Masked Singer Flamingo All Performances & Reveal | Season 2

  • Masked Singer Flamingo All Performances & Reveal | Season 2
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  • Tina Kraus
    Tina Kraus 3 months ago +353

    Whatever your amount of subscribers are, it's not enough. I waited since last Thursday for a "Flamingo All Performances" video, and you were one of the first to post. Thank you so much, Music Is True Language!~

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      Music Is True Language  2 months ago +3

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    • clorox
      clorox 3 months ago +4

      Subscribing just because of how much i appreciate this comment

    • Tina Kraus
      Tina Kraus 3 months ago +6

      @Music Is True Language Anytime!

    • Music Is True Language
      Music Is True Language  3 months ago +10

      Thank You So Much For your Valuable Comments Buddy... Your Comment really Means a Lot To Me....

  • Red Fox
    Red Fox 14 hours ago

    It's Albert!

  • Hello kitty fan
    Hello kitty fan Day ago

    Flamingos are my favorite animal and sucker is my song

  • masterzeddd Animation


  • S Wyns
    S Wyns 6 days ago

    She did awesome! The show is legit corny though due to the most forced editing lol between the audience and judge reactions they insert for some kinda of affect. Break this third wall it’s adolescent tv thinking in my opinion. Also think that if you have to do all of that perhaps we need new hires on the editing cause I know the performances are indeed good in this case ADRIENNE KILLED THAT MAMA YOU ARE A SINGER DONT LET ANYONE OR YOURSELF SAY OTHERWISE AND I WANT A DAMN ALBUM FROM YOU THAT WAS RAAAAANGE!

  • Christen Gardner
    Christen Gardner 7 days ago

    Man A definitely has a Disney princess voice they had to know it's someone from Disney channel

  • Gail A.
    Gail A. 8 days ago

    Adrienne killed every performance!!!

  • Gail A.
    Gail A. 8 days ago

    Is anyone else here after hearing Adrienne talk on The Real about her anxiety before each performance?

  • kymani draws
    kymani draws 8 days ago

    Chichi is grown y'all

  • Diana Cortes
    Diana Cortes 8 days ago

    She made me cry!!!

  • Chubless The Bear
    Chubless The Bear 8 days ago

    Her voice has a child like innocence to it but that what makes it good and unique

  • TracyLynnCruz
    TracyLynnCruz 9 days ago

    Straight up chills. Like constant goosebumps. I haven’t heard her sing in so long and this was just amazing. Her vocals are so strong here! Sometimes what you’re good at may not be your favorite thing, whether or not fear is hindering (doesn’t really seem like it from her here), I just want her to feel confident in all that she does! Good luck, Adrienne!

  • - That1Kid -
    - That1Kid - 9 days ago +1

    I loved Adrienne on the show. Her voice is amazing, along with her personality. In all honesty, she’s my favorite on the show.

  • Armi L
    Armi L 9 days ago

    She killed it

  • 우주신
    우주신 13 days ago

    She should've won

  • Luis Rincon
    Luis Rincon 13 days ago

    Best part is 11:15

  • Brendan YZF
    Brendan YZF 14 days ago

    Go adrienne

  • Nobody _
    Nobody _ 14 days ago

    I look like i have a skin disease with all these goosebumps

  • Erin Coker
    Erin Coker 15 days ago

    I need a full version of that footloose girl 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 that beat in the beginning was everytttthiiinnnggggggg

  • Gabriela Camacho
    Gabriela Camacho 15 days ago

    For adrian she can sing in whatever octave she wants. But her voice has that twang in it so u know it's her. She sings in a lower octave because her original octave is extremely noticable.

  • eliiGL
    eliiGL 15 days ago

    damn albert

  • E B
    E B 15 days ago

    I know the Fox won but I honestly wanted the Flamingo to win:P her vocals are amazing 😍

    • Tyrone Thompson
      Tyrone Thompson Day ago +1

      E B yaaaaaaaaaaasss! Girl, she proved the critics wrong about her voice! I had to keep watching that ep of the real where she was talking bout her singing, and then come back here. Look at that!

  • Riina C
    Riina C 16 days ago

    Maybe its bc I love her so much but I knew who it was immediately. Her voice is very distinctive.

  • realbahamianbhadie smith

    You can literally tell it's her her voice is just indescribable

  • Marina Duran
    Marina Duran 17 days ago

    Damn she got range

  • Amanda Aiman
    Amanda Aiman 18 days ago

    I knew who she was right after the first song she did.

  • fe2 gamer
    fe2 gamer 18 days ago

    who else searched flamingo the youtuber and got this?

  • Monster High 66 Bratzillaz 2

    Flamingo Remix

  • Purple . Bean
    Purple . Bean 19 days ago

    She has such a beautiful strong voice😍

  • Kelly S
    Kelly S 20 days ago

    You can tell she loves to perform. I almost cried watching this 😩😭

  • Stephens Aka
    Stephens Aka 20 days ago

    Oh my God I didn’t know she could sing sing wow 😭😍😍 she did amazing but hallelujah got me in my feelings ❤️

  • Mia Bella Li
    Mia Bella Li 21 day ago

    They just disrespected fantasia!! Adrianne has a beautiful voice but she has no soul, you can tell she is not black. Plus she sounds like herself if they had children they would have known it was her.

    • Salma Al
      Salma Al 2 days ago

      Mia Bella Li it’s not that deep

  • madsolea
    madsolea 22 days ago

    Man her voice has matured since the cheetah girls. Her voice use to irritate me.

    • Tyrone Thompson
      Tyrone Thompson Day ago

      madsolea now that she with israel, we bout to see some sho nuff range! She bout to blow!

  • José Rodriguez
    José Rodriguez 22 days ago


  • *•*Kawaiikitty Girl*•*

    SHE’S DA QUEEN!! ❤️❤️🔥🔥

  • Lettie Messi
    Lettie Messi 23 days ago

    Her voice is so nostalgic for me. I love it

  • Sifiti Malaki
    Sifiti Malaki 23 days ago

    She sang Hallelujah so beautifully!!!

  • Aushai McCraney
    Aushai McCraney 25 days ago

    If I was a judge I would have knew who she was right away I was a huge 3LW fan and a Cheetah Girls fan. I hate the fact that she thinks she sounds horrible because she can really sing!! And she's a great performer.

  • Micah ashley
    Micah ashley 25 days ago


  • Black Royalness
    Black Royalness 25 days ago

    I think her voice has aged so beautifully it's sounds so full and rich

  • Vile Playz
    Vile Playz 25 days ago

    I love how she sings into her neck 😂
    But its also her mouth

  • YanniiTV
    YanniiTV 26 days ago

    Man she really sounds amazing she needs to make music again !

  • Cornelia Sabala
    Cornelia Sabala 27 days ago

    I love her voice ❤️

  • 2Bdiscovered
    2Bdiscovered 27 days ago +1


    • Tyrone Thompson
      Tyrone Thompson 23 days ago

      2Bdiscovered research baby! Research! She been doin this!

  • TheLogicJunkie
    TheLogicJunkie 27 days ago

    I actually love her voice -- did she make it to the finals? They need to have separate male and female winners.

  • Wolfie Hearts
    Wolfie Hearts 27 days ago

    Flamingo should sing flamingo

  • Jasper Cox
    Jasper Cox 27 days ago

    I thought it was the Roblox RUclipr flamingo for some reason

  • Oluwakemi Oyedokun
    Oluwakemi Oyedokun 28 days ago

    Great Job Ade😢you brought tears to my eyes as I also suffer from impostor syndrome regarding every skill that I have, which includes singing. Girl you sounded amazing, and opportunities like these help in validating the credibility of your talent. Way to go girl!

    RITA POWELL 28 days ago +1

    I felt that GOD wants her to sing for him

  • san lon
    san lon Month ago

    She has such a unique beautiful voice

  • Kayla Mc
    Kayla Mc Month ago

    Adrienne really underestimated her voice. She is just truly talented, I really wish she would sing more.

  • Sofia Corona
    Sofia Corona Month ago

    Her voice is incredible definitely knew who it was. love her since I was a little girl watching her on Disney !!

  • Chelsea Adams
    Chelsea Adams Month ago

    Never knew how good she actually was until this and damn!!! She killed every performance, they were ALL entertaining to watch she danced and sang the songs all her own way

  • Hawk Talon
    Hawk Talon Month ago

    I'm not even mad that she didn't win, she did an amazing job.

  • Krezcely Borja
    Krezcely Borja Month ago +2

    Other than her voice... If you are a cheetah girl fan, her hand gestures and posture while belting is a dead give away 😂✋

  • Cozy Chloe!
    Cozy Chloe! Month ago

    I Thought she was Fantasia Until She Sang The last song In the finales I was like..CHEETAH GIRL FANS WILL UNITE!!

  • Angelo Bellucci
    Angelo Bellucci Month ago

    Adrienne stop talking negatively about your voice yes it is light sometimes but so is fantasias Patti labelle many others but lift is actually rare these days not many singers can sing with your tone, you have to start loving your voice cause we all enjoy your gifts. Im getting little tired of your broken promises promises. Loved you from day 1. Get out there and use GODS gifts he put in your vessel. Blessings and love.

    • Tyrone Thompson
      Tyrone Thompson 23 days ago

      Angelo Bellucci noooooo you didn’t. Oh no you didn’t go that route on her did you? I am friggin weak! Nooooooooooooo!

  • Iam Ragine
    Iam Ragine Month ago +1

    Bruh everybody knows Adrian’s voice

  • Leonora Smith
    Leonora Smith Month ago


    • Tyrone Thompson
      Tyrone Thompson 23 days ago +1

      Leonora Smith aaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy! Doing one of her signatures I see!

  • Brooke Kotler
    Brooke Kotler Month ago

    I wanted to cry after hearing her speech at the end. She is such a beautiful soul and is so talented. I remember watching her speak on the real about what she doesn’t sing... and to have her sing numerous songs and preform the way she did.. like wow I’m speechless and just overjoyed for Adrienne. Amazing

  • Leslie A.
    Leslie A. Month ago

    That’s definitely a cheetah girl 💛

  • Adwoa Asantewaa
    Adwoa Asantewaa Month ago

    Wwwwwwwwooooowww!!!!!😭😭😭 this is so good girl!

  • Adwoa Asantewaa
    Adwoa Asantewaa Month ago

    Adrieeennnneeee!!!!😭😭😭😭 girl your voiccceeeee!!!!

  • Maria Ximena Otalora Cordoba

    The first song a Cheetah Girl singing a Jonas Brothers song, all a 2000s Disney fans could ask for

    • Tyrone Thompson
      Tyrone Thompson 23 days ago

      Maria Ximena Otalora Cordoba I keep hearing that song, and I can’t hear nobody but A singing that now.

  • Naomy Casco
    Naomy Casco Month ago


  • Bradlee297
    Bradlee297 Month ago

    Wow her voice is amazing

  • Yvette Fernando
    Yvette Fernando Month ago

    Okay I think that it’s definitely somebody with a strong voice

  • Tawakalt Oseni - HKF

    The latina spice!!!

  • Tawakalt Oseni - HKF

    A few a whole part of my life isn't there. I didn't watch cheetah girls but this was incredible

  • Brandon Taylor
    Brandon Taylor Month ago

    She’s the IT factor!! That voice is of god’s blood ❤️❤️

  • Danny kemper
    Danny kemper Month ago +1

    The video is blurry even tho i have 1080p on

  • Jordan Ricks
    Jordan Ricks Month ago

    I almost thought she should sing a 3lw song or Cheetah Girl song but then that would give away her voice immediately so smart not to do that

  • Jordan Ricks
    Jordan Ricks Month ago

    I would really like to see her get back into music I know she psyched out over the years cuz she said on the real she doesn't like her voice and I think that's crazy cuz I was a huge fan of hers when she was in 3lw and the Cheetah Girls

  • Amiiee Zavala
    Amiiee Zavala Month ago

    Yesss grl

  • Kati Churchill
    Kati Churchill Month ago +1

    omg she has such an incredible voice. i can’t think of a performance of hers that i didn’t enjoy. i loved all of them so much and i’m so glad you made this compilation so i can enjoy all of them in one video💕💕

  • Ann Caine
    Ann Caine Month ago

    She is really good I think the audience is are a bit stupid they always never vote for the good ones to stay on and the judges don’t as well and
    I love watching this it is very entertaining

  • Tyra Walters
    Tyra Walters Month ago

    I haven't had cold chills from a person singing in a long time hallelujah did that to me and even teared me up

  • Lane Britt
    Lane Britt Month ago +1

    She needs to start making music again that would be amazing

  • Aubrie Verduzco
    Aubrie Verduzco Month ago

    O my gosh ugh I love her !!! Everything about her is just so magnificent and likable. She’s absolutely fabulous.

  • michelle clarke
    michelle clarke Month ago