When Earth Was In Beta

  • Published on May 31, 2019
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  • Crazy_ Gamer
    Crazy_ Gamer 4 hours ago

    I was added on version

  • Harvinder kalsi
    Harvinder kalsi 7 hours ago

    *T-rex appears*
    All other animals: Why do I hear Boss music?

  • SGL Gaming and More
    SGL Gaming and More 7 hours ago

    So primitive

  • BucketsGocrazzy j
    BucketsGocrazzy j 7 hours ago

    Space program

  • ItsJust Wolff
    ItsJust Wolff 11 hours ago

    i believe you like it was a religion idk why it just sounds sooo right

  • Ryen The Wolf
    Ryen The Wolf 11 hours ago

    I had those dvds as a kid

  • Blitzmulthe
    Blitzmulthe 11 hours ago

    Please can somebody tell me the name of the documentary that most of the footage is from. I watched as a kid and haven’t been able to find the name of it.

  • Awesome Anbar
    Awesome Anbar 11 hours ago

    "What if life was a game?"
    Tier zoo: I'm sorry, did I disturb you?

  • Maxlanees
    Maxlanees 13 hours ago

    this is cringey, but awesome at the same time.. i love it though.

  • Colby Allman
    Colby Allman 14 hours ago

    Do a video on the plant meta and best builds

  • Zaid XGaming
    Zaid XGaming 21 hour ago

    Is this a game? Or just irl

  • Vladamir Tushkey

    So if the earth is a server and theres devs? aint god the creator and admin?

    • Zamza
      Zamza 19 hours ago

      @Vladamir Tushkey No one ever claimed that explosions only "destroy". Do your research.

    • Vladamir Tushkey
      Vladamir Tushkey 19 hours ago

      @Zamza but how would the world be created by an explosion when they normally just destroy?

    • Zamza
      Zamza Day ago

      Nope, because gods were invented by men as an excuse to explain the unknown. The devs would be evolution/change over time, dust from star explosions and nature itself.

  • Philip Maximuse
    Philip Maximuse Day ago

    You made learning fun

  • flowey1787
    flowey1787 Day ago

    Man how times have changed.....I remember my first carnivore.....my anomalicaris was once op

  • Crimsonmoon113
    Crimsonmoon113 Day ago

    Do Earth in alpha

  • Absolom Apple
    Absolom Apple Day ago

    Did this video have a different title at one point? Like "The Cambrian Meta" or "The Cambrian tier list"
    I thought I hadn't seen it until I started watching it again.

  • Pletschmosi
    Pletschmosi Day ago

    We are still in the Beta and the extermination of humanity will probably the last step to release

  • Syd C
    Syd C Day ago

    4:00 alright but what do you think of tardigrades being the only build in the Moon's alpha so far?

  • Ceastic Deception

    Spore looks epic

  • SUGOHA _
    SUGOHA _ Day ago

    this whole game is just a rip-off of spores anyway.

  • Splint Cell
    Splint Cell Day ago

    Tardigrades? is it a guess or are you sure opabinia is ancestor of tardigrades?

    • Splint Cell
      Splint Cell Day ago

      @TierZoo That's the alternative hypotheses. Lobopodian such as Aysheaia is more distinctly look like tardigrades than dinocaridids.

    • TierZoo
      TierZoo  Day ago

      Tardigrades are opabinia's closest living relatives. They aren't direct descendants but close to it.

  • GeorgiZplay
    GeorgiZplay Day ago

    This whole game is so unbalanced. At least the design team is doing great 👍

  • Naima Belhadi
    Naima Belhadi Day ago +1

    What game is this called?

  • Jesse P
    Jesse P Day ago

    Anyone else thinking an MMORPG Spore would be a great idea?

  • Aqpdicjwj Qkfido

    May I ask, I’m a new person here so... Why does he talk like that? Like his saying it DLC updates, Beta Patch, and other stuffs that are related to video games .-. Or in shorter sentence. why does he talk like the earth is a video game?? ._.

    • Aqpdicjwj Qkfido
      Aqpdicjwj Qkfido Day ago

      TierZoo Oh Ok. make sense! U have great content!! And I have more questions ._.
      What is the origin of ur channel? where did u get inspired from? Pls make that kind of video. Thx!!

    • TierZoo
      TierZoo  Day ago

      For fun

  • Sceptor_ 7861
    Sceptor_ 7861 Day ago

    This channel is so unique

  • Czekoloko Sweet
    Czekoloko Sweet Day ago

    3:14 i fricken died here XD

  • Tongisdabest13
    Tongisdabest13 Day ago

    pfft i was in alpha, chumps

  • T Pain
    T Pain 2 days ago

    Who else is gonna go to the Area 51 Event to find the secret achievements?

  • Hair
    Hair 2 days ago

    What about alpha?

  • Jabulina The seal
    Jabulina The seal 2 days ago

    I wasn’t able to play this version but I have seen ROM hacks that allow you to try it out on private servers

  • Foomanshoo
    Foomanshoo 2 days ago

    Wow that theory takes a lot of faith

  • G44Gonzalo [ G44 YT ]

    Nooooo im spanish and my english is not very good pls add spanish subtitle :’v

  • Joel Farrelly
    Joel Farrelly 2 days ago

    It's like I'm learning but my brain doesn't know it!

  • Shuhrat Kessikbayev
    Shuhrat Kessikbayev 2 days ago

    Remember playing as the arthropods before everything was nerfed?

  • Kurgan 2004
    Kurgan 2004 2 days ago

    Is there a way i could play this game? lmao

  • T_Tales
    T_Tales 2 days ago

    Lumbridge RuneScape soundtrack Lol

  • Goldie Shara Mae Jocson

    Have you ever thought of making a game of earth? About how it slowly went throgh the eons?

  • ᖇᗩ乙0229
    ᖇᗩ乙0229 2 days ago +3

    Me: _Life is a game_
    Dad: _No doubt_
    Me: _literally_

  • θ Xenon θ
    θ Xenon θ 3 days ago

    This channel made me want to be a game dveloper lmao

  • θ Xenon θ
    θ Xenon θ 3 days ago

    So many human mains oof

  • Corzappy
    Corzappy 3 days ago

    What is the Top S tier build over all the servers though?

  • ohmykirby
    ohmykirby 3 days ago

    I hear those Runescape tunes...

    DANK BOX 3 days ago

    The humans are OverPowered that's why I choose them all the time!

  • Whatsupmududes Yeet
    Whatsupmududes Yeet 3 days ago +3

    I miss when this was in beta now it’s too advanced for me now

  • Michael Martel
    Michael Martel 3 days ago

    Music from runescape?

  • Britton Wooten
    Britton Wooten 3 days ago

    I thought this video was about planet earth not the game

  • Choco Panda
    Choco Panda 3 days ago

    Psh, inferior beings! I’m a pre-alpha tester!

  • funkyleah
    funkyleah 3 days ago

    Plot twist: TierZoo is the developer of the simulation that the universe is

  • rick hillard
    rick hillard 3 days ago +2

    Everyone always sleeps on the avalon explosion, I miss trilateral symmetry.

  • BestSoundtrack
    BestSoundtrack 3 days ago

    Permabanned for smurfing o.O

  • Virus Sans
    Virus Sans 3 days ago

    Where does 2b2t fit in

  • Chan Tim
    Chan Tim 3 days ago

    jeezus was the directer

  • Neptunekawaiidesu
    Neptunekawaiidesu 3 days ago

    so you mean the mass extinctions was just a massive ban

  • Black Eagle
    Black Eagle 3 days ago

    I came for trilo's. Found more old-schoool bois

  • DJ4NTI
    DJ4NTI 3 days ago

    Velvet worm mains, lmfao

  • John Newman
    John Newman 3 days ago

    If the Cambrian edition was the Beta, was was the Ediacarian edition? I suppose probably late development stages

  • Quentin Marsala
    Quentin Marsala 4 days ago

    Weight should be on the stat list

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 4 days ago +3

    honestly the earth is still in beta
    *the alien DLC will be coming soon*
    the *alien DLC* for earth is coming out on september 20th

    • FotY
      FotY 16 hours ago

      The players will reveal the dlc.

  • jack
    jack 4 days ago

    In 2040 we will have the memory and technology to make this game a thing

  • Near Reality RP
    Near Reality RP 4 days ago

    love the runescape music, just noticed you got rs theme stuff a lot, great videos

  • Uriah Mansaw
    Uriah Mansaw 4 days ago

    lol this makes me want them to make spore 2

  • Gianlu
    Gianlu 4 days ago

    I miss the good old Anomalocaris

  • Claire Jessop
    Claire Jessop 4 days ago

    How about the alpha

  • cappucino
    cappucino 4 days ago

    Early Access

  • Dark Dodoshka
    Dark Dodoshka 5 days ago

    This is ARK:SE?

  • If u call me a wumao you're autistic

    Love the Runescape theme haha

  • Ghoul X
    Ghoul X 5 days ago

    I once taught this was a game, and i wanted to play it badly.

  • ahmed rahmaan
    ahmed rahmaan 5 days ago

    what game or is he talking about real life

  • Tamed Potato
    Tamed Potato 5 days ago

    I miss beta days 😭

  • ricky4990
    ricky4990 5 days ago

    What about the Avalon explosion?

  • GG Hunge34
    GG Hunge34 5 days ago

    when you too lazy to study animal history and then you found this channel

  • Larry Lawrence
    Larry Lawrence 5 days ago +1

    you said sea biome but you meant ocean server

  • Dragon razor
    Dragon razor 5 days ago

    Jokes on u I played the pre alpha stage

  • Dakoya
    Dakoya 5 days ago

    What documentary is this from