Trying Dollar General Makeup For The First Time

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm in Grand Rapids, Michigan and I'm going to a #DollarGeneral store for the first time!! Allegedly they have a makeup line called Believe Beauty and the products are ALL $5.00 or less!! Will any of these makeup products be Jeffree Star Approved?? Let's find out...
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  • Melee Kirby 2004
    Melee Kirby 2004 21 minute ago +1

    7:12 period
    7:18 me 2 sis

  • Ashbash 0227
    Ashbash 0227 30 minutes ago

    I wanted he PR package but I'm watching it in the future!!

  • Lily Tucker
    Lily Tucker 31 minute ago

    how many times did he say and we'll see what the hell happens lmao🤣

  • Emily R
    Emily R 2 hours ago

    It would be a dream to win a giveaway 😫

  • Mia S
    Mia S 2 hours ago

    the bags are so pretty

  • Jenna
    Jenna 3 hours ago

    I’m in the east, and there are a *billion* Dollar Generals.

  • Ängelå M
    Ängelå M 3 hours ago

    Christian has an accent???

  • Bryn Vanwagoner
    Bryn Vanwagoner 6 hours ago

    7:16 I’m laughing my but off

  • Honestly Andrea
    Honestly Andrea 9 hours ago

    Death note vibes for sure

  • Megan Peppers
    Megan Peppers 12 hours ago

    $200+ on makeup I wish my budget is like $10 a month of I need something cant wait till my house is paid off!😍 I know I keep commenting im watching this and commenting 😁 i think I'm a Jeffery star fan now 😉

  • Fake Sulfate
    Fake Sulfate 13 hours ago

    7:18 when there’s no toilet paper left

  • Carly Wyatt Baldwin
    Carly Wyatt Baldwin 14 hours ago

    Please review Revlon makeup!! I really wanna know your thoughts on their Revlon Colorstay foundation!! Pretty please! I LOVE your videos!

  • Andrew Wilkinson
    Andrew Wilkinson 15 hours ago

    Watching Jeffree grab all that makeup so quickly made me uncomfy.

  • Megan Peppers
    Megan Peppers 15 hours ago

    How what why? Because people like me can only afford that lol I'm buying my house 😍 I'm excited to see this review!!😍😍

  • shanna reyesik
    shanna reyesik 15 hours ago

    How do you win

  • Yaasantewaa Ayinde
    Yaasantewaa Ayinde 16 hours ago

    U look like ur from another planet 🌎

  • Yaasantewaa Ayinde
    Yaasantewaa Ayinde 16 hours ago

    Hey it’s a selfish transvesite

  • Bella and marlie looming Davis&Gonzales


  • Ablackman'sdream
    Ablackman'sdream 17 hours ago

    This was a very good video

  • AnnMarie Black
    AnnMarie Black 19 hours ago

    jeffree: *applies eyeshadow*
    makeup gods: riise and shiine😂😂

  • Chrae Hutchens
    Chrae Hutchens 19 hours ago

    Please do a review on magnetic lashes

  • AQuietSole
    AQuietSole 19 hours ago

    As someone watching for the first time, I'd like to see a list of which products are approved along with mentioning them. Thank you for the consideration as I'm more of a visual person. I enjoyed the review.

  • charlotte steinhorn
    charlotte steinhorn 19 hours ago


    ur welcome

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 20 hours ago

    This is by my house and it’s so old lol

  • Kali Ake
    Kali Ake 20 hours ago

    I have been using believe beauty foundation, concealer, and setting powder for so long now. Gone through two concealers(onto my third one now) and I’m about to repurchase the powder. Amazing coverage and super buildable. I was shook at how good it was and I won’t be spending a dime on high end foundations anymore 🥰😍

  • Mandy Jones
    Mandy Jones 20 hours ago

    Thats the make up that i use and i love it, but if i had as much experience as Jeffree, i bet my opinion would be different.....

  • Samantha Carver
    Samantha Carver 20 hours ago

    Dollar general is also here I'm Florida!

  • Jet •_•
    Jet •_• 20 hours ago

    I’m watching this in the future and pissed 😂 then Jeffree said it ended in September 18th.... that’s my birthday 😂

  • Chris Z
    Chris Z 21 hour ago

    Idk, this is the first ever look I haven't liked on jeffree 😬

  • foreshadowing_panda
    foreshadowing_panda 22 hours ago

    You could call your dollar store 'Dollar Starr'

  • J.J.
    J.J. 22 hours ago +1

    Getting second hand embarrassment from Nate looking like Jefferee Star’s pet.

  • Nicole Velasquez
    Nicole Velasquez 22 hours ago

    You should try swap meets make up

  • Shaina
    Shaina 22 hours ago

    Wow I literally just bought this brand foundation etc the other day. I’m so happy you’re reviewing it!

  • darrius
    darrius 22 hours ago


  • StitchedinMack
    StitchedinMack 23 hours ago

    You don’t need the sub stamp, one day I will when the content is extremely restricted.

  • StitchedinMack
    StitchedinMack 23 hours ago

    I have already seen some videos and I can tell you enhance every technique to display the best quality of the formula. That’s primo.

  • Hailey Bogran
    Hailey Bogran 23 hours ago

    Im done i did all the things

    • rachel aisha
      rachel aisha 11 hours ago

      watch the video, it ended ages ago

  • Bright CRANE
    Bright CRANE Day ago

    I actually was a therapist at chiropractic first in Wyoming

  • meredith Goddard

    Me me me

  • simply Jade
    simply Jade Day ago

    Hi how are ya

  • Izuku Midoria
    Izuku Midoria Day ago

    I go to Dollar General almost every day

  • Shy Girls
    Shy Girls Day ago

    7:18 that sound that jeffree made like what 😂

  • Maria Hall
    Maria Hall Day ago

    Can I have the bag it's for my mom I swar

    • rachel aisha
      rachel aisha 11 hours ago

      watch the video, the giveaway ended

  • Maria Hall
    Maria Hall Day ago

    Can I have the bag its for my mom

  • Maria Hall
    Maria Hall Day ago

    Can I have the bag it's for my mom☺

  • Shona k
    Shona k Day ago

    I love that you do reviews on make up that's from places like the Dollar General or Dollar Tree. I don't have alot of $$$ so these places are where I get my make up. Just saying this video really helps me choose the best products. Thank you Jeffree!!!💋

  • Sofia VP
    Sofia VP Day ago

    *cover my dark circles and anxiety*

  • America Zamora
    America Zamora Day ago

    I love your vids plz give me a shout out

  • 化ぞラPoki
    化ぞラPoki Day ago

    Cool! I live 30 minutes away from Hunigtin! I live in Long Beach/Lakewood.

  • Blenderella Queen

    That dolla general stoe sho is empty 😖😖🤣🤣

  • Blenderella Queen

    Your like a kid in the candy shop 😄😄😄☺️☺️☺️

  • Blenderella Queen


  • Blenderella Queen

    🤣🤣🤣 not the new James charles 🤣

  • Maria Herrera
    Maria Herrera Day ago

    Love me some JStar honesty

  • ♡ghostie♡
    ♡ghostie♡ Day ago

    The dollar general by my house is actually really nice and has things that you could get at a grocery store and the people there are always nice and they have skin care products and makeup that you could buy at a drug store they have like everything. They try to make the ones that are in more rural areas have more things in them so that people don’t have to go all the way to the store

  • Destiny Renee
    Destiny Renee Day ago

    The way he pulled that pallet up from under the table 😂😂😂😂 WAS THAT THERE THE WHOLE TIME I DIDNT KNOW LOL

  • Sarah Ewing
    Sarah Ewing Day ago

    I hate brown mascara...
    Ooh I forgot how pretty brown mascara me 5 minutes after saying I hate anything😂

  • Liane Zzzeito
    Liane Zzzeito Day ago

    his voice at 18:12 lmaooooo

  • Taber Haynes
    Taber Haynes Day ago

    That dollar general store is nice is comparison to the one in my town 😂

  • Tellelovestales Tiger

    Jeffery literally raided the shop! I wish I could do that but in too broke sis! 😘