Deadliest Volcano In Europe Has Claimed Over 2000 Lives | Raging Planet

  • Published on Jun 3, 2019
  • The high number of active volcanoes and the large population in Southern Italy has been a cause for concern throughout the country's history. Volcanologist, Dr Clive Oppenheimer, investigates these giant natural landmarks to be able to more accurately predict future eruptions.
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  • Brenda Drew
    Brenda Drew Month ago

    I'm so glad Mt. Vesuvius near Pompeii didn't erupt when I was there! WTF are people doing building and living where there are very dangerous volcanoes that could erupt at any time? The billion dollar question! It's amazing that they rebuilt modern day Pompeii full well knowing that Mt. Vesuvius will erupt again! Last time in 1946! Not a question of IF but when...good luck!! smdh

    • kansasthunderman1
      kansasthunderman1 Month ago

      People who build and live next to a volcano = People trying to remove their DNA from the human gene pool.

  • Steven Watson
    Steven Watson Month ago +1

    Gods way of recycling the earth everything is in a circle never ending but continually changing

  • Steven Watson
    Steven Watson Month ago +1

    Look at that a volcano I know what we should do build as many homes at its base as we can what could possibly go wrong

    • Alice Sacco
      Alice Sacco Month ago

      Vesuvius is geographically the CENTER of Naples.

    • kansasthunderman1
      kansasthunderman1 Month ago

      1000s of people could wind up getting parboiled from a pyroclastic flow, that's what could possibly go wrong.

  • Domenic Localzo
    Domenic Localzo Month ago +1

    Hey is that volcano let's build a city right next to it idiots

    • Alex Durn
      Alex Durn Month ago

      Domenic Localzo yes but Etna isn’t so bad

  • Domenic Localzo
    Domenic Localzo Month ago +1

    I am not a volcanologist but I know exactly what volcanoes are going to do they're going to erupt don't live next to a volcano you idiots

  • Nobody XD
    Nobody XD Month ago

    1 name.


  • Akanksha Kaur
    Akanksha Kaur 2 months ago

    Bhai tujhe Kaise pata ki volcano kab phategi

  • Bat Fink
    Bat Fink 2 months ago +1

    I predict the planet will burn off the human virus over the next 3 years with a long series of gigantic volcano triggering earthquakes. just like the body kills infection with inflammation so too will mother earth burn we earth ravaging humans.

  • Daniele liburdi
    Daniele liburdi 3 months ago +1

    3 june: this video was published
    3 jule:stromboli erupted

  • Nick Todaro
    Nick Todaro 3 months ago

    This video is fake news . Etna is not the deadliest volcano, it is known as 'the gentle giant'

    • Alice Sacco
      Alice Sacco Month ago

      Etna has a volcanic explosivity index of 6, though such eruptions occurs rarely. Still there are traces of it's most powerful eruptions on it's flanks. So Vesuvius (Vesuvius does VEI-6 eruptions more frequently).

    • kansasthunderman1
      kansasthunderman1 Month ago

      @Alex Durn Any volcano can explode if the magma/lava mixes in a confined space and cannot escape freely.

      Strato volcanoes or mountains built of layers of debris are especially risky for explosions and releasing pyroclastic flows which can travel many miles.

      Mount Etna is a strato volcano on top of an ancient shield volcano. However the strato volcano is not structurally solid enough to contain the pressure of a magma/steam mixture and there is the potential for an explosion and a pyroclastic flow. These flows consist of an extremely hot mixture of lava, steam, and debris.

      In Etna's current state, the internal pressure is being relieved by the eruption of liquid basaltic lava which acts as a safety valve preventing an explosive eruption.
      However, if some of the vents become blocked, that could allow the pressure to build to an explosive level.

    • Alex Durn
      Alex Durn Month ago

      kansasthunderman1 but what’s the chance of that

    • kansasthunderman1
      kansasthunderman1 Month ago

      @Alex Durn Etna can also produce a pyroclastic flow like Vesuvius.

    • Alex Durn
      Alex Durn 2 months ago +1

      Not really etna could actually do the same as mount Vesuvius it just doesn’t want to

  • Alex Durn
    Alex Durn 3 months ago +5

    Did anyone thought they were talking about mount Vesuvius 😂😂

  • harry walker
    harry walker 3 months ago

    a hard hat ,,isnt gona save you..

  • Podge
    Podge 4 months ago

    We get it man, you vape

  • squall leonhart
    squall leonhart 4 months ago

    i'm ski in Etna...very nice ski and look the sea

  • BillieBoi cus why not
    BillieBoi cus why not 4 months ago

    Commentator:- This is the deadliest volcano in the world
    Yellowstone and the rest of the supervolcano gang:- alright then

    • Alice Sacco
      Alice Sacco Month ago

      Vesuvius might be a satellite volcano of C.Flegrei, therefore a potential supervolcano.

    • 誰もnobody
      誰もnobody 2 months ago

      Because it is the most deadly volcano in the world, under the earth, in Italy, there are supervulcani if they erupted, Italy would collapse.
      And in Calabria there are many submarine volcanoes.

    • Alex Durn
      Alex Durn 3 months ago

      BillieBoi cus why not mount Vesuvius Krakatoa tombora fuji popo alright then 😂😂

  • John Bull
    John Bull 4 months ago

    Not sure where the video is getting 'erupted 4 times since 2000'. It erupted twice when I was there in 2006, and there was major eruption the year before. I think they mean 4 major eruptions maybe.

    • Actor Adam Anouer
      Actor Adam Anouer Month ago

      @Alice Sacco I agree. I've never actually known Etna to have an eruption higher than a 3 on the explosivity index. Granted it is a decade volcano but that's more due to it's location. Vesuvius is far more dangerous due to the hydrothermal activity within the magma chamber and the same is true for Campi Flegrei. Respect though, it's nice to see someone who knows what they're talking about.

    • Alice Sacco
      Alice Sacco Month ago

      @Actor Adam Anouer Etna isn't as nasty as Vesuvius, even though it can produce VEI-6 eruptions too.

    • Actor Adam Anouer
      Actor Adam Anouer 4 months ago

      There was an eruption just last year and I believe there was another in 2011. What was it like, scary though it is Etna actually looks beautiful to me.

  • valariesusan52
    valariesusan52 4 months ago

    1.11 a fire flower

  • Shubham Borse
    Shubham Borse 5 months ago

    अद्भुत आहे

  • David Rudmin
    David Rudmin 5 months ago +1

    Deadliest, not counting Thira.

    • Actor Adam Anouer
      Actor Adam Anouer 4 months ago

      @Stella Kont Bless you. Santorini caldera is without a question the most potentially hazardous on earth I've never seen a volcano with such high potential to cause severe Tsunami damage besides Anak Krakatau (which I unfortunately had to learn the hard way). Thankfully those Volcanologists see this threat potential as well which is why Santorini caldera is a decade volcano one chosen to be monitored closely due to it's threat potential.

      On another random note... Santorini is a beautiful place :) Nice place for a vacation.

    • Stella Kont
      Stella Kont 4 months ago +2

      Thira, Nea Kameni, Columbo reef and other parts of the Volcanic Giant called Santorini Caldera. Some years ago, in 2011 - 2012 a small volcanic unrest made us fear for the worse but it didn't happen. It doesn't mean it will not come another time. We never stop being aware of our land's identity

  • Oskar winters
    Oskar winters 6 months ago +3

    just over a month after posting this it erupts again.

  • Kahn Jahan
    Kahn Jahan 6 months ago +1

    Allah huakbar

  • lllewelll
    lllewelll 6 months ago +1

    It's gonna *EAT up allll the corruption* there.... lol Filthy place. Even the maffia can't be there. *lol*

    Clean up 1,000,000 people that this planet does NOT need... unemployed, begging filthy freaks that just *go overseas and live like SHIT*

  • Kristy Wilkinson
    Kristy Wilkinson 7 months ago +1

    I reckon aliens strategically placed them all

  • TurtleInUrFace
    TurtleInUrFace 7 months ago

    42nd coment

  • Maralah Quin
    Maralah Quin 7 months ago +1

    Hell is opening her mouth to receive the Pope whose IS the false prophet and his buddies soon.

  • Judith Campbell
    Judith Campbell 7 months ago +2

    You couldn’t pay me enough to live close to a volcano 🌋!!! Those who do are definitely braver than me. Nice video thank y’all for sharing 💜

    • Alex Durn
      Alex Durn 2 months ago

      Mount Etna isn’t so bad

    • Almost Free
      Almost Free 7 months ago

      Away with you coward giving Volcanoes a bad name!

  • Haley Faragalli
    Haley Faragalli 7 months ago

    Oh my god

  • H. K. Switzerland
    H. K. Switzerland 7 months ago

    some people just should NOT produce videos. the Fuqing music is so loud, I can't hear a damn thing u r saying. if u like music, then produce fuqing music videos!!

  • Born Justice Rule
    Born Justice Rule 7 months ago +1

    magnificent how volcanoes breathe

  • Born Justice Rule
    Born Justice Rule 7 months ago

    "MAGMA." - Dr. Evil

  • Reece Scrowston
    Reece Scrowston 7 months ago +5

    Guys you don't understand!!!
    The volcano was friendly but had to let one rip and accidentally followed through.

  • Creative Lyrics
    Creative Lyrics 7 months ago

    Don’t know which position I am, everyone has commented “I’m first, second etc. I don’t know which one I am 😂😂😂😂

  • Me
    Me 7 months ago +9

    Once, A Legendary volcano says to othets of its kind
    Krakatoa : All of you are Peasants.

    • 誰もnobody
      誰もnobody 2 months ago

      Under Italy there is a large supervolcano.

    • Necrophite78
      Necrophite78 2 months ago +1

      Or Tambora, the crater left behind from 1815 is so big you can see it from space orbit.

  • Javareius Thomas
    Javareius Thomas 7 months ago

    Volcano 2,032 human 0. Let's move 1 mile from a Volcano. Cool. Fried chicken in your sleep. Pompey Volcano 34,000 human 0. Got warning. Still stay for a party. All die. 2girls 1 cup. Now who's stupid

    • Alice Sacco
      Alice Sacco Month ago

      @Alex Durn Pliny The Younger was North of Vesuvius, about 30 km far away. The eruption went toward South and West

    • Alex Durn
      Alex Durn 2 months ago

      Javareius Thomas Pliny the younger survived mount Vesuvius so

  • catalick converta
    catalick converta 7 months ago +6

    bassically idiots for living there i respect the beauty of landscape but you still have to respect the power it yields🙄

    • lllewelll
      lllewelll 6 months ago

      Up, it;s the same as all the corruption Silicians have learned to LOVE... a bunch of fucken crazy fuck heads.... most of them have now migratated to London, etc... and live life bugs/flies. Zero decency or 'heart'... just yucky ganster-like dirt

    • EZZ ARH
      EZZ ARH 7 months ago

      Call an autochtonous idiot if he refuses te leave a hell as long it bolongs to him, a smart bud or whom you call so would leave his belonging to take refuge somewhere where he wouldnt probably be welcome, or would have less chances to subsist a living, easy to call someone an idiot.

    • Me
      Me 7 months ago +7

      Well, Call them Idiots as much as you want.
      But the Environment near an Active volcano are some of the most Richest and nutritious Environment (Including but not limited to, Dirt, Air, ETC)
      So risks are high, but so does the payoff

  • Entertainment Worldz
    Entertainment Worldz 7 months ago

    nice video

  • LifeExplained
    LifeExplained 7 months ago +50

    Volcano: *exists*

  • Dima b
    Dima b 7 months ago +2

    Noooo,Don't live next to a Volcano

    • David Rudmin
      David Rudmin 5 months ago


    • Almost Free
      Almost Free 7 months ago

      Rather live next to a Volcano than be neighbour of your negative ass.

  • C. Richardson
    C. Richardson 7 months ago +1


    TRZY PALCE W ANALCE 7 months ago +26

    Why live next to active vulcano?🤔

    • Alice Sacco
      Alice Sacco Month ago

      @Stella Kont Your volcano has a VEI of 7. in Europe only other five Volcanoes have a VEI of 7: Campi Flegrei, Albano, Vulsini, Ischia and Pantelleria.

    • Eavenhascht Krauger
      Eavenhascht Krauger 2 months ago

      Tourist destination? business flourishing?

    • harry walker
      harry walker 3 months ago

      cheap land prices.

    • Stella Kont
      Stella Kont 4 months ago

      My homeland is Santorini. I live in Athens but I go to my homeland every summer and many of other people around the world live and enjoy their life beside an active volcano. I know we may be crazy but how many of us like those places

    • 476 Anno Domini
      476 Anno Domini 5 months ago +1

      TRZY PALCE W ANALCE the land is very fertile

  • Axe M.
    Axe M. 7 months ago +1

    The forces not even the most powerful man can challenge.

  • B Hawthorne
    B Hawthorne 7 months ago +19

    Why do they keep rebuilding in its path when it's so active?

    • Magnetic Vortex
      Magnetic Vortex Month ago

      Italians found a giant, free pizza oven and you want them to leave?

    • Netty Abbott
      Netty Abbott Month ago

      They own the land there & who would buy it? Probably no one. So they rebuild & stick to what they know even when it's one of the worst choices really.

    • bhc_emily
      bhc_emily 5 months ago

      Attract tourists?

    • Jasmine Bailey
      Jasmine Bailey 7 months ago +1

      Because they basically don't care if their people die. They're screwed they should have left a long time ago and never built civilization there.

    • Mr Glass
      Mr Glass 7 months ago +7

      Because we only live for 80 years.....
      And volcanoes do not erupt on clockwork

  • Ericka Romano
    Ericka Romano 7 months ago


  • Wof Wof
    Wof Wof 7 months ago +1


  • Ghayas Arifeen
    Ghayas Arifeen 7 months ago


  • priyam bass
    priyam bass 7 months ago


  • MichealPlaysYT
    MichealPlaysYT 7 months ago


  • King-Josh
    King-Josh 7 months ago