Kiiara - Bipolar [No Mana Remix] (Official Audio)

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • Kiiara - "Bipolar [No Mana Remix]"
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    Following her signing with Atlantic, Illinois-native Kiiara released her 2015 debut single "Gold", reaching over 453 million Spotify streams and peaking at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100. She also collaborated with Linkin Park on "Heavy", reaching #2 on the US Hot Rock Songs chart, and with Demitri Vegas & Like Mike and David Guetta on "Complicated", topping the US Dance Club chart at #1. She released "Messy" in 2018, garnering over 2.5 million video plays and over 17 million Spotify streams.
    Kiiara headlined her low kii n savage tour in 2016. In addition to performing at major festivals like Panorama and Coachella, she has supported acts such as The Chainsmokers and AlunaGeorge.

Comments • 48

  • victoria moore
    victoria moore 21 day ago +1

    Love kiiara her voice is heaven and i been a fan since gold when i didnt know what she was saying but loved it anyways ...album will b trending when it comes hoping 2019 💜🥰 she takes the time to reply to fans what a sweetheart 💜 love from ireland

  • Arturas Chlastauskas
    Arturas Chlastauskas 29 days ago +1

    Love it ❤️

  • NightRaven
    NightRaven Month ago +2

    The vocals perfectly complement the beat, amazing collaboration!

  • m k.
    m k. Month ago +2

    I like this song!The sounds and her voice are soooo AMAZING!!!!!💗😍💗

  • Brandy Mier
    Brandy Mier Month ago +1

    Holy shit, I love this ❤❤

  • WINH4X
    WINH4X Month ago +2

    Fan of the voice, but not the music all that much, just not my genre. But the voice that I heard first with LP, I'm a fan of. Definitely really good, and that's coming from a metalhead. Thank you for your contribution to music, Miss.

  • HinataxKageyama
    HinataxKageyama Month ago +6

    Totally what I wanted for my birthday playlist, thank u girl, love this👍🏻

  • jd fast
    jd fast Month ago +4

    Essa mulher é muito linda 😍

  • Nick C
    Nick C Month ago +4

    No Mana ftw

  • zRiddick
    zRiddick Month ago +3

    This is such an incredible remix

  • Dominic Cleveland
    Dominic Cleveland Month ago +2

    Wow this is worse than the original.
    Remix hacked this song into the trash

    • Spencer Bonca
      Spencer Bonca 6 days ago +1

      Obviously Dominic only listens to the lyrics and does not appreciate production quality or integration of lyrics seamlessly. You gotta fine tune those ears bro

    • NaturalSelection
      NaturalSelection 17 days ago

      Dominic, you know next to nothing about production value.

    • SCHAU
      SCHAU Month ago +3

      Utter bullshit, this remix beats the original by a mile

    • JustSomePie
      JustSomePie Month ago +3

      Dominic Cleveland bullshit

  • Chris Fisher
    Chris Fisher Month ago +12

    Anything with Kiiara's voice is beautiful and amazing!

    • Kiiara
      Kiiara  Month ago +4

      oh wowowowwww thank u !!

  • Ana Helena Ramos - Amo a Kehlani e Kiiara sempre

    Esse hino é foda D+, heim bixo!!!

  • алексей заровный

    COOL simply very cool ☺

    SCHAU Month ago +1

    Didn't expect this so soon, yes!!

    • SCHAU
      SCHAU Month ago

      @Vivek Singh yeah maybe like tom

    • Vivek Singh
      Vivek Singh Month ago

      Get out of this comment section Tom

  • Jack Parks
    Jack Parks Month ago +8


  • Adriene Smith
    Adriene Smith Month ago +10

    She definitely deserves so much more, beautiful artist, beautiful voice💗💗💗💗

    • Kiiara
      Kiiara  Month ago +3

      ur so sweet !!!

  • Husnain Naeem
    Husnain Naeem Month ago +2

    Hmmmmm yeah not bad good one sis 👍👍👍

  • Linkin Park Czech Soldier

    💖💕💗💓💞💘🥺 love love love

  • lll Danny
    lll Danny Month ago +30

    no mana deserves way more attention

    • lll Danny
      lll Danny Month ago +1

      jealous of u, damn

    • James
      James Month ago +4

      Been saying this for over a year. Seeing him with Deadmau5, Feed Me and couple of the other boys tomorrow. Weeooo

  • Gerald Cross TV
    Gerald Cross TV Month ago +36

    *She's been releasing bops lately and none of them were doing great and didn't get enough attention. I've been a fan since "Gold", and I think she's still so underrated and honestly she deserves better. 💖*

    • HinataxKageyama
      HinataxKageyama Month ago

      Completely get where you're coming from🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Gerald Cross TV
      Gerald Cross TV Month ago +3

      @Dominic Cleveland lmao she released just one EP she hasn't released any albums yet what ya talking about?

    • Dominic Cleveland
      Dominic Cleveland Month ago

      Recent albums weren't so good fanboy

  • Shyra Sidener
    Shyra Sidener Month ago +1

    Love a good dance remix!! 🙌😍💕

  • AMZII Official
    AMZII Official Month ago +4

    Such A Unique Voice...

  • Alembertd bennington
    Alembertd bennington Month ago +1

    This is beautiful!!!
    I love you kiiara!!!❤🖤

  • Rayanny Cupertino
    Rayanny Cupertino Month ago +3

    Amei ❤️

  • Diana g
    Diana g Month ago +5


  • Rachel Brenan
    Rachel Brenan Month ago +1

    kiiara pin this 🖤..

  • Zulaa Zulaa
    Zulaa Zulaa Month ago +3

    Is the best kiarra