How It's Made - Aquarium Fish

How It's Made season 27
Aquarium Fish
#HowItsmade episode 5

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Автор Clin ick ( назад)
I want to be one of those fish

Автор Hannah Lawrencium ( назад)
This makes me wonder as to what humans have come to...

Автор Hai ley ( назад)
You complain about fish, which are scientifically proven to not feel pain. They don't have emotions they don't grow connections but animals that have the intelligence of a human child, pigs, are slaughtered and abused. Cows aren't as intelligent as pigs but they do grow connections. Dogs are our beloved pets as well but they are murdered and abused all the time. But you are on here complaining about fish that wouldn't make it this far in the wild. If anything, they are given a favor. Fish lay all of those eggs because most of them won't make it. Just something to think about.

Автор Tobey Kai ( назад)
Lol look at all these bleeding hearts. Watch where you step people, you kill plenty of bugs everyday just by walking! How cruel!

Автор Jacob Temple ( назад)
This seems very cruel...

Автор tabalkon fon ( назад)

Автор The.Bunny.Nursery ( назад)
OMG... this has so much fucking animal abuse/ animal abuse promotion, it's so fucking disgusting

Автор Magical Miranda ( назад)
If ice per feed my snakes feeder fish, I want to breed them myself so they won't have to go through this and they'll be healthier (most feeder fish have parasites).

Автор Magical Miranda ( назад)
This is no just life for any living creature...

Автор Chris Cristian ( назад)
What country is this?

Автор Nikinniazo ( назад)
4:09 RIP fish

Автор Pariah Carey ( назад)
Wow... this made me way sadder than expected.

Автор Ariana XO ( назад)
0:56 1:51 "apart of my job is throwing fish carelessly"

Автор Dylan Stargazer 109 ( назад)
I don't see why people are so upset about this honestly. The fish are breeded for a specific purpose, they're given a suitable and actually monitored and maintained environment during their development with a good supply of food as well. And they only get tossed around for about like 1-3 seconds before they're just put somewhere else or shipped for a while, these fish have been domesticated for this life style, and from what I've seen they're treated well. I mean, last time I checked, in the wild, these fish wouldn't have people watching over their eggs and ensuring they get the proper materials for growth, making sure the fish are healthy, providing solutions to stop harmful fungal growths, and bacterial infections, these fish also don't even have to worry about predators, all these real advantages of just existing the way they do and people seem to flip shit when they get tossed around for like literally, 2 seconds.......into another body of fucking clean water.....

Автор ydnuS sseltnioP ( назад)
I can't believe fish rape is a thing

Автор SpAcE TaCoS ( назад)
gonna give lil guys whip lash

Автор Murkey Waters ( назад)
what do they do with the non golden fish?

Автор Christopher Universal ( назад)
Narrator: "he checks all the fish for any infection". Hmmm nope, they look fine to me. (Throws fish around)

Автор Lorenzo Cammon ( назад)
so goldfish go through all that before it goes to a store that's why they don't live very long once you get them home...

Автор jane arthur ( назад)
what happens to the fish that don't meet the criteria

Автор pancakeman ( назад)
I think mine are safe as they do not have a "made in China" label

Автор Potato Pop ( назад)
0:26 is that dead fish on the sides of the tank?!

Автор The aquarium hobby ( назад)
0:35 like all fish... ..😂 totally not true

Автор Anthony GHB ( назад)
All of you are a bunch of fucking pussies. Do you eat dairy products, meat, and eggs? Those animals usually go through harsher times and people still consume the products. Cunts in the comments crying over a fish, and afterwards go to McDonalds and eat a Big Mac.

Автор MyLifeWastedOnBf2 ( назад)
lol i want to see a video just like this except replace the fish with humans being mass produced and shipped by aliens...

Автор Articulate Illiterate Animal ( назад)
"Helps reduce stress during transport"


Автор Panzer Garage ( назад)
5:01 theres a can of dead fish in the right corner

Автор shelby gallant ( назад)
This seems kinda rough. I feel bad for fish

Автор XXPUPPY LOVERXX ( назад)
Wtf she just threw the wee fishies

Автор Aleksandar Velinovski ( назад)
This is cool *-*

Автор Fluffy Gek0 ( назад)
how is this acceptable?? the worker is literally THROWING the fish into separate holding areas, squeezing the eggs out of females (which probably fucking hurts!) are kept in bags while awaiting to be shipped off, and are hardly fed right! good fucking god.

Автор Andrewz Reptilez_98 ( назад)
disgusting as hell showing the goldfish in a bowl. they were in there just drifting around with closed fins stressed out then attempt to educate people on goldfish with cruel footage that you clearly know nothing about. stick to actual products. so overstocked. so disgusting. smh. what kind of bootleg nonsense is this

Автор Makai Xavier ( назад)
All the fish are thrown in a certain way

Автор stephanie lanada ( назад)

Автор vava12llama ( назад)
EW they touch them

Автор Vibrant_Circus ( назад)

Автор Sakura ( назад)
the fact that right next to this video it's actually recommending me to watch: How it's made- Sushi ...

Автор Brooke Fertig ( назад)
I am so sad right now...

Автор saltdogo aj ( назад)
we dem kois!

Автор Unbox It ( назад)
I looked at the title of this video and i was thinking... How the hell do you make fish?

Автор Antonio Jimenez ( назад)
For all the ignorant peeps. Here's all the factors that you have to remember about the fish when having a tank.
1. You MUST not use any type of cleaning solutions when cleaning your tank, simply replace the water, THERE's NO need to transfer the fish since you only need to replace 80% of the water. Sometimes even 50% will do. IF YOU do move the fish, they must be moved into a bucket that was NEVER used for other things, as it could have traces of chemicals.
2. CLEAN your hands always when putting them into the tank. Fish are very sensitive and anything you put into the water could kill them if not cleaned.
3. DON't add sea shells into your water
4. all new decorations must be rinsed with water before adding into the aquarium. DO NOT clean them ever with chemicals only rinse them!
5. Use UV light rather than florescent light.
6. Always research what type of fish you are mixing into your tank!

Автор Cassidy Bertsch ( назад)
this is terrible

Автор ChicaChickenXD ( назад)
When a Mommy Fish, and a Daddy Fish love each other very much...

Автор Cassidy Minxx ( назад)
....What happens to the fish that don't make size criteria?

Автор HACKERS Inc. ( назад)
when their life span is almost over they get shipped into stores that we buy

Автор Crucifix Roarband ( назад)
People don't realize that this is how you hand breed to get a certain outcome in the Offspring, it's nothing new, it's been around since when the first dude who discovered this, hand pollenated his plants and got different breeds of plants and color of flowers, and this dude a was a monk, it's simple biology and the fish don't really live in a factory it's a breeding facility where everyone is there to makes sure these fish are healthy and can breed because that's how they make money

Автор Gabriel Dent ( назад)

Автор Infinity Orion ( назад)
they look so cute:)

Автор Cat Arugay ( назад)
This is so upsetting. To all you saying that I go out eating fish after this, I hate seafood.

Автор Datguydoe ( назад)
The workers just carelessly throw the fish around. Welcome to SeaWorld.

Автор mangle ( назад)
.. Omg I was watching Jessii vee how did I get here? :/

Автор Jeffrey Kha ( назад)
lol the green solution to reduce stress.... do they get high or something

Автор Juliet Montes ( назад)
This is cool

Автор eydubz ( назад)
Made in China.

Автор M- NEKO CHAN ( назад)

Автор Flaming Zilla ( назад)
wow gold fish is it real gold?

Автор Roblox Games ( назад)
Poor fish :(

Автор Lalchand Kumawat ( назад)

Автор 김송 ( назад)

Автор Randy Reinhold ( назад)
poor fish

Автор Evelyn Hearts MSP ( назад)

Автор Evelyn Hearts MSP ( назад)
Why squeeze a fishy 😭

Автор daddydangerous20 ( назад)
This is how Trump supporters (Rednecks, white trash and republicunts) breed. Except there is no water and they are fucking their own cousins.

Автор Sarah The Crazy One ( назад)
Is his why goldfish are so cheap?

Автор Marcel Tambago ( назад)
I'm Watching Goldfish Videos To Study About My Goldfish.
I Got My 3 Goldfish At A Fair On Sunday, And Now I Have A Filtered Tank And All Of That.
I Hope I Have A Female...

Автор Josie Hill ( назад)
Animal cruelty

Автор Josie Hill ( назад)
Suffocating not sucking

Автор Josie Hill ( назад)
So she is sucking fish to breed them

Автор ThatRottenOtaku ( назад)
How it's made-Animal abuse

Автор Nick Goodwin ( назад)
"Dips them in a green solution" - getting them so high they just don't know what's going on anymore haha

Автор Nick Goodwin ( назад)
The announcer has such a nice soothing voice, gentaly explaining how gold fish are made. While we are watching some random person man-handle the hell out of them!

Автор Isabella Ø ( назад)
F U L L A Q U A R I U M S?


Автор Isabella Ø ( назад)
I have never seen that many fish in my life

Автор Isabella Ø ( назад)

Автор Isabella Ø ( назад)
*Tosses fish into bucket*

Автор MyNamaSeth ( назад)
You are the chosen fish

Автор Yashfa yamin ( назад)
she was just throwing them in the buckets as if they were useless

Автор Recycle Bin ( назад)
wow how roughly are they handling them. they are not fucking marbles

Автор Calvin Nguyen ( назад)
is that the eggs in 🍣

Автор Gabriel Tirapelle ( назад)
I didn't now about the process to make goldfish and I have 4 goldfish

Автор Wartoc1 ( назад)
i think i got enough youtube for today

Автор Seb K ( назад)
So fish are man made then !!!

Автор facemonkey13 ( назад)
Do not keep fish in bowls like shown in the intro. All fish need adequate space, filtration, proper temperature, and tank maintenance. Keeping fish in a bowl is literally letting them stew to death in their own urine. It's just cruel.

Автор In1998able ( назад)
At the beginning 2 sick fish!! Great starting

Автор Aidan Wilkinson ( назад)
27 SEASONS, this show can fucking rent a car plus two

Автор Nate Dogg ( назад)
The comments only get worse once you find the vegans

Автор Smellamy ( назад)
wtf why is she throwing them like that?!

Автор Johnell Li ( назад)
There found in China because I'm from China 😄😄😄

Автор Renmar Eusebio ( назад)
why goldfish use food for predator fish

Автор Sandra Espinoza ( назад)
this is actually really a tragedy.

Автор Jonelle Pemberton ( назад)
This was pretty sad to watch

Автор ice ice pantry ( назад)

Автор LPS Glittercakes ( назад)
They treat fish with more care than anyone can with chickens..

Автор Adhwa Hazim KATERIMEIKA RIKAZIKIRIN Zulkifli ( назад)
*2 watched this video**
*2 felt offended**
*2 went to meet his/her friend and talk about le vid**
*1 asks**
1:Do you like aquarium fish?
2:Yeah of course, absolute love.
1:Let's go buy one at fish shop, my treat.
2:Really? yay thank you.
1: *snmileses**

Автор Kitty Musketeer ( назад)
those poor fish.........

Автор Bel Sky ( назад)
why are they so rough with them?

Автор Angelina Owens ( назад)
My goldfish is 5 years old. :) <3

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