How It's Made - Aquarium Fish

How It's Made season 27
Aquarium Fish
#HowItsmade episode 5

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Автор Taehyung's Dark Hair ( назад)
I really didn't like how that lady was just throwing the fish...

Автор RayDLX ( назад)
This is worse than the slaughterhouse!!! :(

Автор Komachu ( назад)
breeding cos must have lots of profit, selling for around 100 each

Автор Mariokart360 ( назад)
I wonder what goes through a fish's mind during all this... I wonder if the fish who make it into stores have little fish conversations about the shit they've seen

Автор Good luck Taking this sereously ( назад)
Not literally but an online non harmful debate

Автор Good luck Taking this sereously ( назад)
Should we riot against them

Автор Good luck Taking this sereously ( назад)
If that's not animal cruelty I don't know what

Автор Arkargo ( назад)
jesus christ youre going to kill the fish if you keep taking them out of the water

Автор Bender Rodruigez ( назад)
What's your name?
Fry: "Fry"

Автор Dominic Schmidt ( назад)
A worker.... A worker...A worker...

Автор Isabelle 6915 ( назад)
These people are so reckless with the animals😭

Автор Eleana Davila ( назад)
yup loves how she throws them in there like pebbles

Автор Gonçalo Miguéns ( назад)

Автор Leo ( назад)
pq isso ta no meus recomendados?

Автор Fort ( назад)

Автор Jacob Leone ( назад)
my nigga nemo went through some shit.

Автор Nekoszowa ( назад)
There is so many people that says it's animal abuse in comments it's fucking laughable. You are overreacting and oversensitive, what the hell.

Автор kawaii fun ( назад)
I feel really bad for the fish

Автор Canihasupercar ( назад)
I breed my own fish or get them from friends who also breed fish

Автор Emma A. ( назад)
I had 4 goldfish in a big tank but 3 died now the one that's left has the tank all to himself and seems pretty happy

Автор Emma A. ( назад)
I hate how they throw them

Автор Brian Lim ( назад)
I am sorry but this episode... shouldn't it be "How it's breed"?

Автор Bobby Lou Jo ( назад)
Koi aren't aquarium fish. They should be kept in large ponds.

Автор John Doe ( назад)
finally. a How It's Made video that's not in 240p

Автор gabrielle bock ( назад)
are those dead fish at 5:01 ?

Автор PinkLøverEmma ( назад)
excuse me but what the fuck

Автор Lauren Thew ( назад)
urgggggggggg the way she touches them.. throwing them around.

Автор DAT RIGHT MA TAIP ( назад)
All the fishes having a much more tough life than most of human beings

Автор Mikayla Donnelly ( назад)
how fucking cruel

Автор BBWfootLuvr ( назад)
What do you do for a living? Well I'm a fish sexer. What the Hell is that? I have to separate the male from the female fish. What do you do if a male fish identifies as a female?

Автор Eris Rose ( назад)
Don't comment that these fish have it bad until you've looked at what fish go through in the wild. There is a reason they have hundreds of fry- only a few make it to adulthood. The same disease, parasites, and fungus affects them in the wild. They are food for many things. Temperatures freeze, water deoxygenates. And of course, pollution and fishing is rampant. These fish aren't overly crowded, they are fed well, at a decent temperature, and their quality of life only declines if sold to the wrong person.

Автор Jonathan Nguyen ( назад)
If there are only 1,000 fry produced a day and most likely they will not all survive and maybe need to be culled for quality control, how is it possible for them to sell 50,000 a week? He specifically notes "this facility" and not "this company with its many facilities". Editing error? Or sorcery?

Автор Emitv ( назад)
Why is everyone saying those fishes go through hell like do u assume there gonna be living a five star lives sipping red wine and shit no they have to be shipped and shit and at least these people put the green the solution to stop stress and plus they have a better chance of survival then in the wild

Автор Santina Af ( назад)
Most people are complaining about this being "so cruel" and "messed up". When I'm pretty sure most of the people commenting have eaten fish and have probably gone fishing before.

Автор Kristopher Priedkalns ( назад)
abused fish

Автор Victoria train spotter [VTS] ( назад)
It's sad that we have to put a price on life. If a fish isn't good enough start again! It's just awful that it's like that. 😞

Автор richie10soccer ( назад)
Did I just watch finding nemo?

Автор Weird Watermelon ( назад)
"The fish has been double bagged for protection" after they have just been. Thrown and held out of water.

Автор Dragzal leonXl ( назад)

Автор Shay Slayer ( назад)
this was like the plumbus episode in rick and morty

Автор zoe chan ( назад)
who the fuck wrote the script, "a worker..." OK I GET IT HAHA

Автор Ruby Safire ( назад)
a PetSmart they stop selling little ones because they always kept dying and I explain to them why

Автор Elizabeth Ramos ( назад)
air DOI

Автор Elizabeth Ramos ( назад)
handle with care

Автор Elizabeth Ramos ( назад)
why a bag?

Автор Elizabeth Ramos ( назад)

Автор Naruto Uzumaki ( назад)
This seems cruel

Автор Becky Diaz ( назад)
My auntie had 15 fishes for 12 years ! Yup goldfishes don't die fast if you maintain them well!!

Автор Freja Wendelsten ( назад)
Poor fish!

Автор GearzMC ( назад)
Businesses count fish as items. Go to petsmart.com and search up goldfish, and you'll end up seeing different species.

Автор APinchOfDecay ( назад)
'They start off as eggs, like all fish' L I V E B E A R E R S .

Автор Lauren McGilvray ( назад)
Sorry, I wasn't aware fish were manufactured.

Автор Allison Camacho ( назад)
wait there forced to breed??????my life is a lye

Автор Andrew Elliott ( назад)
How fish are made ✏️🍩

Автор Jessica Underwood ( назад)

Автор Ben Morton ( назад)
i feel like thats just so cruel how they treat them

Автор Furqan Mubeen ( назад)
How come they don't smile back?

Автор JaciPlaysMinecraft ( назад)
No wonder why most goldfish die In a day because they probably tangled there organs being thrown around that much

Автор Hazer Drake ( назад)
This is BS!Where's the next step of evolving them into magicarp?

Автор Kittyboo11 ( назад)
that's why thousands arrive dead...

Автор yojotherandomperson ! ( назад)
This is so sad!Why do they do it this way?

Автор XXXTENTACION ( назад)
i have a goldfish and her name is tamara

Автор mr lava dragon ( назад)
wow no wonder fish have small like
edit life

Автор Leviathan Games ( назад)
They package them like paint balls...

Автор Kevin Marcelin ( назад)
So what hapoens to the males?

Автор Chang Yang ( назад)
Not all fish start out as eggs. Some fish are live bearers

Автор Kat Miller ( назад)
Bruh, they just throw the fish like their things

Автор Never Neveah ( назад)
Lmao the way she threw he fish

Автор Stephen Barwick ( назад)
Why is she just throwing the fish around like toys..

Автор NLB_ ( назад)
wtf did you see her toss them into the bucket like she didnt care

Автор Gabriela Soto ( назад)
Way better than how Walmart treats their fish.

Автор Anime Bird ( назад)
Why my home contrey created these aborbs?

Автор Clique As Frick ( назад)
This is terrible.

Автор Uwotm8 ( назад)
Why does she handle the poor fish that way

Автор Eiserne Drossel ( назад)
Okay so where's the Thiamine, bacteria, and parasytes these naysayers keep preaching about these fish??

Автор XxMinecraftGirlxX Yt ( назад)
How fish is made? There is a mommy fish at lays eggs it hatches it eats,poops,swim and grow

Автор Denzel Langaigne ( назад)
can I eat them

Автор Lindsey Spain ( назад)
They survive this then they die the first day that I have them

Автор EntertainmentFazBear ( назад)
Sponsored by PETA.

Автор Stone Umbreon ( назад)
Fish Abuse

Автор Anzhe Huang ( назад)
they look like those orange fruit cup thingies

Автор Mr Possy ( назад)
Can you do a How is made - Humans next?

Автор Jerry ( назад)
4:12 you heard it here folks use two condoms

Автор Ryan Prince ( назад)
😱 I can't believe that she did all these to the poor goldfish 😒

Автор Ryan69 ( назад)
0:22 am I the only person that noticed the dead rats at the sides of the tank? 🐁

Автор Chloe Gallagher ( назад)
My gold fish died today 😭

Автор Fathi Basith ( назад)
I agree, it is cruel😭😭😭

Автор IcycleNova ( назад)
3:31 I literally thought they were gonna eat the fish as soup XD

Автор saravana Perumal1998 ( назад)

Автор Shea holt ( назад)
Don't keep two goldfish in one bowl!It is possible to keep goldfish in bowls but it is a lot harder to keep them in a bowl than a tank and if you do put a goldfish in a bowl don't put two in only put one

Автор Alexander Great ( назад)
trappin out the pond

Автор Alexander Great ( назад)

Автор Euroccu ( назад)
what the fuck
these are living things

Автор Papy De Papyrus ( назад)
We have methalin Blue

Автор The Hammy ( назад)
I always kept fish very fragile but apparently they can be handled a little more roughly. The growing facilities look a bit cruel, but if the fishes grow out fine without diseases everything should be alright because its just a temporary place for them to be.

Автор The Amazing Videos ( назад)
Wow very nice & amazing

Автор Levi ( назад)
its cruel :(

Автор JULIA CAT ( назад)
they just throw them around like their nothing and cramp them >:/

Автор Ki Ko ( назад)
It looks like these people forgot that fish are animals, not fucking lifeless things.

Автор Shila Chin ( назад)
it looks like something illegal to do

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