What's inside a Tesla Surfboard?

  • Опубликовано: 9 фев 2019
  • Tesla made 200 limited edition surfboards, We try to Surf it then CUT IT OPEN! This video was sponsored by LastPass. Start using LastPass now: bit.ly/2RuMF1e Check out our other Tesla videos here: ruclip.com/p/pl3bvmyyybbrg9icthv_c8jq9lemmpo7oq
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  • LucasToyChest
    LucasToyChest 6 дней назад +2456

    Do you have to recharge it?

    • Aqua853
      Aqua853 День назад


    • nehue 4
      nehue 4 День назад

      +Joshua Schantz r/whoosh

    • Arran Mounsey
      Arran Mounsey День назад +1

      no lucastoyschest no u dont XD

    • Luke Courtney
      Luke Courtney День назад

      caramelpug gaming you spelled pewdiepie wrong

    • CyCube
      CyCube 2 дня назад

      LucasToyChest you could have watched the video “no batteries”

  • MPK
    MPK День назад

    Way too expensive, no fins and too slippery and has no practical value. Not worth it lmao.

  • simardeep randhawa
    simardeep randhawa День назад +1

    1500-3000$ for foam smh

  • Steven Mehmert
    Steven Mehmert День назад

    It’s a surf board, what do you honestly think is inside of it. I can’t believe this channel gets as many views as it does

  • Ringer Arnos
    Ringer Arnos День назад

    7:12 Most satisfying part...

  • American Dreams
    American Dreams День назад

    looks like something a kook would ride....

  • tech247
    tech247 День назад

    Whats inside:
    Apple pencil 2
    Mate 20 pro

  • SouthWest
    SouthWest День назад

    Imagine how many who wanted actually wanted to buy and use this one of these rare boards and then this dude breaks it in half

  • YAN Michael
    YAN Michael День назад

    Tesla is slowly becoming Supreme

  • Somethingangster
    Somethingangster День назад

    Until I hack your lastpass and get all your passwords

  • Eugene Oivuled
    Eugene Oivuled День назад +1

    Tesla takes road
    Tesla takes sea
    Tesla takes .....


  • eman aamir
    eman aamir День назад

    Now I am not interested in what’s inside that
    I am interested if linken ever cursed??”

  • Hunter Moseley
    Hunter Moseley День назад

    What’s inside your bank account ? 🤔

  • Seth Jones
    Seth Jones День назад

    I don’t think anyone wanted to know what’s inside that board

  • Frederic Tyson
    Frederic Tyson День назад

    Tesla: Build limited run of 200. Special edition $1500.
    These guys: let's break it

  • xhwiz
    xhwiz День назад

    White people

  • 2485 gaming
    2485 gaming День назад

    The mic

  • R3D Kazii
    R3D Kazii День назад +1

    That board rips too bad there weren't any barrels...

  • Mason Sharpe
    Mason Sharpe День назад +1


  • Mason Sharpe
    Mason Sharpe День назад +1


  • PacRam182
    PacRam182 День назад

    I wish I had a surfboard

  • big chungus
    big chungus День назад

    Still waiting for elon musk to host meme review

  • Prezzy Gamez
    Prezzy Gamez День назад

    gotta love when ya surf white wash, i thought this guy was a good surfer

  • Adrian Tam
    Adrian Tam День назад

    nobody’s gonna talk about the Integra in the background at 1:53

  • Ryan Scherer
    Ryan Scherer День назад +1

    Next video what’s inside a poor person house please I need money please

  • Xx The gaming life xX YT
    Xx The gaming life xX YT День назад


  • Aarav Yadav
    Aarav Yadav День назад +1

    *Meme Review!*

  • Shane 1
    Shane 1 День назад

    Never cut a brand new surfboard that was hand shaped in half ever again.

  • Kamikaze Productions
    Kamikaze Productions День назад

    I think it might be solar powered?

  • Fabian De Vriendt
    Fabian De Vriendt День назад

    Aw it hurts to see that lovely board breaking 😭

  • mystery?? who
    mystery?? who День назад

    I just wanted to see u break the board not whole surfing video

  • Ricky McClain
    Ricky McClain День назад

    Lastpass....bad idea

  • Jake Talbot
    Jake Talbot День назад

    I hate lincon

  • Nishant gupta
    Nishant gupta День назад

    Rip earphone users

  • Hooligan PXD
    Hooligan PXD День назад

    we have a dark blue Tesla X

  • Josh Rivas
    Josh Rivas День назад

    Now he has a boogie board

  • Utkarsh Jetly
    Utkarsh Jetly День назад +1

    What's inside you?

  • chromexcel crafter
    chromexcel crafter День назад

    i wouldnt buy it for that price but it is a really good quality surfboard. Shaped by Matt Biolos of Lost surfboards. One of the best surfboard makers out there

  • Cameron Speer
    Cameron Speer День назад

    Lincoln is number 1 now not number 2

  • McFly Boarder
    McFly Boarder День назад

    Hmm no stringer, seems like a waste of a nice looking board, Americans do waste a lot.

  • ppshamer
    ppshamer День назад

    sorry Elon

  • Liam But
    Liam But День назад

    What’s inside bigweld

  • Mia
    Mia День назад


  • Padmini Samanta
    Padmini Samanta День назад

    Where's Lincon.

  • Lunch Guy
    Lunch Guy День назад +1

    Imagine breaking a really expensive thing to make money on the internet

  • FRESHii BB
    FRESHii BB День назад

    This isn’t a good video because Lincoln isn’t there

  • Ishan Sha
    Ishan Sha День назад

    Probably now remaining only 199 rare tesla surfboards....

    RAYDEN SEAH JING WEI Student День назад

    you better post do not I don't subscribe your channel;

    RAYDEN SEAH JING WEI Student День назад

    what's inside a knife

  • iToxicatioz
    iToxicatioz День назад

    But what if you forgot your lastpass password 🤔

  • Alvaro Escalante
    Alvaro Escalante День назад

    We like surf board scratching Ben 🙂

  • Nash T.G
    Nash T.G День назад

    whats inside of a baterry

  • Sky7836
    Sky7836 День назад +1

    You know apple already has a system that keeps your all of your accounts and passwords In A safe place

  • driving mad
    driving mad День назад

    I hate this chanle

  • jk 00
    jk 00 День назад

    Tesla us the worst car brand in the world

  • Daniel Sajeev
    Daniel Sajeev День назад

    this is the reaaon amaricans are called the dumbest on the whole earth

  • Kane Turalde
    Kane Turalde День назад

    You guys shouldve had an actual surfer test it out. What a waste of a good surfboard by the way.

  • Mika Annecke
    Mika Annecke День назад


  • SuperJohn12354
    SuperJohn12354 День назад

    what it has is the logo of the world biggest con man

  • Radram Music
    Radram Music День назад

    Damn that was painful. Cant surf. Breaks boards. Fuvk sakes america.

    LOL_GETGOOD KID vlogs День назад

    He is not the best surfer 🏄 in Hawaii aka oahu

  • dynastyepic
    dynastyepic День назад


  • Pariisikas
    Pariisikas День назад

    Breaking a 10k surfboard: YESS!

  • Niklas Helfer
    Niklas Helfer День назад

    U had flex rights but now u dont

  • joshua sagalongos
    joshua sagalongos День назад


  • joshua sagalongos
    joshua sagalongos День назад


  • It's Clekken647
    It's Clekken647 День назад

    Everyone’s Elon Musk if you have spiky hair, sunglasses, and a black shirt.

  • R.w. Van Driel
    R.w. Van Driel День назад

    Obviously its foam...................... why break it

  • Jason O'Brien
    Jason O'Brien День назад

    god this video was 200x better with out the kid being obnoxiously in it

  • Kwitz King
    Kwitz King День назад

    I can taste the salt from here...

  • Hakman Tim
    Hakman Tim День назад +1

    Seems like something Elon would make..

  • Casey Fedorchak
    Casey Fedorchak День назад

    RIP carbon fiber

  • vibrant
    vibrant День назад

    this video is just the word. earrape

  • Henning Horn af Rantzien
    Henning Horn af Rantzien День назад

    But is it self-driving?

  • Shamil Shakhmamedov
    Shamil Shakhmamedov День назад

    do autopsy and see what's inside a human

  • TheLonelyMe
    TheLonelyMe День назад +1

    What’s inside a bag of beans?!

    The answer will shock you.

  • jdm_toy664 rodriguez
    jdm_toy664 rodriguez День назад

    your vidos are bad

  • TF_Electric
    TF_Electric День назад

    Ayyyyyy they surfed like 5 mins away from my house. I’m not lying they’re in Pacific Beach, San Diego, California.

  • Jason Karl
    Jason Karl День назад

    Ah hahaha they picked the 2 worst possible color s for a surfboard especially in California. Blood Red and Seal Black. Probably best you use that board at sunrise and sunset just to be safe

  • Not your mans Si6Nin9
    Not your mans Si6Nin9 День назад

    Because it is so hard to spend 5 minuets on checking your email for your password reset @whatsinside

  • Caserpier WC
    Caserpier WC День назад

    He sucks

  • Christopher Conaway
    Christopher Conaway День назад

    Proving once again, that imbeciles with money and time on their hands are still clearly imbeciles-

  • eXz MoB
    eXz MoB День назад

    You guys surfing in the kiddies pool?

  • Ian Lancaster
    Ian Lancaster День назад

    Hope u made 10k$ from this

  • Big Dingers
    Big Dingers День назад

    This man must be payed by Tesla like geez exhaust is better cmon man🤦‍♂️

  • Leah Meehl
    Leah Meehl День назад

    I saw you in la

  • Sebastian Aramburu
    Sebastian Aramburu День назад

    Can I bring those two pieces to my poor country?? Perú

  • Which is Better?
    Which is Better? День назад

    Wow, you know how to make value. Two boards for the price of one. lol

  • Juan 2158
    Juan 2158 День назад

    "Will the tesla surfboard surf?" Tf why wouldnt it😂

  • Mox The Island Fisherman
    Mox The Island Fisherman День назад

    its called a "Shaka" my braddah and much mahalos for recognizing its from Hawaii.

  • Moofy
    Moofy День назад

    3:18 cool man

  • brett
    brett День назад

    That last pass thing is going to be a problem

  • mrk107
    mrk107 День назад

    But have you tried to get inside something without breaking it first?

  • 2007dalin
    2007dalin День назад +1

    judging by how little it took to break it.. if anyone actually does surf these they will be multiple pieces anyway

  • Gerald Albert
    Gerald Albert День назад

    i kinda hate u now

  • Music Addicted Productions -MAP-
    Music Addicted Productions -MAP- День назад

    so much loud

  • Life’s Good
    Life’s Good День назад +1

    That must have been expensive

  • Don’t click my profile picture
    Don’t click my profile picture День назад

    Who else haven’t even heard of a Tesla surfboard before seeing this video

  • Mystery Gamer
    Mystery Gamer День назад

    You should do what’s inside hot hands

  • ELFM 2: Electric Boogaloo
    ELFM 2: Electric Boogaloo День назад

    Tesla is the new Supreme.