Millionaires vs Minimum Wage: Did You Earn Your Money?

  • Published on May 15, 2019
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Comments • 16 863

  • Ralph Splitzer
    Ralph Splitzer 17 hours ago

    if it was all about hard work then latinos and black folks in the states would be the richest

  • Jeffrey C
    Jeffrey C 18 hours ago

    Bald guy is full of excuses

  • Adriel Henandez
    Adriel Henandez 19 hours ago

    I’m a leftist and I gotta say, I don’t hate millionaires. I feel many agree with me, I could be wrong.. I believe many can work hard and become rich, but I don’t believe everyone has that same opportunity. I don’t want to take any money from these millionaires who I believe did work hard to earn their money, but I most definitely believe billionaires should be taxed out of existence. At least currently, while Kylie Jenner “earns” affords billions from a few social media posts, and more than half of the world is struggling to make ends meet.

  • Ray Val
    Ray Val 19 hours ago

    Money can buy you happiness. Security, medicine, health check ups, visiting family and friends, an ok home, food on the table, hobbies. Idk about anyone else, but those things make me happy.

  • Sam Stout
    Sam Stout 20 hours ago +1

    The bald bloke is such a pseudo intellectual things he knows everything because he watches The young Turks

  • Hannah Leao
    Hannah Leao 20 hours ago

    shipping Tierra and Graham already

  • Snoop Catt
    Snoop Catt 21 hour ago

    Next video:
    Naruto runners vs Area 51 guards

  • Matthew Henington
    Matthew Henington 22 hours ago

    Absolutely too short

  • A M
    A M 22 hours ago

    This conversation was awesome and very real. Just watched the Dem prez debate 2 days ago, and I was listening here and kept thinking about Andrew Yang's UBI policy of a $1000 a month and how much that would change the lives of the working class people here, and how much stronger a customer base it would build for the business owners.

  • Fabeldyret
    Fabeldyret Day ago

    I'm 14 and has already made a *plan* for my life. Be an engineer in Denmark at age 25 and when I've got a lot of experience, start a company. If it doesn't work I can always work for another company.

    Might or might not work, but ill probably give it a try, even though there's still 11 years.

  • Bill Kong
    Bill Kong Day ago

    Tim seems to have his ideas figured out.

  • Connor Null
    Connor Null Day ago

    9:50 how you dont become rich

  • John Cotto
    John Cotto Day ago

    That guy works on alot of "justice"

  • Andrej Vojvodic
    Andrej Vojvodic Day ago

    You can very easly see the reason why the girl in the pink is a min wage worker and not a millionaire.

  • Matthew Henington

    Just so you know, a Brett Knutson May have started his company Hive but he had the help of “angel investors” including the co-founder of EA games. This dude straight up lied about having help. Yes, he was earning 6 figures apparently at age 24 (of which I’m sorry that is a rare case as most his age and background cannot break into that sort of income bracket), but he lied about having investors.

  • raghav gahtori
    raghav gahtori Day ago

    I want a video with middle class based teen and rich as well as poor.

  • Philip Neumeister

    No one discussed any issues like where you are born/living while working, because the cost of housing or the state of living on your own/with parents makes a huge difference into whether or not you can afford to do things like save and invest

  • Sara Blake
    Sara Blake Day ago

    Do 6 fans of pineapple on pizza vs 1 hater

  • Erick Trujillo
    Erick Trujillo Day ago

    After this I know the rich hooked them up

  • TazThaManiac
    TazThaManiac Day ago

    Ayee my bois Graham and Brett

  • demonix
    demonix Day ago

    This social justice guy is not the best

  • demonix
    demonix Day ago

    It's difficult to build connections

  • Brian Young
    Brian Young Day ago

    Tim- I'm a communist that has an excuse for why i'm broke and a hatred for anyone that isn't

  • JoshTolley
    JoshTolley Day ago

    It is interesting to see the different mindsets and beliefs. There are shared beliefs on each side that were only shared by a particular side. The millionaires approach money more logically in terms of how do you make it, who can make it where as the non-millionaires tend to think that not everyone has access to connections or speak english. Interesting note the two most successful demographics with the most millionaires in America are NOT english speaking white dudes, just food for thought.

  • Didier Depardieur

    People have no idea how hard millionaires have to work to get to where they are. The bald asshole has no clue how to the real world works.

  • Shirley Tatha
    Shirley Tatha Day ago

    Anyone can be rich if they work hard enough.... I get the whole mindset thing... and how so many people have built themselves from nothing... but there are real socio-economic barriers and government policies that contribute to that. I know people who have tried literally everything they could ever try and that did not work out for them. Or like, women from my country sometimes looks for work as domestic workers in the Middle East, even though they know how badly those people mistreat African women, they risk their lives and everything because there is nothing better for them to do at home

  • G Cabreagui
    G Cabreagui Day ago +1

    Yo Graham was so humble and always spoke the truth. I respect him. I hope more people can notice that not all rich people think and act like he does. He’s a good man. Respect ✊🏽

  • Hi_ Pierre
    Hi_ Pierre Day ago

    Ive learned don't listen to broke people, they'll make you broke. That white dude is hitting off with his online degree and his buffalo wings membership. But his broke nah! I'm good

  • Ilovepineapples
    Ilovepineapples Day ago

    Graham: i spend as much as i did when i was 19
    Also graham: buys tesla

  • Floof The Bird
    Floof The Bird Day ago

    One bad enough disability and those three rich kids wouldn't be sitting so pretty. "Anyone can become rich." is just like saying "Anyone can become healthy." Yeah well the world, and genetics, respectively, don't work that way.

  • Furrowed Brow
    Furrowed Brow Day ago

    No one should be obligated to give to the less fortunate.
    Charity comes from the heart.
    Welfare comes from theft.
    The government has never helped anyone without harming someone else.

  • Furrowed Brow
    Furrowed Brow Day ago

    No. Not everyone can become rich.
    There are 327 million people living in America. Of those, 16% have an IQ of 85 or less.
    Thats around 52 million people who can look forward to a career as Unskilled laborer, Gardener, Janitor, Maid or a Dishwasher.
    IQ affects employability.
    60 to 74 "Slow, simple, supervised."
    74 to 89 food service
    89 to 100 Walmart
    100 to 111 Police officer
    111 to 120 Teacher
    120 to 125 Professor
    125 to 132 Attorney
    132 to 137 Eminent professor
    137 to 200 No limitations.
    Take an IQ test.
    Take a personality test.
    Have A Plan If You Plan to Have.

  • Furrowed Brow
    Furrowed Brow Day ago

    A sacrifice is a choice.

  • Furrowed Brow
    Furrowed Brow Day ago

    Buying boobs is a public service. Now lets get to work freeing those nipples!

  • Furrowed Brow
    Furrowed Brow Day ago

    Do welfare recipients earn their money?

  • Rational Lunatic

    The one nerd that saves up enough from minium wage to start a business Is the problem. The exeption used to justify a system dependent on greed and mass rates of inequality it the illusion of a meritocracy that holds our system together .

  • werewolfstrike7
    werewolfstrike7 Day ago

    What the millionaires don’t see is the reality; they got rich out of luck. Gram was at the right place at the right time making the right decisions. Ain’t no fuckin Work

  • CJskate Tricks
    CJskate Tricks Day ago

    Tim sounded like a spoilt child

  • Kerosun
    Kerosun Day ago

    I feel bad for Beatriz at 5:50. Her counterargument that "Anyone can become rich if they work hard enough" was to use her dad as an example. She said that he worked hard but it wasn't enough. Sure, that's fine. But then she said that it was because he didn't have the connections. That doesn't explain how hard he tried to work to create those connections. Or it doesn't explain how hard he worked at managing the business. It's all hard work, but making a successful landscaping business isn't just how hard you work at doing landscaping. You pay someone to do that while the business owner works hard at managing the business, creating connections, getting long-term contracts, hiring good people so the business can fulfill those contracts, etc.
    With that said, Tim is.... a moron. All the hard work he does in his activism would translate to becoming a successful business owner and millionaire.

  • Boston playsYT
    Boston playsYT Day ago

    I love Graham hes honestly the most humble guy In the world

  • Rs Dzayer
    Rs Dzayer Day ago

    Everyone can work hard but the ones that work hard for their dreams are the ones who make it.
    You can work a minimum wage job but to not seek to go beyond that like just working to pay your debt or needs or bring food to the table is such a waste of potential.
    To make money you have to create value starting with yourself then with others. You do this by investing in your self through education, skills, or experience. In any job there is an opportunity to take it and go further.
    Grahm is totally right when he said that it is all about the mindset. Living your life just not to fail will no get you far.
    The guy that wants a Utopia where money is not important maybe is right but if you want to make such thing true or want people to believe in your ideas then you have to make it happen make money then make your ideas a reality through a business or an organization.
    I hope the minimum wage people got some inspiration and they use that to go to the next level.

  • Serhat Tuğrul GERGİN

    Graham 😂 you'll probably die a billionaire man

  • Kuraitsuki Lavi
    Kuraitsuki Lavi Day ago

    Graham looks more like a skinnier tom cruise.

  • Adam Craig
    Adam Craig Day ago

    I know exactly why the bald guy is on min wage. Victim mentality, false sense of how smart he is, believes the government should control everything

  • Bojan Kotur
    Bojan Kotur Day ago

    Either everyone else is tiny or that guy is extra tall :D

  • sajul u
    sajul u Day ago

    You should have brought gary vee to this.....

  • Jonathan Devon
    Jonathan Devon Day ago

    Christianna is annoying.
    Full of herself.

  • Kennex Masaoy
    Kennex Masaoy Day ago

    i like this dude on brown jacket he is a true millionaire.

  • Darren Brown
    Darren Brown Day ago

    I love how plainly the millionaires are clothed. ❤
    Except D cups.

  • Alex Ander
    Alex Ander Day ago

    Don’t work harder, work *smarter*

  • DanielleT192
    DanielleT192 Day ago

    Getting more money for me is not important. Yes I save up what I can and have a purpose for my savings but I'm probably near the minimum wage scale but I don't see it as important. I rarely use my money to treat myself and funnily enough I find a lot of people who earn more than me getting into debt and living outwith their means.
    I can never understand when someone who is rich saying they want more money. What do you need it for? If it is a safety net in case you lose your job then I can understand but the massive amount of excess money you just want, I can't seem to grasp it.

  • Michael Ipsen
    Michael Ipsen Day ago

    Here out of curiosity.
    Stayed because Graham's here.

  • jose n
    jose n Day ago

    Tim's got my vote

  • k moods
    k moods Day ago

    not speaking english isn't a "socioeconomic" barrier...
    and the girl saying "i don't spoil myself, I always focus on my needs" is wearing quite a few pieces of gold jewelry... If you actually want to build wealth then save the money you would have spent on jewelry or shoes to invest in your success.

  • Asa Caveny
    Asa Caveny Day ago +2

    If you see this, have a good day/night, friend.

  • Liyingbemo
    Liyingbemo Day ago +1

    "hard work will make you rich" in 2019 is the shittiest quote ever, its just not true,

  • Haruko Haruhara
    Haruko Haruhara Day ago

    I wonder what went wrong??... Let's watch the video!

  • Valentino Hernandez

    Don’t know why but each and everyone of them give me movies star vibes

  • R S
    R S Day ago +1

    You should make a video between the rich (everyone on this video) and the poor.
    No, I mean the poor.
    You know the ones. They don’t have running water. The ones that do laundry by hand. The ones that think they have made it when they have a home with a lock on the door, or a home with a door.
    The top 1% is an annual salary of $40K or more. Many people don’t even know that.
    Another great video would be one on gratitude.

  • Jatchetto-_-
    Jatchetto-_- Day ago

    I wanna see kids that do drugs vs kids that dont