What's inside a Tesla Surfboard?

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
  • Tesla made 200 limited edition surfboards, We try to Surf it then CUT IT OPEN! This video was sponsored by LastPass. Start using LastPass now: bit.ly/2RuMF1e Check out our other Tesla videos here: ruclip.com/p/PL3BVMyyYBBRG9iCTHV_C8jq9lEmMpO7oq
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  • LucasToyChest
    LucasToyChest 5 months ago +4025

    Do you have to recharge it?

  • High Uhh
    High Uhh 2 days ago

    Now 199

  • Sherry Wilson
    Sherry Wilson 2 days ago


  • Sherry Wilson
    Sherry Wilson 2 days ago


  • NightBot
    NightBot 2 days ago

    the app doesnt work

  • Hit oder Shit
    Hit oder Shit 2 days ago

    only 199 survive!

  • 8luefin Ttv
    8luefin Ttv 3 days ago

    That guy is so bad at surfing

  • Andrew Berry
    Andrew Berry 4 days ago

    is that sam quentin beach?

  • Timo Rouw
    Timo Rouw 5 days ago

    What's the range?

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 6 days ago

    Dan:ok Elon musk I’m breaking your rare 1 in 200 surf board
    Elon Musk:[vomiting] whyyyyyyyyyy

  • Gooxin
    Gooxin 6 days ago +2

    You kook, I creamed when I saw this board, then saw you made a video and cried......

  • Rgf Dtg
    Rgf Dtg 6 days ago

    It would be cool to see it on some actual waves

  • brayden young
    brayden young 7 days ago

    I have an idea can you like stop cutting these damn things open and like just send me them in the mail I’m not understanding it

  • Idk Idk
    Idk Idk 7 days ago

    *_can we just appreciate he didn't make the video 10 min long although he needed only 27 more seconds_*

  • Jason The MLG Gamer
    Jason The MLG Gamer 7 days ago

    not worth the price waste of god dam money

  • Bird
    Bird 8 days ago

    Tesla: lets make a surf board
    Co workers: let’s make it the price of a car
    Tesla: that’s how you get employe of the month

  • Beast Gang
    Beast Gang 10 days ago

    hey daniel if you push the button on a supercharger cable 10 times while charging rainbows

  • lestliness
    lestliness 11 days ago +1

    uhh okay.. a beginner surfer on 1 foot closeouts... yeah that tells us everything.

  • Jeco Laud
    Jeco Laud 12 days ago

    Can you guys do Hyperice’s Hypervault? Its new tech and how its very quiet around less than 70DB

  • Star Bazella
    Star Bazella 12 days ago

    The best way is that I love it

  • Shelby Allman
    Shelby Allman 12 days ago


  • xCyborg Ninja
    xCyborg Ninja 13 days ago

    Cars , flame throwers, and now surf board... And don’t forget about space

  • Aaron Huyen
    Aaron Huyen 13 days ago

    3:29 lol

  • Zolikr X
    Zolikr X 13 days ago

    What I took from this is don’t buy it

  • max novak
    max novak 13 days ago

    I would think it would be a self driving surf board

  • Ian Tebeau
    Ian Tebeau 13 days ago +1

    So u could by a surf board and paint it red and slap a Tesla sticker on it and it’s a Tesla surf board

  • vincenzo borzacchiello

    I want a normal surfboard but I haven't enough money and you broke an expensive one....😭

  • Officially Jayden
    Officially Jayden 15 days ago


  • bezludny
    bezludny 15 days ago

    No stringer inside? Wtf?

  • phil bennett
    phil bennett 16 days ago

    Bs he cant surf

  • Tobias Forge
    Tobias Forge 16 days ago +2

    I hate when people destroy / waste things just to get clicks ... Any real surfer could have just tapped on the board with their finger and told you exactly what was inside of it.

    • vincenzo borzacchiello
      vincenzo borzacchiello 14 days ago

      Infact, I am a surfer and I want a New good board and they broke an expensive one.
      Ps. That board is very cheap without the word "Tesla"

  • Poonnapat Xu
    Poonnapat Xu 16 days ago

    I use iCloud Keychain & Google's Password something.

  • Poonnapat Xu
    Poonnapat Xu 16 days ago +1

    I use iCloud Keychain & Google's Password something.

  • Aneuo
    Aneuo 16 days ago +2

    $3000 for a foam board , Yo what’s going on here?!

    • Sample are Good
      Sample are Good 12 days ago


    • vincenzo borzacchiello
      vincenzo borzacchiello 14 days ago

      You are the only person who know something about surf I Think 😂😂😂😂. You can have a foam board with about 100$

  • master j ninja :xbox gamer tag

    Next you know Tesla makes a Tesla pencil

    WIID_YT 17 days ago +7

    Elon Must dont look of that!
    also, i have a request. Go to my YT channel and put the like bellow or leave a comment for ranges. thanks, peace! :D

  • Dori
    Dori 17 days ago +1

    why would u destroy a board that is so rare for views

  • John M
    John M 17 days ago

    He got took out by the waves 🌊

  • Tna Lu
    Tna Lu 18 days ago

    I live in SOCAL.

  • mike hunt
    mike hunt 18 days ago

    You call it surfacing with those waves? If that's that case I can surf on my belly.

  • Majin0S
    Majin0S 20 days ago

    If you hit 10mil do a whats inside a tesla model 3 bcz you will already have a tesla roadster 😂

  • Kingslayer_903 cesar
    Kingslayer_903 cesar 20 days ago

    Flex seal guy: “ With FlexTape you can fix an Extremely rare surfboards”
    What’s inside guy ; “Yes I have an idea the rarest Tesla surfboard”

  • 312s
    312s 20 days ago

    That is a complete waste

  • manreev sangha
    manreev sangha 20 days ago

    Let’s get 5k OoFs

  • SAP Gaming squad 2.0
    SAP Gaming squad 2.0 20 days ago

    Me: i want tht
    Them: breaks it
    Me: 😡

  • Stéphane Lajoie
    Stéphane Lajoie 20 days ago

    Il y a un surf tesla what

  • mo_hijazi
    mo_hijazi 20 days ago +1

    What does it do that a Normal surf board can’t do

  • Moist Moisture
    Moist Moisture 21 day ago

    Wtf I could of had that surfboard

  • Legend Main
    Legend Main 21 day ago

    **gets Tesla surfboard**
    **wonders if it will surf**

  • ThePositiveKRP
    ThePositiveKRP 21 day ago

    Hey guys, can you please find out what inside planet Earth?

  • Emilio Ramirez
    Emilio Ramirez 22 days ago +2

    More like the Tesla FlexBoard

  • Atomska Braćala
    Atomska Braćala 23 days ago

    7:14 video starts here

  • Doug Rath
    Doug Rath 24 days ago

    I'm heavier than you by 10 lbs and I'm 10

  • Munchkin Emerton
    Munchkin Emerton 24 days ago

    2:19 - 2:28 he said fins 6 times 😹😹

  • Munchkin Emerton
    Munchkin Emerton 24 days ago +1

    *great video* lol

  • Reilly Mare
    Reilly Mare 24 days ago

    I haven’t watch him surf yet and I know he’s a kook

  • Juan Medrano
    Juan Medrano 24 days ago

    Breaks 10,000 dollar surf board says “yes”

  • Jyles Hambleton
    Jyles Hambleton 25 days ago

    He made more than 10000 dollars on this

  • Krystian Lopez
    Krystian Lopez 25 days ago +1

    Stop showing off your Tesla stuff

  • Zach_ Gaming1
    Zach_ Gaming1 25 days ago +2

    How is the category Autos & Vehicles when that's a surf board 😂

  • Malachi and Don
    Malachi and Don 26 days ago +1

    That beach looks fun. The waves are good for me

    • Mathew Vong
      Mathew Vong 12 days ago

      Malachi and Don it's a closeout, which means its almost impossible to do cutbacks and turns, you could only do a drop and ride whitewater, so it's not the best of places to surf

  • Star Ranger YX
    Star Ranger YX 26 days ago

    Bens friend Ben thought they were the same person

  • Kenyan Citizen
    Kenyan Citizen 27 days ago

    wtf am I doing watching surf videos? I can't even swim!

    ADVIO BROS 27 days ago

    Elon musk:”let’s make Tesla food”
    Best cooker in the world:”let’s not ok?”

    KWC KWC 27 days ago


  • Eden Hostetter
    Eden Hostetter 27 days ago

    Why did they ruin it

  • Jesse Tockuss
    Jesse Tockuss 28 days ago

    That guys the biggest kook

  • Mobile Gamer
    Mobile Gamer Month ago

    Wait so about $3,000 to $10,000 just for a surfboard that’s the same as any other?

  • Versatile _virgn
    Versatile _virgn Month ago

    What’s inside love the vids quick question what do you guys do when you cut open things that are like this

  • Tense _Rasberry
    Tense _Rasberry Month ago

    What’s inside ur wallet after u did this vid ?? 🤔

  • Flamingo
    Flamingo Month ago

    Am I the only person that has gone here in gta5?

  • Joey Saliba
    Joey Saliba Month ago +2

    Your videos make me so mad seeing you rip expensive things in half but it is so cool seeing what is inside of those products so thank you for bringing me entertainment

  • Doggo Nation
    Doggo Nation Month ago +1

    Tesla: limited edition of 200 one if a kind tesla surfboards.
    What's inside: oooh lets break it.

    • Flamingo
      Flamingo Month ago

      Doggo Nation something my brother would doo

  • Movie Cars
    Movie Cars Month ago +1

    Tesla surfboard, only 200 made
    Lets cut one in half!

  • MrC_ 1417
    MrC_ 1417 Month ago


  • Lucas Shepherd
    Lucas Shepherd Month ago


  • Jackson Graham
    Jackson Graham Month ago


  • Jackson Graham
    Jackson Graham Month ago

    these vids are so cool

  • papa jake is the best

    Were is the kid

  • matt
    matt Month ago

    Kook. You could have got a half decent surfer

  • Suri Smith
    Suri Smith Month ago

    Are you guys at Monterey Cause we went there

  • Riley Walsh
    Riley Walsh Month ago +2

    The surfer you hired is a kook

  • GameKnight772 MCPE
    GameKnight772 MCPE Month ago

    I never knew tesla made surfboards

  • Luke Beasley
    Luke Beasley Month ago


  • Lamest BABY
    Lamest BABY Month ago

    ITs mostly a fan collectible for Tesla fan

  • Reza Khoshnevis
    Reza Khoshnevis Month ago

    That guy that ride by in his bike looks like Robert Downey jr

  • Lucas Saenger
    Lucas Saenger Month ago

    You said will it surf when it is a surfboard

  • Let's Go Yoshi!
    Let's Go Yoshi! Month ago

    Dan: Duh Me: Teh..... Hahahahaha Hahahahaha! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Christina Middleton

    why do you need lass pass the apple phone already dose this

  • Wanda Barcroft
    Wanda Barcroft Month ago

    The noise when he crushes it

  • Wanda Barcroft
    Wanda Barcroft Month ago

    So satisfying

  • Wanda Barcroft
    Wanda Barcroft Month ago

    Replay this over and over 👉 7:11

  • David Xu
    David Xu Month ago

    so, the results is not strong enough, ha?

  • The God Of Pepsi
    The God Of Pepsi Month ago

    lol tesla lol from elon musk the dead deer laugher

  • maxi b plane spotting

    2:19 is it a lumix camera cos I had an old fz38 with a black spot and have wiped. Lens and will not come off any tips anyone

  • the hawks
    the hawks Month ago


  • Fedora Studios
    Fedora Studios Month ago

    Dan: look sam i bought this $1500 Tesla surf board
    Sam: can i see it
    Dan: yeah *Hands the surf board to sam*
    *sam pulls out a pocket knife*
    *sam scratches the board*
    Dan: What are you doing stop!
    Sam: its slippery.
    Dan: im going to do that to your car next.
    *Five minuets later*
    Dan: Hey guys whats in side Sam's tesla door?
    *Pulls out hatchet*
    *hits the car side then scratches it along the side*
    Dan: Whats in side well... MY REVENGE!

  • Jobos a hobo
    Jobos a hobo Month ago

    Looks like theres only 199 now

  • Kingkillboy's Revenge

    Don’t try it at home I don’t know why you told me that I already did it at home hmmm 🤔

  • Hennio Shaw
    Hennio Shaw Month ago

    On Samsung's you already have samsung pass so maybe this is useful for Iphones 😂