don’t touch me there, that is my no-no square

  • TiTaN_Stormzz__
    TiTaN_Stormzz__ 14 days ago +1

    Who else gets triggered when lachy doesn’t know what something is/ how to do something

    • Hynxy -_-
      Hynxy -_- 10 days ago

      It's the saddest thing

  • ellis small
    ellis small 14 days ago

    It’s not shield

  • Fornite Pro
    Fornite Pro 14 days ago

    That was hp stuff

  • Mark Velasco
    Mark Velasco 14 days ago +1

    Only strucid og’s will remember gun game

    • Joel Raju
      Joel Raju 11 days ago

      gun game was so fire and the new map they dont even use it

  • succadees
    succadees 14 days ago


  • Axel Freire-benites
    Axel Freire-benites 16 days ago

    That is strucid

  • Nickoreen Knight
    Nickoreen Knight 16 days ago


  • Jordan Cullings
    Jordan Cullings 16 days ago

    I’m level 78 lol

  • Ali Waseem
    Ali Waseem 16 days ago

    Its for health not shield

  • ShadowFlame 41
    ShadowFlame 41 17 days ago


  • Minecraft Rager
    Minecraft Rager 17 days ago

    what is the name of game

  • MYM_Legend
    MYM_Legend 18 days ago

    Blues are shields greens are healths

  • Mythical
    Mythical 18 days ago

    What game is it called?

  • Josh Worthington
    Josh Worthington 18 days ago +1

    I was laughing soo hard when he was thinking a health potion was a shield potion

  • Adorable Freyja
    Adorable Freyja 18 days ago

    how do you load into a game?

  • Relant Games
    Relant Games 18 days ago

    That was not a shield out was health potion